Panic Room (2002) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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A divorced woman and her diabetic daughter take refuge in their newly-purchased house's safe room, when three men break-in, searching for a missing fortune.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: David Fincher
Stars: Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 168 out of 873 found boring (19.24%)

One-line Reviews (774)

These instances where there is definite lack of character development are minor blemishes on what is ultimately an effective and engrossing thriller.

This turkey is rated unwatchable.

Before any action had happened, I already knew it was a formulaic script.

**SPOILER** Strangely enough, the denouement seems to hurtle out of control, and the film suddenly stops on a dime at the end-with an odd dramatic music swell as we watch Jodie Foster staring (presumably) at Forest Whitaker and… nothing happens.

From a predictable plot to stupid things people do there is hardly any suspense in this movie.


Plenty of good camera work, decent thrills and, some good suspenseful moments.

There is no camera work at a live presentation of one of Shakespeare's plays, even using unknown but gifted performers - yet the final product is generally intriguing.

I'm a big fan of the claustrophobic thriller genre, having scene great films like Air force one and Die Hard, which are both set in just the one main place are excellent viewing and very gripping.

Apart from that, it's pretty entertaining though I wish Jodie Foster would use her talent for more ambitious and risky films ...

The plot line was not only predictable, it was boring.

+Fincher's style written all over it +Whitaker's performance +Intense and unique in some aspects +Re-Watchable -Cliché filled -Yoakam was a weak villain 8.0/10

The estranged husband/father--gratuitous and pointless.

Everything that occurs in the movie is SO predictable that you're not thrilled or surprised by anything that happens.

Seen it so many times now, that I have lost count of it and STILL it is thrilling to the bone.

Very intense!

It had some suspense but at times dragged on.

Panic Room was one of the MOST BORING movie I have ever seen and one of the MOST ANNOYING one to watch.

And too many things in the movie that do not make sense: (POSSIBLE SPOILERS, so do not read on if you dont' want to be spoiled, but the movie is SO predictable anyway)1.

After a short while, the plot becomes far too predictable.

However, I loved the suspenseful atmosphere, there were occasions throughout the course of the film where it was claustrophobic, and the scenery and dark colour palette were well judged.

This turns out to be quite interesting and suspenseful at parts.

I nearly fell asleep and it supposed to be a thriller so thats the last thing that should happen.

Frustratingly tedious situations and toe curling stupidity as often seen in thrillers.

We have a standard Dead Bad Guy Who Always Comes Back situation and a predictable resolution.

Very Boring Thriller .

This is a predictable, well-produced David Koepp thriller, with some prolonged gruesome scenes.

And she makes several very risky moves keeping her life on the edge.

This movie had me sitting on the edge of my seat until the end of the movie.

It is a surprise to them when a gang of three burglars break in on the first evening, and no less so than to the burglars, who thought the house was empty.

--- Minor spoilers --- A movie can tell an eerie/insane/absurd/unbelievable story and remain entertaining just as long as its inner logic and coherence are respected.

Thrilling Roller coaster ride .

com/YunusIrshadsMovieReviewPanic Room (V/UA) TAMIL ----------- my Rating : ★★★★½ SUSPENSEFUL STRENGTHS :- * Screenplay : not even we can waste a single second ....

This movie was thrilling as well as it was a good drama.

A cliffhanger every 10 minutes, that puts me on the edge of my seat, even if I already know what's coming.

A group of unbelievably stupid and incompetent characters in ridiculously unlikely circumstances act out a predictable sequence of thriller clichés.

Despite the seemingly claustrophobic setting, things are kept taut and suspenseful in THE PANIC ROOM.

The movie starts out a bit on the slow side and adequately builds the suspense throughout the movie.

It goes on and on, but don't waste too much more of your time on it, you've already been robbed of 2 hours.

But the flashier computer shots – the 'camera' flies into locks, torches and through chairs – smacks too much of empty grandstanding.

" I'm sorry Mr.Fincher, but I have to have a villain who has more common sense than Joe Schmo in order for a thriller to be thrilling.

its a suspenseful masterpiece that slowly develops into ONE OF THE BEST PICTURES OF 2002!

Most of the twists were very predictable and didn't deliver the suspense.

From director David Fincher (Alien³, Se7en, Fight Club) this is a chilling, suspenseful and quite gripping film about two people's struggle to get out of a room and the other people's struggle to get in.

From David Fincher, the mastermind behind some of the most crowd pleasing thrillers of the 90s such as 'Se7en' and 'Fight Club', comes an insanely suspenseful home invasion thriller written by David Koepp who wrote the first two Jurassic Parks.

Overall this film is worth watching, so take a look inside the panic room and you'll be sure to have a thrilling experience.

Also, it starts off a little slow, butt that can be expected in movies of this genre, its almost an essential.

Fincher prefers to show one digital camera move after the other, which is boring at first but ultimately becomes unbearable.

It is the most gripping film I have seen since the early 1990's.

Usually David Fincher makes such amazing thrilling movies and this one was just awful.

Or are we to assume they wanted to leave them connected for drama's sake?

The other risk is that it is too predictable.

Intense, well acted, and well written.

Intense and enjoyable .

even the camera movements cant make the film an exciting one.

All in all, it's NOT a waste of money, it's a nice ride even though at some points a tad predictable - in general, I don't think David Fincher has let himself down with this one.

It is the most consistently thrilling thriller I have ever seen and it is also beautifully shot and well acted.

The worst movie I have ever seen .

I had heard a guy on the radio comment that this was the best movie he had seen all year, and that it had him on the edge of his seat the whole time.

But the director of Seven (David Fincher) made another thrilling movie...

Best of all, the film is very suspenseful without being over the top (are you listening Hollywood?

But herein lies the problem: For some reason, dumbass Leto allows the house to sit empty for two weeks before performing the heist, and before he knows it, Jodie and daughter are all moved in.

Time after time, one thing after another, we almost walked out of the theatre.

Kristen Stewart is definitly one to watch, with a stunning performance from such an inexperienced actress.

This film is contrived, insulting, boring and a total waste of your time and money.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was watching this movie.

Video surveillance plays a key role in the plot with the two main characters watching over the three criminals via video cam in the panic room, so some of the most suspenseful scenes take place through video surveillance; and the video surveillance works very well as a plot device.

Panic Room(2002) Suspenseful home invasion flick where Jodie Foster and her daughter lock themselves away in a self contained and impregnable room of their large brownstone home in Manhattan after three men enter the home in search of millions of dollars they believe to be hidden away.

but I still enjoyed it more than Finchers previous effort Fight Club.

An immature formulaic debut in the mighty Hollywood.

It's an enjoyable movie for adults and one that all movie types can enjoy.

This is the worst and most BORING movie I ever seen.

Simply boring .

Suspense thriller that'll keep you on the edge of the seat every time .

This is an intriguing premise with some interesting symbolism.

After watching this a second time I noticed how much Fincher influenced this predictable thriller.

Effective film builds good suspense in its premise, and has a smart script and fine performances, leading to exciting end.

The bottom line: I was bored out of my mind watching this "thriller".

10/10 because throughly enjoyed it to the end and is one of my favourite films.

Don't expect action sequences, plot twists (besides the predictable ending), or anything that requires you to think.

I mean, she's gold, she's incomparable and stunning.

Funny and exciting.

There are some interesting parts in the plot which I didn't expect, and some intriguing plans.

Altogether an unexpectedly enjoyable ride!

The premise is what keeps this movie so interesting for me and is probably why I enjoyed it more than I would have.

Alien 3 was a false start for Fincher, a mangled and predictable script made watchable by excellent direction and some good acting.

Fincher has made a very memorable and thrilling movie which has one of the coolest opening titles I´ve ever seen.

You might think that the film would get boring if everything takes place in a house.

It's like he has to invent lots of complicated shots to keep him from getting bored.

It was better than The Game (starring Michael Douglas), which I thought was dragged out a bit too much and had an ending which, amongst my group of friends and myself, has been the target of many laughable conversations, although I guess there wasn't really any alternative...

That game is always more intriguing when humans are involved.

Predictable, Uninspiring, and Completely Over-Hyped.

Will Forest Whitaker, the only black among the "bad guys", be the one to show (predictable) humanity?

The story keeps you on the edge of your seat maybe under it], without using Hollywood's dumb video tricks.

The finale is hectic and visually confusing--releasing the tension the narrative has built up--and the epilogue is flat.

Fincher was so bored with this one he moved the camera through the handle of a coffee pot.

"Panic Room is a very exciting and intense thriller,similar to many of Alfred Hitchcock`s movies.

It is in the third act (the last half-hour or so) that the film most widely deviates from Koepp's original blueprint, and it is this part of the movie that is most gripping and remarkable.

Nothing happens, they stay in their panic room during the whole movie while people want to get inside to get some millions dollars inside.

intense and suspenseful thriller.

As i sad this hat a lot of potential but it kinda lets u down whit some slow moments and some typical h'wood cheese.

Not Fincher's best, but still enjoyable.

Since the vast majority of the "reviews" I've seen on the site for this fast paced, fantastically acted, tense, intelligent thriller from one of the greatest living directors today are lists of things they think make them more intelligent than the writers, I'll retort in kind.

Stunning choice of wardrobe for Jodie Foster .

It is a good entertaining watch, the mixed and some quite negative reviews that I've read get me the feeling that the film has been judged by high expectations and not from what it turned out to be.

You know what I mean: this person is this way and that person is this type and you can count on this to happen, etc. etc. Things tend to be relatively predictable instead of unsettling or shocking.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Panic Room may not be David Fincher's best films, but it is certainly one of his more thrilling.

There are gaps in the story line, bouts of unnecessary violence, predictable plot turns, and incomplete character development.

Most parts of this movie seemed a bit too narrow and predictable and does not pull any surprises.

The last ten minutes are predictable and the ending scenes just seem to have been tacked on.

Young Kristen Stewart showed me that she was a more than capable enough actress to be able to handle more complex material like that, so it was a little disappointing to see the film descend into a fairly predictable tit-for-tat battle between the indignant homeowner and the burglars.

the descent into diabetic coma seemed too slow/stretched for story's sake.

Quite simply, Panic Room is an excercize in the way that a great setting, coupled with superb acting (for the most part) and direction, can create a very enjoyable night at the movies for either thrill-seekers or students of film, even if many of the plot developments are heavily foreshadowed.

Great suspenseful, thinking mans thriller - (or womens' in this case) .

Some scenes are too long, and u get bored.

It was like you would wait and wait and wait for something exciting to happen and when it did, it was like why did that just happen?

A Very Intense Thriller, .

While the story is fairly simple and far more straight forward than Finchers other films, in particular the Game and Fight Club, the film sets out to keep us on the edge of our seats with suspense and successfully does that.

Not really scary, but thrilling.

A Big Yawner.

He has created the most thrilling movies of Hollywood.

Foster is wonderful and along with it is an inventive movie with some good twists, and come very nasty villians that add to the mix and keep it suspenseful.

The movie was too predictable.

It was exciting and suspenseful.

Panic Room is a really enjoyable movie to watch with some really tense scenes.

A routine thriller with predictable and cliched plot twists which is filled with inconsistencies.

Unrealistic, boring and takes your IQ for granted .

It helps build and maintain the tension all through the film, up until the breathtaking finale, where everything comes to a head.

The acting was really good, the special effects was great, and the plot was so suspenseful.

The movie just suffers from a well-contrived concept turned into a poorly-told story.

Who knows how empty and hollow Attack of the Clones nad its clones may be.

Considering that Meg and Sarah are unable to contact anybody only thing left is to wait and after Sarah gets seizure attack movie really speeds up and gets to a different pace which is more exciting than the one before and now there is a lot of violence, action sequences and even some pretty tense moments that really kicked in at right time.

The action is handled superbly with the tension racked up to breaking point, finally evaporating in a clichéd but still exciting finale awash with power and violence.

The plot was interesting and I laughed a few times at some of the lines but it was so slow.

Taking her insulin like she should (and a little extra maybe) WOULD put her at risk of dangerously low sugar if there is something unexpected like missing her next meal, exercising, being under stress.

The stereotyping of the different characters makes this film quite predictable - which is a shame.

When you first think about the premise of "Panic Room," you would think that it's just a cliche like most of the movies out there.

This movie also holds some very intriguing action scenes that are executed well, though sometimes exaggerated in terms of reality (you'll see what I mean).

Pitting the grit and fierce motherly protection of Jodie Foster against the evil intent of Forest Whitaker and Dwight Yoakum, the script has some genuinely intense moments.

Awesome camera tricks, great dialogue, and good strong performances by all, carry this one, making it one of the most entertaining movies I've seen all year.

To sum up, this is a very enjoyable movie with its fast pace, unrelenting suspense and lack of fluff.

Panic Room is a pure exciting thriller.

Unfortunately, events during the course of the film become so far- fetched and unbelievable that your suspension of disbelief kind of commits suicide and you know longer care what's happening because it's so ridiculous and contrived.

I thought it was a good idea and it does keep you on the edge of your seat, one of those films you kinda shout at the tele.

Thrilling .

But the scriptwriter David Koepp did very well very his job for that kind of story: to be suspenseful as much as possible.

I don't mean slow parts, those are fine and help provide contrast with the thrilling parts, I mean uninteresting parts.

I rented the video & I thought it was a stupid rip-off of "The Silence of the Lambs", with lots of pretentious camera trickery.

In fact, I think his worst movie is The Game which is still a solid film.

A simple burglary turns into an exciting cat and mouse game when they learn that the burglars want access to the room.

And talk about predictable; my cousin's kindergarten play was more of an "edge of your seat" production than this movie.

At the beginning of this movie, I was sucked in by the fancy camerawork and fast paced action.

Something for all who seeks adrenaline pumping suspense.

Panic Room is an impeccably directed and well acted film which is well worth watching.

It is usually the movies that had the potential to be good that make the worst movies.

Jodie is fascinating as always.

In short, it's worth watching.

The story was slow at times and dragged out too much.

This is a gripping and enjoyable thriller.

The only panic I felt was my own while witnessing this turgidly predictable mediocrity inexorably uncurl.

This is a excellent movie, it's hard to put into words how much I enjoyed it, I just sat in awe of how it flowed and progressed.

(END OF SPOILERS) FINAL VERDICT: You may like Panic Room if you are a Jodie Foster fan, but it really is to predictable to hold the interest of the casual movie fan.

A Boring Thriller with No Thrills .

Because most of the films released so far this year have been really dull and uninteresting, whereas this film actually engages the viewer for more than twenty minutes.

The characters play a cat and mouse game with unpredictable twists in the house.

Even with its rather simple plot David Fincher achieves making Panic Room a suspenseful thriller, which keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie.

Now movie turns into a big thriller story which has it's high and low notes that sometimes get too dull and just have no sense.

The film is as implausible as it is predictable.

Another fault to the plot was how predictable it is.

David Fincher is a master at making intense and thrilling movies!

A good thriller that kept me on the edge.

Nevertheless, I think there was enough solid directing and acting (to be expected from Jodie Foster and Forrest Whitaker) to make this movie worth watching.

Her husband is a bit trite for the rich guy.

Excellent movie, intense, beautiful, Jody Foster really rocks in this movie.

An exciting thriller...

I'm reluctant to make lengthy comments about films that hundreds of others have already posted about because it seems like a waste of time, so I will just make a few observations about "Panic Room".

I liked it because of its off-the-seat entertainment with brilliant thrilling stuff to watch.

Despite this the cast help the material and the film does manage to be enjoyable even if it is nothing special and not really worth watching more than once.

This is the worst movie ever made.

I enjoyed the direction and acting and it is suspenseful.

While this isn't admittedly Fincher's best, it bares his signature, style, detail, passion and quality, most directors are content to throw in a jump scare when the mirror closes, Fincher goes out of his way to make even the most mundane of plots smart, exciting and entertaining.

This crisis is only exciting if one can imagine a world in which a paranoid millionaire pays tens of thousands of dollars to construct a steel and concrete safe room, wire cameras to it, stock it with supplies, etc. etc., and then ALLOW UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO THE AIR HE WILL BE BREATHING.

"Panic Room" is a terrific thriller that really cleverly uses its location, creates genuine thrills and exciting feelings of paranoia and claustrophobia too.

Its a good movie and if you want a intense film to see then see the Panic Room because its keeps you going through out the whole film!

But if the audience is smarter than the hero it soon will start to get annoyed or bored...

Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam were also enjoyable as the other tw o burglars.

The film, however, bogs down under cliche to point where the whole film, especially the ending, leaves an empty feeling inside.

The screenplay was brain dead and gimmicky, mood was so contrived it was shoved down your throat.

It's not the best movie, and not without it's flaws, but it's worth watching.

Wake Me Up When It's Over zzzZZZ .

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I will definately be going to see it again!

Sorry, but I, too, found this movie rather trashy, predictable and slow in moving along the plot.

The setting is always the house but it doesn't turn out boring because it has a good pace with very little slow moments.

In spite of that, you can't deny that Fincher is good at this sort of stuff; clichéd or not, it's still highly entertaining.

Astounding that the Director of "7" could put together this dumb plodding mess of a movie.

This is the "Home Alone" for adults, and it is totally predictable.

It's hard for me to put a finger on exactly why this is, but part of me thinks that it has to do with how intense and fast-paced Panic Room is.

Walking out I was glad I'd seen it but for some reason found the story to be a bit empty and flat, salvaged by the good acting and interesting cinematography and editing.

Breathtaking .

A slow pan on thoughtful Foster then a cut to Whitaker in obvious distress, then a fade?

(SPOILERS) I for one left the theater wondering what the hell was the point of making this guy into the hero, fundamentally, who'd go and give the daughter an insulin shot to save her life, and then double back to save Meg at the end, only to end up damned.

David Fincher's "Panic Room" traps and eventually buries itself under cliche and familiarity.

A good entertaining thriller, though quite violent.

This film is my favorite kind--an extremely simple premise that hooks you in, but executed in such a way that virtually all the bases are covered and it is unpredictable.

This is a top notch thriller, that's extremely suspenseful!

It lacked that very important factor that makes you sit on the edge of your seat.

A rather enjoyable night out!

Don't waste your time.

The great cinematography and acting are the best parts, while the story suffers a bit from slow pacing.

What veteran scenarist David Koepp of "Stir of Echoes" fame doesn't steal from his own scripts, he appropriates from the durable Audrey Hepburn thriller "Wait Until Dark" (1967) and the exciting Sean Connery caper "The Anderson Tapes" (1972).

Theres alot of pointless stuff in here just to show off violence.

So, it was different from what I was expecting but I liked it anyway because it's a great thriller, very suspenseful and very well shot.

If you have been waiting for a satisfing,suspenseful thriller, then your ship had come in.

Panic Room is a VERY entertaining movie, and not to mention pretty on a visual sense.

I feel there could have been more to the ending, something profound to stick with you as you leave the theater (I was also hoping the exact opposite would have happened to Burnham that did.

), also, like I have stated, it is very suspenseful.

Events are unpredictable leaving viewers to guess what's up next, even having seen the previews.

Since this movie has no plot whatsoever, it is clear that David Fincher just took the money instead of keeping up his high quality of films.

Ok, so in that regard, it is predictable.

The intruders are under the impression that the house is empty.

Once I'm bored, I can't really judge anything else, like how good the acting is, etc, etc, .

The movie is so predictable that it is quickly forgettable.

Yes, the events unfold in quite a predictable way but the movie is still very engaging with its fast tempo and suspense that never lets go.

His film noirish qualities bring style and glamour to an otherwise dull subject, even though Koepps screenplay does play with the audience's emotions.

This one goes straight for the gut, fiendishly manipulating every standard suspense contrivance, mercilessly playing with any jangly nerve, and keeping you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Save your money - rent the DVD or have someone tell you the whole story.

I was expecting to have 1.5 hours of on the edge of your seat fear.

Panic Room I have to say was an enjoyable and entertaining film that was just a big thrill ride.

I went in expecting to be thrilled and kept on the edge of my seat like so many people were claiming, but I left the theater baffled and VERY disappointed.

Director David Fincher (SE7EN, FIGHT CLUB) and screenwriter David Koepp (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and two of the JURASSIC PARK films) created this suspenseful thriller set in a brownstone in New York City, which brings to mind the films of Alfred Hitchcock (and reminiscent, in some scenes, of Stanley Kubrick).

The strangest thing is that they are selling this as a "thriller," while really it seemed to me to be a "yawner," at least up until the first shot was fired.

But Foster, turning in an intense and strong performance, decides to take matters into her own hands.

A one-trick plot, but amazing camera, intense acting, and tightly made.

The scene where the bad guys try to pump toxic gas into the room and the last time the door slams shut are both exciting.

I left the theater wondering - what was he thinking!

A thrilling cat and mouse game ensue.

Tense, inventive, suspenseful thriller puts a clever spin on the game of hide and seek.

If you can look past the mundane plot, the script is actually pretty refreshing in the way its handled.

Of course Fincher's haunting, powerhouse visual style, while evocative of Kubrick and Hitchcock, is all his own, and it achieves maximum effect in these scenes.

The movie takes off rather quickly and stays exciting throughout the entire film.

Fincher's direction towers over a weak script by David Koepp, creating real tension out of a contrived situation.

i found myself on the edge of my seat, tapping my feet on the floor thinking run, run run Meg!

The only reason I gave the movie a 7 out of 10 is because I found it pretty predictable.

This is, to put it short, the most suspenseful film I have ever watched.

On top of this the film was shot terribly, showing countless close ups of mundane items, such as phone rechargers and plugs, and repeatedly flying the camera through walls, door cracks, key holes and coffee pot handles.

In any case, Fincher knows his way around the thriller genre and "Panic Room" is characteristically meticulous and suspenseful.

This is a great, dark movie and is in fact highly suspenseful.

I saw the screening last night 3-29-02 and I have to day, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

They waste all this time making Forrest Whitaker into a good-bad guy, with no cherry on top!

It seems hard to deviate from the trodden path of excessive violence induced by predictable behavior of the victims...

So overall, a slight disappointment but a slick and enjoyable flick.

Panic Room is a very enjoyable movie that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good thriller.

Supposedly though, the whole thrilling part of the movie is supposed to be the idea of you being in Jodie Foster's situation.

But here is David Fincher, Hollywood's hotshot, with something we wouldn't expect from him: A flat, boring so-called thriller.

Jodie Foster continues to be one of the top actors working today and her performance here is compelling.

Then, after 90 minutes of boredom, comes a moment that totally sinks the film: The gangsters are in the panic room with Foster's daughter.

If you are after a gripping thriller that isn't non-stop action then this might be the film for you.

A good, entertaining movie.

Too many thrillers sink themselves into a mire of cliche and just end up becoming stupid revenge fantasies (Ransom anyone?

The movie is exciting almost from the very beginning and I don't think it stops or gets in any way boring throughout.

The premise was a good idea, but this was just stupid and predictable.

This movie is about fear and suspense, and it does a terrific job of scaring you and keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Rock solid performances, Fincher's savvy direction, and creative plot twists are enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The script is so weak and boring that even the talent of these actors couldn't save it.

Boring Yet Enjoyable .

Throughout the film, we can notice constant changes between extremely suspenseful moments and other not so much ones, in which characters stop to brainstorm the next step to be taken and serve as "refreshments" for spectators.

In fact, I was pretty disappointed by David Fincher's last couple of movies, especially 'The Game' (real' boring!

Suspenseful; and Jodie's performance is awesome .

It's a good entertaining movie that hits all the right buttons and leaves you satisfied without breaking any new ground or giving us any new insights.

thats really the movies biggest flaw, its way too predictable.

Though the film is too long (of course) it ultimately holds your interest and is suspenseful.

Fincher delivers the goods with yet another stylish and riveting thriller.

Much is made of her drinking before falling asleep, so that she doesn't hear three bumbling crooks breaking and entering, and walking around her house.

All in all: a very nice, straightforward thriller [no plot twists at the end or whatever] revolving around an intriguing concept: a room that no one can get in to or out of..

Check it out, but buyer beware: boredom ensues.

All movies are predictable.

However, David Fincher manages to make this in to a thrilling experience, which makes Meg twist and turn to get her out of the Panic Room.

A boring, strange movie...

an intense ride .

I personally think it falls apart near the end, and the ending itself left me kind of empty.

It has special effects of sound and visuals that are intriguing.

The film is suspenseful and has some outstanding elements.

They should make it shorter for at least 15-20 min and keep us on the edge of our seat.

Annoying for the camera work (interesting at the beginning but tedious to watch the camera follow the propane going from the tank to the room, etc.)Annoying to be taken for idiots who don't know about diabetic shots (why didn't she just grab the bag in the fridge..noooo she had to show us the actual needle to make us understand that her daughter needed shots when her sugar level goes down..duh !!

You move through the space, into the space and out of the space while at the same time experiencing a very intense and white-knuckle story that glues you to the edge of your seat.

The commercials make it look much more exciting than it really is.

Paranoia and suspense keeps you guessing and gripping.

Unlike anything other movie I've ever seen, Panic Room was a very suspenseful, scary, and extremly emotional film.

It's pretty standard, Hollywood stuff, but it's still enjoyable enough, to a degree.

Overall, "Panic Room" was a disappointment, but was nevertheless fairly entertaining.

(apart from JF and offspring, who are as compelling as carrots) Forest Whitaker goes into his slow by meaningful routine.

A film as empty as the house they are living in .

This film is absolutely exciting i think one should notice that this film is made by Fincher.

Use contrived undeveloped tension to add suspense (tension between Jody and daughter, Jody and husband, Jody and good robber - of course all three tensions are resolved nearly simultaneously in the end ).

Top notch thriller, that's extremely suspenseful!

Violent and obscenity laced, Panic room should keep you on the edge of your seat

) Cliched to pieces, hopelessly predictable and with one of the all time weak endings to a flick ever seen.....

In fact the complete opposite is true, as the film becomes increasingly predictable and formulaic right up until its ridiculously clichéd climax.

Whatever the case, there is no excuse for pointless, distracting, nakedly pretentious shots such as the one in which the camera appears to pass through the handle of a coffee pot.

If you are searching for simple entertainment, thrilling sequences and solid performances, this has that and more.

The parallels with "home alone' are just to numerous for this waste of time to be described as suspenseful.

Then, there is the superb cinematography of Darius Khondji, who really puts his mark on the tensionate atmosphere in the picture with slow moves of the camera.

Utterly predictable and dumb...

Extremely entertaining.

PANIC ROOM, Finchers latest movie was a fantastic, simple, yet gripping piece of filmaking.

Jody Foster kept the up the intense action which had me on the edge of my seat.

Despite these minor flaws, Panic Room is exciting, suspenseful and will have your heart skipping a few beats.

There is potential in the story, but it starts slow and never really picks up enough to keep you interested.

Everything is predictable; the tension barely simmers.

The pace is frenzied, and the suspense is genuine and enjoyable.

Easily predictable, typical low budget movie with hollow characters.

Far too predictable .

"Panic Room" is beautifully photographed and relentlessly suspenseful, hands down one of the best thrillers you'll see in a while.

" during the suspenseful parts.

They expected the house to be empty and need to adjust to the idea of an assault on the inhabitants of the house.

It is not a horrible movie, but it is fairly predictable and mundane.

One criticism of this movie is that the ending is predictable, and even obvious.

One of the worst movies of all times.

Foster turns in a very convincing performance, and the bad guys are all effective and interesting, but over-reliance on cliches and showy, pointless camerawork brings down this film several notches.

Can a movie be made with no script?

but entertaining .

Intense .

Panic Room (2002): Dir: David Fincher / Cast: Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto, Dwight Yoakam: Entertaining thriller about survival and safety.

The movie itself is very fast paced and very well written.

It flows well with the fast paced events.

The movie is rather slow at times to be a thriller and I caught myself dozing at various points.

They used the same camera techniques that are being used in programs like CSI, taking the camera to places that are unexpected, through cracks, coffee pot handles, key holes, etc. Hold on to the edge of your seat for a great ride!

The Game has a script that's slightly more streamlined toward being a full-blown blockbuster, but contains enough subtext to be fascinating in its own right; so is the film.

The house looms large as the 3rd main character with it's intriguing construction and the inclusion of the "Panic Room", which in theory is an impenetrable room from which one escapes harm.

When a thriller lists a song in its credits during the preview, especially when the song is off of an upcoming album called `J to the Lo', you can bet it's going to be predictable as all get-out.

The final five minutes of the movie display a stunning level of moral and emotional ambiguity, particularly involving Forest Whitaker's character.

A particular scene with a sledge hammer made the entire audience cringe, a sharp job with that by Fincher as mass audience reactions always make for an enjoyable movie.

(Yawn) In fact it's about a lot more.

I wish all Hollywood's formulaic thrillers could be this good.

Tense, thrilling, fast paced......

The thieves are very intriguing characters,as their motives for raiding the house are slowly revealed as the plot goes on.

Thanks to the score and title design, Fincher is able to evoke the feeling of a Hitchcock-like thriller and sets up what is going to be an intense and exhilarating film.

I duno how Raule dusnt die after being clobbered with a hammer and flung down the stairs but its still gripping and I luved every minute.

Fortunately David Fincher lifts himself up from the mediocre Fight Club to deliver one of the most stylish and exciting thrillers of recent years.

This 90 very entertaining minutes of "now what's gonna happen"?

I've seen it in countless mediocre, formulaic, manufactured movies before, and this offers nothing new.

An exciting ride in Cinematography .

"Panic Room" is a well-made, really exciting thriller that stays interesting despite the limited location.

Use contrived undeveloped tension to add suspense (tension between Jody and daughter, Jody and husband, Jody and good robber - of course all three tensions are resolved nearly simultaneously in the end ).

It's one of the most entertaining Hollywood thriller movies of the year, up their with Frailty, Changing Lanes and Red Dragon.

you will be on the edge of your seat.

It was full of suspense and thrills, and kept you on the edge of your seat.

I give it 8/10 and highly recommend it to everyone.

This movie does well to create an air of suspense throughout by using beautiful camera movement, intense lighting contrasts, and dead-on acting.

Instead we got two comedy cliche bad guys and a stereotyped pull-at-your-heartstrings bad guy (Forrest W), about whom we all care a lot more in the end (frustratingly, this emotion is never paid back and we're left wondering - which brings us back to the end.

However, with the viewer having invested some interest in a character, it seems pointless to undo all that good work by skimping on a decent ending.

This story is predictable and pointless.

At some points the movie was boring without intelligence while at others it was high explosive octaine.

The flashy camera work was quite unique and stunning, well all of Finchers films have great cinematography.

Forget all the junk about stupid crooks and no plot, this movie is worth your money if you want to see a great thriller that doesn't cheat you out on scares.

If you ignore the bland ideas and focus more on the characters, acting, action, and film techniques, you will enjoy this movie.

The use of camera angles keeps you worrying throughout the film but the cliché thunderstorm is a little too predictable.

The intriguing camera angles that came around the corners at the actors and through the keyhole to the burglars were very unique and piqued my interest.

but why waste the time.

Panic Room was one of the most predictable and unentertaining movies I have ever seen.

And, for the record, I expect that Jodie Foster is a tad petite to really haul around a sledge hammer, but if adrenaline has given her that "lift-car-off-daughter" strength, then a guy who gets hit with said sledge hammer, AND then falls headlong down a storey who has already had his hand crushed by a steel door that's 4 inches thick, just doesn't get up and physically beat up anyone.

It was predictable and just BORING!!!

It was somewhat predictable what would happen next.

Of course I also highly recommend it for fans of Fincher and/or Jodie Foster.

David Fincher had quickly become one of my favorite directors of the 1990's with his three entertaining and stylish movies Se7en, The Game and Fight Club.

Waiting forever in a room is as boring as, well, waiting forever in a room.

I give this movie 10/10 for it's thrilling adventurous entertainment!

Very entertaining.

This was one of the most suspenseful movies I have seen in years.

Forget that the film was boring.

I was totally on the edge of my seat for most of the movie.

His direction, along with a suspenseful story, makes this film intriguing.

A reliable performance from Whitaker, who typecasts as a postmodern Afro—American Gabin , and 'Raoul' makes a stunning villain (Yoakam).

If you like clever story lines and plot twists, you might want to leave this.

The movie is very thrilling...

Sadly, Panic Room is not terrifying, all plot turns are contrived or ridiculous, and the story is written as if it was built around the concept of a Panic Room existing, instead of being a clever story that happens to include a Panic Room.

Predictable plot, blatant characters and a bunch of plot-holes makes it hard for this film to really suck you in and make you participate in the action.

If you have friends over, spend the night talking about things that matter in life; don't waste their time on this movie...

So the movie throws in ridiculous, predictable excuses for her to leave the room that are there for no other reason than to prolong this sorry excuse for a movie.

The script by David Koepp has a pretty solid base story with Meg & her daughter trapped inside the panic room with three thieves wanting to get in & no way of getting outside help, unfortunately the film drags badly & becomes quite repetitive as we get lots of scenes of the thieves arguing & trying to come up with ways of making Meg & Sarah come out.

--- CONTAINS SPOILERS ---This movie is quite enjoyable, I really liked it...

A suspenseful thriller .

Its a simple, thrilling entertainment nothing more and nothing less.

Frustrating and tedious .

Technically Brilliant But Still Entertaining .

once again the stylish vision of david fincher gives us some heady visuals in his 2002 thriller, Panic Room, a film so effective at creating viewer tension that it handily surpasses its few glaring lapses into mundane cliche film making.

the story was thin and predictable and made the characters look 2D.


Very competent thriller, and highly enjoyable.

There are even a few scenes that are downright boring.

Set in a large, old, New York brownstone which had been previously owned by an eccentric old man(unseen) with a eye on security, the film is shot in drab grays, primarily on a stormy night.

All gripes aside, this film is quality, and is one of the best nights at the movies you'll have in the annual spring lull.

Predictable (SOME SPOILERS) .

Usually, there's at least a momentary lull which I tend to use as a bathroom break.

This movie is unrealistic, boring and takes the audience's IQ for granted.

Panic Room (V/UA) TAMIL ----------- my Rating : ★★★★½ SUSPENSEFUL .

This is a great thriller with intriguing dialogs and suspenseful atmosphere.

The final moments are breathtaking - your heart might even stop beating for a few seconds.

Technically proficient this movie certainly was, but I pin this waste of time on the writer, David Koepp and whoever the hell the producers were on this film.

but like I said, still entertaining.

Overall a very entertaining and suspenseful movie until the end and hooks you right from the beginning and maintains it until the end.

As a film lover I have always found David Fincher's style to be new and fresh, very entertaining to watch.

Only bad thing: the trick of getting into a fault is getting either believable or boring...

Mostly I found it an entertaining movie.

" Jodie Foster did a good job and most of the movie is pretty good but the things I mentioned really dragged the whole overall rating down in my opinion.

Thin plot, boring action, I turned it off after an hour in favor of switching to "We were soldiers".

With its suspenseful scenes and great visuals this movie is one of my favorites.

Directed by David Fincher, an entertaining director.

Very pointless and distracting I thought.

David Fincher, the genius behind Fight Club, does a stunning job of turning an ordinary house into a menacing backdrop for terror.

And it's the incomparable Jodie who makes this flick eminently worth watching.

it was thrilling and had you grabbing the edge of your seat.

It's a much-abused cliche when discussing movies within its genre, but Panic Room really does leave you on the edge of your seat for the majority of its 112 minutes.

It's thoroughly entertaining, which is exactly what we want from movies.

With that unpleasantness out of the way however, it was an engrossing thriller that did deliver chills and spills.

Waste of time, for the pointless plot develops no drama or suspense at all as everything has been seen before, so the audience could legitimately feel cheated on (actually...

She wakes her daughter and gets her to run with her to the high-tech secure shelter called the Panic Room (there is an exciting chase as the bad guys, led by Jared Leto, lunge after them).

There were a few twists and turns, some predictable, some not...

The minimum cast (mainly consisting of 6 people) sets an experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The slow motion trick doesn't work, either-it just draws out a boring movie.

Otherwise, the movie's thrilling, suspenseful, nicely paced, and thin.

In other words, I was ready for the unexpected: I didn't get that!!!

Blazing a trail through his house of terror, the Director performs stunning and inspirational shots of the kind we should expect to see many more of in the future.

Fine setup marred by predictable formula until a right turn is taken.

It never scared me (I am not a hardcore thriller junkie, a really good movie can scare me any day) and it was just about as fascinating as the sixth sense, which I felt asleep during.

The tense drama that develops between Alton played by Jodie Foster and the three intruders is quite believable and therefore compelling to watch.

I always like a film that keeps me on the edge of my toes and makes me believe that the main characters could be in danger.

but it's enjoyable.

Actually I found this film to be very intense and a heart stopping thriller minus a few odd director choices.

Suspenseful Thriller .

Worst movie ever.

It really was ridiculous; I ended up laughing at many of the supposedly scary parts because they were so unbelievably trite.

It was all I could do to stay awake through it!

The acting is horrible and the story line is painfully predictable.

Very enjoyable film- it develops like a game of chess, each side getting a move and it's very suspenseful- especially Foster running for her cellphone.

It gives a suspenseful thriller till the last sequence.

Forest Whitaker,Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam are all great as the 3 intruders, and it remains unpredictable and surprising throughout for the most part, plus it's extremely well made and written as well.

It has an intense claustrophobic feel, combined with some great camera angles and shots

The first part of this film is more funny than thrilling.

The film's opening titles are stunning, a pseudo billboard suspended in air against the Manhattan backdrop.

The plot was completely predictable.

The movie lacks tension and one views it therefore with a constant feeling of slight boredom and disinterest.

This tedious, third-rate tale unravels from the outset with a premise as contrived as it convoluted plot.

Yes it's fair to say that one has to suspend disbelief, this is after all a home invasion thriller following a true course, but in Fincher's hands it rises above cliché to thrive on atmospherics and character dynamics.

If you want a tense thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat then Panic Room is for you.

Good camera work but a very predictable plot.

Fine choice for a night of suspenseful viewing, where ever actor does us solid in their fine performances.

In order for a dramatic situation to be suspenseful, the audience has to be able to imagine that actual events would unfold as they unfold in the film.

However, what spoils the film for me is the tedious sub plots: Foster coming to terms with her divorce and trying to build a relationship with her daughter.

Those with difficulties in that regard, in fact, may experience some uneasiness during a good portion of this film because of it; and it simply demonstrates what a good job Fincher did in creating the setting he wanted, and which he uses so effectively here to keep you on the edge of your seat.

What's missing though is the suspense, intrigue, and that on the edge of your seat aura.

Jodie Foster has done it again, a star role in another intense thriller.

While not on the league of Se7en, it's a different and entertaining movie.

For a movie that was suppose to be suspenseful, I wasn't frightened at all.

Jodie's acting is intense and passionate.

Beautiful, thrilling, and a joy to watch.

It takes a cliché, boring story and makes it work.

A definite MUST See for Intense Action and Suspense and some comedy thrown in too to make this ONE Rounded out Killer Thriller of 2002~

While the baddie-buddies discuss the unexpected development in menacing whispers downstairs, Meg awakens for a late-night potty run.

The plot is also rather formulaic, the script is sometimes lacking and the film loses its way in the pacing towards the end.

It really was ridiculous; I ended up laughing at many of the supposedly scary parts because they were so unbelievably trite.

Panic Room is an OK thriller that I liked on a basic level but didn't think it was any sort of classic, I thought it was too repetitive & I didn't like anyone in it that much.

Then Khondji is fired and the tiresome wheels of the story grind and the requirements of the genre force us into bankable cliche.

It's truly suspenseful and it's the smack-in-the-head one hopes for from this genre.

) and Koepp's script, this is a VERY intense piece of work.

Still, on balance the movie was worth watching.

The robbery of a safe in an empty house runs into a few problems when the thieves (Whitaker, Yoakam, and Leto) find the house occupied and the occupants in the very room that has the safe - the panic room.

Just gets tedious and boring after a while.

This had the right personnel: promising director, Jodie Foster, a potentially gripping thriller, and it falls flat, with a thud that is as unconvincing as the movie itself.

an entertaining film, though easily forgotten.

After you've seen this movie once to enjoy the storyline, watch it again with the sound off, just to enjoy the breathtaking shots and the lighting of the scenes.

David Fincher's signature style makes this solid script into a gripping movie experience.

As far as being suspenseful, at times Panic Room truly pulls of suspense.

The Panic Room is a great film, simply because the Direction is excellent and the acting top notch, these both combine to create a tense and exciting thriller.

The suspense isn't achieved in the ends, but in the execution, and Fincher's ability to continually create an engrossing and entertaining product across his body of work is what makes him one of Hollywood's best talents at the moment; this film is no exception.

I felt the movie was done quite well, photographically and also in a suspenseful manner.

The camera effects were interesting to start with but became an excuse for supplementing a boring and predictable script.


Considering how suspenseful and tense the film is, it might be a bit of surprise to hear there are some great moments of comedy, as well.

Funny and Thrilling .

There are a few unexpected surprises which occur, ensuring that you stay on the edge of your seat.

The movie then became an exciting game of cat and mouse.

And be amazed by the stunning camera's!

The villain Raoul struck me as a cliche 'real' bad guy thrown in because the script required his presense; he came across as nothing more than a gimmick in his portrayal.

However, it's busy enough with cheap thrills and a slick enough shoot to make it an reasonably entertaining couch potato watch.

It kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole thing.

David Fincher director of the outstanding SE7EN and the over-rated FIGHT CLUB brings us this throughly thrilling, tense, atmospheric thriller.

Somehow he has managed to turn a ludicrous premise into a gripping, hypnotic thriller.

This starts off really slow!

However, Fincher once again proves he is a master of suspense with the throughly engaging, yet predictable movie Panic Room.

Throughout the '90s David Fincher emerged as one of the most talented and interesting American directors of his generation, delivering four bold, fascinating films, two of which (Se7en and Fight Club) stand out as decade-defining (alongside the likes of Pulp Fiction, Magnolia and other gems).

The script was predictable and mostly boring.


Ms. Foster has exactly two good moments in the film: an early dinner scene between her and her daughter in which she subtly conveys the hurt and confusion occasioned by the breakup of her marriage, and a sequence later in the film when she is forced to play out the required policemen-at-the-door scene (I doubt I am giving anything away by revealing that there IS such a scene in this movie).

But it still is a pretty good thriller, extremely suspenseful and scary.

But it's tedious in all its huffing puffery.

the movie was gripping till end ....

All in all, I enjoyed it.

Yet as I sat on the edge of my seat last night, I found there were several great laughs in this one!


His role is poorly written and we know what he is capable of from his stunning role in "Sling Blade".

The movie then starts to feel long and tedious.

Whilst this is arguably a more aesthetically pleasing choice (particularly to the testosterone-fuelled males among the audience), it does represent a conformity to action movie formula and cliché which has satisfyingly lacked in David Fincher's previous efforts.

In his latest film, ‘Panic Room', Fincher creates a superbly suspenseful and eerie piece of entertainment all the while breaking new ground in terms of technological achievement.

Ridiculous, illogical plot "twists," unbelievable character behaviors, unbelievable dialogue, a storyline as unfocused and meandering as the characters running to and fro about the house, and a predictable, dud ending (with your "villain that just won't die" thingy).

What A Waste Of Time .

The ensuing cat/mouse pursuit, complete with a well crafted claustrophobic atmosphere, provide for what is usually an exciting story.

Panic Room is a very compelling movie and a decent piece of work by David Fincher.

The burglars kept the movie very entertaining because they seemed to be a bunch of bungling idiots who really didn't think this plan through.

The Colorado native called the shots on "Se7en" (1995), a gripping serial killer saga starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as the cops and Kevin Stacey as the villain, that disturbed as much as it enthralled audiences.

2nd the action.. The movie starts fairly slow.. while the first half hour could have taken advantage of the prep time to promote character development, it instead trodged through to the main event.. once things start to roll tho there are a limited number of delays and has numerous moments of thrills and suspense .. you'll probably find yourself clenching your teeth a few times.. it keeps pace straight up to the end.. and while the end result of the climax doesn't come as a surprise it is done very well...

First of all, I want to know where the audiences were that were on the edge of their seats - because that theater needs bigger chairs.

I mean all these rated R movies with their hundreds of "F" words and such it's so pointless...

A bit to predictable.

"Even so, Fincher still manages to deliver the goods as usual - displaying the same stylish cinematography he showed in "Fight Club", as well as his knack for keeping people on the edge of their seat as he did with "Alien 3" and "Seven".

Had the "Panic Room" been a tenth as entertaining as any of those classics, this derivative mishmash with its unintentionally hilarious histrionics might have proved tolerable.

The story, even clichéd, is still interesting and suspenseful.

I enjoyed it very much.

This movie is chilling, smart, formidablyacted, directed with muscle, and above all else entertaining, acorker and a half of a popcorn flick.

It still feels immediately dangerous, though, never losing sight of its protagonists and the escalating peril they're placed in, until it finally reaches its truly edge-of-your-seat and slightly unexpected finale.

Forest Whittaker's character is so cliche as a mild hearted thief that I just couldn't even get mad at the writers, I let it go.

I strongly recommend you see this film if you like gripping thrillers.

The stupidity – When you're robbing a house , even an empty one , you should wear a mask .

Predictable + Preposterous!.

This is not too much to give away, as the film manages to convey this highly suspenseful twist through a very subtle and implicit means.

These plans are ingenious and plausible, and situations that result are tense and exciting.

Dopey burglars, overacting, cliche situations makes this one an unintentional howler (hand jammed in panic room door for starters).

But that aside; Panic Room is a really suspenseful thriller and clever in it's logistics of story telling.

I have heard the phrase "edge of your seat" before, but this was the first movie I've ever been to where people literally were on the edge of their seats.

Well, even if he was blessed enough to be casted with big stars (which doesn't do anything for me, anyway, if the story is dull) it's more than obvious that Fincher is turning to more conventional films.

Very predictable thriller.

The movie itself was pretty suspenseful with some boring parts too.

Little does she know that the apartment is also the stash of some criminals who soon come to collect their money, believing the house to still be empty.

All in all, the acting and directing make this movie subtly disturbing, unlike any suspense film we've seen in a while, from the visually stunning opening credits to the morally ambiguous ending.

~yawn~A completely predictable thriller from start to finish.

It is exceptionally intense and packs many unexpected twists, all beautifully shot and decently acted.

Unbelievable, Painfully predictable, thankfully avoidable.

I left the theater, very exhausted from all the suspense.

Slick, stylish direction and manageable script keep this one engaging, even though you've seen it all before.

Jodie Foster and her terrible cliché daughter hide in a special Panic Room in their new house when Forest Whitaker and two thugs (one of them being Jared Leto in the worst of overacting moods) break in to get the previous owner's money out of the Panic Room.

Not bad, but uninteresting.

The simple premise means the action feels forced but the cast are OK and the film is enjoyable enough to watch once .

First, like I said, practically all films are predictable in this sense.

But there's so much talk, talk, talk between the three very dull bad guys.

It was not as suspenseful as I had hoped, and I often found myself bored with the characters.

I found it suspenseful and exciting with good acting.

" This is also funny because the complaints some had of "Fight Club" was that it was pretentious, over the top, and intent on sending a message to the audience.

The film was very predictable with obvious foreshadowing and a hackneyed, unoriginal climax.

A thrilling, dramatic, suspense film.

The movie is very moving and thrilling, Fincher is a master at building up the thrilling moments and the suspense that keeps a movie alive, this was shown first in Se7en, and since that he haven't made a bad movie.

An intense thriller that keeps you gasping for breath.

Intense, claustrophobic thriller .

Don't waste your money - wait till the video.

A lesser director would have her character rush out to save the Forrest Whitaker character, yelling "wait, he's my butler" (and part of me wanted to see him get away, afterall he was nothing but a safe-cracker and the original plan was rather victimless), but by refraining from such action, Fincher creates the most exciting moment of a rather exciting film with nothing more than a close-up of Jodie Foster.

What ends up as a battle between Foster and the burglars could have been a lot better, and got rather tedious by the time it reached its predictable finish.

It was entertaining and certainly provided a decent 2 hour distraction.

Even though resting on a contrived plot, the performers do what's given to them.

I enjoyed it.

Instead, `Panic Room' emerges as second-rate, warmed-over Hitchcock with barely a suspenseful moment to be had for love or money.

The cinematography was really great, and I was left in awe wondering how some of the shots were done, but still this movie was hyped as this huge thriller and I was expecting to be on the edge of my seat fearful of what was going to happen next.

It's not a horrible movie, and it will keep you entertained for a couple of hours, but it is fairly predictable.

Sure, Jodie Foster and the daughter don't play particualy likeable characters and nobody can relate with the movie, but it is a solid example of it's genre, with perfect suspenseful scenes, action and drama.

And yes, Foster had to be a little bit "MacGyver" and yes, his daughter had to be diabetic, because we wanted an interesting and exciting film - if you would make Panic Room with my sister and her daughter, believe me, it wouldn't be near that entertaining!

it did provide edge-of-your-seat suspense and gripping plot twists.

Exciting film!

The photographic angles are also breathtaking - Fincher takes you inside the phone line, inside the key hole, etc. Whatever you do, don't see it alone.

It is all photographed beautifully and Foster does a good job, but the problem is it's just not exciting, it's all very predictable and Forest Whitaker in the role of one of the the bad guys?

Overall it was eminently entertaining.

But Jodie Foster and Forest Whitaker's acting are solidly engaging.

However, the movie was slow paced, had no surprises and lacked in intellectual plots (unlike his previous movies).

Junior, Burnham and Raoul break into the manse late in the rainy, spooky night and discover that the empty mansion they expected is unexpectedly inhabited.

It is a waste of time.

Here, he sets up a wild premise, intriguing characters, and some very funny moments.

i was having quite a bit of fun with this movie--it's visually quite enjoyable, and the suspense wasn't half-bad either-- until a plot hole jarred me, and hard.

In overall it's a splendid movie, definitely worth watching.

Thieves break into the house believing that it's empty only to find to their horror that it's not.

Panic Room is a very engaging thriller which makes good use with the material it is given.


The rest is just a confusing mess with a bunch of plot-holes.

Exciting .

), but is a very simple but thrilling film.

As with any suspenseful movie -- horror movies being the prime example -- characters in this movie make stupid decisions which the audience knows will cost them later.

You will definitely be on the edge of your seat once the story line completely opens up.

(The three criminals are all stereotypes, the crook with a heart, the unpredictable nut case who joins the team at the last minute and the leader who is actually the weakest).

And, of course, David Fincher's contribution, with the stunning pan-scan that has to be seen to be believed, wonderful CGI cameras that makes the Matrix looks like yesterday's technology.

What I viewed was a very well-made film (technically speaking), but with an extremely predictable plot and very little suspense.

It also was very predictable.

I find it inconceivable that people are comparing this dull film to the testosterone/adrenaline charged masterpiece that is Fight Club.

Waste of money, since the set designers had this huge mansion built with no other purpose than offering to David Fincher the ability to prove his virtuosity in camera work or crazy zoom-in zoom-out shots, thanks to some CGI to help...

Aside from the suspenseful elements, "Panic Room" does have moments of subtle humour to carry the film over.

the most predictable movie ever....

Panic Room is a very thrilling ride.

The possibilities for shredding this plot into total sludge are numerous, and it's a blessing that the director was someone who knows how to make an engaging, direct, and to-the-point film.

Altogether we have here a thriller movie with a great photography work, some astounding effects and an atmosphere, thrilling you to the bone.

With that said, the movie is fairly entertaining, but save the movie theater experience for something more engaging.

But I think it is a good entertaining movie.

) I just start hating the world "cliché".

It's cliché time.

when I left however I had to force myself to stop yawning.

An extraordinary on the edge of the seat thriller, Foster is superb, it really really scared me!

A total waste of time, potentially great talent, and one's digestive system!

They are suspenseful when they mean to be and thought provoking as well.

Panic Room is a VERY entertaining movie, and not to mention pretty on a visual sense.

A Very Predictable Movie .

The value of the invaders is left to quality of performance, and Jared Leto is a horribly shrill, hysterical Junior, Dwight Yoakim is an unconvincing symbol of chaotic evil (that flails even too much for chaos) and only Forest Whitaker becomes an interesting foe, and that is mostly because he wisely downplays his heart-of-gold-victim-of- circumstance Burnham rescuing us from that hopeless cliché.

It will have the adrenaline rushing.

Just about every bad Hollywood filmmaking cliche is employed, to make what is, so far, the most overrated movie of the year.

The worst movie Fincher ever made .

I don't mean it's a work of art, but the flimsy premis (a woman and her teenage daughter trapped in a house with three burglars, spiced up with the addition of a high security "panic room" in that house) kept me on the edge of the seat for an hour and a half.

You'll be gripping your seat a lot of the time.

This whole thing was just so trite, it's hard to imagine spending that much time and effort on making it.

What is more intriguing is that the movie turned out to be bad.

How can people call this film "predictable" with a straight face?

Except for a couple of scenes, watching PANIC ROOM was like watching paint dry.

The movie is an above average thriller filled with some very intense scenes.

From the director of Se7en & Fight Club, Panic Room arrives as another intensely gripping, nail- biting & edge-of-the-seat experience from David Fincher which further solidifies his position as one of the modern masters of thrillers, and beautifully balances its style with substance to succeed as one of the most captivating, entertaining & satisfying works of Fincher's career.

It was thrilling edge of your seat excitement!

Its all very intense.

If you can come up with a story based in a single room and make it as engaging and exciting as this one...

Every twist and turn in the movie is completely predictable, and the foundation of the plot is highly implausable to begin with.

As "Flightplan" showed last year, Jodie Foster can always make a seemingly formulaic story believable.

During the first night that they stay there, some burglars, who are convinced that the house is still empty, pay them a visit, because somewhere in the house the former owner had hidden a lot of money.

She was not smart enough to get the phone without knocking over a lamp to let the bad guys know she was outof the room, but there were times after this that the room was empty.

Considerably predictable and disappointing .

Howard Shore's film score is lifeless and uninteresting, typical of modern film scores.

This is a top notch thriller, that's extremely suspenseful, with lots of creepy atmosphere and wonderful performances, and I say Go see it now!.

An intriguing movie once again .

An enjoyable, if somewhat disappointing thriller .

everything creates a wonderfully suspenseful story that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last second.

Howard's music really made the audience on the edge-of-their-seats (his best since his oscar win for "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring").

The movie held my attention from the very start, there were some unexpected twists in it which were great.

His character was a little predictable, because it was played by Forrest Whitaker.

The villains are predictable and, given their goal, painfully stupid.

Unfortunately a healthy handful of those moves are fairly predictable, as with most suspense/thrillers these days.

Plus, it's only the final result that's predictable.

Stylish directing by David Fincher who also made such intriguing thrillers as The Game and Fight Club.

What an Exciting Movie.

After the bad guys break into the house everything is very predictable, full of plot holes and it goes only to show the characters stupidity:1- Why do they get a house so big while they are only 2 small people?

This movie is decent, but don't waste your money to see it in the theater; it's definitely a rental.

She and her daughter move into a big empty house in New York.

I give this movie a 5 out of a 10, because it's still a entertaining flick, at least it gives you one or two laughs ;).

From the first time they appear you now that they are three cliché – one innocent saint , one bad psycho and one neutral idiot .

It kept me on the edge of my theater seat at all times and was Jodie Foster's best work since Silence of the Lambs.

Gripping, stylish thriller .

This film while it has its brilliant moments which will, shoot me for using this terribly over used cliche', have you sitting on the edge of your seat, is mainly a great film to watch, and watch again because of the mastery Fincher has over the camera, his ability to place the camera anywhere, and i use that in the exact sense, is spectacular.

A story that could have been told in a much simpler and shorter way, lags on for too long (long enough for you to fall asleep in the theater...

This movie is pure, predictable, over-hyped, Hollywood pap.

This was a very suspenseful and exciting thriller from David Fincher who is responsible for my all time favourite film which is Seven.

All the 'star power' and innovative direction in the world only JUST manages to overcome a fairly formulaic premise and a dull script.

David Fincher is the man who directed this thrilling claustrophobic movie.

Thatsomething is the lack of gripping fear.

SPOILERS This seemed VERY contrived...

Fincher has made for yet another reason to give pause while walking past the usually mundane action/thriller section at the video store.

The intruders (played with more than adequate believability by Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam) believing the house to be empty, are there to crack a safe located inside the Panic Room.

It had me on the edge of my seat at many times and kept me guessing until the end of the movie.

Quite boring and with the worst end imaginable.

But if you expect nothing, and just go because you're bored, you might be surprised.

So, beyond that, it's still a fun film worth watching.

There are plenty of heart- pounding moments throughout that are very unpredictable, and with the ingenious writing about David Koepp, it is also fun; even when the pacing has its occasional hiccups.

A half empty script that's beautifully shot.

This was not a movie theater teen slash movie that you'd go to with a girlfriend or boyfriend, with little stupid suspenseful scenes where the person hears something and turns around and its just their little brother coming downstairs for a drink of water.

The ending though is very predictable and rather empty, in my opinion.

On the contrary, the panic room seems rather spacious and quite enjoyable.

Overall however, this thriller is quite enjoyable.

Neither suspenseful nor entertaining .

Even the panic room gadgetry was dull, and the plot devices--such as a diabetic child--were forced and trite.

This movie was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Everything in Panic Room has been told and made before and even if I find the movie watchable even enjoyable, I regard it a disgrace to his FIGHT CLUB masterpiece.

Panic has a bland plot, annoying characters, especially the girl, who I couldn't tell was a boy or a girl at first.

It's a decently paced suspenseful flick until you get into the last third, then-well you saw my points.

The movie focuses on its characters, it isn't just a lot of pointless action, I love a good thrilling action film like this that actually has meaningful characters.

This movie is not only a waste of money, but also a waste of time.

Panic Room starring Jodie Foster, is an action packed suspense thriller, that has an ending that will make you cheer.

Effectively Thrilling, Suspenseful, and Creepy .

Let's see: scary NO, realistic NO, thrilling NO .

This movie is packed with suspense and is intense when it gets right down to it.

Thrilling .

Though it could have been a lot better, I'd still say it was definitely worth watching if you're a thriller fan!

Dwight Yoakham is devilishly fiendish as Raoul (who steals the movie), Whitaker playing safe with the bankrupt father, and Jared Leto making his character even more exciting than it deserves to be.

Unfortunately this intensity disappears about two-thirds of the way through the film, and the final third becomes run of the mill and predictable in both writing and direction.

Some cliché , some stupidity and some predictability mixed together .

As I said all the movie is predictable from the start to the end.

Entertaining from title to credit.

Highly recommend it for any audience that enjoys action!

Cheese's restaurants; if you limit your setting, you're asking for yawns.

In some of the shots this works, like the first one which establishes the layout of the house, but he keeps using the trick until it just becomes pointless.

But it's hard to do that when the setup is so contrived and mechanical.

Panic Room had the potential to be a very engaging and a very different suspense/action movie.

The movies keeps you on the edge of your seat for most of the time, and has you jumping in some cases.

Panic Room is really edge-of-your-seat stuff filled with many unpredictable twists and interesting plot developments.

And even in this thriller Jodie's role is strikingly sharp, intense and focused, beautifully crafted, and also amazingly delightful, likable; one of the greatest actresses.

A nice ride, tad predictable - spoiler.

The ending is very suspenseful and exciting.

All in all it's well worth watching (especially for the tensest moment in the movie - BEING PLAYED IN SLOW MOTION!

Complemented by blatant brand placement, contrived close ups of Jodie's bust and unnecessarily gruesome violence.

Fun and entertaining thriller .

The story line is predictable and unoriginal.

I was on the edge of my seat during most of the movie.

A safe as can be humanly created, but once the slightest thing goes wrong in the most intense situation, you can kiss your panic room mentality goodbye.

I think that it's one of the better of intense dramas in the past decade, and should have gotten more publicity than it did.

True, it does start out kind of slow to introduce the characters and how they act/are.

The kid is a one-timer and Jodie does this one with her eyes closed, she seems to be bored as hell too.

Panic Room is a fast paced, nicely plotted movie.

To make a movie that solely takes place in one room, but yet keeps you on the edge of your seat, is a feat on its own.

But he settles down in the second half and lets the conflicts between Foster and the intruders as well as between the intruders themselves (well-played by Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam) play out; then the film becomes engrossing, well-paced and satisfying.

The audience we saw it with was on the edge of their seats the entire time.

Meg and Sarah waste no time in putting the claustrophobic area to use (on their first night, no less) when a trio of burglars (Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam) make their way into her building to retrieve a large sum of money.

With plenty of twists and turns this is a great suspense thriller film that will have you on the edge of your seats.

They go on and on, but ~yawning again~… Go see Ice Age!

Even the presence of the excellent Jodie Foster can't change the fact that this is a minimalistic, plodding mess.

and cliche.

Great acting from everyone on board, a few twists and turns, very exciting moments, and intense action sequences make for a great film and a heck of a fun time!!

There is clever use of fast-camera angles and slo-mo visuals,and the tension at the end is unbearable.

The ending is predictable in the extreme, which was disappointing considering the suspense and intrigue which was built up during the film.

Thoroughly enjoyable and thrilling .

We get a tour of the apartment to get a feel for geography, a few cliche elements that this film could not survive without (medical condition, newness to the area) then soon the stage is set for the scenario after which the film gets its name.

In addition he "sends" the camera through walls, keyholes and other unlikely places creating some very smooth footage that adds to suspense and is very enjoyable to watch.

Oh well, overall, I say acting was balanced out: certain weak moments were forgotten during the intense scenes.

I can only remember one or two movies in my life where I felt so uninterested and bored.

A very entertaining movie .

Their imperfections give them a more realistic unpredictable sinister-ism than the typical scare movie villain.

IMPORTANT: THIS IS A SPOILER (SO IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT, DON'T READ ON)Ok, this movie was filled with great suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat everytime the Panic Room door was opened...

Most all of the plot "twists" are predictable.

Certainly not as complex as Seven, and without the social commentary of Fight Club, Panic Room is just a good, old fashioned, tension filled game of thrilling cat and mouse.

Waste of time .

With obvious inspiration from "Rear Window", the film is a joy to watch, and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I also liked the fact that the movie didn't drag on forever, boring you until it got to the good part.

Unfortunately, after an engrossing game of cat and mouse, the conclusion is weak.

I give it 10/10 for being intense, suspenseful, and overall entertaining!

Panic Room is predictable in the good way.

Panic Room is one of the best examples of the suspense thriller, taut and terrifying, exhilarating and entertaining, viewing after viewing, a talented ability for a film set in one house during one night.

Most of the intense moments, such as when Jodi Foster left the panic room to get her cell phone, were all done in slow motion, which increased one's pulse.

David Fincher creates a greatly suspenseful if straightforward thriller .

Panic Room is an effectively thrilling ride of a movie, utilizing some excellent performances, fantastic camera work, awesome special effects and an almost water-tight script.

It was a waste of my money and my Friday night.

Don't waste the time or money there are much more valuable things to do with the precious two hours of your life.

The acting was great, the plot was great, and the movie really did have me on the edge of my seat.

`Panic Room' is intense and Fincher's direction was secured enough not to be invaded with negative reviews.

Ranks among the worst movies I have ever viewed.

First of all the camera work seemed excessive, the script was implausible and annoyingly, predictable and the movie in its total effect was a great cure for insomnia.

He plays Junior - the money-grubbing grandson of a very rich man who has died; also the mastermind behind the botched plot to rob a supposedly empty house.

VERY Intense .

But this movie involve only in the panic and her house, which make the movie somehow a bit boring.

And I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Panic Room had a really good idea, and I thought it was carried out in a fun yet still serious enough way to keep it feeling intense.

I donno-this was passable, predictable, not that believable, decently acted, ummmmmm about what you expected.

And the thee crooks, Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto, and Dwight Yoakam give memorable and fascinating portrayals of their complicated characters.

Simple but exciting concept .

The plot is focused and fast paced, the story is well scripted, and the acting sharp and expressive.

Intense thrillers don't get much better than this.

It was interesting to watch how the story moved along to the inevitable and predictable climax.

We see his character-- a plodding career security company employee/nebbish who hopes to retrieve a dead man's millions from the safe room of an uninhabited house-- being sucked inexorably into something far more violent and ambitious than he can handle.

About the cinematography I enjoyed the camera work which is excellent (especially in the first hour when they shot incredible details and the camera does a "travelling effect") and the light (almost the entire film is shot with little illumination, which makes it a suspenseful dark thriller, which I use to appreciate!

If handed to another director, David Koepp's script would probably have been turned into something overly contrived and unconvincing.

Panic Room kept u in a suspenseful state the whole way through and guessing what would happen next, a must see movie...

Given the intense situations encoded, there could have been much sharper and intense speaking involved giving a feel of the emotional and stressful situations that the characters found themselves in.

Gripping, stylised and hugely rewarding, this ranks among the director's best work to date.

The acting was good for what they had to work with, but the ending and the plot progressions were very predictable and heavy handed.

In fact I'd say the first two thirds of the film are slow and pretty silly.

This movie really had me on the edge of my seat, and was very gripping.

It kept me on the edge of my seat.

I went to see this movie with my boyfriend a few days ago, and oh WHAT a HORRIBLY BORING film!

Dwight, "The Cowboy Singer," must have taken some acting lessons, for the man was pretty root-n-toot-n good in this one (a far cry from his bland acting in When Trumpets Fade.

So the fact that aside from the very beginning, Panic Room is just really one long break-in scene always made the film seem like a silly waste of time.


It's only in this moment that Foster lets down her steely intense guard and enjoys having a role in this joyless feature.

Jodie Foster was just amazing and her character was a very intriguing one because Meg seemed often confused, vulnerable, and strong at the same time.

The cinematography is very exciting, chock full of interesting camera angles and moody lighting.

Throw in a laugh, or a lull in the action.

Although the film doesn't reach the brilliance of Fight Club and Se7en, it's a very enjoyable film with great performances by all the actors.

Trespassing the house is the main factor to ignite the plot, once it happens at the very first minutes of the movie and immediately provides suspenseful moments.

With an exceptional cast and a stunning director, this movie is a simplistic popcorn Saturday night in with the misses movie.

Jodie Foster is a wonderful actress and she is in form in this dark and at times suspenseful film.