Pan's Labyrinth (2006) - Drama, Fantasy, War

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In the Falangist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world.

IMDB: 8.2
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Stars: Ivana Baquero, Ariadna Gil
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 118 out of 1000 found boring (11.8%)

One-line Reviews (602)

Truly Gripping, Magical and Unexpectingly Brutal .

I was completely bored with the plot which advanced at a snails pace between a lot of completely unnecessary violence.

Though it looks undeniably sumptuous, and its set design is pungently evocative, mythologists and militarists alike may find its themes – of trial and redemption, warfare, loyalty and love (in the latter lies real magic, boys and girls) – unpalatably hackneyed.

I was warned that "Pan's Labyrinth" had some violent content, but I was not prepared for the senseless brutality, cruelty, and depravity that this pointless horror film contained.

If this in fact it, in my opinion, this movie is pretty much pointless.

You are introduced to the characters through the engrossing story line with no slow paced scene setting.

After Hollywood producing some platitudes, or perhaps after the public getting bored with movies that simply entertain you, anything that's foreign is automatically looked up to.

But emotionally vacuous thanks to del Toro's self-indulgence in desensitizing gore FX effects.

I don't want to over-analyze this movie, it was very deep but at the same time very entertaining and you can take it to whatever depth you like and still enjoy it.

Guillermo del Toro's film is highly imaginative, almost decadent in its lushness, evocative in both beauty and ugliness, in Ofelia's innocence, Carmen's and Mercedes' love, and Vidal's demonic cruelty.

Up front, I'll say this: technically and visually, it's quite stunning and worth seeing for those aspects alone.

The more realistic civil war portions of the film are compelling and sad, and the fantasy portions are awe-inspiring and are actually pretty scary.

I think they would have each made fascinating movies on their own - sharing screen time detracts from both.

The Captain himself is compelling and is clearly no coward.

Don't waste your time or money.

And the very real lack of "fake" monsters or backgrounds only makes Ofelia's world that much more engrossing.

A girl's fairy tale landed in pieces, in the middle of a soviet propaganda movie.

But is this in any way better than "Dark Crystal," which was similarly banal in its cosmology?

Especially in the hands of Guillermo del Toro this becomes an experience, a fairytale and very entertaining from the beginning to end.

The motif of the labyrinth is everywhere, physically as a stone maze on the edge of the forest, visually in the elegant cinematography where long tracking shots take you on unexpected journeys, sometimes back to where you started, and metaphorically in the film's many narratives, some of which reach their goals while others come to a dead end.

The two sides are at loggerheads throughout, leading to bloody and compelling shootouts throughout; there is even space for betrayal and forbidden love between sides, something that is woven in superbly.

This movie is so hauntingly beautiful and original that I left the theater in awe!

The beauty of this film extends beyond the story as the cinematography is breathtaking, I felt like a child as I marveled at the images flashed before my eyes.

You will leave the theater never knowing whether what you saw was what actually happened or was the result of something entirely made up in the little girl's mind.

The visual effects are stunning, and the make-up is scary in some scenes.

And the result is engrossing, emotional and inspiring!

Personal Highlights: In one of the tasks entrusted to Ofelia, del Toro crafts one of the most riveting and suspense-filled scenes in the entire film, carried out brilliantly by Ivana.

This film is visually stunning and in one word: beautiful.

This film is truly unique in comparison to all of his other films because it is something out of the ordinary and very fascinating at the same time.

Third, the cliché factor.

I found the film incredibly boring and could't wait for it to "get to the point.

My 14-year-old also enjoyed it.

Yes, this is one of those duality films where all the cool stuff that is going on exists only in the head of the main character Ofelia, in other words, that most boring of themes: individualistic escapism.

This film is an absolute phenomenon, it's one of those films where you are sitting on the edge of your chair because you feel really involved and feel empathy for the characters.

It was very enjoyable.

An intriguing movie.

This is a powerful and engaging film with one of the most vicious screen villains we've witnessed in some time.

Be it the fairy tale that tries to cover the massive propaganda's background.

However, this setback barely, if at all, takes away appeal from this stunning film.

These are stunning filmmakers.

I enjoyed it for the most part, the F/X and overall production are great, the imagination certainly well realized, it's a fine film.

The direction was awesome, knowing when to be mysterious, when to be exciting, and when to be tragic.

The movie is well done and design but very predictable and simple and copy other movies as well.

I will not say you should watch it because of a 'compelling heart breaking storyline', nor will I tell you to watch because of enthralling fantastical ideas.

A stunning make-up that brings to life mythological creatures and a faultless art direction that with a small naive appearance imposes the world a breathtaking look.

Unexpected brilliance and Dark Magical Masterpiece .

It's only thrilling by what might be the next display of cruelty in this shocking orgy of violence.

PL feels somewhat pretentious as a result and in general is just a bit boring.

It is fascinating listening to the Spanish language, and the dialogue is so natural and artistic (as is the whole film), I actually enjoyed reading the subtitles!

This allows for reflection on themes such power and love while simultaneously providing a compelling and absorbing adventure story.

Please do not discriminate it as it's foreign with subtitles, after a few minutes your used to it and hooked on its riveting tale.

This kind of film can be just a pointless fantasy without a good ending that gives meaning to it all.

Nice production value, meh story, boring characters .

But not only are the characters in Pan's Labyrinth flat, dull, and unlikable—-the protagonist's intelligence is irksomely inconsistent.

Writer and director Guillermo Del Toro combines the stunning visual beauty of a child's fable with the ugliness and brutality of the Spanish Civil War, and the effect is breathtaking.

Sure I liked both Blade II and Hellboy, but it's the other Spanish language films, Cronos and The Devil's Backbone, that have been intriguing me for years.

A person who has just been shot isn't yanked backwards like a marionette, the cliché treatment.

By far the most enjoyable aspect of this film was the incorporation of the faun, and the tasks.

This was a fabulous picture with some slow-moving spots (hence the 7 out of 10).

The conclusion is both thrilling and heartfelt, while at the same time satisfying and enchanting.

The parts where fantasy does not play a role are strong as well, with an oppressive atmosphere and some intense scenes of violence that make it very clear why one would like to flee reality.

Having the fantasy sequences interspersed throughout the film feels like it cheapens the truly riveting war plot in the other scenes.

It was quite entertaining.

This film shows artistic film making at its best and does so in a way that makes it very engaging and easy to follow, unlike other similarly philosophical and artistic films.

The direction is so subtle and flawless, the cinematography is great like The Pianist meets Tim Burton movies, the story is very engaging, interesting, the creatures are so creative (like some other Del Toro movies, for example, the creature whose eyes are above his hands), the content is brilliant, it blends realistic war dramas with fairy tales (fantasy cinema), technically it looks perfect, it has some real shocking moments and a great final waits for us!

Don't make the mistake of writing it off as a children's film, for it achieves that rare balance of creating a gripping dark story with a measure of innocence added by the perspective of a child - it is also far too scary for youngsters!

The fairytale world juxtaposed between Spains Franco era was fascinating from the word go, although some of the violence was almost too extreme (pls realize that comes from a fan of exploitation movies!

I was hoping to like Pan's labyrinth, Since in general I have great appreciation for Del Toro's stylistic approach, and I had heard that this particular movie was a dark fairytale with a riveting historical background.

She is a beautiful and charismatic actor who alone makes this film more than worth watching.

The stunning taste of fate playing into effect as this seemingly young girl, who was assumed ordinary is now drawn into a bemused revelation of that she is to be a princess of a supernatural world.

Stunning Visuals Backing a Loose Plot .

Haunting, stunning, fantastic.

A Spanish-language dark fantasy (watch in Spanish with English subtitles), it's a fascinating journey into a young girl's adventurous mind and the courage, often lacked even by adults, which she musters to overcome her fears and the hardships she faces.

The story is engaging, rich and imaginative.

This is the WORST movie I have ever had the displeasure of seeing.

In particular, the creatures of Doug Jones are some of the most stunning, creepy practical effects.

Beautiful, visually stunning, and perfectly bittersweet .

Highly whimsical and imaginative fable, with an intriguing concept and compelling story.

So it was hard to follow and get a lot out of it.

They are stunning crimson and gold robes, that blend nicely with the golden background creating an expansive look to them.

What I saw instead was a bloody, disgusting, depraved, amoral, aspiritual, nihilistic, and ultimately pointless horror film that fried my nervous system, left me furious, and made me fearful for any culture that embraces this sort of psychotic trash as art.

A beautiful, dark, suspenseful film with touches of light and hope.

This is the Worst movie I have ever seen except The Guardian and Nightwatch if you really insist upon viewing this movie I stress go to a Matinée!

The script is dull for the film and the characters within it as well.

The way that he creates each challenge for Ofelia is both terrifying and suspenseful.

The movie has an eye-catching plot,combining fantastic elements with war and a lot of drama,some well developed and enjoyable characters like Pan,great music and of course a satisfying ending that makes the film far far greater,showing that we should sacrifice for our love ones and generally for others and our sacrifice will make us happier.

Pan's Labyrinth is a film of breathtaking emotional, thematic and visual depth.

I would highly recommend it to all adults (it is Rated R after all).

This was a stunningly successful realization of an evocative, often deeply disturbing cosmos.

The magical world in "Pan's Labyrinth" lacks the sort of densely plotted, compelling narrative one finds in the "Lord of the Rings" saga or "The Wizard of Oz.

The script is very mysterious, suspenseful and genuinely moving at times, and there are some genuinely memorable characters, the idealistic protagonist, the brutal stepfather, the pregnant mother and the caring housemaid.

Visually Stunning and Emotionally Charged.

Most people will probably disagree with me, but this movie was but two hours of boredom to me.

I wish I had enjoyed it more.

This is definitely not a children's movie because of the intense emotions depicted and the things that happen to the character's throughout.

Add first-rate production values, a delicate score by Javier Navarrete, and a captivating script and this Spanish-Mexican co-production emerges as a vastly entertaining gem for adults.

Instead I had to endure two hours of boring, old school military ignorance mixed with violent historic gun battles, and a main character with the IQ of a rotten tomato.

I didn't like how they carried it out, however--the film makers decided to create the contrast using graphic violence, which is rather off-putting and pointless, rather than sad or heartbreaking.

Though her story is compelling, and her imagination darkly fascinating, Ofelia alone did not make this movie great.

The actors are all stable in their roles and Doug Jones as the El Fauno is stunning.

Save your money.

Pan's Labyrinth is visually stunning and creates memorable characters and unforgettable horrors.

I truly cannot understand how this movie can have 8.2/10. It was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, it was literally a waste of my time.

Special mention must go to Ivano Baquero(Ofelia) who gives a compelling performance as the young girl that the story revolves around.

Either way, director Guillermo Del Toro's movie is utterly compelling viewing, expertly blending the cruelty of war with its supernatural elements.

a waste of talent, actors, time and money .

But the sad truth is that between moments of bloody brutality there were times in the theater I squirmed in my seat, because I was bored.

It is too simplistic throughout, becomes fairly predictable, and lacks fluidity.

For the first, and maybe the only time this year, the viewer is in a world of cinema that is unpredictable from the start.

In the end it unfortunately was not all all right, but the journey was certainly entertaining!

Most American poets wouldn't waste their time on sorrow-like this movie.

Pan's Labyrinth is brilliant, dark, engaging, relentlessly entertaining, heart breaking, horrifying and beautiful.

This puzzle keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, especially during the dangerous sequences where the girl tries to escape the fantasy world.

There are strong emotions, beautiful visuals, magnificent acting, a gripping story and a good mixture between fantasy and reality.

The amazing script , the wonderful and lovable characters and the Cinematography is breathtaking and with minimal or no use of CGI he did all this.

With scripts that are complete and cohesive, absorbing and extremely effective.

Also the amazing visual effects of the mythical parts, totally stunning!

There was slight confusion regarding the beginning in relation to the ending on the first watch, but it is well worth watching again.

A predictable monster with a wobbly walk, a giant toad (creative), and a tree root.

This Movie is Slower then Radio Himself and stunk.

Certain parts of the movie were also quite slow and seemed to drag on for a while, not any major parts come to mind although certain shots and edits/cuts between shots could have been more finely tuned in my opinion, making certain scenes even more impactful or dramatic.

Her life becomes so unbearable that she creates a parallel imaginary world in which she can just die and join her deceased natural parents in heaven.

The scene with the frog is boring, uninventive, quite frankly disgusting and doesn't fit in with the dark tone of the rest of the movie.

The captain was also enjoyable.

It was the moon that bore you.

Acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro ("Hellboy", "The Devil's Backbone"), creates one of the most exciting and visually stunning adult-themed fables ever.

In the prologue by del Toro on the Blu Ray (the film looks breathtaking in HD), he tells of how he put much love into making the film, and it's absolutely true.

First, I'll start with the boring factor.

Guillermo del Toro's style is so riveting and unique, it would make the audience want more.

There's a temptation to veer into movie-geek talk about how it speaks "to the human condition" and how it "demonstrates the triumph of imagination over pain", but I'd rather comment on how it just makes a fantastic, entertaining story.

I respect the creativity of the film but the story-line seemed a bit boring and dark throughout the majority of the film which made it hard to distinguish what was really going on.

The juxtaposition of the brutality of Vidal and the war in general with the beautiful, surreal faerie-tale of Ofelia is a very intriguing contrast.

Sometimes dull political correctness seems enough.

Pan's Labyrinth is a truly gripping film.

Neither story detracts from the other and both are equally engaging.

It's entertaining, has brilliant visuals, great story and an amazing ending.

Overall, Pans labyrinth was an enjoyable film to watch, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and in my opinion, is a "breath of fresh air" in comparison to some other fantasy films.

This is just an awful attempt to get those who love Lord of The Rings to waste there money.

Incoherent and idiotic, it combines disgusting brutality with stupid writing and unconvincing acting, creating a torpid, bloated, overwrought dreary mess that is so unpleasant, so torturous and so dismal that it is akin to having a tooth extracted without nitrous oxide.

Guillermo Del Toro worked his ass off, creating this film, and the outcome is absolutely breathtaking.

Prepare to be immersed in PAN'S LABYRINTH, the excellent adult fantasy film by Guillermo del Torro.

The special effects are remarkably good, but the story is not really clever or ingenious, nevertheless it is told in an exciting way.

The music is also perfect for this film, with some of the most breathtaking music in theater history Although, this movie is not perfect nor for everyone.

It is in the eyes of young Ofelia that we see her world around her becoming more intriguing with each passing day, her journey into the labyrinth and the cold reality around her pushing her deeper and deeper into a world of innocence.

Writer and director Guillermo del Toro (The Devil's Backbone, Hellboy) spins a whimsical story that is as engrossing as it is repulsive.

When I heard first time about the movie made by the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro that was a mixture of many genres, including drama, fantasy, thriller, and fairy tale for adults that takes place in Spain of 1944 in two parallel words, one of unbearable bleak and horrifying reality, and the other of deliciously dark magic fantasy, I wanted very much to see it.

The fantasy characters are really engaging, the Fauno is really engaging, the way its evolution is made as the film moves along, the character with eyes in his hands is a fantastic character, all that scene is brilliantly executed.

I gave it a three only because all the efforts they put in it but this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The production values are beyond reproach, but it's a major disappointment - the plot was tiresome, the characters one dimensional clichés, violence gratuitous and the Christ allegory ending embarrassing.

Auteur Guillermo del Toro, previously responsible for the immensely entertaining "Hellboy," and the at least visually remarkable "Blade II," along with a better than expected "Mimic" and cult favorite "Chronos," shows himself to be at the top of his form in this violently beautiful film.

Slipping further and further into the backyard woods that eventually becomes the visually intensive labyrinth of discussion, del Toro does create a fascinating parallel world, but in contrasting the two, becomes a little more tedious then I was led to believe.

This type of filming will be very unique and intriguing to a large amount of audiences.

Excellent photography as usual by Guillermo Navarro I must say, while the simple yet beautiful score provided by Javier Navarette is stunning.

It is well worth watching; definitely not for children to see.

I found "Pan's Labrynth" to be ponderous and somewhat tedious to watch.

Like Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz," the lovely Ivana Baquero is the perfect heroine for the tale: wide-eyed, curious and filled with an intense longing for a world better than the one that entraps her.

The cinematography is very routine and bland.

The story is very fascinating.

I think, all in all, this is a very adult movie that a family can enjoy with some serious parental guidance; the horrors within are as fascinating as the wonders to come.

Guilermo Del Toro's movies are definitely worth the watch for any fans of fantasy.

This film is plodding, ridiculous, and lazily written.

As horrible though Ofelia's fantasy world sometimes is, it is dwarfed by the drab reality of the outside world, and it's perhaps that which lends to one to think of it as an Alcie in Wonderland for modern times.

You won't see men falling to pieces on screen as with other war movies, but you will see commentary on human nature expressed through particularly intense moments.

Flawless, Beautiful, Painful, Unexpected .

The GRAPHIC VIOLENCE was unbearable.

Stunning visuals and effects, creative storyline and fantastic conclusion.

The fairytale aspects of this movie were old, recycled ideas that I've heard so many times that it even came across as trite to me.

A Beautiful, Grotesque, and Thrilling Film From Guillermo Del Toro .

A stunning reminder of the harshness of childhood...

Stunning piece of MAGIC...

Despite all the fantasy and harsh reality, this is basically an extremely overlong and boring movie.

Although, ten minutes later I was not able to recall its virtues, except for the stunning enigmatic image of Sergi Lopez's character.

With the death of her father and the slow detachment to her mother, the child puts herself into a fantasy story she has read about a girl from an underground world that came to the surface, allowing for her soul to remain forever.

And the contributions of its vivid cinematography, stunning make-up, brilliant visual effects & magnificent art direction that brings the labyrinth & the fantasy world to life in stunning detail can't be ignored.

I thought that this film was utterly breathtaking.

Recycled clichés in plodding storyline.

this film exploited computer technology and advanced special effects to add polish to what was simply an extremely dull and lacking story.

"Lensed with absolute mastery by Guillermo "Jackie Brown" Navarro, "El Laberinto del Fauno" (Pan's Labyrinth) is the story of a young Spanish girl on the cusp of adolescence, deeply immersed in the fantasy world of her own vivid imagination, who ventures into that fantasy world in reaction to the difficulties of life in war-torn fascist Spain in mid-1944.

We have to admit that many of his actions are predictable and from the start you learn what to expect from him.

Ofelia herself is an engaging character.

The plot keeps you on the edge of your seat.

An anti-fairy-tale with a darkness that is gripping and its beautiful at the same time.

There have been other Spanish films about kids' fantasies ("The Spirit of the Hive") but this one is livelier and truly gripping.

Guillermo del Toro once again proves that he is one of the greatest film makers alive,filling this movie with life,imagination and dark exciting visuals.

Every shot is stunning.

Upon moving to his lavish mansion, with it's many servants (some of whom are in league with the still waning rebels, who are still engaging in combat with the fascist in the local country side), she discovers a fantasy realm richer than her or anyone's imagination.

Its a very fascinating movie, and it keeps you occupied with one question Is it real...

Overall, Pan's Labyrinth is a fascinating film which is well worth a watch.

Not to mention the connection between the 'real' world and the fantasy land is annoyingly superfluous, and at worst, entirely pointless.

Pan's Labyrinth is definitely worth watching.

And the emotions in the movie are intense and powerful .

The make-up is amazing, and the creatures are truly stunning looking creations.

But maybe here lies the genius of the movie maker - to shock the dull and pampered audience out of their seats - minds - so that their attention is caught and they kind of feel alive.

There's mostly a great intense war story going on that is supplemented by Ofelia's fantasy escapades.

fascinating .

This mix resulted in a fascinating film.

Characters were so cliché and their acting so illogical that it literally hurt to watch.

Mind blowing Spanish spectacle .

It was a total bore from first two minutes onwards.

Absolutely stunning and beautiful...

It is one of the great hallmarks of this film that the CGI enhances the story, making it even more compelling.

This was definitely worth watching I recommend it highly, just make sure to turn your subtitles on!

It holds such a strong emotional power and tells such an engaging story that you soon forget you're reading subtitles.

I honestly thought the charcters were pretty cliche.

His persecution of a band of clichéd guerrillas is predictable, and more gruesome than seems necessary for a fantasy period piece.

Watching the film was boring, predictable and always exaggerated to the level of ridiculous in a confusing delusion between reality, imagination, perversion and stupidity that combined offers a nice gory experience for the easily amused and shock-craving lowbrow audience.

The performance by Ivana Baquero is stunning, the captain (played by Sergi Lopez) is one of the most believably brutal characters on film and I have never seen a film where there is not one single weakness in casting until this one.

It's makes sure that everything happens as a surprise and you won't ever know or guess what would happen in the next scene or the ending, since this is such an original and far from formulaic movie.

I don't really have much more to say than I LOVED it, it was visually stunning and it should be viewed by all movie lovers and those adults trying to recapture their inner childhood innocence while understanding the connections to the world we, sadly, created.

It's much rarer that we get to see a film that expertly marries stunning visuals with a deep and satisfying story.

For audience lazy to think, so simple and boring .

Breathtaking in its beautiful simplicity .

Thanks to the massive rave reviews and appreciation by a devastating number of people we can look forward to another couple of years of vacuous, bland foreign films which will be labeled masterpieces, in some form of eyecandy-wrapper for handy usage in trailers and posters.

Pan's Labyrinth was a waste of my time, and in my opinion a poorly made movie.

There is just nothing subtle in the story that draws you in, I found it all annoyingly superficial and cliché.

Rich in electrifying storytelling and powerful in balancing his signature visual methodology with hard-hitting substance, the film takes you on a ride that is vastly unpredictable with plenty of scares and thrills to fill the mix.

This movie looks stunning.

Impressive production design by Eugenio Caballero and rousing set design by Pilar Revuelta .

I am not going to bother reviewing this film properly because to do so would waste yet more of my time.

He really is boring, and he's in it all the way.

"Pan's Labyrinth" is a dark, intense, and violent, with a Tim Burton type look to it.

The thriller plot is far more engaging, a familiar story of an evil man and the people in his household who obey him and secretly work against him with the rebels in the nearby woods.

In my opinion the storyline for Mercedes, the mother, the Captain, the doctor, and Ofelia was more entertaining and suspenseful than the storyline of Ofelia and the Labyrinth.

The story, compelling.

In order to get away from her living, Ofelia must put herself in situations and places that are far more dangerous than the camp, she must face foes that are far more dangerous than an uncaring father in law or Spanish soldiers in the hills who are outgunned anyway and each sequence makes for fascinating viewing.

It was also a slow, boring, and relentlessly upsetting experience to sit through, and people in the cinema where I saw it were upset to be sure.

I watched it with my wife and we both were really bored.

The cinematography, set pieces and wholesome of effects all look stunningly breathtaking and nobody can every claim the Oscars "Pan's Labyrinth" won in these categories are undeserved.

Sometimes, I guess out of boredom, he allows a doomed prisoner to try brushing away the muzzle a few times before he finally pulls the trigger.

A positive was that the film did draw you in, mainly because of the captains unpredictable behavior so you never knew what was going to happen next.

Visually, this movie is stunning.

Unfortunately the film, saturated in Catholic overtones, becomes rather predictable once Ofelia's imaginary friend Pan reveals a sinister nature behind his tasks for the young girl.

Ofelia is, in a lot of ways, rather boring as a character.

I like fantasies and this is definitely a very good one - I enjoyed it and was really concerned about Orfilia and the baby notwithstanding the real-world intrusions that grated, in part because they were un-necessary.

I do though highly recommend it to any adult looking for an original and worthwhile film.

Overall, PAN'S LABYRINTH is an entertaining dark fantasy film that will take you on a ride.

The historical backdrop and the art house feel are perfect for this and the fairy tale is very compelling, it really manages to pack the required dark severity.

Even though "Pan's Labyrinth" is a constantly eventful motion picture, it has to be said the opening 45 minutes (after the intro) are rather dull and disappointing.

Del Toro is clearly in love with his premise, and the way that he mixes the 2 elements and tries so hard to create contrast by throwing in a lot of brutal and pointless violence is very off putting.

The result of the intricate interplay that we witness on screen is a fairy tale for adults that is violent, sometimes shocking, yet utterly engrossing.

Overall, it was a good movie and I enjoyed it.

It has violence, language (although, you only have to read it, not hear it), and sometimes, the magic and creatures of the film are rather intense and frightening to look at.

Going by two particular instances we can see excellent camera work and dramatic audio cues making up these intense scenes.

OK, for sure it's visually beautiful and unusual in terms of story-telling technique, but the story is so unpleasant, one-dimensional and pointless that I just to wanted to get away from the cinema (which almost never happens).

Pan's Labyrinth 2006 Intricate and DarkWith a dubious combination of fantasy and war genres, Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth (2006)exceeds expectations with a memorable plot and riveting characters.

Her mother Carmen, played by the stunning Ariadna Gil, is a very weak and submissive widow, without expressing her opinion, who probably has suffered many difficulties to raise her daughter without a husband in such difficult times.

I'm not the kind of reviewer, who is going to bore you with a miles long storyline the who, the what, the when.

Guilermo Del Toro ("Hellboy", "Blade 2", "Devil's Backbone" and "Cronos") brings a thrilling, powerful and sometimes macabre story that blends the horrors of war with the fantasy innocence of youth, this is probably one of the best foreign movies i've ever seen and one of the best horror & fantasy movies i've ever watched.

Sad but enjoyable .

Perhaps the only thing truly special about the "visionary" del Toro's admittedly handsome mise-en-scène is that he has, in plumping for a magic-realist mish-mash that only partly succeeds in either sense, lucratively overhauled a trite schema, and in so doing moved the risible Blade II down a line on his CV.

For me, it seemed just another impressive visual that is essentially empty because it is unconnected to anything in the character, dialogue, or plot.

It's self indulgent.

This movie is cruel and dull.

I hoped and expected "Pan's Labyrinth" to be as compelling, insightful, interesting, and engaging as "The Devil's Backbone" was.

Because of the engaging character of Ofelina you end up fearing for her.

However, her acting is sort of bland.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Even though the plot is told chronologically it is still hard to follow as Ofelia further disassociates herself from real life constantly.

It is a rather intense, emotionally powerful, enchanting and violent movie.

The character development follows the unnatural behaviors that internal conflicts of war imposed as expressed in the visual metaphor of the Spanish soldier's costumes evocative of German Nazis.

The story itself left me thinking long after I left the theater and the overall project is very impressive.

You can feel the small girl's confusion and her fear when "the baby" under her bed has been damaged.

Although not for younger viewers (some graphic scenes), it was very, very engrossing.

But i still enjoyed it very much.

The actor who plays the faun is riveting.

Pan's Labyrinth is a horror movie for horror movie audiences, who would probably find it tedious to have to sit through the non-violent, non-fantasy scenes, which were the only parts which I found palatable.

) At some point the recurring, unnecessary outing of Vidal's sadistic personality started to feel trite, effectively neutralizing the power of the representation through desensitization.

Those two elements collide with such force that you may even be looking for your breathe during the film's more intense sequences.


Beautiful to watch, creepy, interesting, exciting, a very decent piece of work.

Then there is a fantasy story line, which I found to be cooler and more thrilling then the war drama story line.

Revisionist Left Wing Propaganda .

The visual effects are also quite amazing, but I think the live action is actually more effective and engaging than the computer generated effects.

I'm simply voicing my personal displeasure at hearing what a magical, well-done, purely fascinating movie this was, only be left thinking...

This story has an opinion, and I enjoyed it.

Del Toro's Boring Sadism Too Much.

Stupid and pointless .

I gave this film an 8 out of 10, I feel that although I found it very enjoyable, i felt the end was slightly predictable as it did not run in chronological order so the audience never had many surprises throughout the film, this does not make the film bad in anyway, it just doesn't make it a 10.

While this film by definition is considered a fantasy piece, it has a bit of something for everyone; making it an enjoyable film for all walks of life.

The thing I found most intriguing and indeed the most terrifying about his character is that how is so prim, proper, and polite about everything, he almost seems human.

The characters are multi-dimensional, well crafted, unpredictable, and draw you into the movie.

I found Pans Labyrinth to be a quite enjoyable film.

His work in this film is brilliant The cinematography is utterly breathtaking, and the special effects are spot on.

Worth watching.

Parts like captain Vidal, portrayed by Serji Lopez, offer stunning performances that leave us wondering how these actors are not a-list celebrities.

In fact, a world, old, ugly, boring.

Even though it's sounds all cheesy story, it's actually quite dark, brutal and thrilling.

It is indefinable even by genre or plot (is it a war film, coming of age, fantasy, etc.) I made the mistake (as many) by thinking this was just a dark fantasy/fairy tale.

Pan's Labyrinth was visually stunning, the story was engaging, the directing was fantastic, as were the location of the scenes.

In short, while many may "nay-say" my open and honest review of this deceitful work, the fact of the matter remains it is a piece of propaganda that really just needs to be recycled and forgotten.

I haven't seen a movie this original, this engaging, this magical and this devastating in years.

The movie, itself, despite this directorial indulgence, remains a fascinating and thoughtful film that will most likely be remembered and watched years from now.

It's eerie, violent, captivating, and thrilling.

Nevertheless, for adults, it is an engrossing, if disturbing film.

I give this 7 because the fairy tale really is quite intriguing, the rest was painful and predictable.

There are very few films which provide a viewing experience which is riveting as well as moving at the same time.

The Captain is both hatefully evil and fascinating at once.

Don't waste your time with this film!

Mr. Del Toro made such an original and stunning movie.

I mean its so intriguing and its not for kids.

Despite the seeming innocence of this work, it is really a thinly veiled propaganda piece against Christian and traditional values.

I mention this because I'm taking Spanish in high school and I'm struggling in that class so I thought it would totally be worth watching to see if I can boost my Spanish, plus I got to rent it for free and watch before it was even released on DVD!

The story is compelling and the acting tremendous, from Baquero to Sergi Lopez's scowling villain, Captain Vidal, there is nothing to criticize in Pan's Labyrinth and I give it a 10/10.

And it is precisely this brutality that forces Ofelia to escape to this fantasy world of the faun, which is breathtaking in its beautiful simplicity.

The civil war's confusion echoes the confusion Ofelia is feeling and the adults reactions are very well thought out.

The war drama half very compelling, relying on an extraordinarily commanding performance by Serji Lopez as Captain Vidal.

However, the script is too random and contrived to be interesting and the characters are one-dimensional.

This film had fascinating characters, a very interesting story, and was beautifully shot, so I can see where it stands on the top 250 and got the Oscar nods it got.

The whole fascist rebellion back-story was just as interesting and entertaining as the main plot - Ofelia and her connection to the magical realm.

The emperor has no clothes, people--this film is UNWATCHABLE .

Pan's Labyrinth has a really dark tone as a film,which makes the movie more interesting and fascinating.

But the movie might have the same smoothness of a big Hollywood production, it's everything but a standard Hollywood movie, with all of the formulaic events.

The problem is that the film begins with a portrayal of evil, in its realistic scenes, that is so trite that the fantasy sequences have nothing of substance to elaborate upon, and end up being merely sentimental.

This stunning film is a bizarre blend of fantasy and the harsh reality of war.

Ivana Banquero, is stunning as Ofelia, and Sergi Lopez is completely convincing as her ruthless and single-minded stepfather, Captain Vidal.

Anyway, the sum total of all these perfectly competent parts is confusing and frustrating.

Indeed, Fauno has a lot of potential, but is executed in a rather dull hollywoodish fashion.

Overall to all who have their doubts about this film, watch it with a clear mind before judging it because this film is just mind blowing.

It's even more exciting when the theatre is half full on a Saturday afternoon.

This is an extremely enjoyable movie, I must put it out there!

Magically thrilling .

Much of the movie was boring and too tragic for me.

But both story lines are kinda destroyed by the flat and uninteresting characters.

If you are an avid movie lover, as am I, I found de Toro's references to other movies and techniques fascinating.

Later, a torture victim is shown dripping in blood, covered in bruises and with his hand slashed right down the middle, begging a sympathetic doctor to kill him.

its creative, magical, and enjoyable.

Pointless .

The movie itself is just about the most compelling thing I've ever seen.

The basic idea for the story is a cool one, but the war-drama story line is just so boring, even though it is well made.

Beautiful, stunning and the best film of this decade .

Finally the message/point/allegory of the film is trite and simplistic.

One who are expecting an engaging invitation to a creative fantasy realm will be sorely disappointed, as most of the screen time (well over half, I would wager) is spent with the army officer who is the protagonist's stepfather.

That alone is worth watching the film.

I also failed to see how this movie was anything more then a boring one.

This is an engaging real-world horror that focuses on the struggle between guerrilla fighters and the fascists led by Vidal.

Just a beautiful and breathtaking film.

I was bored by it long before the movie ended.

Pan's Labyrinth definitely shows two sides of imagination: scary and fun because Ofelia's challenges are extremely horrifying in an entertaining way.

I fell asleep during this one.

), the film becomes indescribably compelling and hauntingly unsettling.

Her stepfather does every evil thing imaginable; torture, misogyny, and intense shaving constitute his daily routine.

Every supporting character, especially Maribel Verdú, brings something unique to the table, and even at its most bland moments, helps make Pan's Labyrinth a worthwhile experience.

My hatred for this character kept me on the edge of my seat through most of the film.

This movie was horrible, definitely a waste of my time.

Despite the movie's offer of high production values especially those great nature views, the visuals are all wrapped by a haunting loneliness, helplessness and confusion.

Ofelia must choose between the ever increasing terror surrounding her new home with Vidal and his heinous behavior and overcome the fear of the grotesque but fascinating world of Pan's Labyrinth: the story ends with the manner in which a child must face the realities of the failure of the adult world and find successful solutions - whether those solutions be reality or fantasy.

To add insult to injury, the story is simplistic, unsophisticated, uninteresting, and ultimately boring.

However, if del Toro would face up to the fact that more than one side of the political spectrum rules oppressively, then he would drown in his tears realizing how pointless and obsolete Pan's Labyrinth is.

The movie's world is visually stunning, and a clever reflection of the mental state of the characters and the situation.

It is an ineffective Spanish civil war film and a half hearted attempt at an absorbing fantasy story.

Pan's propaganda maze .

But the most fascinating thing was the way the real world and the fantasy world are connected.

Definitely a movie to watch just to say you've seen it, but it will be a waste of your time.

It is nice to see a film like this doing well in the face of the normal, dull, Hollywood blockbuster.


The war scenes are brutally realistic with bullets not being spared for the long suffering, and a torture scene that includes utensils marked for your father's toolbox gave me the heebie jeebies a la Hostel.

I enjoyed it immensely.

There is such a vast mix of action, fantasy and gore which is meticulously combined to give such a thrilling, action packed extravaganza which I'd highly recommend everyone to watch.

It's haunting, compelling and stays with you long after the credits have rolled.

The visual effects are some of the most engaging and impressive that I have seen and I have seen a lot of movies.

Stunning .

Overall it was an extremely good film and definitely worth watching.

The movie is a very simple and trivial propaganda, we know since the beginning who are the bad guy's(franco's troops del toro own version of the gestapo) and the good guys the guerrilleros on the mountain( similar of those in Cuba, those who fight for the people).

Set in the waning years of WWII and amidst the long,bloody and somewhat confusing conflict of Civil WAr Spain,Pan's Labryth is a blending of dark,Gothic,serio-religious(think C.

And incidentally I think the youngest person to appreciate this would be a teenager, anyone younger would probably just be bored out of their minds.

Guided by his unmatched imagination, and masterfully using the German language as his tool, the thirty-two year old Franz Kafka has written "Metamorphosis", one of the deepest and most absorbing tales of world literature, devoted to a description of the artist's position in bourgeois society.

It speaks in a slow raspy voice that sounds as if it's lying with every phoneme.

It was really suspenseful at first and then intense and scary.

The main girl also had more than a touch of Anne Frank about her visually speaking, which may have been just me, but again added to the trite feeling of the overall movieBut the fantasy scenes were really good, and if the movie focused more on these, rather than the rudimentary main storyline, it would have been better.

Two of the main characters were fully created using special effects makeup (these being the pale man and the fawn) this further added to the fantasy genre of the film and made it that much more enjoyable to watch.

I skipped some bit parts, those predictable or unnecessary parts...

All in all, a visually stunning and absolutely magnificent film, with a definite 10/10.

For the most part I found the story formulaic and largely predictable.

Beautiful blend between two engrossing genres.

Vidal is ruthless in his attempts to exterminate the sympathetic rebels, often employing torture and intense violence to achieve his objectives.

The acting is mostly well done headed by the always compelling Maribel Verdú.

The movie is filled to the brim with small motifs, brilliantly diverse characters, and an entertaining storyline.

Deadly Dull, Deadly Stupid .

Pan's Labyrinth is a very good film and is worth watching.

The movie seems to be conceived as a horror movie, full of creepy sounds, with an evil man (Vidal) in the main character who becomes, at the end, in the only half-developed character in the movie (the mother, Ariadna Gil, appears like a ghost, an empty character), and has dozens, hundreds of unnecessary violence, shootings in the face, torture, blood and only more blood.

It's suspenseful.

This is what makes Ofeilia's story so real, so compelling and so beautiful.

Fast paced and completely satisfying.

And the tragic ending just made it all pointless, without a payoff.

Gratuitous violence/setting, dull characters detract from story .

If you have been taken in by the possibilities of breathtaking art and fantasy do not be mislead because there is nothing whimsical about this movie.

Do not watch if you are prone to vomiting as there are some harsh scenes in this flick, but do watch if you like adrenaline, since the film uses childhood innocence for face value but maintains an underlying tone of suspense that is guaranteed to put you regularly on the edge of your seat.

The first time I GOT UP AND WALKED OUT, because NOWHERE was it said in the promotions, that the movie would be in Spanish.

Dark, boring and distasteful.

The main reason for me was the fact that I love del Toro's earlier film, "The Devil's Backbone" (2001), the ultimate ghost story that goes beyond the genre and very successfully mixes horror, suspense, and coming of age during the war time story.

Visually and emotionally stunning .

this in itself is not terrible, i can enjoy a shallow meaningless movie for what it is.

Word of mouth was it was fascinating and it was hailed as one of the top films of 2006.

The managing to keep both of this worlds apart but innocently inter-related makes the experience breathtaking.

It is thrilling, amazing, beautiful and well-worked.

I was also put off by the repetitive and gratuitous-seeming violence.

summary : A girl's fairy tale landed in pieces, in the middle of a soviet propaganda movie.

I would give it 9.9 out of 10 and would recommend it to everyone who likes an entertaining movie.

A compelling and original fantasy tail for grown up children .

As real as life, as fascinating as fairy tale .

I sped through a few parts because I was bored with the time it took to get from point a-b.

I am mentioning the rating confusion that I faced because I found this movie very unusual.

Pan's Labyrinth stunning visual will enthrall you.

The General is unpredictable monster.

The creatures and special effects were mind boggling.

The story itself is fascinating on any level you'd care to examine: On the surface, Pan's Labyrinth is a delightfully dark fairy tale.

It seems that the hot war ended but the propaganda war never did.

I watched the movie, it somehow bored me, kinda.

When he smashes that bumpkin's nose in with a bottle and then that wonderful line follows like the catastrophe to the old comedy - when it is proved the hill-billies were speaking the truth - "Next time search them before you waste my time.

Guillermo del Toro has brought us another story along the archetypal "lonely bookworm uses fantasy to escape horrors of reality" arch, but has brought it to a stunning new level.

Some try to struggle against the oppression - you can feel their burdens and distress - and win back their freedom The weathered art direction and evocative makeup is sensual and nostalgic.

They were surreal, sinister, charming, terrifying and intriguing and it only added to the emotional heft of the film.

The camera movements are often slow and deliberate, sometimes opening up the scene to include all the details and emphasizing each and every feeling and emotion the creators want to convey to the audience.

And we are on the edge of time when our thinking and belief is limited to scientific theories.

If you have seen this film advertised, but decided not to view it, put those assumption aside and watch it, as it is a highly worth watching film and those of you who do not come away loving it (though why you wouldn't is beyond me) you will definitely admire it and agree that it was worth watching.

In the events of this linear yet thrilling story, we follow the adventure of a young girl, Ophelia, who lives in a violent time period within Spain.

The fantasy world isn't explored in enough depth, but the scenes of it that do exist are breathtaking.

She was amazingly brave throughout every task, the crawling and meeting of the Toad, and of course the last scene is truly without words -Everytime I type the name Ofelia, I begin to get the reenactment of the last scene, it's pretty mind blowing-.

It becomes a bit tedious and boring in some cases, and in others, becomes a bit too much.

I was expecting more of the magic of 'The Devil's Backbone," but what I was rewarded with was a torture-fest that looked like it was directed by Mel Gibson.

So watch this film, because it's worth watching.

Enjoyable all the way.

It is a metaphor for Spain itself, teeters on the edge of nightmare dreamscapes of corruption, violence and the death of innocents.

" The film is Visually stunning with incredible art direction and make-up.

The Spanish dialogue also well-written, even if it's a bit confusing at times.

I only wish we had gotten to know the fantasy world more intimately, for every moment spent with it and its visually stunning characters was a moment to be remembered.

Filled with surprises, dramas and a dark twists upon fairy tales, Pan's Labyrinth is both different and unique in its own genre and fills a viewer's watching requirements with stunning entertainment throughout.

Dialogue was plain and banal.

The reason why the film works so much is because it prepares you to venture in the realms of fantasy but it's the juxtaposition with a clearly defined historical period that marks its first intriguing novelty.

But still, it is fun and exciting to explore them.

The horror elements also bring something completely different and unexpected to the film, though they are tastefully added and never overdone.

But what establishes this film as different from other fantasy films is not only the creepy fantasy element (do remember, it is a dark film), but also the intense and thrilling background story of the conflict between the Fascist regime led by the Captain against the rebelling anarchists.

an intriguing film beautiful filmed and an intense use of colours!

While the adults are distracted with luggage and other such details, Ofelia escapes into the surrounding forest where she chases a large insect she finds fascinating.

Encouraged to watch this by the intriguing storyline and awards it won I finally got round to it wanting it to be as mesmerising as it was claimed.

But it's not at all a complete waste of time,as Guillermo del Toro more than makes up for a slightly naive and ill thought out story with stunning visuals and a powerful support from his ensemble of actors.

It can also be compared to thriller -movies as there really is some very exciting parts in it too.

I was a bit skeptical paying for a movie that wasn't in English, and having to spend the entire time reading to understand what was happening, and while it does take away from the experience somewhat, the movie is so compelling and gripping that it does little to distract you from the incredible experience.

Pan's Labyrinth is an extremely fascinating film because it shows how much creativity an individual can possess and shows the positive and negative sides of your imaginations with the story line and characters.

All of his previous genre efforts contain ingenious fantasy elements and genuinely macabre undertones (especially "Cronos" and "The Devil's Backbone") but the screenplays always were unexciting - on the verge of dull, even - and eventually only depended on Del Toro's directorial style & craftsmanship.

In the main story Ofelia has a rich fantasy world, sometimes beautiful, sometimes scary and thrilling.

Although I have enjoyed some of Del Toro's work previously, this is the most serious, intense, and well made film I have thus far seen from him.

This film was very enjoyable because the fantasy and imagination displayed does not allow for the viewer to know what is going to happen next.

Wonderful Unexpected Movie .

The locations, sets & art were so breathtaking.

The story and characters are strong and compelling.

Maybe it is just me, but I found it stupid, pointless, and a waste of time, when I could have been watching other movies.

Still, it is pretty awesome, and certainly well worth watching.

Newcomer Ivana Baquero acts all the recent child actors off the screen in her quietly confident performance, slowly coming of age before our eyes.

A truly gripping film, and an evocative masterpiece that transcends any further description.

In short, there has been a lot of negative propaganda about this war.

Unbelievable characters, predictable plot .

The only thing it could have done any better would have been a bit more character development, but that is overshadowed by the overall effect of this stunning story.

The gore and violence is realistic, stylized, and intense and the blood effects are absolutely amazing, they don't look the very least bit fake.

The fantasy is breathtaking and frightening in equal amounts, causing the viewer to gaze dumbfounded against their better instincts to look away.

This movie is full of unexpected surprises; I experienced different emotions throughout the movie, it was very interesting from beginning to end.

The story follows Ofelia, a 12 year old girl as she begins her new life under her new stepfather the brutal and intense Captain Vidal, who never seemed fond of Ofelia to begin with.

The hype about this film steams from no other place than the realistic killing and schizophrenic mentality of each one of the characters, which, after all, reflect in good faith the current mentality of the masses dealing with a crumbling, unbearable reality seeking a fantastic escape without consequences.

The fantasy elements of the movie are pointless and shockingly boring.

It was predictable, I could take it no more and turned it off.

But it is an enjoyable little horror/fantasy film.

A very original and gripping film .

Where the forest should be full of life and color, drab tones and mythical creatures creep amongst the shadows.

It's odd and thrilling storyline capture your attention from the very beginning which most movies have trouble doing most of the time.

Beautifully designed and well directed, the story was compelling all the way to the end.

The film is brutal and incredibly deep yet beautifully put together, flowing from one hellish task to the next other-worldly battle that the heroine Ofelia must face while we witness her coming of age as well as the type of person she really is, a lonely girl, escaping this world in her books.

The story is original and gripping.

The spacing between fantasy and reality is rather fascinating, though the ultimate issue of reality while blurred somewhat, isn't deliberately pronounced enough to create a true resonance of doubt and wonder.

This movie was slow and boring.

Given the deliberately slow pace, the political/historical setting, the graphic violence, the infrequent fantasy sequences, and the very dark setting and subject matters at hand, this may be one the best fantasy pieces in recent history.

Then when it turns out to be accessible and engaging they decide it's the best movie ever.

It's absorbing to the point of being glued to the screen despite several moments which may make you want to look away.

This film is so visually stunning and the story really takes you in and never lets go.

The sets and magical characters have been brilliantly designed and create a great counterbalance to the more mundane setting of 'real life.

My apprehension was not misplaced, I was bored to tears and became increasingly restless as the movie plodded on.

Final verdict: An enjoyable intense historical drama with a dash of fantasy that sucks you in with its incredible layers of polish and mesmerizing score.

This has to be one of the most boring movies I've ever seen: no doubt at all.

For example we see nothing of the so called rebels, just some people walking around, no story, no lines (except one) and no fealings!

Though the whole movie is told through subtitles, it is still easy to follow and entertaining.

The fantasy element of this film was also much more engaging than I expected.

Pan's Labyrinth manages to be a number of things, beyond visually stunning and stunningly imaginative.

You can honestly appreciate the way the story is framed in warn torn Spain and how that creates a different level of drama and sometimes confusion.

While the idea of contrasting a dark fairy tale with a dark political story of rebellion is quite ingenious, the film ends up being extremely empty and drags far too often.

But like the evil witch in Snow White, it is the Captain who is the most compelling figure of the story.

Overall, this is one of my favorite movies of all time and I wold recommend it to anyone above the age of 14, due to the intense and brutal violence and gory scenes.

When you walk out of the theater, you'll feel as though you personally were tortured and flayed.

Namely the captain comes to mind as he gives an unexpected nuance to his character that not many would, and I don't want to spoil anything by giving you details.

Absolutely breathtaking .

I still regret the bad decision I made by wasting my time only to get shocked by that amount of pointless violence.

From the oppening, to the end, I found this movie to be engrossing.

Apart from that boring and uninspired.

Pretentious waste of time .

Acting was sub par, story line was boring.

The story, cinematography, graphics, writing, directing and acting are excellent and compelling.

Beehive is quietly understated, and deeply powerful for those who pay close emotional attention to its slow unfolding...

Through-out this movie, Del Toro manages to weave a bit of history, politics, and fantasy, all together creating an original, unique, and compelling film.

My Spanish teacher showed this in class, and it was at least more enjoyable than school.

From the trailers you expect to have your mind blown with stunning visuals and almost uninterrupted imagination.

boring good guys, disgusting bad guys, impotent fantasy creatures, lovingly rendered torture effects .

This last intriguing detail lets the audience wonder if Ofelia was indeed Princess Moanna for she was the only one who could 've saved the tree and that she hasn't died, she just returned safely to her own world.

this movie is NOT as advertised as a dark exploration into fantasy, it is a very disjointed poor effort at attaining a level of creative genius that simply surpassed the skills of the director.

The music is slow and sad, perfect for the movie.

'Labyrinth' is, without a doubt, one of the most magical pieces of film-making I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, with a rich and compelling story to be told.

Those films were entertaining popcorn films.

A flat, pointless story with cardboard cutouts as characters which would not have been entertaining even if they had skipped the gore and wardrama and had made it soly a fantasy movie for children.

The directing was quite well done with some breathtaking cinematography.

And like most fairy tales, the strongest and most compelling character is the bad guy.

Guillermo del Toro's film is highly imaginative, almost decadent in its lushness, evocative in both beauty and ugliness, in Ofelia's innocence, Carmen's and Mercedes' love, and Vidal's demonic cruelty.

As a result, the film seemed long and drawn out.

It is not for the skeptical, bored, action-movie lovers to watch "El Laberinto del Fauno".

It's a beautiful and stunning movie for the most part.

I don't think I've said too much here, but having noted all this, it should also be observed that, despite the graphic quality of the violence in this film, PAN'S LABYRINTH remains an interesting and compelling chunk of film.

My interest surely kept on throughout the whole movie, as it just is so exciting.

The interesting plot comes wonderfully to life with fascinating visuals and good acting, notably Sergi Lopez as the antagonist.

The characters are mostly engaging and I love the detail in the character animation.

It's not their type of movie at all, but they still enjoyed it and acknowledged it's beauty.

I am so happy that I watched it and I highly recommend it to those with tolerance for graphic violence and appreciation for the dark

I couldn't wait for his final scene throughout the film, expecting a long drawn out horrible painful death, only to see him just get shot in the head!

)The attempts to work in allegories of change (the death of Vidal, the fact that his son would never know of him, the sly glances at 'Red Propaganda' which claims that we are all equal) also caused me to frown.

Excellent Movie, Worth Watching .

I think the fact that this film sports a more novel, albeit boring, plot than films we commonly see in this country helps some to inflate its better qualities.

I highly recommend it, which is remarkable given the reservations I had going into it.

An intriguing mixture of fantasy and period drama, this curious hybrid moves along wonderfully but seems a tad overrated in my book, perhaps due to a lavish praise being heaped upon the very concept itself, which may ignore some of the smaller lulls that weigh down the film a bit.

This is a very strange but clever and fun film, aswell as being brilliant and twisted it's also depressing on so many levels but still thrilling and weird.

Pans Labyrinth story is about as boring as boring as watching an Oakland Raiders football game!

It should challenge the viewer in new and engaging ways.

As a fair-tale, the magic realism elements were contrived and shallow.

It is fascinating to see how the worlds of fantasy and reality collide, and with what unforeseen consequences.

The ending was such a cliché I wanted to slam my fist into the TV because I was so disappointed.

Still, the overwhelming technical proficiency demonstrated mostly in the engrossing fantasy sequences prove to flesh out a further emotional and mental statement that help make Pan's Labyrinth one of the more mature and critically acclaimed fantasy films to come along in years.

Colorful and evocative cinematography by Guillermo Navarro , Del Toro's usual .

The music is breathtaking.

A monstrous toad living in the bottom of an old oak encapsulates everything that is so paradoxically intriguing and repulsive about amphibians to little boys.

Though this review has admittedly come late and doesn't quite touch upon every intricate and wondrous detail, I would highly recommend it to any fan of the film media.

But the film's message and its characters, the two things that really matter to me in a serious film like this, are so banal that I cannot find myself liking this movie.

But the major credit is director Guillermo del Toro's; from disparate elements he has forged a monumental work of visually breathtaking art.

And, though I had to read subtitles, I became fully immersed in both stories, and felt like neither lagged or paled in comparison to the other.

The story is an unpredictable surreal ride.

The visual images are just stunning in every way.

This film has to be the best one i have seen in a long time; the use of phenomenal special effects, along with believable characters, help to create a masterpiece that kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire film!

a beautiful, stunning masterpiece .

How ashame I feel of this people whose pockets are full of money coming from subsidies from the government to let them spread THE RED propaganda.

The title in all other countries (The Labyrinth of the Faun) is much better and more evocative of the many symbolic levels of the labyrinth.

The Mythology in it is very realistic and fascinating.

"Pan's Labyrinth" passes this criteria with flying colours because although the heaviest weapon in Guillermo Del Toro's directorial arsenal is undeniably his dark visuals, the wrapping story is so tear-jerkingly compelling that CGI typically takes a backseat to the drama in the film.

Absolutely stunning.

anyway I went with high hopes and come back empty and manipulated.

heavy propaganda couched in fantasy veneer .

The visuals work in their own unconventional way to build this gripping story of fear and love.

There's unexpected violence completely out of nowhere that surprises the audience and gives a true insight into what the character are like early on.

Visuals cant alone create that, and it shouldn't, a audience that confuse surface with deep, lay ground to an empty shallow and scary cultural scenario.

You know something bad is going to happen since everywhere you look it's dark and the music is suspenseful.

It's a compelling tale of sadness, hope, innocence, passion, love, hate, power and drama.

Very unexpected ending.

She escapes into this world (either real or imagined) to get away from her every day boring and uncomfortable life, especially since her mother has fallen ill with her pregnancy.

The best most compelling fantasy you'll see .

' is that it combines a riveting historical story with an outlandish mystical tale.

You will experience the unexpected all the time.

This film is an intense film for anyone to watch.

A beautiful, moving and stunning film, easily the best film of 2006 .

It's thrilling.

This mixture of war, Gothic fantasy and drama happens to be a beautiful, moving and stunning film and the best to come around in some time (and deservedly received a 22 minute applause at the Cannes Film Festival).

Or perhaps that was the point all along - to generate confusion, to trick more people into watching this awful creation.

The story-line seemed very predictable; the actor/actresses were also not my favorite and could have been more involved emotionally in the movie including Ofelia, Vidal, and Mercedes.

What elevates Pan's Labyrinth above other fantasises, however, is the fact that its reality sequences are just as intriguing as its fantasy elements - a rare feat - and the two meld together perfectly.

Stunning, poetic, brutal - ELdF packs a hell of a punch.

The fairytale itself lifts the movie as best it can, but with so much senselessness and a boring lead character with little charm coming off a little dull, the movie suffers.

It should be remembered as one of the most riveting pieces of dark fantasy.

It has violent content that is too intense for children under 13.

I've just seen this movie and I'm so surprised about the depth of the storyline and the amazing designs and Ideas- The achievement of 'Ofelia' is just stunning, nonetheless every other performance is just outstanding- and absolutely well done- The whole production is catching the audience right from the beginning- The harsh contrast between fantasy and brutal reality is getting very extreme as the story approaches the final showdown- By the way is this anyhow related to famous traditional Spanish mythology?

Compelling adult fairy tale...

The end result is a fairytale simple enough for children to grasp, yet riveting enough for adults to thoroughly enjoy.

Lastly, I HATED the ending, far too predictable, if you didn't see that coming you should remember the whole "blood of the innocent" line that the faun tells Ofelia.

The DVD should contain a warning label: "This film contains material that is Revisionist Left Wing Propaganda"

But directing can only go so far when the script is awful, the story is trite and the acting wooden.

Actually, the cruelty portrayed is absolutely faithful to the historical context the story takes place in and the fantasy side of Ofelia's adventure is both visually and emotionally breathtaking.

The scene that Mercedes tries to escape, and the final chase scene resulting in the death of Ofelia, are simply thrilling and breathtaking.

Its engrossing & thrilling.

The story is so compelling that even without the fantasy elements, I would have been gripped to my seat.

And particularly the climax, which features some unexpected and rarely-seen-before twists, is a powerful demonstration of versatile cinema.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time.

The fantasy world, inspired by the forests and earthly objects, has empty space of mystery and the real world, inspired by the war-like history, is structured with less space to show the commanding and formal world.

Another director I can think of that directs visually stunning films is Ridley Scott.

The acting is is very good, especially Ivana Baquero as Ofelia and Sergi López as the wicked Captain Vidal and the cinematography is stunning throughout.

A strong, confident opus filled with lush imagery and engaging performances, the film is a minor masterpiece of form – although the content sometimes suffers – and works as an apt showcase for del Toro's filmmaking talents.

It is a fascinating psychological phenomenon.

That would have removed any possible confusion that the interpreted title generates.

They dragged it out too much.

Cinematography by Guillermo Navarro, Which Won An Oscar, is stunning.

If presented in a more average American mode, perhaps its fan-boys would've found this film as empty and unengaging as I did.

Engrossing movie .

It's emotional, suspenseful, and magical!

A stunning story drenched in symbolism (that may get somewhat lost in translation for anyone unfamiliar with Spain and/or Spanish culture), this is a gorgeous, lush dark fable that deftly intertwines myth and reality, illusion and bleakness, despair and hope, horror and ecstasy in such an intricate fashion it becomes virtually impossible to distinguish when one story begins and when one end.

There are beautiful costumes and a stunning forest set, the labyrinth is very Gothic and dark, as is the wise and mysterious faun, and the war and torture scenes are unashamedly graphic.

And then viewers are transitioned to the historical world where propaganda is used to keep civilians "happy" or content, while fascist regimes live their lives in riches.

The screenplay was somewhat dull for me, like if it was not exactly finished.

Pan's Labyrinth has been on my watch list for way too long I, today, watched it and I have to say: I was blown away.

'Pans Labrynth' at times is too predictable - a side effect from borrowing from other films - therefore some scenes feel clichéd.

It was sad, it was touching, it was horrible, it was engrossing, there was hate, cruelty, and revenge.

It all seems like very artsy-fartsy, herd mentality.

Boring and frustrating .

It's emotionally pretty intense and will move most people who watch it more than most movies.