Passion (2012) - Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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The rivalry between the manipulative boss of an advertising agency and her talented protégée escalates from stealing credit to public humiliation to murder.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Brian De Palma
Stars: Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 26 out of 104 found boring (25%)

One-line Reviews (86)

The suspense, the hysteria, the other worldliness of the real world, the camera in a camera,the dream in a dream, the thrilling music, the drama, and the undefinable De Palma Touch.

Perhaps it is his re-writing of Natalie Carter and Alain Corneau's fine French film "Crime d'amour" with Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier that is at fault or the strange casting of Rachel McAdams and Noomi Repace (both usually fine actresses) in the lead roles, but whatever happened it makes for a very non-De Palma movie - and a thudding predictable bore at that.

BAD acting ( Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace are excellent actresses) BAD artistic direction a PREDICTABLE argument.

Super entertaining and I highly recommend this.

The final third act is incredibly dull while trying to be clever layering one twist after another which doesn't make much sense.

The premise of this film, I must admit, was very intriguing--murder, sex and betrayal in the corporate world--and it had so much potential to be a beautiful erotic thriller that would make Brian de Palma's hiatus worth it.

She looks bored, scared and tired through the film and has zero chemistry with any of the other actors including and especially McAdams.

I can say it's worth watching.

The two leading actresses put in good performances, but the whole tempo of the movie was slow and it doesn't seem to start to get going until the end.

(The slow, controlled ballet sequence strengthens this impression).

Amazingly, that first scene set the tone for what was to follow - poor acting, terrible scripting, disjointed pace, lack of narrative, absence of character development, weak storytelling and a general mishmash of locations and scenes that left me thinking this laughable excuse for a movie was nothing more than a Director's self indulgence.

Still, this movie is worth watching for that final act.

Still, it is entertaining, even if the plot become more and more ridiculous.

- Saw this one at the Toronto International Film Festival, it's a cross between a late night made for cable movie and a crap ass boring European art film.

If the technique is interesting, tricking the viewer with old school methods and making us believe the movie was shot 20 years ago and infusing an Hitchockesque aftertaste to the picture - notably with a daring split screen scene which is as pretty as it's confusing- nothing else will salvage this work.

After a while you get bored.

Thus develops a plunge into unfaithfulness, murder and a totally predictable ending.

The overall effect was amateurish and lost the suspenseful build-up to the murder.

Sensual and thrilling .

In "Passion," de Palma does the opposite, casting the younger, fresher-faced actress Rachel McAdams as Christine, and the older, intense actress Noomi Rapace as Isabelle.

And I believe it's a good Sunday-boring-gray day film!

You may see some of the pitfalls that the characters have to face coming - some are derived from their own bad judgement, plus the film delivers enough intense and well-directed scenes, making the most of the emotionally empty sets.

Slow and boring .

Cheap tricks, gimmicky, confusing ending.

They're seated in an antiseptic living room – corporate minimalism meets IKEA chic – every corner white, bland and soulless.

Overall it's plainly boring.

And we sure have one here: silly spite, pointless rejoinders, phony regrets, token-lesbianism, sleazy egoism; all in one pointless, plot less string of malicious banalities that makes melodramatic 50s B movies look like literary fiction.

Don't waste your time.

This is probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

The tale of an intriguing multi-front battle turning lethal is well told.

I enjoyed it, and I really liked the ending of the movie, which I will not expose to you!

The score is seriously laughable (complete with a "dun dun dunnnnnn" during a cliché plot twist.

Others may find it a little on the dull and lifeless side.

The two lead actresses of the original movie, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier, are wonderful and their duel is engaging.

But those protests are pointless, the best one can do is really bad-mouth the movie.

Have you ever wondered why, even when given a million dollar budget, movie makers will waste such an opportunity on a string of clichés and bland story development that would embarrass your thirteen-year-old daughter and bore your cat?

However, it's slow and I find it very boring.

Review: I didn't enjoy this movie that much because I found it quite slow and it did bore me in places.

There is a duality and sense of something bigger looming around, that makes this intriguing and just above average.

Trashy and ridiculous, but entertaining .

I can see by most reviews that this movie is not for everyone but I found it to be, overall, an engrossing and erotic journey that kept my attention throughout.

silly spite and pointless rejoinders .

Unfortunately, I thought De Palma's ending here was confusing and marred the film somewhat for me.

The film is boring, dreadfully scripted, and looks like a long perfume commercial.

Title in review is just waste of time.

Yet he insists in dividing the screen pretending he's serious about focusing simultaneous actions at the same time, technique he explored better in other movies and here is just dull.

Of course, this film was made before Soderbergh's mental illness shaming, psychiatrist blaming snooze fest.

There are some scenes where Brian De Palma makes it more confusing than is needed where some might loose the plot a little.

I disliked: Falls into some predictable clichés at time.

Characters are hollow, their motivations, development, goals, are blurry at best, plot twists appear to be both random and predictable (quite an achievement), as well as far fetched, twisting the narrative into confusing curves.

In a happy confusion of musical ecstasy, pills, sex games and dreams- a murder is committed.

Brian De Palma has created such absorbing films as Redacted, The Black Dahlia, Femme Fatale, Mission: Impossible, Carlito's Way, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Casualties of War, The Untouchables, Wise Guys, Scarface, Blow Out among others and is usually a dependable craftsman of tightly woven movies that explore the mind of crime.

Still, it's an entertaining enough movie.

Still, "Passion" is pretty predictable.

Well, it's an absurd movie guided nowhere fast by bad acting and pointless scenes.

Brian De Palma's latest film is sleazy and trashy but entertaining.

Probably more a 7 than a 8, but I enjoyed it.

The characters are supposed to change, switching from seeming good to evil, but it just comes off confusing and ridiculous.

They have predictable chemistry and as the plot twists along we are never quite sure who to hate more.

Needless to say, the claws come out shortly thereafter and Christine takes to humiliating Isabel, and engaging in destructive conduct to have her fired.

A happy confusion of musical ecstasy, pills, sex games and dreams.

So, if you're in the mood for something slow and winding then this one might fit the bill.

Still, that has little to do with judging how entertaining the film is and more about judging its artistic value.

Often on a glossy screen, the visuals are compelling.

For me is this movie very entertaining and I really enjoy watching and listening:-)

However, it still makes for an enjoyable thriller.

Its absolute waste of time instead go for original one.

The trailer makes it look intriguing and interesting...

Rachel McAdams really looks stunning with her blond hair and stylish wardrobe.

Of course, that his movies are more about form than plot, but after three decades we can say, that he is a master of form and he is also highly entertaining.

The lines between reality and nightmare become distorted as cinematographer Jose Luis Alcain's camera shifts from the mundane modern, to slowly tilting away into darkness and insanity.

Already we have some of De Palma's key plot points - interesting female characters, manipulation, seduction/deception and voyeurism, but De Palma keeps the film in check by adding a layer of self-awareness and irony (a masterstroke on the auteur's part), making for a wholly enjoyable and gripping experience.

The performances make this ponderous film tolerable .

It is campy / surreal / sexy / violent / and gripping!

The whole catastrophe of the plot felt like a first draft, with added references to ballet in an attempt to make it 'sophisticated', but it only comes out as pretentious.

Don't waste your time your time with this movie.

A welcome and entertaining slice of De Palma style .

Worth watching for your review .

There are a couple of twists that makes you stick with the film but its still quite dull.

This is a freak movie, Lame, Boring, predictable, what a gagger.

Plus the film delivers some intense scenes and good photography in front of very cool, emotionally empty sets.

' Here everybody tries to be in control and nothing happens instinctively or out of reflex, utilising a slow, controlled ballet sequence to strengthen this impression.

Total waste of time .

The plot is full of contrived moments where characters do things because the convoluted plot demands it rather than what they might do if they were actually in that situation.

Worst movie I have seen in years .

There are some stunning sequences in this film, especially the ballet part.