Paint Your Wagon (1969) - Comedy, Drama, Musical

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Two unlikely prospector partners share the same wife in a California gold rush mining town.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Joshua Logan
Stars: Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood
Length: 164 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 14 out of 117 found boring (11.96%)

One-line Reviews (63)

As for the songs, there are lively ones (like the title song) and there are boring ones (like "I Was Born Under A Wandering Star").

In any case, it turned out to be fairly enjoyable and I have rated the movie accordingly.

Overall Marvin gives the best performance by far - if he was even acting - and there's a weirdness to the whole thing what with the odd sexual situations that does make this kind of fascinating.

Still, the great scenery, the memorable songs, the reminder that we are still the Wild Wild West in terms of gun-slinging is sorta' enjoyable.

The action is SOOOOOOOOO slow, and the writing so stilted.

) And the plot is engaging, the songs wonderful, and the scenery breathtaking.

There are saloons erected, gambling houses running full-bore and vast underground tunneling operations being conducted.

Instead of the gentle "I Talk to the Trees", the evocative "Paint Your Wagon", and "I Still See Luisa" now the songs become hard-edged, "Gold" and "I Was Born Under a Wand'rin' Star".

The film has a bravura performance by Lee Marvin more or less replicating his role in Cat Ballou but the other two leads, Clint Eastwood and Jean Seberg just about get by and direcor Josh Logan puts a little too much faith in rousing male choruses like the title number and 'There's A Coach Comin' In'.

"Paint Your Wagon" (1968) singing is OK, enjoyable, and advances the story, perhaps better than show stopping vocalizing of the operatic "Howard Keel" variety.

Really enjoyed it as a kid .

I like musicals (Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd, Grease, Sound Of Music and The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas are amongst my favourite movies) and I don't mind long run times, but when they are done so poorly, as is the case here, it becomes painful and unbearable.

Still, the great scenery, the memorable songs, the reminder that we are still the Wild Wild West in terms of gun-slinging is sorta' enjoyable.

An enjoyable fun movie.

As for the songs, there are lively ones (like the title song) and there are boring ones (like "I Was Born Under A Wandering Star").

They are neither enjoyable to watch nor do they make the best use of the twentieth century film medium.

It should be entertaining just knowing about the movie, you don't need to actually see it.

Worth watching!

)The first half has some rather clever, then expensive slow fade transitions, starting with the titles.

Paint Your Wagon is absurdly fascinating.

In conclusion, if I had to make an honest summary of this film, I would say worth watching for the music, chorale work and production values if little else.

It's also pointless, slow and plodding.

It's also pointless, slow and plodding.

The action is SOOOOOOOOO slow, and the writing so stilted.

I recently viewed this movie for the second time and found it just as funny and entertaining as I did when it first hit the theaters all those years ago.

My favorite character is Homer Fenty, who was coming of age, at the same time I was.

And worst of all, it's directed at a snail's pace by JOSHUA LOGAN who made such a mess of other Broadway hits, like SOUTH PACIFIC.

As a writer and director, I find the "Paint Your Wagon" cinematic project to be a fascinating one.

The big hit of course is Maria (mar-eye-ah), but from the rousing opening opening theme (Where am I going, I don't know.

But with the notable exception of "They Call the Wind Mariah", which is beautiful, the songs are boring, unmelodic, and odd (one of them celebrates dirt).

Very enjoyable .

Funny, memorable and completely enjoyable.

It's light, it's fun, the tunes are snappy, and even 30 years later I am still entertained.

Paint Your Wagon is an enjoyable movie and manages to entertain throughout the lengthy run time.

If you snipped out all the singing and dancing, "Paint Your Wagon" would still be a film worth watching.

A badly maligned but really fun musical well worth watching .

All in all a fun movie and well worth the watch.

Paint Your Wagon is an epic failure, disappointment and waste of time.

The truth of the matter is that his character was a bit bland and nowhere near as interesting as Marvin's character.

In some ways dated in some ways ahead of its time but an enjoyable romp nonetheless .

Despite the fact that Paint Your Wagon seems to have a non-existent plot line (at least for the first two thirds of its running time) it is a film that I did find to be highly enjoyable.

However, with the film's release now more than forty years in the past, it holds up amazingly well and is thoroughly entertaining.

Even in the climax, when the entire town is dragged down thanks to the bull that runs through the tunnel, is cheerful up to a point or at least lighthearted.

I believe this to be a very good and entertaining movie.

Paint Your Wagon is an inane big budget flop that is pretentious, dated and criminally stupid.

Despite these complaints, Paint Your Wagon is still very entertaining.

Also the dialogue doesn't convince, the film is too long and the story is forgettable and has one too many silly moments.

Other singing duties are performed by the splendid Harve Presnell and a rousing, mostly male, chorus for this is a musical western of a more robust kind than "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".

The musical numbers here are colourful, lively and very enjoyable (I don't think there was one song that I didn't like).

This is a very enjoyable movie!

Absurdly fascinating .

Plus they all got paid, however this is a bad film and watching this film is a complete waste of time.

The gold rush type of western boom town and the plot involving same are very contrived.

them going somewhere and them going nowhere...

I wouldn't necessarily want one for a neighbor or even a friend (well .. maybe), but they are fascinating on film or stage.

" pretentious.

The visual part of it was shot in Oregon, and it is breathtaking.

It was funny and entertaining and pointless.

An enjoyable movie, with Lee Marvin's performance worth the price of admission.

Even though this movie has never gotten any good press, it is definitely enjoyable.

Unfortunately all of the songs sung solely by Eastwood are a slog through the mud, as he bleats like a goat and gets saddled with the most boring tracks like 'I Talk To The Trees', the sappy 'Elisa' and 'Gold Fever', a musical sleeping pill.

Wagon certainly is not one of the great musicals, but it is still a fun movie worth watching when you have a long evening and a lot of popcorn handy.

them going somewhere and them going nowhere....