Path to War (2002) - Biography, Drama, War

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In the mid-1960s, President Johnson and his foreign-policy team debate the decision to withdraw from or escalate the war in Vietnam.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: John Frankenheimer
Stars: Michael Gambon, Donald Sutherland
Length: 165 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 3 out of 36 found boring (8.33%)

One-line Reviews (19)

"Path To War" is a fascinating, mesmerizing movie with a terrific script, a great director, and marvelous acting all around.

it is well worth watching .

It's hard to rate this movie - the political background of a war is really fascinating material, in that aspect the movie delivers.

An Unexpected Treat .

It is in its own way, however, just as gripping.

a timely film worth watching especially in our current world situation.

The realization of this fact, a footnote after three hours of this film.

Slow Spiral Of A Nation Into War .

PATH TO WAR is a sharp interpretation of a tragically fascinating era.

It isn't "exciting" in the sense that you'd be on the edge of your seat, but it's gripping and holds your attention well enough.

It's a fascinating study of an entire nation; one that carefully avoids the unfortunate stereotype of Johnson as a warmonger, and instead depicts him as desperate to find a way out of this mess; one that just as carefully notes that Johnson didn't create this mess - he inherited it from Kennedy.

Excellent and truly compelling...

As Yogi Berra might say, our slow and unending fall into the quicksand that is Iraq is "déjà vu all over again.

This film was authentic and entertaining at the same time!

Intriguing idea, like its attempt of resurrecting from the dust of last century the climate which generated Johnson's Great Society political project...

Interesting, but slow .

It really is fascinating movie, well worth watching.

I suspect to those born later it might seem somewhat like a 'boring' history lesson unless that moment in history bears any particular fascination.

Inevitably, characters come and go, and the story itself is complicated enough to be occasionally confusing.