Pandora (2019) - Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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Set in the year 2199, a young woman who has lost everything finds a new life at Earth's Space Training Academy where she learns to defend the galaxy from intergalactic threats.

IMDB: 3.7
Stars: Priscilla Quintana, Oliver Dench
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 12 out of 50 found boring (24%)

One-line Reviews (21)

boring, unimaginative and stereotypical.

This show suffers from a fatal impatience to get to the action regardless of how contrived and far-fetched getting there has to be.

A waste of time!

Don't waste your time like the producers have wasted their money.

There's some character development, some intriguing mysteries, and some very good looking actors and actresses.

The acting is very forced and the story lines are disjointed and unbelievable even in a Sc fi universe.

(Cue) Slow hand clapping.

After watching 2 episodes, I'm rating this a 5 (a bore) out of 10 and abandoning watching it any further.

It's tedious!

But the writing, the cast, the acting, the screen play, the music and the extremely low budget special effects (I could make better effects in MS Paint) are making this show a complete and total waste of time, episode after episode.

Boundless potential, amazing characters & intriguing plot .

Intriguing alternate history .

Despite how it might seem predictable on a surface level (if you know your science fiction), when it actually comes to the plot you are kept on the edge of your seat.

What is supposed to be a space sci-fi story is just one big bore and I won't be seeing anymore.

Pandora belongs to that line of work - underachieving is a tender way to describe the show's quality, generic, redundant, simply boring, trash without the fun factor of ueber-trash, another.

Don't waste your time like this.

It fell out of the teen adventure cliche tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Waste of time.

Constantly boring .

It's really a shame that an intriguing premise is ruined by such awful and unrealistic storytelling.

Obscene writing, bland acting, boring characters, uninspired story, and a derivative setting; Pandora is devoid of anything interesting.