Paranormal Activity (2007) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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After moving into a suburban home, a couple becomes increasingly disturbed by a nightly demonic presence.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Oren Peli
Stars: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 457 out of 1000 found boring (45.7%)

One-line Reviews (1081)

It was as riveting and exciting as it was scary, and I truly missed that childhood sensation as age brought with it rational thought and the knowledge that the truth was far less interesting.

I got Bord after ten mins it is just to boring to keep going very stupid very slow very bad go by something worth your time the second will probably be like this so forget this never happened and don't be scared of it its a wast of time don't ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,never,it is very bad I love horror moves not like this it is just crap.

The pacing was unbearably slow.

Never truly scary, uncomfortably boring but fascinating at the same time, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY seems to present one of the most authentic performances of horror on film.

It starts out very slow ...

Paranormal Activity was possible the worst movie I've seen since..Glitter .

The whole thing with the Ouiji board could have been amazing, especially after a lot of things I've learned about Ouiji boards by just researching and reading things online but all that was thrown out the window when it was randomly set on fire and in carved with some message, that was pointless.

I was bored pretty much the whole time.

Unscary nonsense, excruciatingly dull .

It starts off a little confusing, focusing on couple Micah and Katie and their San Diego house in September and October, 2006.

Its a good film and if you want to leave it there and see the film, stop reading now.

Most of the time nothing happens and you're basically just watching a couple do mundane things.

sorry folks, I struggled to finish watching this awful film, the acting by the young couple is third rate at best and overdone, very pretentious indeed.

Unfortunately plodding and sadly uninteresting, "Paranormal Activity" is one of those movies that will leave you scratching your head in wonder at how it ever made it big.

With the slow moving pace of this, you will be reminded painfully every other second ...

There were some parts that kept me on the edge of my seat, such as the girl getting dragged, or the footsteps, but for 99% of the movie, I was bored out of my mind.

Don't waste your time & money on this wannabe copycat.

It really only got good at the very end when Katie gets dragged out of bed by the demon and when she kills Micah.

The fact that the acting is just okay, the dialog beyond banal and the plot kind of tedious simply plays into your suspension of disbelief and makes it feel more true.

By contrast, PA is just a series of indifferently written, poorly shot scenes depicting a few unexciting incidents experienced by unintelligent characters in an uninteresting setting.

The horror is so boring it might kill you.

Riding the coattails of The Blair Witch Project(..they resemble in fascinating ways), PA takes the "shot on tape" approach, capturing strange goings-on, as those affected by the evil, psychologically and otherwise, lose control, after what seems like an amusing joke where the "participants" aren't very serious about what they're up against.

Why any demon - no matter how lonely, bored, or intellectually hollow he/she/it might be – would actually bother to spend several weeks with these knuckleheads, that's the real mystery here.

From the beginning thru the end was the same scene for me nothing happen.

But, the movie is just one big haunted house cliché after another.

It was incredibly suspenseful and the pauses are larger than some other movies which would've made it boring if it didn't capture your attention so simply and effectively.

Character development would have gradually given me a better understanding of them so that I am able to put myself in their shoes and even though it was realistic, it was boringly realistic and the characters didn't put their emotions in enough perspective for me.

The first hour is extremely slow and boring.

doors move, bangs and creaks emerge from the walls at unexpected times, objects in the house get moved to places where they weren't before, amongst other things.

One of the most boring movies I've ever seen.

As if to counter this, the film really pulls out the stops in the final 5 minutes, in which a possessed girl is suddenly dragged around the room, Exorcist-style, and starts speaking with one of those multi-tracked 'demon voices' familiar from Buffy, Charmed and the like.

A boring movie full of screams .

boring film and camera work made me feel sea sick .

We don't waste too much time getting into this one actually.

The peculiar pleasure of being scared is one of the most inexplicable and perversely fascinating things about the human psyche.

Am i going to fall asleep tonight.

It's like a slow brew, watching little things like shadow movements, morph into shock jock tactics like sudden slamming of doors, to things that literally come crashing down into the living room.

It's as if the actors became bored of the unimaginative screenplay (was there even a screenplay?

One thing one immediate notices when watching this movie is that it is just a lot of random "home movie" sh** that is completely uninteresting to watch and not scary at all.

I understand trying to make suspense, but it dragged way to much.

I enjoyed this movie solely based on the fact that it has some element of originality which, in the era of pointless remakes (who in his right mind would want to make a remake of Psycho?

The classic horror style of walking its viewers the slow measured journey that builds tension and nervous anxiety with such method and to such an extent that the final outcome becomes immaterial, and the mere survival of the journey itself becomes the reward, the memory for the viewers.

I understand the the idea that the "boring" parts are there to lull the audience into a comfort zone before inducing heart attacks when the scary stuff goes down.

We laughed when she was dragged out of bed.

It's bad, it's been done, it's boring.

Boring, waste of time...

This movie can certainly be entertaining for its jump scares.

I'd have to say I prefer the original version the best, it's the most unexpected ending of the three.

Movie starts, very it doesn't get scary till mostly the end.

So while this film might be worse than the Green Lantern movie, it can cure your insomnia.

The repetition of filming Micah's bedroom at night, with the camera setup by itself on a tripod, is particularly tiresome too, as apart from an admittedly brief jolt at the very end of the film, barely anything eventuates.

But I assure you that BWP was MUCH more enjoyable, much more interesting, much scarier, and much more original.

Waste of time and effort.


So uneventful is PARANORMAL ACTIVITY that when something does happen you have lost any tension felt.

For the people who think this is the worst movie ever you watch either too much T.

Note to self: If I want to make a film that would allow a clueless audience to leave bewildered whether it's a true event or not, leave out all forms of credits, and end it as it is.

This movie lulls the viewer into that state gradually and convincingly.

My girlfriend fell asleep after 20mn.

I can't understand the hype about this cheap, boring movie.

Overall boring and uncreative

which was mere boredom...

I was ripping my hair out because of the incredible boredom.

Boring .

The timer on the camera is integral to some of the scares, and it will keep you guessing as to how they pulled some of the supernatural gags - especially the "dragged-out-of-bed" gag.


In the director's cut, we know that the demonic presence is gradually becoming more powerful because each new scene of night terrors features louder and more ominous manifestations, and the unseen entity's physical interactions with our characters grow more intense as the film moves forward.

Nothing happens?!

And, when I strangely awoke at 4:44am for no apparent reason, falling back asleep was next to impossible.

It leaves you on the edge of your seat and even though you might not want to watch it you have to because you want to see what happens.

I have to admit, her being dragged out of bed and down the hall was very realistic and that was incredibly creepy.

In saying that, however, it is a fine line for getting it right; if there are too many scares it can be overkill but if there are too few then it can get boring.

Now this isn't because I'm hard - I had to turn off the television during "Wrong Turn".

After the 5th scene of watching the couple sleep in bed and nothing scary or extraordinary happening except for the girl standing still for 2 hours, I stood up, told my friend this film is rubbish and walked out.

I'm shocked and dismayed by the comments and reviews left here about this waste of time.

The use of the static-cam during the night scenes (when most of the action happens, mind you) and the use of silence ups your senses tenfold as you concentrate on picking up any activity of the paranormal variety, ultimately making the frights more intense when they do happen.

But other then that it is a entertaining film that delivers what it promises.

Hahaha ,Hollywood in this days just trick people to go and see stupid boring films and then you see them make fortunes.

If you still wanna watch it and fall asleep during the movie, be my guest.

There are several attempts to reach the demon with a Ouija board and even a demonologist coming to the house but nothing happens except the Ouija board catching on fire and the demonologist says the demon wants him out and he never comes back.

From the beginning, I wanted the main characters to die since they were extremely stupid and annoying- worst movie ever.

With it's one location set-up-two earthy unknown actors and stunning use of audio, Peli's $15,000 piece is a pant filler of a movie.

I downloaded it for free and still couldn't watch it, don't waste your time or money.

i wanted to leave the theater-and would have if it weren't for my grandson being there

We get some doors moving and some curtains ruffling, but for the first half of the movie, PA is simply a borefest.

This movie was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

About the ending,i think this was an unexpected ending that frightened me and also made things even better and i think that an alternate ending would be worthless.

So i had this movie in my laptop, it was just over midnight and the house was empty.

Don't waste your time (especially if you don't believe in ghosts.

Save your money on this dud and rent it on Netflix.

The final finale, was something that was quite unexpected and was pretty shocking.

It was rather cliché.

Things go bump in the night, usually around the same time, sheets get moved around, lights turn on or off, the door closes, etc. Towards the end of the film, obviously the film has to lead somewhere, we get more intense happenings as footprints are left in powder on the floor, Katie is dragged from her bed, and then there is the finale.

Scenery - granted that the whole movie is filmed in or on the characters' house, the static viewpoint of the camera gets a little boring.

Only in the last 15 minutes or so does something really start to happen with Katie being pulled out of bed and dragged out into the hallway screaming and ghostly footprints showing up on the floor.

Then the characters started having these long, boring, stfu conversations and, at that point, I realized that I hated them both.

1 hour of the movie is just boring, like everyday things, who wants to see the girl brushing her teeth?

)The "hauntings" are so predictable and NOT scary, it isn't even funny.

Also much like with Cloverfield, we left the theater with a cold feeling of hatred deep in our hearts -- hatred for the mainstream turd that is the modern horror.

Throughout the whole movie everything is cliché!

Even the more recent movie The Fourth Kind which utilizes somewhat similar idea is so much better and more engaging, only it's about aliens rather than geists.

This film is dreadful, boring, schlock!

Arguably one of the worst movies ever .

I do admit to finding it a bit tiresome after a while, there were others in the theater where I went to see it who were quite gripped and frightened out of their wits as the "ooga booga" moments transpire, pretty much late at night and early in the morning as the camera allows us to see the evil with effects like thuds, loud noises, shadows, wind brushing hair, sheets moving, lights going on and off, with other supernatural hi-jinx plaguing the couple, Michah(a day trader)and college student girlfriend Katie(Katie Featherston).

Many shots of empty parts of the house, many other with the "actors" doing nothing.

)-otherwise, a total snoozer in my book.


In the right setting, and the right state of mind, this movie has you on the edge of your seat.

Hey my name is Jake and I'm writing about Paranormal activity I feel that this film was good i liked the way the thing was filmed by using the date and time in the bottom right hand corner the director for this one is Oren Peli who also wrote it and was the Cinematographer plus he edited the film I feel he put his all into this film as I thoroughly enjoyed it although It wasn't scary slight bits creep ed me out mainly the end when Katie/Demon came back.

The reason for the film's phenomenal impact on audiences (it made $9.1 million in its first week of release, despite only being released in fewer than 200 US cinemas) could well lie in our boredom of the overwhelming volume of 'torture-porn' movies we have been faced with lately, and the fact that it has out-grossed the recent Saw VI says a lot for its commitment to be different.

Well, to be honest I gave the first hour a pass, even though it was extremely boring and amateur because I had been told to by other reviews that "it's just building".

I would not recommend anyone to spend money watching this in the cinema, save your money and go and see something better!

It starts off relatively slow and continues so until around the last third of the film.

Instead, it is one creepy and suspenseful film, that seeing in a theatre, only heightened my enjoyment of it.

Probably the most boring movie I've ever seen.

The couple in the movie were very bland &unlikeable.

A Ho-Hum Pretend Documentary .

Instead, the scary stuff happened when I was already bored to the point of no return.

It moved very slow (and I am used to watching stuff like David Lynch so slow can be OK with me if it is done right), the characters were lame and unbelievable and there wasn't much plot, really and no real scare until the last minute, which might have been better experienced in a dark theater.

On first night , when the sound was coming from downstair i was getting all excited but nothing happened so i thought this movie would suck.

the whole movie is shot through the view of a camcorder and this is very effective it makes you fell even more immersed in the story and the fact that it moves in the night when Micah has it walking is fantastic it really gives you a sense of danger every time the door slams and Micah looks with the camera i was hoping he would turn away, this proves the production and directing worked perfectly.

Thus, although Paranormal Activity is indeed a novel way to create a horror film, I can't wholly recommend it due to the shallow characters and repetitive plot.

Most of it is taken up during the day when nothing happens and you see the two arguing about the most pathetic things.

Plain boring .

"Nothing happens in this ridiculous movie except for a few doors closing and lights turning on and off.

Neither main character is particularly interesting with the film varying between slow-moving and simply dull as the couple discuss what to do for minutes on end and as the boyfriend often seems to be having more fun experimenting with his cameras and getting out a Ouija board than anything else.

What I know for sure is this: It is slow, stupid, and NOT scary.

That this film does work, is a genuine scarefest, has as much to with the lack of pretentious trappings as it does the engagement of the viewer's imagination.

It's a very original premise and it is quite entertaining.

Reality is mundane, for the most part, my friends, real horror is mundane, unless you are there to witness it.

A monumental bore.

Although I am a firm believer in ghostly and demonic events, I personally found this movie to be very uneventful and it lacked a lot of build up to the ending, which was just amateur compared to what I heard about this flick.

Focusing the camera on a room in dead time is not scary, it is not suspenseful, and it is boring.

predictable, slow, slow, and slow.

Worst movie of all time.

I could've spent it on something more worthwhile, such as a flight to go and visit the producers and directors to show them how to make a film that is worth watching!!

Characters are typical and uninteresting at the best of times.

The actors are lame from the start of this long drawn out low budget waste of time.

The ending is very predictable.

Watching stilted views of familiar rooms command the attention, dare the audience to examine every inch of the scene for any sign of unnatural movement – and even if nothing happens, there is growing tension merely in being so drawn into it.

The plot is slow and sluggish.

if you like movies with no story,fart sounds and boobs..see any high school flick!

I can see right off the bat why people claim this to be "boring and repetitive".

This had to be the worst movie I've ever seen in my life.

Try not to fall asleep, boring ZZZzzzzzz .

-the first movie that regret watching it alone, in a huge, empty house.

some people even felt asleep during the movie, i got close to it, but i forced myself to stay awake.

and the more banal reality of the audience I attended this with tonight, yawning and sniggering throughout and peering round curiously in the dark to see if anyone else was finding this as lame as they were.

It's the most suspenseful trip to the movies I have ever taken.

Between the bumping camera, shaky photography, and worthless "argumentative" banter exchanged between the idiot BF/GF couple, it was a near yawn-fest.

It is really boring and absolutely useless.

Easy to fall asleep to .

" Lame, don't waste your money.

Don't waste your time .

I actually wanted to fall asleep instead of actually deciding to be scared.

I was very surprised at the last minute or so, when the girl killed the man, so I applaud the creators for that moment of surprise that was completely unexpected.

To put it short: This film is really, really boring and lame.

It's a very boring, very slow and very funny movie for someone with $50 and a camera.


Reality is boring and the difficulty with making a film about boring reality is to keep in interesting enough that people actually watch it.

And in fact, Paranormal Activity dispenses with any concept of complicated storyline or plot, simply using a repeated situation and a terrifyingly mundane static bedroom shot to exert a relentless psychological grip on the viewer that will never let go.

The Horrors of Banality .

This movie was a true "Horror Film" it had a lot of unexpected things that the audience viewed.

That's what made it so much more intense for me, because people don't go through these types of things every day.


It is an entertaining movie, and it was different enough from The Blair Witch Project.

I think by the girlfriend having paranormal experiences since she was 8 was a pointless 'filler' and it would have been better if the 'demon' 'ghost' thing had some sort of attachment to the house rather then the girl.

About 3/4 of the film was just a complete bore fest with the two characters wasting time until bedtime.

;-) Please, don't waste your time and go enjoy Saw 6 or The Box real-life-questions instead ^^ ;-) Damn, my review is becoming completely paranormal......

First and foremost the film goes on way too long.


Quite frankly put they are pretty slow and moronic.

I found this "movie" to be boring and not scary at all.

One of the most fascinating elements of this film are the intricate parallels between the relationship and the haunting.

The first Paranormal Activity is an extremely dull, insipid and unscary film that occasionally borders on unintentional comedy.

For me this is a good movie and worth watching...

It's like filming a scary slow pace horror movie in fancy fast-pace hip Apple store.

The film drags slowly, and by the time it should climax, your bored and wish the movie was over.

) and just conveniently fell asleep, to which the director shouted action and captured his cocooned actors in their hibernating periods...

The problem with this movie is not just the low budget, it was the acting & lack of story.

Far from the promise of its puzzling hype, Paranormal Activity is not scary, suspenseful, or even particularly interesting.

The movie was okay for about 15 mins then I just wanted to turn it off, this isn't a's a poor attempt at a paranormal thriller and there is definitely better movies of this genre spending your time and money on.

'Paranormal Activity' will shake you to your core and will have you shaking and fearing about going to sleep once you walk out of the theater.

To me this is just a bog-standard ghost story, and a pretty boring one at that.

It's boring as hell.

The sound effects are so cliché and predictable that it amazes me that people don't just laugh at it.

To get in a good horror scare for the religious types, an Ouija Board is used (yawn).

It is well worth the watch, and is an excellent representation of what the hand-held camera genre is capable of.

Other changes are so pointless that we have to wonder why time and money was even spent on them.

Extremely slow and boring plot, and horrible pacing.

boring (SPOILER ALERT) .

Another stupid cliché in the film was the Spiritualist that visit the house and warn them.

It is the movie is boring not a single scare until the scene where the jerk husband that instead of getting help films it finally puts down the camera.

On an overall scale, Paranormal Activity is a pretty decent horror flick that offers a couple of genuinely chilling moments, does a fascinating job in turning its limitations to its advantage, and is a fantastic debut feature for Oren Peli who did a commendable all-round job to bring it to life.

It was extremely boring and was not even scary, wasted 1.5 hours of my life.

If you come to the movie knowing this, then you expect these so-called boring scenes.

By the time the girl was being dragged out of bed by some invisible force i just wanted to laugh.

(don't waste your time) .

When the girlfriend got dragged out of bed I struggled not to laugh aloud: that was hilarious!

Save your money.

And when you do get to the night time scenes, you'll end up WANTING the phantom to appear to stop the boredom.

Empty talk.

This one is totally boring.

The only good thing about this movie was Katie being dragged out of the bed kicking and screaming and Micah dying.

The whole movie is just loud bangs and doors slamming shut, building up to an extremely predictable climax.

This movie is full of lectures and boring talks between Micha and Katie.

So don't waste your time in watching this movie if you have already seen many horror movies.

Seriously, save your money!

it is a waste of life, a waste of money , and a waste of oxygen that you could be using somewhere else.

to finish, this film will bore certain people,in the same way a slasher movie makes me yawn....

I thought the movie was predictable and I literally laughed at the end of the movie.

No scares, no plot, no nothing...

The boredom that comes from this movie is the true suspense horror!

I think most audiences are scared by the cliché "jump scares", so obviously they were disappointed.

Worst movie I've ever seen.

Unlikable characters played by mediocre actors, all done at a very slow pace and a very low budget.


But yes, this did kinda interest on me, sadly I didn't like this, waste of time.

It even made me write a review just to blow off some steam making me waste even more time.

I mean this movie was so predictable it's ridiculous!

Lot of people I know had dismissed it by saying that they got bored in the middle of it.

Allow me to preface this by saying that I love paranormal/scary movies such as The Ring, The Grudge, Insidious, The Conjuring, etc. I had heard that Paranormal Activity was chilling, suspenseful, and filled with the kind of jumpy delights that only a good horror movie can offer.

The whole film is just boring The actors are mediocre at bestThanks for reading my review of Paranormal activity ,

most of the people that think low budget films are dull and a waste of time hate them because they are simply low budget.

The lead couple are good enough, but the several supporting cast are archetypal and dull.

in those people's cases, they got bored within 15 minutes because they were expecting one thing and got another, so that turned them off and nothing could bring them back.

In the theory − yes, but the embodiment is languid and sad: inexpressive pair loafs on the house, squeezing out strained jokes-humorous catchphrases by the light of the day, all "action" fastened on various loudness «Bu!

I mean, come on.. its beyond non-sense.. even if u had to stay there that night wouldn't you have some people to stay over and stay awake instead of dozing off like a drunk pig ?

Boring, lame and crappy movie .

Now, there were genuinely suspenseful parts, and parts where I was more than a little creeped out, but it was in a boring way.

The film is really slow and predictable.

it is absolutely unbearable in every which way.

The plot is laughable, the acting is minimal, and the ending completely predictable.

What a waste of time, energy, and brain cells!

Very dull indeed.

I was SO bored.

The characters, while formulaic, are well-acted, and the film is genuinely creepy, especially during the final half hour, which to me, more than makes up for the shaky start.

But I can relate to having to fall asleep every night and trusting that nothing bad will happen.

The realism is stunning.

Anyway "Paranormal Activity" may not be a good old fashion gore feast of blood and guts, still it's just spooky enough with it's images and sounds to keep a viewer interested and on the edge of your seat.

Boring and Lame .


The worst movie I have ever seen!!

) - takes a bit of a while to get into the flow - seems just a tad bit slow in parts - needs to be taken seriously and to be gotten into to avoid boredom, staleness and feeling like it's repetitive images and recurring footage and documentary/study oriented.

Boring as hell, 1:40 hours wasted completely.

In the night the camera is set up and predictable enough things start to happen and gradually build up and up more each night.

All this 'demon' stuff was pointless and tacky.

The scares that happen in Paranormal Activity are good, and they obviously get more intense & frequent as the film goes on, but to be honest it does get a wee bit boring during some of the more "relaxed" moments.

The film is has a slow pace, the disturbances start to get worse as the film goes along.

Boring all the way.

I just saw this movie yesterday and thought that i should write something here so at least some people wont kill 1.3 hours of their life like i did when i watched this.

Aside from the fact that they were so few and so short and so lame, they were completely predictable, completely cliché.

Of course it is a worthy entrance into the horror genre and it's definitely worth watching and owning for sure!

So go out to a restaurant with your money, but don't waste your time with it and watch this film!

Mindless movie - Waste of time .

It has been over 8 hours since I left the theater and it is very doubtful I'll get much sleep tonight.

Its not scary, it is boring.

There really is no story here we just see this couple in there every day life, mostly at night when Micah sets up the video camera to film the whole night in the bedroom.

But it is original enough and clever enough to be well worth watching for fans of scary movies.

The audience acts as voyeurs for the majority of the film, watching the two sleep while the unexpected takes place with little notice.

One word: boring.

Though Paranormal Activity is more than just a documenting of some unexplainable event as it also provides an intriguing perspective into the breakdown of a relationship.

With the movie theater packed and stuff, and everyone expecting the same thing from the movie, it was fun and exciting.

At first I found this about as tedious as anything I've ever seen.

Complete waste of time.

It features more than an hour of two people bickering and doing daily boring stuff.

The action is slow and the plot is not believable at all.

If you like lame, bland, and unfulfilled entertainment, then this so called "shocking experience" is for you.

I was so scared that I would loose conscienceless or go into a coma from boredom during this movie.

The movie had two good scenes: When Katie gets dragged out of bed (which is anti-dramatized by the demon doing nearly the whole thing in slow motion) and when Katie throws Mica's body at the camera at the end.


Trust me, don't waste your money on rubbish like this.

Boring, uneventful and cheap.

It's very slow and stupid, anybody that is scared by this movie needs professional help.

) I had to go back, find the little details, and I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

The next day everyone at my school was talking about how scary it was,they did mention some girl getting dragged, so I just pictured in my mind some girl getting dragged to a red hole, that was hell, so now I REALLY wanted to see it, that day I skipped my 4th period class to see it, & I was really disappointed,I was expecting something like the devil just coming out from the ground,or something "Paranormal" like a dog getting skinned, or something like that.

The whole story absolutely boring.

It runs for an hour and a half and quite frankly in the first hour I was completely bored.

The main actress gives a really mind blowing performance, there is no point that you doubt her performance in a truly challenging role.

The unpredictable is scary, NOT the stuff you see coming from miles away!

to be quite honest, most of the movie was slow moving.

However, even with its authentic edge, Paranormal Activity is still a horror movie, with much of the character development and slow-burning tension abandoned in favour of a spectacular conclusion.

The worst movie ever .

the first hour deals with Katie mainly complaining during the day but by night things take a different twist, even the most obvious cliché (door slamming shut) is used in a subtle way that you don't see it coming.

The actions start off really subtly, such as a door swinging in the middle of the night, or the occasional bump from downstairs, but as the movie progresses the events become more and more intense until it ends badly.

The bedroom scenes are monotonous and predictable.

The film also takes too much time to move its story, killing the tension between the night time scenes as you get bored rather than getting pumped up for the next time the phantom makes an appearance.

So if you're in the mood for a suspenseful horror thriller than Paranormal Activity is the movie for you.

A few tense moments here and there where silence and acknowledging the unexpected are your greatest fears.

Just so you know, right when the ouija board caught on fire is where it jumped the shark, and you will be thinking as you leave the theater, damn!

Most horror stories are way too contrived and over-the-top to be taken seriously.

Truthfully this movie is pretty boring unless you absolutely believe this is a real record of paranormal activity.

Tacky, clichéd and boring.

It was slow, boring, and did not pay off in the end.

The audience gets bored quickly, not to mention exasperated by the fact that the hero doesn't just get out of the damn room.

So save your money for the DVD/BluRay (you can spend it for 2012 ;))and enjoy it at home...

The sequel are worse in that aspect, falling very soon into a formulaic format where the everydayness boredom is only interrupted by a couple of jumpscares that are simply not enough to carry the whole thing.

There were hardly any scares, no surprises, and the whole pace was too slow.

instead of watching this movie just stomp around the house, slam your door a few times and yell a lot; you'll get about the same experience minus the skull-numbingly boring 2 hours of sitting around.

When things were happening you are kept on the edge of the chair and that is important.

It's a great movie to help you doze off; after all you see a lot of their bedroom which ideal to make you fell even more cosy.

A few times I nearly nodded off I was so bored; all the while though I fought to stay awake with the fervent belief that it would get better soon.......

The first 30 minutes or so (and it's only 86 minutes long) are very boring.

Stuff so predictable and staged, my 12 year old was telling me how it was done.

If you've ever watched the Blair Witch Project and enjoyed it, then this movie should satisfy you as it's very similar.

And while that everydayness element is the key of the success of Paranormal Activity, it is also its major flaw, making it a little bit boring to watch.

It dragged on in parts and had you just waiting for something to happen and not in a good suspenseful type of way.

Hearing a lot of other movie-goers leave the theater makes me confident that most agree with me here.

I think I came close to dying from boredom!

It was, dare I say, the most boring movie I've ever seen.

There are too many good movies out there to waste one's time watching this poor quality film.

Anyway my point was that I hated the characters, I hated the setting, I hated the build up, I hated the pay off (of at least what they considered to be a pay off) I hated the writing, I hated the acting, I hated the way they kept suggesting that it was the scariest film of all time, I hated the marketing (at least after I saw the film I did), I hated the fact that they thought that having someone stand still while they filmed them for five minutes and then superimposed a clock speeding through a couple of hours was scary, I hated the fact that one of their big "scares" was a f*****g door slamming shut (a technique so Goddamn old that I bet the classical Greeks would start yelling cliché) and most of all I hated the fact that this shoddily put together disaster of a film managed to trick idiots into enjoying it.

Whenever I saw that timer slow down on the video camera in the middle of the night I was immediately on edge.

More than half of the movie is very boring.

That there are enough people willing to waste their money to sit through a movie like this will never cease to amaze me.

For the record, I love horror movies, I get my adrenaline rush from them, and it's been a while since I genuinely felt 'scared'.

However the opening scene is boring and gives the sense of a true story.

However, there can be an enjoyable experience in watching this film.

Had me chilling on the edge of my seat!

From the baby powder scene to the time when Katie is dragged down the hallway and bitten, I was clutching my boyfriend's arm a little tighter than I had been.

Sue me I have a limited ability to stand home movies, even my own, and this is sometimes really dull.

Paranormal Activity is that indie chiller whose unexpected box-office success brought back found footage subgenre of horror into the mainstream and spawned an era that saw almost every horror film using the POV-shot technique green-lighted into production by the studio, whether it packs in a compelling story or not being one aspect that doesn't play any role.

I just watched this from Netflix and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Tensions build, tempers flare, and the paranormal activity gets more intense till it finally reaches the breaking point.

I mean, this is one of those found footage movies that doesn't actually give you a headache while watching it, and also one that is worth watching more than once.

Big yawn.

Like Big Brother, but even more dull...

My final advise is to go see something else and spend your money in something far more interesting, or if you want to overcome a sleepless night, just go get there and sleep all through this monumental bore!

In the interest of imparting a reality feel to the story, Peli devotes far too much screen time to the innocuous, boring and even irritating daytime banter between Katie and Micah, which is largely filler.

That moment was intense.

98% of this film is mind-numbingly boring and pointless.

Additionally, it becomes obvious pretty quickly to the viewer that the story will only get more intense from night to night.

The eerie silence of the night will become unbearable.

Other than the laughs they gave me, this movie was a waste of a part of my life I would much rather have spent doing other things.

Doors open and close in the middle of the night, loud bangs disturb the peace in the dead of night, hapless victims are dragged by their ankle from their bed as they sleep – it would be enough to drive you crazy with fear.

The movie is extremely repetitive and very predictable.

I'll begin with the snail's pace.

The worst movie ever.

This movie was incredibly slow moving, almost crawling at a snails pace, and over all not very scary.

It was painfully boring, predictable to the point of cliché, and simply not scary at all.

I highly recommend it for horror fans who truly want to be scared and are willing to let their guard down and let the movie in.

It started off really slow, and continued to stay slow.

I found myself trying to figure out which comedy troupe came up with the name of the legal outfit: "Terribly, Terribly, Boring and Dull".

The early part of the film is boring conversations; the latter part is very little happening in the dark.

This film, whilst creepy and suspenseful requires darkness and no talking to get a feel for it.

Real HORROR Fans will find it BORING!!.

Yeah, it can be very slow at times, it's not a movie that will continuously try and scare you, it needs build up, and for some people the build up is too long and doesn't pay off enough.

Mostly boring, unrealistic.

It is worth baring with though for its finale, a little predictable perhaps, far better than the alternate ending certainly, and I for one loved it.

Sure, you get boring bits in movies, even my favorite movie of all, the Exorcist, had boring parts....

well, this is one of the most stupid, boring, low budget horror movie i have ever seen in my life ..After all i came up with some conclusions: - Never ever trust stupid American box office - Americans are the most stupid audience in the worldi have nothing to say about the movie more than that .. in some parts of the movie i laughed out loud coz i thought the movie is one like scary movie or something ...

That's not an insult, it was just a bit predictable.

Those scary moments are too short and there is more stupid and boring scenes with two for me very repulsive characters than interesting one.

What can you say about an audience that actually identifies with the endless string of bone-headed and utterly idiotic mis-steps of the two main characters, as well as the contrived and highly questionable plot-moving claims of the "expert", such as "leaving the house will not help at all"?

Don't Google anything until act three, research is a waste of time.

I guess in a way it was but not in a good way although the hand held camera-work had been done before in the slightly better "Blair Witch Project"This was NOT for me or I would guess true Horror fans, it's slow, boring & not in the least bit frightening.

The other group of people who were eagerly waiting to see it because of the hype and after watching it said " Nothing Happened.

A complete waste of time for the viewer.

Compared to the predictable crap Hollywood usually spews out, this was a fun movie to watch.

Very Boring!

There's an hour and a half I should have spent doing something better, like watching paint dry.

Awful, boring, horrendous failure, craptacular suckfest .

Sooooo boring.

This tedious headache inducing 99 mins of stupefyingly boring nothingness apparently had some easily scared girls wincing in their seats.

Give it a try, and let yourself be immersed in the feelings and fears of the characters.

The Last Broadcast and even The Wicksborough Incident have moments that are gripping and a scattering of great ideas.

You could accept a slow 20 mins if it was setting itself up for something better than you got.

I had virtually no prior knowledge of this film, other than the fact that some people said it was the scariest movie they had ever seen, while others said it was a boring waste of time.

Perfect execution of an intriguing narrative.

After the film was done, I was left feeling like a donut: a huge, empty gap in the pit of my stomach.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-Thats what my brain was thinking while watching this complete turd.

Apart from the fact, that nothing much happens in this movie (which would be fine in general, but combined with weak characters/actors is a very dangerous unhealthy mix), it also fails to be gripping most of the times.

Save your money and send a message people!

They usually shut up when the film catches their interest again which can't be too long because the movie is so exciting.

The guy is totally annoying, the girl is as boring as they come, and the script sucks pimentos.

In fact who knew hauntings could be so boring?

It was the suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat watching and waiting to see what would happen next.

Truly scary films are those where the shocks are unexpected.

The film is a bit slow to get going.

and a woman gets dragged out of bed.

Because you start with real characters the audience identifies with, the audience experiences the attacks in a more personal and intense way.

Well I was alone in my room at midnight and I was falling asleep after 5 minutes.

I tried to stay awake, and my reward is a body flying to the camera?

This film is so annoying, trite and clichéd that it is FAR from the scariest movie of all time, unless it's considered scary that these people would even THINK they had a great idea for a movie.

for sure in my top 5 worst movies of all time....

Well and, eventually, unless you never interested, what exactly occurs around when you sleep who publishes all these sounds, disturbing to fall asleep?

This couple is supposed to be so ordinary that we're drawn into a sense of realism, but the dialogue Katie and Micah have is so banal I was annoyed immediately, and throughout the film.

Extremely Boring.

It's just a really bad movie, boring us to near death for 1.5 hours (seemed like 4), watching a rather unpleasant couple bicker and banter in front of a nausea-inducing hand-held camera .

I went to see this movie last night with a good friend and both of us left the theater totally creeped.

The only problem I had with this movie is the cliché of all the found footage movies, well most of them anyway, is that from the beginning you know that something terrible happened to them.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen and will see in my life.

PA has to be of one the worst movies I have ever actually forced myself to watch to the end, luckily I was watching it on a PC while using another computer to do something worthwhile.

The dialogue is atrocious and unbearable in most of the scenes.

The absolute worst movie I've seen in my entire life.

The faux documentary style, currently being used for every cliché of the genre, is utilized well here, and things like the camera being put down and left still, the focus being slightly off or the light being a tad unflattering really help make it seem real.

The scenes are very repetitive.

It's all pretty mundane from there.

It's a fascinating little film.

While the acting was sometimes good it was mostly bland and it didn't seem realistic at all.

We are immersed and engaged because we are already in the movie - it's talking to us in a way that mere writing and post-production SFX can never do.

now you literally fall asleep watching them...

We will probably watch the film at some point when Sky show it and when we have had enough of watching paint dry!

Do not watch this film at night, or alone, because it will give you insomnia for years!

The hot chick in it was nice to look at but that was the only good thing about this movie and it just bothered me to no end that they tried to make it realistic but their is no way this is believable if this was really happening to someone I doubt they would be sticking around in the relationship with someone that was haunted by daemons, the guy in this film was a total moron trying to provoke this daemon further just so unbelievable even if they tried to make it look like this was a realistic scenario I was done with this film half way through, what a waste of time and now I see another waste of time probably boring second movie to this coming out.

If you haven't seen this movie please take my advice and don't because it seriously is a bigger waste of time than a M Night Shyamalan movie

I enjoyed it immensely, despite some major flaws.

" And it was just flat-out boring.

Except for a couple of incidents towards the end of the film, nothing truly "scary" happens, and even those scary incidents in themselves are pretty trite by horror movie standards.

Waste of my time and money .

I thought this movie was very enjoyable.

This movie is fun, creepy, exciting…and I'm embarrassed at how much I liked it.

Absolutely the worst movie I have ever watched.

Cannibal Holocaust is a sick spectacle but engaging and inventive.

Was it enjoyable?

It's precisely because the writing didn't try to explain why this newly-engaged couple would live in a large, empty house that it is so effective.

The movie has such a slow pace and nothing really happens in my opinion.

After a while, the footage is just repetitive and you are not on the edge of your seat anymore.

Then, I was simply bored and began to fall asleep; so I guess that was a mixture of boredom and exhaustion.

1) Well, first off, it's so damned suspenseful.

I usually refrain from writing any sort of comment on any movie, however I feel quite inclined to do so because this is the only scary movie I ever fell asleep on!

i really felt bored most of the time while watching it :S , i guess it's simply because of our Faith in God and Fate " Talking about Muslims here " , which at least make us have nothing to be afraid of , there's nothing called Ghosts or whatever , from my point of view this was really lame after all !

The characters are completely unlikeable though, and very boring.

Then, in the last 2 minutes, either the director or the film editor made a really bad decision on the final scene, threw away any shred of common sense and went for a contrived ending.

Maybe it's the worst movie ever made, I don't know.

Pointless scenes that the editor could have trimmed out.

The strange events get more intense as the film goes on and as a result the tension is built up brilliantly.

They report shooting and go on as nothing happened, even not bothering to check if she is still alive or not.

Don't waste your money, if you really want to watch it look it up on the internet for free.

No clumsy dialogue about wanting children, or building a future, or any of the other mundane claptrap that tries to legitimize the situation - it's just there.

What is likely even more difficult is to recreate boring reality and horror at the same time as an authentic performance.

I will say one more thing; If my little comment wasn't enough to convince you not to go, then I encourage you to go, waste your money and be terribly upset for not listening.

However, once the story progresses it gets more appealing and intense.

This is a genuinely thrilling, nicely crafted film that builds and builds on thrills and suspense, rather than gore.

the high light of this film for me has to be the bit where the demon basically drags Katie from the bed and down the hall, and this is the part that has stuck with me, the way she screams as she get dragged down the hall made shiver all over.

Don't Waste Your Time and Money .

absolute waste of time .

This movie was very entertaining.

It's atmospheric, boring at times and tedious and portrays what's becoming society's obsession with voyeurism with the paranormal merely the topic.

Pointless, lazy crap.

This movie is basically The Exorcist filmed like The Blair Witch Project but a lot more boring, with much worse actors and a shitty ending.

The storyline is not original, it is like repeating well known cliché from many established movies about ghosts.

The slow (albeit, steady) curve of the story has everything from low-key titillating shock-effects like small sound distractions whenever 'the demon' is around; to nerve- wracking sequences where doors are closed with heavy bangs and protagonists are dragged away by a scary and invisible force.

But honestly, This is possibly one of the most over-rated uninteresting movies this year.

The moments in the night are so suspenseful, and what makes the film truly scary is how some people have had things like this happened to them, and how everyone at one point really thinks about the things that go bump in the night and stuff like that.

After all the boredom and pain of this movie I could still have been somewhat mollified if there was some kind of marvelous ending or twist or grand payoff.

And as the movie progresses, you're certain to be more and more on the edge of your seat.

Though I was too busy laughing at everyone's reactions to doors slamming closed or an empty attic during the actual movie to be terrified at the moment, the memory of the events in the film left more of a mark on my subconscious than the Krypt Keeper did when I was four and thought he lived under my bed.

And unlike all the other pseudo-documentary films out there where you can't see anything because of all the ridiculous camera movements, this movie's use of a tripod makes it more enjoyable simply because you can see everything that is happening.

The movie starts slow.

This happens a lot in this movie, you hear a noise or something happens and your minds think "oh this is gonna happen" and nothing happens.

But the best part is, NOTHING HAPPENS, so it will put you quietly, gently to sleep.

It was predictable, boring, lacked creativity and originality.

I personally think this is a boring film, and the rest of the paranormal activity films are no better, they are all more or less the same, just a cupboard opening and a pan falling.

Please don't waste your money watching it.

In the end it just felt like I was watching a guy being an asshole to his girlfriend for far too long, and said guy perhaps had a cat that could turn on lights in a malevolent manner or something to further torment said girlfriend.

Wow, This is very boring .

Boring, slow, and stupid are the only words that come to mind while watching this hot mess.

Additionally, while the original ending of 'Paranormal Activity' is more suspenseful, I preferred the alternative ending due to the high chill factor.

Each night the couple films is supposed to get more and more frightening, which works to a degree, but that makes much of the film drawn out.

Because the lighting at certain points was very dark with the rumble and really intense base of the music in my living made you want to scream, because you knew something was about to happen!

When it started I was thinking, OK this is how a good horror movie starts: slow, boring, and normal.

For instant, the getting dragged out bed scene, that alone is just terrifying.

Worth seeing if you're bored, or young.


Worst movie of the year.

) 4) REC/Quarantine (the most pointless remake of all time, the original didn't do much for me either.

I'm surprising myself saying this, but this movie was actually a bit boring.


1 hour later i was scared that the movie will never get scary and 1,5 hours later i was angry and bored and didn't know what the f was that.

With constant dry interactions with characters that will bore you to tears.

Their banter possesses a slice-of-life realism that helps ground us in the banality of suburban America, complemented by the house's own lack of production-designed, artsy flourish.

The 2nd one is really good as well, 3 & 4 kinda do the same thing but with dull endings.

It gets very tedious after about 35 minutes.

I was told that this was to be boring in the beginning with scariness picking up slowly as the story progresses.

Well, having to sit through 1 hours 15 minutes of mind numbing boredom to get 15 minutes of excitement is pathetic, and not worth cinema costs.

The "scary" scenes occur during the night, which means lots of daytime boredom in between.

The movie is essentially a monumental bore, dull,filmed in the way of 'cam on hand' type,a couple trying to film the alleged paranormal phenomena taking place in their home.

Finally, Micha's death at the end is contrived, as if the writer had no clue how to bring this travesty to its conclusion.

Getting pulled from your bed and dragged across the house, HA!

the movie just bored the hell of me.

Not scary, in fact quite boring.

Don't waste your time with this "wannabe Blair Witch Project" (which by the way, wasn't that great either)P.

because it is Magnificently BORING!!!

Just watched this movie and nearly fell asleep.

The long extremely boring dialogs and ridiculous "pseudo-plot", sums to the unbelievable "reactions" from the couple...

I have to say, I didn't mind watching it, it was mildly entertaining.

An enjoyable and terrifying viewing experience like no other.

they start to leave thing so the "thing" can make marks, the monster, or demon or something like it do thing that a open window in a windy night could do.

Because there's nothing happening the first 80 minutes.

How cliché can you get?

Well, thinking that this film was going to be like Blair Witch (a film I hated so much I walked out of) I was hesitant to waste my time watching it.

Well, I guess that when there is a cheap, boring, idiotic movie made for pennies, then someone needs to be honest about it and SPOIL it.

Others (like myself) will be swept away by a hugely atmospheric and brilliantly suspenseful fictional masterpiece where the scares themselves pre-exist in the viewers imagination and not in the film content itself.

It gets boring and the story is not exciting or scary.

But the monotonous acting, lack of scares and incredibly dull plot nearly made me fall asleep.

Someone just like you walked out of the movie behind me, loudly displaying false bravado and assuring her peers that this movie was boring and sucked.

Although some might find the on-screen antics boring, slightly repetitive and overly staged, I was hooked by the escalating haunting and caught up in a sense of impending menace and doom.

Who in the world would want to see a husband just do boring things no one that's who.

The ending was very predictable.

And to keep viewers on the edge of their seats this night footage shows strange shadows creeping under the cover, you see doors slam hear groans and moans with wicked screams!

Because it is BORING!

I can think of just one possible way to make a movie more boring than that: Filming myself while I was watching it...

Im not sure how this movie got top rated,One of the worst movies i've ever seen, and i'll watch mostly any type of movie.

I admit, the start of the film was slow.

With a slow build sense of dread, Peli plants us in a one room scenario, at first it's a noise here and there, a moving door, was that a shadow?

It's not scary, it's not funny, it's just plain ridiculous and boring.

Don't waste your time...

This movie is basically one and a half hours fighting the feeling of falling asleep.

Gave it three starts just because it was mildly entertaining: meaning I had something to do for an hour and a half instead of sitting around doing nothing.

Cue me yawning.

We have to sit through a lot of pointless scenes before it get scary.

"Paranormal Activity" runs, or crawls, at the same slow pace.

Wooohoo another boring movie clap-clap!!

The end scene apparently sticked on by Paramount Pictures after they purchased the movie and as such it seems too clichéd and banal in comparison with the rest of the movie.

I had more fear from Ghostbusters than this waste of time...

She found it very BORING!

After many days of recording their tedious lives, Diane is finally possessed and it is suggested through the non-diegetic sounds that Micah is murdered by his girlfriend.

But the majority of what makes the film so effective is the fact that nothing happens.

Otherwise waste of time.

Perhaps he wasn't loved by his demon parents, or perhaps he just realized that the only way to stop this movie from going on forever is to kill its main protagonist slash director slash cameraman slash day-broker who says "dude" and "like" in most sentences slash unconvincing and dull moron slash Micah.

In a nutshell: poorly acted, ridiculous script, extremely tedious uneventful "home movie" of an unattractive and uninspiring couple.

There's some very confusing and unconvincing things in this movie.

So the man transform itself in the stupid cliché horror character that function as the red carpet for the evil or the monster to attack and make his appearance.

The only thing scary about it was how boring and annoying it really was, and I'm very easily scared at movies.

waste of time .

I thought this movie was superbly thrilling, a movie that I won't soon forget.

It has no story, no characterization, no purpose, just a mindless movie.

it was rubbish , no story, no actors, only one scary bit at very end.

It wasn't scary at all, as a matter of fact I found it extremely boring.

I hope you can do better on Paranormal Activity 2, try something more scarier so it will make us not sleep for more than one week.

It's less realistic, more obviously contrived and it's impossible not to recognize how the movie is deliberately manipulating your emotions.

This is the worst movie I have ever endured for the sake of the money I paid to watch in my entire life.

I'll even take a page from the book of Comic Book Guy and call it the Worst Movie Ever.

Going in the theaters is a waste of your money.

I covered my mouth in shock at the most intense moments because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

In all three films the writing is believable, the characters are likable and the suspense is drawn out.


However, in spite of that, Paranormal Activity deserves an enthusiastic recommendation as a fascinating and very entertaining horror film.

Most of the time the "paranormal activity" would happen out of the shot, leaving the viewer staring at a empty bedroom for several minutes.

Scenes during the day are pretty boring and not really worth much.

A picture of the couple is smashed with the crack over Micah's face, Katie is pulled out of bed by the demon and Micah has to rescue her, etc. It all leads up to the shocking and unexpected conclusion.

Any friends that liked this movie can consider themselves former friends, as they have lost any and all intelligence in their empty skulls.

The creator tries to shed the "fear of the dark" cliché by causing strange things to happen during the day - the key word there being "strange," not "scary" - the theme of this movie it seems.

is a way too slow process for ANY film, mockumentary, horror-movie or whatever.

A waste of space, time and (your) money.

When watching this film I have to admit I was bored in parts.

When it first came out, the concept was still very fresh and very exciting.

People here giving this boring stuff a high rating cant even explain what makes this movie fall in the horror category.

An hour and a half of my life that I will never get back later, I decided this movie was a huge waste of time.

Worst movie I have ever seen.

The camera work is flat and boring.

Like a lot of reality shows that pad 10 minutes out to half an hour, and like a lot of home videos, the film is slow and draggy a lot of the time.

This movie is boring beyond belief.

However the slow start is more than made up when paranormal occurrences start to intensify.

No way, it basically a film about two living together people and their rolling around the house saying banal and very dumb things.

I was very tense during this movie and many unexpected frights make the hair on your neck stand up.

At first I was ready to be really scared but then nothing happened.

The difference between those movies and the first Paranormal Activity are that those films are tense and exciting, and know how to create an effective sense of dread.

So I leave the theater, enjoying the cold night air and letting the motion sickness fade.

Being scared at the movies is like subjecting oneself to an intense nightmare; the only difference is that this time we get to choose when and where we are pounded raw by the blood-chilling pseudo-paranormal.

Much like the Blair Witch Project, encounters with this supernatural being grow more intense as time goes on.

but maybe it's just because the types of horror films I usually watch are ones involving monsters or similar, are very predictable, and have lots of special effects / a large budget.

Dare I say, this is now the worst movie ever made and takes the place of Juno which used to take that spot.

It was painfully boring and cheesy.

If you don't believe me, then waste an hour and forty minutes of your life and see for yourself.

I think a lot of them are incredibly dumb, repetitive, and ultimately not frightening.

It's really entertaining and, thanks to Micah, funny (Micah is at first totally skeptical, just playing around with the camera and wanting to film cool things) and it works in the regard of having a credible transformation of the main characters.

Basically this movie is filled with boring dialogues to cover 99% of the movie.

if you let yourself get submersed into the character's point of view (which you should do to get the true terror of the movie) you will see that the little things that seem pointless and boring to all those critics out there, are really what would scare anyone in real life.

It is slow, boring, not scary at all, the characters are not believable and it is filmed in a worse way than an average child does using a mobile phone!

Brace yourself, because this movie is the most suspenseful, creepy, and absolutely terrifying ghost story since "The Haunting.

This is a big ugly pointless case of stupid ninja marketing.

It is hours of boring, anticlimactic, unsatisfying, poorly acted disappointment.

When the Ouija board scene came up, I thought to myself, finally maybe the director finally decided to add some suspense, then a few minutes later the boring dialogue and argument began all over again between the 2 idiot couple.

I would probably recommend renting this once out on DVD however don't waste your money, or time, demanding it.

Unfortunately, as a full feature film it remains boring, unscary, and mostly interesting in how it really seems to reflect what actually goes on behind the scenes in a relationship - a great pseudo-documentary reporting.

Overall, the film works as an interesting and genuinely scary take on the horror genre and definitely worth watching, although hardcore horror fans may find it a little slow and reasonably tame, as the scares are more psychological than outright gory.

Only watch this movie if you really want to waste 1 hour and 30 minutes of your life away.

Truly frightening, a great thrilling experience.

So your sitting on the edge of you seat asking yourself "OMG, what are they going to do?

It happens like 4 or 5 separate times throughout the movie, and trust me, it is UNBEARABLE.

It is just too cliché and expected all the way through.

I do plan on watching Paranormal Activity 2 so it was enjoyable enough for me to want more.

yes it was that boring, i saw a lad saying he'd rather see this film than new moon, i was happy to tell him no, this is a waste of your time.

Vary Intensive movie .

It's one boring thing after another.

Most boring movie I've ever seen.

Instead we were bored out of our pants.

On the right track, but way to boring.

A job well done by the movie and I am hoping that tonight I will get some rest due to my insomnia from last night.

Instead of being spooked, I just sat through Paranormal Activity wondering why the malevolent spirit does such boring stuff at night.

The characters are bland, and actually ,the girl is very unlikable.

Worth watching.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .

We were literally yawning while waiting for something to happen, and when something DID happen, the "paranormal activity" was silly, like the pranks my brothers played on me when we were kids.


BWP doesn't show you a single thing that is obviously supernatural; but PA goes all out on fleeting shadows, self-incinerating ouija boards, swinging lamps, billowing sheets, windy living rooms and demon-victims being dragged across the hallway.

The film gets a bit boring in between scares, and sometimes you know the demon is coming in the night shots when you hear a slow rumble you know something is going to happen, though some things that happen are scary enough to still freak you out.

"Paranormal Activity", which by the way should read 2009, not 2007, under IMDb, is a loathsomely tedious experience.

A successful exercise in hype, that's the only reason I'll remember this piece of god-awful, plodding pap.

this one is boring at best.

Honestly, were talking about the film that scared Steven Spielberg so much he left the theater.

I would, however, recommend it highly as a cure for insomnia.

It's beyond belief that anyone could be scared enough watching this to walk out of a theater.

There was a Lot of hype about this film, and the old cliché rings out loud.

Bingo, you have the teenage weenies just sitting on the edge of their seats holding the significant other of the moment and screaming.

To sum up, this is a way over-hyped yawn fest with no good adrenalin kicks.

Then, it executes the premise of "supernatural" events via spooky sounds, creepy images (bed sheets raising, foot prints, devil voices, doors opening, the attic, the photography, somnambulism, crashing portraits, physical violence involving getting dragged, and more).

I've just watched "The 4-D Man," a moldy oldie sci-fi movie from about 1960, and I noticed that the pace of the film was much slower than films made today.

Don't waste any money watching this baloney.

This movie was predictable and a complete waste of my time...

Let me start by saying that I have been very bored during the last few years of the Horror genre.

There are some genuinely spooky moments,but the majority of the film is quite dull and uninvolving.

I enjoyed Cloverfield so thought I'd like this but for the love of Pete, don't waste your money!

It's that repetitive.

Don't waste the time and money going to see this movie.

It was so boring, I did not like it.

Until then, pretty much nothing happens(Now that everyone kinda knows about the story,the couple and the presence in their house - catching up is no problem) 2.

worst movie ever .

Cheap thrills, a very slow and uninteresting first half of the film sent me nearly of to dreamland (I was very exhausted, because I hadn't slept much in the last few days) and when the film started to become interesting it was over.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen.

it was mainly all talking through the whole of the film and SPOILER --> the only scary part was when she was dragged out of the bed.


I was 13 when I watched this and was bored...

VERY slow.

My gosh, this was boring.

That being said, the movie was boring.

Seriously don't waste your time or money.

and fell asleep 15 minutes into the movie.

The performances are amateur and the only thing worth watching in these dull characters' lives are those supernatural phenomena.

A complete waste of time, Even tough I'm happy that a(sort of)horror movie is dominating the box office.

I found myself saying a little prayer as I tried to fall asleep.

boring stuff!

If there wasn't such a hype about it, and people didn't get so excited about how 'great' it is, maybe I would have enjoyed it more.

But if not, all this movie is going to do is bore you to death.

Worst movie I ever watched .

Bland story-line, bland actors, bland film.

No story.

They hear that a movie is scary or disturbing and they have a desire to take the wind out of its sails be watching it and then boasting how trite and boring they found it.

One of the most boring movies I ever seen.

Not knowing what to expect will make this film that much better, that much creepier and that much more entertaining.

If you believe there's more to that shadow you see before fall asleep and that there is something more to the after life, then this movie will definitely give you the creeps.

The girl realizes that she is being dragged by the ghost haunting her, as she slides across the bedroom floor to the hall.

Wasn't completely horrible, just boring.

The dialogs are so dull that they never come out from 'Please don't go in there Micah.

The scenes dragged many times, and most of the time, nothing really "scary" happens.

first off, this has to be one of the most dry, boring, stupid, and annoying movies i have ever seen...

Big yawn!.

Totally boring and fake .

believe it or not, i'm 13 and i almost fell asleep during this movie because it was so boring!

Cause it's not, actually it's far from it, in fact it's more boring than actually scary.

Finally, I was upset that, even at its extremely minimal length (and action) that I even bothered to waste about an hour and a half of my life watching a poorly made 5-minute YouTube video stretched way too long.

Moreover you might get frustrated and bored till the last 15 min.

I expected too much out of Paranormal, that, despite it being a decent movie, I left the theater disappointed.

was due to the fact that i found it hard to stay awake during the movie...

And the award for worst movie of all time goes to...

There is a lot of waiting around for things to happen with periods of 30 seconds to a minute of nothing happening, only stillness as Katie and Micah sleep.

Don't waste your money!

Watch it on DVD or download it, but save your money for something else at the cinema.

nothing happens!

The movie was so boring that I had to use the fast forward button to see the final.

This is perhaps the worst movie it has been my distinct displeasure to see.

I just didn't get it - it was like watching Big Brother Live in the middle of the night, but even more dull.

It makes a lot of the "making you jump" scenes more unpredictable.

So as the story goes, Paranormal Activities has a repetitive presentation, which will either keep you intrigued in wanting to find out what's the next discovery and progress as the days wear on at the witching hour of 3am each night, or just plain bore you out of your wits.

You'd think that with a movie about a ghostly haunting that features these long drawn out scenes, the filmmakers would include subtle activity in the background to create even more of a frightening experience.

100% uninteresting and boring .

Before that was a whole lot of waiting around, getting bored.

It started off slow to begin with.

Basically its a waste of time and great PR from the makers of the movie, thats why i give it a 2.

This is undoubtedly one of the WORST movies I have ever seen!

It's beyond dull.

Its a simple horror film which narrowly escapes the horror cliché's attached to the setting of a suburban house at night.

We both came out equally empty, horribly unsatisfied and in awe.

These moments had a great atmospheric nature; creating unbearable tension, entrapping the audience in a state of suspended inescapability.

This movie is painfully slow, has no plot development whatsoever, and there is nothing even remotely scary within the entire film.

Fazit: If you want to waste your time watching basically nothing, go ahead and watch this.

This is literally the worst movie I've ever seen.

Not a movie to watch over again, but still worth watching.

it requires the slow start!

With that said, I found the whole thing rather comical, particularly the predictable escalation of events.

Waste of time .

It's an unbearable film, I'm sorry, if the director was even me, I could have taken more potential out of the premise.

The end result was that I was bored for most of the film.

It is just a pointless movie with no depth.

What follows is a masterclass in subtlety and minimalism, accompanied by a brutally slow build up of tension that will satisfy even the most experienced horror fan.


Complete waste of time....

The scene where the lady stands up staring at Micah for hours and hours was damn scary and the last 15 minutes or so also provided the best goose-bumps that stay with you even after you leave the theater.

I sat there for 2 hours getting this slow build up and I kept waiting for a little bit of real suspense and it never came.

Not knowing what to expect will make this film that much better, that much creepier and that much more entertaining.

The only scene I found "freaky" was when the girl was dragged out of bed and into the hall.

that being said it is a different movie than most out there but that doesn't make it better, "Quarantine" was more entertaining in my opinion although not too scary either.

This is just a boring, terrible horror film which was held back from theaters for 2 years because it was bad.

Boring movie with basically no plot, just a couple of cheap jump scares for no reason, a crappy movie that deserves a 0.1 rating, i would rather be tortured Saw-esque than watch this crap again, i can't believe people like this crap, it's so boring and bad acted, just a couple of jump scares, you know i considered Sharknado the worst movie ever, but after seeing this crap i must say Paranormal craptivity takes the f**king cake.

so illogical, I was bored throughout this movie.

It feels so boring and the actors act so fake.

It's huge success is therefore astonishing as it has to be one of the most boring films I have ever watched and wouldn't scare a new-born baby.

I was dragged to the theater to see this film by a friend.

As a result, a midnight mad struggle down a hallway is immersed in hopeless cliché and likable to comic relief.

Since I had an old gift card for the admission, I could sit back and watch a truly rare example of pointless and bad cinema.

This film is nowhere near as bad as that, though the camera shots of them just living their normal lives do get quite boring.

Was it so boring they lost interest or were they so preoccupied that they didn't play close attention to all the details?

It is the most boring movie I have ever seen.

45 minutes into the film and nothing happened.

I could barely get through about 20 mins before I turned it off because I was so BORED nothing was happening to keep my interest.

I was sadly mistaken, this is literally the worst movie i have seen EVER!!!!

The people next to us fell asleep...

Boring, pedantic and unimaginative .

I found the whole thing tedious and silly.

The other parts were so poorly paced and boring that I actually apologized to my friend for making him watch it with me.

That said, there's some good stuff here as the last half where the attacks actually get physical rather than just the odd or the off-screen are absolutely fun and enjoyable, including the beating in the bedroom hallway and the encounter in the dining room which are pretty creepy, and the fact that it's got a creepy story set-up works for it.

One reason I am sure was that it used its low-budget to its advantage and made the events caught on home video seem like the kind you could relate to; the banality of the day scenes added a definite reality that drew you into the situation much more than if the film had the distancing effect of cinematic gloss.

In this movie, alone, there were tons of stupid tiresome overused nightmare clichés.

However it was very predictable and the only thing scary about the ending was the fact that I was turned away sipping my drink and looked up at the wrong time.

Any mature and rational person would find this film a complete waste of time.

In fact, I remember distinctly being incredibly bored and confused by this film!

You can try all you want to block the sound, but the only way is to leave the theater (which many choose to do).

It just needed something to break the monotone style of presentation.

If I wanted to sit, bored, and listen to annoying arguments, I could have stayed home.

absolutely nothing happened!

Watching paint dry is equally scary and FAR LESS annoying.

Towards the end we get intense tension with this demon.

I think this will and always will be recognized as the freakiest and suspenseful film ever made.

Waste of my money & my time.

Its like the movie was recording the actors just doing boring stuff and no one noticed.

This has got to be the most boring horror movie of all time.

**** ALL I CAN TELL YOU ABOUT THIS MOVIES IS: boring, cheap, bad acting, waste of money.

There is virtually no plot.

I was pleased with the original ending and the silence in scenes and anticipation buildup really makes for an intriguing ending.

The film takes way too long to build any suspense or get to any scary parts in that matter.

Well Worth Watching - Don't be Fooled by The Low Ratings .

waste of my life.

No plot.

The thing I didn't like, though, was the fact that the movie was too slow trying to get to the scary moments.

Easily the worst movie ever .

Everybody coming out of there after the movie was saying "that was stupid" or it was boring, and i totally agree with them.

Then they make them into remakes with popular actors, special effects and loud noises and expect it to be suspenseful.

worst movie I've ever seen not one scary part in the whole film.

Anyway, my review: Waste of time...

AND AGAINST THE LAW.. I DO NOT CONDONE DOWNLOADING MOVIES OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER 135 out of 239 people found the following review useful: A Big Disappointment And Waste Of My Time, 21 October 2009 Author: dancemacabre from Croatia *** This review may contain spoilers *** Well, I always writing reviews about movie which totally amazed me and I don't waste my time writing about some bad movie.

I bought the three DVD set, mainly because the first movie was listed in The 50 Scariest Movies, and I was pretty bored throughout the movie, to the point that half way through I went to bed and watched the rest when I got up in the morning.

Up until the final couple of minutes, the plot is so tired and slow as to almost be boring at times.

Plot-A stupid couple living in a house, the guy carries his gay camera around with him recording boring conversations with his ugly girlfriend about some demon/ghost thats harassing them in their house.

Those expecting a flash, entertaining flick with great cinematography and bells and whistles will be bitterly disappointed.

Very Stupid Don't Waste Your Time!!.

I've seen many horror movies that focus on murder and blood (Halloween, Scream, Bleed), that becomes boring after awhile.

no character development, horrible acting, no story...

What a waste of time.

The movie even lacks tension and it's composed of mainly two boring than real life characters.

Don't waste your time!

I almost fell asleep watching Paranormal Activity, it was boring as hell.

Boring with some effective moments.

Go on a weekday in order to get an empty theater.

That's another thing I hate these movies are so repetitive.


Biggest waste of time in History .

The scare moments are either way too predictable or the characters just act in such an idiotic fashion that the scene loses its suspense and it all becomes a laughable endeavor into the unknown abyss of demonic hunting's.

That being said, this was still an enjoyable movie, which is something else entirely, and it was better than many in the genre.

anyone who says this movie is anything other than a complete waste of time is out of their mind.

Unfortunately, PA suggests very little and what it does is just plain cheesy, predictable and completely cliché.

Boring, pointless, and *not scary.

that is all that happens in this very dull movie.

The "scares" in this movie include an Ouija board burning itself, a girl dragged out of a room by an unseen phantom, etc. If people screamed their asses of watching this, then I'm sad to say that the quality of horror has degraded further than expected.

Don't waste your time OR $$$$ .

Yeah it can be slow at times, and Micah is a bit of an idiot.

Or somebody who starts cheering on the bad guy, which really ruins that feeling of tension all that slow pacing was trying to build.

basically-night 1-noises, night 2-flour on floor and footsteps on it night 3- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The only flaw in the film is that a contrived and out-of-place ending was forced upon the director by influences in Hollywood who were threatening to can the film permanently.

I found it tedious to sit through and was left feeling rather swindled by it.

Maybe if a monster jumped out and dragged me out of my bed, then I'd be scared.

but by then you are at the threshold of utter boredom.

Slow chill...

What A Waste Of Time.

It doesn't even get intense until the last 20-25 minutes, but it's very creepy and suspenseful all the way through.

it's also bad because of the bland, boring characters that you WISH would just die already and stop subjecting you to their vain idiocy and preteen humor.

I overall thought the film was boring.

This film fails in every aspect to do anything but bore the viewer.

Boring, Obvious and dull .

I was so bored, I started to wish I could run the entire movie at double speed in order to get it over with.


Horror for me is like Orphan which makes you watch all the way through and react; my only reactions to this were to nearly turn it off at the hour mark - And to fall asleep just before the end.

This one I hated just because I was bored out of my ever lovin' mind.

unless you love home made camera movies mixed with bad acting, don't waste your time on this one...

dull, in my opinion, and the "startling" ending is frankly pretty cliché'.

You struggle, you fight, you pinch yourself in order to stay awake for the three, YES three unimaginative endings.

Instead, it is one creepy and suspenseful film, that seeing in a theatre, only heightened my enjoyment of it.

paranormal activity yields all too normal boredom .

Turned out I was actually bored to tears.

That's OK with me; I admire the film's moments of frightening intensity and tense entrapment yet for most of the 86 minute running time, I was left bored by the predictable story and shallow script.

Some girl getting dragged out of bed by some 'phantom' who lives in the attic??

All in all it's a movie worth watching so long as you are open minded and are do not have high expectations.

Just when I was hooked during night scenes it rejects me to a boring state, an awful daytime scenes.

No, but it's VERY INTENSE.

starting out slow and building along until the last 15 minutes unlock the gates of Hell.

Their constant whining and sniveling grows extremely tiresome after a while and it is hard to care about what happens to them.

I do like the image of seeing the timeline on the video footage, speed on, and slow down.

Even though it did get tiresome in the sequels, I did love the "everyday" feel this movie had.

waste of time and money (very low budget movie) .

Don't waste your money, the "movie" has already made more than it deserves.

It's like watching a film of a normal person's life: deadly dull.

- At what point did the male have his common sense gland removed, and decide to stay with this drab woman who seems to be the centre of this haunting, instead of just dumping her and finding someone without any demonic issues?

you're actually going to sit there and tell me that Katie getting pulled out of bed and dragged down the hall by an invisible force wasn't scary???

Similar to The Blair Witch Project, it starts off slow and slowly gets under our skins.

Honestly it is complete crap - please don't waste your time/money.

The characters are well-developed, but they're also kind of boring, and not enough to carry the film.

If it wasn't so over hyped, more people would've enjoyed it.

And yes, I agree: Those who rave about this boring joke may need to have their head examined (unless they are under the age of 22; in that case I forgive'm ;-).

A fascinating and very entertaining experience .

SAVE YOUR MONEY and watch "The Amityville Horror" (the original, not that ridiculous remake), if your in the mood for a ghost story.

I was bored out of my mind for the entire movie.

Complete waste of time.

What a massive waste of time.

The structure is lacking to a degree and parts are considerably predictable.

Instead, it is one creepy and suspenseful film, that seeing in a theater, only heightened my enjoyment of it.

The single most boring theatrically released horror film of all time .

i waste my time and money too this junk?!

But if it happens on screen, it's just predictable.

It was predictable.

This is by leaps and bounds the most boring movie I have ever seen - it is 90 minutes of watching two people sleep and bicker.

It has boring, repetitious and claustrophobic cinematography – if you can barely call it that -- given that most of the videography involves running up and down the stairs ad nauseam.

It's totally unpredictable.

Yes, I literally spent half of this movie yawning from the lack of activity other than the annoying arguments.

The ending was improved, and it is the single part that stands out a bit, but make no mistake, this is one boring marketing hoax, and the joke is on the unwitting paying viewers.

But sometimes the cliché works and sometimes it's just over played a little.

Complete lack of storyline, continuity or depth.

The minutes before the movie ended was the truly intense, freaky, creepy part of the movie.

It was a big waste of my time.

Don't waste your time and money on this film.

i just about fell asleep a couple times during this.

The filmmakers copied bits and pieces of horror classics (Poltergeist, The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, and of course The Blair Witch Project) and threw them together in a very boring package.

I liked how they used comic relief during the day to keep the least interesting bits of the movie more entertaining.

80% of it its just a boring couple talking to each other in their boring house, with a film quality not far off what iPhone's are capable of these days.


The only thing that startled me at all was when other people in the audience (teenage girls) would scream out when one of the predictable occurrences happened.

Horror movies should be like roller-coasters, they should go fast-slow , first making you feel the overwhelming sensation of rising g-force then making you nervous waiting for the next fall.

i tried to stay awake after just about dozing off almost four times because i thought that something would happen at the end of the film.

Languid and sad .

No character development, and the movie wavers between nothing happening, then BAM action.

This found footage film just goes on and on with absolutely NOTHING happening.

I strongly oppose claims this film is boring because i was hooked from the get go it just didn't perform its primary purpose and that was to be a "scary movie".

Watching the couple scream and get startled, seeing the girl get dragged out of bed by the demon, and lots of other stuff, it's all pretty hilarious.

It was intended for an audience who enjoys that adrenaline rush from being scared out of their minds.

There was more than once when I was bored.

Dear God what a waste of time!!!

The audience in the cinema was literally squirming in their seats - I nearly walked out.

I just found the whole thing to be a huge waste of time and not scary at all.

) the screenplay by Peli takes advantage of the domestic setting to give the horror an eerie, mundane atmosphere,as Micah & Katie's boyfriend/girlfriend arguments are punctured by the full force of the paranormal.

It is an excellent piece that had me gripping the arms of my chair the whole way through...

Boring as hell .

An assemblage of home video that contains artistic lighting, sentimental framing, and narrative-driven dissolves during the mundane (and endless) daylight shots of a 'real' couple bickering punctuated by some tiresome night-vision effects of people sleeping during non- diagetic sound effects and a grip running around flicking on lights and slamming doors just out of frame?

I recommend this movie to people who are into cheap thrills- long period of silence, then a loud bang/ door closing on its own/ screaming/ chandelier shaking/ (insert your own horror movie cliché here).

The first hour was just plain boring.

The dialogue is mediocre at best and the pace moves slower than molasses.

As I said, I was bored for most of it.

They say there is no plot.

Some will have very little relation or interest to the hauntings (which is fair enough) and consequently become quickly bored with the slow pace and shallow character development.

Don't waste your money either.

the story was very boring, the bits i was able to watch without being sick.

Other problems that face the movie are, the acting, slow scenes, badly improvised dialogue, odd cuts, etc, most of these issues are constricted to the screenplay and low budget, so some of it is forgivable.

I actually tried to stay awake and failed.

), typically predictable, repetitive(how many times do I need to hear footsteps to get the point?

Avoid at ALL costs, stick your nuts in a vice and hit them with a hammer, it'd be more entertaining that watching this shite

I watched it at home by myself late at night because I really wanted a good scare but I actually fell asleep about an hour into the movie and I never, ever fall asleep while watching a movie.

The last 3 seconds of the movie were a bit creepy, but really too predictable.

I hired it, but would still have resented the utter waste of my time, in watching it, even if I had been handsomely paid.

We all know this is make-believe, but I was expecting something better, more engaging; not an hour plus of a deteriorating relationship based upon hardly there "entities".

It will be interesting to see how audiences respond to a sequel following such a thoroughly dull and unimaginative affair.

I have never, ever walked out during a film before, and I've seen some bad films in my time.

It's a complete waste of time, and you'll be asking yourself what you just watched.

a waste of my time and money.

What results is a set of chills and thrills that are giddily exciting, not depressing, not to be turned away from.

Boring just doesn't sum up how hard it was to sit through this nonsense.

If you can imagine this is a true profiling of a daemon possession which is fully recorded and documented then maybe the movie is somewhat suspenseful in certain parts.

Cure for insomnia found.

Perhaps best described as The Blair Witch Project meets the Exorcist meets the Darwin Awards, Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity is one of those "love or hate it" movies - some praise it as the scariest thing ever committed to celluloid, others claim it's boring and uneventful.

But the long spans of pointless dialog and characters (yes, the "friend" doesn't add anything, and the paranormal expert really detracts from the movie) make for a less-than-exciting experience.

And if it wants to kill her why dose it do it so slow.

worst movie ever .

the world's most boring film ever .

BUT it was boring!

It's painful to watch, because it's so boring and nothing ever happens.

Conversations held in down time (as posted by another viewer) were particularly dull.

The second technique Peli uses to overcome the lack of plot in the horror form is his subtle weaving of the horror story beats (events) into the realistic world he sets up.

And I am usually good at being able to suspend disbelief in order to become immersed in a film.

It is suspenseful.

You have some believers of the paranormal world, and some non-believers, but this movie will keep you on the edge of you seat.

Out of 10, I thought this was a complete waste of money.

I sat for 1 hour and 30 mins or however long this movies was and it felt like i was wasting my time, which i realized at the end that yet i did waste my time.

They have the nerve to use that tiresome jiggly camera routine, invoking nausea.

waste of my $15.50 pocket money!

Nothing happens for 80 odd minutes.

so if you want to get bored and waste your money go see this

probably the worst movie ever made.

It could honestly cure insomnia.

See it if you like to be scared and enjoy getting the adrenaline flowing.

Overall, I think it's worth watching.

Seeing this film is the biggest waste of time in my life!!

After a while, the gimmick kinda wear off, and it got really boring at times.

Is everyone really that bored with movies coming out that they had to latch onto this one like it was some savior of the "scary film" genre?

This film is NOT scary, instead it is BORING!!

don't watch it ,save your money for something else.

If I were in a cinema, I would probably leave or snore half way through.

The movie is slow when the door moves a bit it dose not prove anything it could be a draft.

Most of the film was just BORING.

It was a very, very, very boring movie to watch.

The whole film is a repetitive string of boring long shots with a few noises and moving objects here and there.

The format of home video has been employed on some good movies (like Cloverfield or REC), but in spite of that, it is on a decay due to many years of saturation in the independent cinema (on unbearable crap like, for example, Amateur Porn Star Killer).

the night before the last night when the story ends, Katie gets dragged from the bed by the 'thing' gets beaten up and bitten.. And for some weird reason Micah agrees to sleep in that room again when she insists (there are some hidden hints that she is possessed already by then) and he sleeps like a baby at around the usual time of night when the paranormal activity starts.

This hand-held "shake" movie is snoring boring.. awful movie...

Vapid, boring, lackluster acting, not scary...

Don't waste your time with this one.

when people see this movie and they say that this is the worst movie they have ever seen..i can't understand that!

This is certainly one of those movies that will either scare you out of your pants, bore you to tears, or have you discussing it until the wee hours of the morning with whoever didn't agree with you.

The ending is disturbing and riveting just as you would expect it to be and a little scarier.

The film wasn't scary in the slightest (and this is coming from a person who does get scared by horror films), it actually got to the point where I wanted to be scared as it was such an uneventful film.


Don't waste your time seeing this.

By far the worst movie ever made...

It's interesting, it's fun, it's creative, it's suspenseful, had a few insane moments, & does not deserve the immature bashing it's getting from ignorant teenagers.

At first just the door moves, or Katie sleepwalks, but it gets a little more intense each time and spooks you just enough before you ever realize what you've bought into is kind of ridiculous.

When it first started, I felt that my instincts were right and the first thirty minutes of the movie were slow, laborious and pretty uninteresting.

I was under the impression that it will be a great thriller so watched it just to realize that it was an utter waste of time and money.

It does tend to get under your skin, linger in your thoughts afterwards, particularly before you sleep perhaps provoking insomnia and nightmares and it could make certain normal house occurrences much creepier.

the only reason anyone should ever watch this train wreck of a movie is if every movie on earth is destroyed and you have had a labotomy hands down worst movie ever.

The paranormal sounds are little more than atmosphere and there's no plot.

One of the most suspenseful and thrilling theatrical rides you will ever take .

Paranormal Activity does deserve some credit, though, since I did actually get through the entire movie even if it was just to see if anything exciting finally happened.

Truly, truly terrible Don't waste your time and money When i had to go to the loo.

And while I kinda enjoyed it, I wouldn't recommend it for fans of the genre, trust me guys - I watched it alone at home, at night about ~01:00, with lights turned off and window shut, it didn't have any effect on me, doubt if it will have any on you.

The movie's plot development is damn slow and I am not complaining about the pace either.

The ending was just so confusing and was left to the imagination.

I thought this movie was very repetitive and it never stopped.

Despite the incredible hype for this film as a 'terrifying film', I found it to be boring and aggressively average.


However, Paranormal Activity is suspenseful by actually working to make it scary and has a very low budget, and most important of all, it isn't made by Michael Bay or some other idiot.

Shot on the shoestring budget of $15,000 over the span of seven days by novice Director Oren Peli, the movie manages to alternate between predictable, boring, and creepy, with the latter being its only redeeming quality.

Boring, boring, boring.. Slamming doors, walking and running footsteps and noises...

There are all kind of hypocrites who tend to prove their valor by saying this movie never scared them, waste of time, dumb movie all those kind of stuffs.

It has nothing for itself: not funny, it's boring, it's repetitive ,no horror, no anguish, no fear, no plausible storyline, it's not shocking either ,it has no nudity, no sex, no budget ,no sincerity, nothing I tell you.

If you want to waste your money, go ahead....

I was on the edge of my seat 85% of the movie, not 100% only because the beginning, as I stated before, was bland.

This movie is truly snooze-inducing, and by that I mean that I literally fell asleep.

Because nothing happens.............


With only a couple of characters, the acting is far more intense, and unlike many others, you find yourself giving a (beep) about these characters unlike most horror films where they are just meat for the grinder.

I felt this movie was a complete waste of my time.

There are not that many shock moments, but a slow buildup of suspense starts almost at once until, by the end, this viewer at least shared in the characters' apparent discomfort.

If I watch a horror movie I want to be scared and have a hard time falling asleep, I don't want to forget it after one day.

And while the film is merely only freaky (and slightly boring) for the first half hour before kicking into high gear, the audience reacted the exact same way to each scene at night.

Other than "The Tomb", this is the most boring movie I've sen in my life.

In truth it is a little slow and does have a number of really scary bits.

It was BORING!!

When I saw the previews I was semi-excited because it has been a while since a film touching the subject of paranormal or unexplainable activities sense the completely stupid, waste of time and money movie White Noise.

this movie is so slow and boring, and the so called "scary parts" were so lame that i was actually laughing at how bad it was.

Anyways the first half hour you realize hmmm this is pretty boring, then after an hour you realize wow nothings happened...

This is another 'docufright' yawn inducer .

Another over-hyped BLAIR WITCH Hollywood propaganda-machine retread that will appeal to that crowd.

Perhaps someday I will forgive the friend who dragged me along to see this.

Boring at times and not scary .

This movie is such useless crap that I wouldn't wish such a waste of time on my most hated enemy.

Its pretty much two hours of boredom not scary or even remotely creepy save your money wait for this one to be on HBO.

Thankfully, unlike the Blair Witch Project, the characters are at least likable enough for us to care about them, which helps the tension a touch, and director Oren Peli does manage one or two good scenes amidst the more routine bumps in the night—the discovery of footprints that end under a loft hatch leads to a chilling moment as the camera explores the dark roof-space, and Katie being dragged from her bed by an unseen assailant is an unexpected jolt—but the film as a whole is far from the intense, relentless, crap-your-pants-in-fright scare-fest that the trailers, and many reviews, claimed it to be.

The film is truly compelling to the point where I had to keep reminding myself, 'its not real' and make a conscious effort to distance myself.

The subtle depiction of this supernatural entity destroying this couple's relationship was also intriguing.

It works on many levels and looking at two people sleep or staring at an empty room has never been so terrifying.

Several sequences, while building character, go on way too long.

The first hour is so predictable,which only leaves about 25 minutes for creativity.

The only part of the movie that was actually good was when the ghost pulled her from her leg and dragged her.

Too many of them suffered from being far too predictable and veering on the ridiculous.

The other 2% is contrived and pointless.

The whole "cinema of realism" thing has run its course and got boring long before this lame effort appeared.

It's just slow, and the main characters are a couple of stereotype annoying Americans.

I mean, why is this stuff so slow to show off its badness ?

OK, maybe if they are bored and leave or angry and freaked out.

It demonstrates that quiet and anticipation can be more engrossing than machine-gun fast-cutting and manic effects.

Bored me to tears, possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The only good part of the movie was when the broad was dragged down the hall screaming.. the bad part about that is that she came back on camera to finish the movie.

Name one movie that is, and I will point out slow crappy parts, in every movie those think are perfect.

In short, the movie is 90 minutes of painfully boring build up with no pay off.

As I said before, Paranormal Activities was intended for an audience who enjoys the adrenaline rush from scary movies, and the purpose of Paranormal Activities is to do exactly that.

be prepared to yawn and occasionally chuckle at the absurdity of it all.

Hello everyone for all of those who are planning to or thinking of watching this flick, please don't waste your valuable time and money for this flick like i did.

For Jesus Christ this was most boring movie ever made in my watch list.

Gore fans turn away however, as this film does not employ gruesome tactics to disgust the viewer, rather it uses clever suspenseful scenes to keep the audience on their toes throughout.

For the first 30 minutes nothing happens.

But, about fifteen minutes into the movie I was yawning.

It is completely unentertaining and remarkably dull.

Second is when the girl is pulled out of bed, and dragged down the hallway.

Audiences are more likely to derive more fearsome sounds from the fall of armrests in the cinema or the footsteps of people walking out through boredom while they are left to watch this mess.

very boring .

Where the plot is simple and gripping, does it leave you with an empty climax?

After so much ado, and though I am not an habitué at horror movies, I went to see it, and I came out convinced that if such a monumental bore has had such success it must be due to the times of great emotional distress and susceptibilities we are going through.

Please don't waste your time with this, watch something classic like Hitchcock's Birds or Psycho, that is a lot more scary.

The movie is boring, predictable and not scary.

So for me it's a huge and very unexpected thumbs up.

The full movie was so slow with a few bumps to make you jump a little.

All together is probably the worst movie I have seen in the last 10 years...

It's a punchline for a long and very tedious riddle that just went way too long to get to its point.

Not knowing what to expect will make this film that much better, that much creepier and that much more entertaining.

Predictable Activity .

As opposed to, say, Away We Go, which I had to turn off because I really couldn't stand the couple being portrayed.

Boring from the beginning .

The story is cliché - a couple that are been haunted.

Character reactions are completely predictable -hence the comedy.

It is a complete waste of time.

The consumer-grade camera work, while already a well-established avant-garde cliché, is fittingly abrasive and starkly honest.

It's just plain boring and it tries to take that "real life,'feel of Blair Witch and Cloverfield and somehow does a poor job of it.

Unexpected totally awesome .

Maybe if there had been a bit more of the bump-in-the-hallway stuff to make me want to get up and take a break, I would have enjoyed it more.

Human nature often invites us to slow down at traffic accidents to possibly view something unexpected.

They continue doing boring things throughout the entire film.

It was slow and they left to much space without suspense.

But I'd be scared of getting dragged out of my bed by a monster with or without this movie.

The major reason why Micah's character seems absolutely disjointed is his lack of concern for his girlfriend.

Furthermore, these two characters - a straight, white couple - live in a three-bedroom house that has all of the domestic charm of a newly-spawned SIMS abode (less, really, considering that in the SIMS you at least get that snappy elevator music).

The longest drawn out horror...

The movie was just a waste of time for me.

But I was falling asleep waiting for a scary part.

Although it is not as nauseating as some other films, the persistence to shoot the film entirely on a hand-held camera, similar to The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield, is firstly contrived.

One of the most boring, horrible movies I've ever seen in my life!

Paranormal Activity was a waste of my time and money.

Paranormal thriller similar to 'The blair witch project' and as just as boring, maybe even more so.

I thought as the movie wore on it would get at least a little bit scary but it was just more of the same, the daytime was boring the night time was over-rated, what ever happened to the day you could be scared by horrors?

All the claims that it was "boring" indicate to me that these individuals lack the will to give over to the seduction of their own imagination.

But sadly, I am mundane and skeptical.

I mean I was bored almost the entire time up until the last scene where I thought the movie was getting somewhere...

Paranormal Activity has got to be the most boring movie I ever saw.

And while the sense of psychic disturbance in the air is indeed palpable, "Paranormal Activity" plays like an intriguing short subject stretched beyond its capacity; by the time the disappointing, jump-scare conclusion rolls around, it feels like an out-of-place shock in a film that doesn't quite know how to combine its parts into a satisfying whole (Katie's haunted past, for instance, is left dangling).

Granted this movie does a superb job at keeping suspense going with it's minimalist attitude, but at the end, for someone as enthusiast about horror as I, it became predictable.

I after finishing the film last night realized it was getting kind of late so I should head to bed and since I like to put a movie on to watch I decided to put on Paranormal Activity again since it did a good job of making me drowsy the first time and sure enough I fell asleep no problem and I normally have pretty bad insomnia.

Bad acting, bad writing, cliché ending .

Having watched this once in the company of my girlfriend I found it fascinating and wanted to view it again.

Their reasoning and solutions are both predictable and ridiculous.

I spent a lot of the film laughing at how predictable and pathetic the story was.

If you really want to be scared or watch something creepy, save your money and watch "Ghost Adventures" on the Travel Channel.

I'd also add that if you watch enough of blunt horror scenes like disembodied heads coming to attack you or whatever, you'd soon get bored of it.

But that movie bored the s**t out of me.

I wont reveal anything about the story or plot but I will tell you that this movie uses the same basic principles for any thrilling experience used in movies over the years, making us fear what we cant see because we don't know where it is at that moment (Jaws, Alien) it creates such Tension that you find yourself breathing hard and physically shaking.

Despite these endorsements, Peli's film should more aptly be called one of the most overblown films of the year and quite possibly one of the dullest horror films in recent memory.

During the night, nothing happens except doors opening.

It's Halloween time though and they thought that they might get some poor suckers to pay their hard earned cash to see this slow moving, poorly filmed, non professional film.

The one good part of the movie was the ending, and how it left it hanging, even if the ending was predictable it even made my heart race, well for about a second, i don't recommend this movie, or if you want to see it, watch the last 5 mins.

be prepared to be bored to death!

I don't understand why people keeps watching this "horror-documentary" kind of movies because all of them are always garbage, the only one that did a great job was rec, and the on from Spain because the American version was garbage too the only scary thing about this is if you paid to watch it, don't waste your money.

Wow..what a waste of my time.

Most boring horror movie I've seen, a total waste of time

Just a bit of screaming, a predictable (and terribly handled) denouement that most movie buffs would guess anyway, then a blank screen & the mercy that it was all over.

don't waste your time.

But my girlfriend fell asleep after a hard days work.

Perhaps worse, all this filler doesn't seem to contribute anything in building up tension for the few actual 'scary' scenes, which after a while became boring in themselves.

Absolutely nothing happened in the film.

This movie was pointless.

because after the 2 hours of boring doors and screams you'll be screaming at the ticket guy saying, ''GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!!!

Don't waste you time, it's a phony.

However, other than that this film was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I found this film quite boring from the off, I lost interest in the two main characters virtually straight away, as both were annoying.

When I watched this (it is quite long) I got extremely bored, because: nothing was scary, or just a single short scene, and it's illogically and dumb.

This is where a boring movie gets stupid.

This movie starts off slow as slow can be, for the first hour you'll be wondering, "What the eff is making that noise?

I place this movie in my personal list of the worst movies of all time.

The slow parts dragged my patience for so long that I ended up bored for most of the 'scary' moments.

i did enjoy the way they made things move by themselves and how they had the girl dragged on the ground, that was all very good special effects and did add a lot of suspense to the movie.

Boring and unoriginal .


The real horror of this film is the film it self, total waste of time.

the acting was terrible the plot was so annoyingly boring I had to fast forward most of it.

The entire series is a big mess and waste of time, it's all jumbled up and poory put together.

A really enjoyable horror film!!.

The film itself is very realistic on account of the acting , the intense imagery, and the utterly believable special effects, especially given the tiny budget.

It remains engaging throughout, just not scary.

* The movie is only scary in a good atmosphere * Long boring start.

I only heard but a few positive things regarding the film and that it was compared to 'Blair Witch' but overall I quite enjoyed it mostly because it succeeds in creating a chilling intense atmosphere.

So, I have no argument with people who fell for the over-hyped marketing ploy and thought they were going to see something really extraordinary, and then wound up bored out of their gourds by this film and its slow pace and subdued atmosphere.

Scary and Intense.

As cliché as it gets, with a predictability rating of 10 .

Just watch it alone, with the lights out, in a creaky house and see how long it takes you to fall asleep that night.

it leads you along a path, predictable as it might be, and tries to startle you along the way.

I found the film very interesting and very entertaining, it was certainly nothing like anything I have ever seen before.

" as she gets casually dragged down the hallway.