Patriot Games (1992) - Action, Thriller

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When CIA analyst Jack Ryan interferes with an IRA assassination, a renegade faction targets him and his family for revenge.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Phillip Noyce
Stars: Harrison Ford, Sean Bean
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 141 found boring (15.6%)

One-line Reviews (119)

Very intense.

Overall, this is a fun, thrilling movie.

And then at the end, there's that syrupy baby stuff and a contrived smash-cut to credits.

this film was so boring that i can't even remember half(more than half) of it.

Hair-gripping suspense is one of Ford's finest.

Patriot Games will actually engage you in an engrossing story.

Good suspenseful action sequences always entertain, though the climatic boat chase isn't as impressive as it should be because it was filmed at night.

And going back to the first time I saw this, before I'd read the book, I remember being on the edge of my seat quite a bit.

The problem is that it's all so similar to other action movies that this movie, while entertaining and not disappointing who wants action, turns out to be totally forgettable, having virtually nothing to make it stand out in the amorphous immensity of action movies.

While it makes for entertaining reading, there are moments of unintentional hilarity that really spoil it when it comes to passages involving the Royal Family.

Was not really crazy for "Clear and Present Danger", I just for some reason found it rather boring compared to the other two movies.

His boyish smile and his pained workmanship approach to life in his movies is really enjoyable.

Suspenseful is probably the best word to describe the movie as Bean goes after Ford's family.

Still, this is hair-gripping entertainment thanks to some brilliant directing by Phillip Noyce.

This is a well-done drama/thriller with an excellent score, realistic tone, top-of-the-line cast, great locations and a "Whoa Mama" scene in the first reel featuring the stunning Polly Walker.

Well, I have to say that I don't have much interest in Tom Clancy, as the only film I'd seen based on his work prior to seeing this one was the 2002 film 'The Sum of All Fears', and all I can remember about it was that I found it really boring.

It has all the right elements- Philip Noyces compelling direction, James Horners tense score and of course Harrison Ford- the ultimate film hero.

with some unnecessary propaganda, the movie loses significant value.

The book was a smart read that made you think, and had enough action to be exciting.

A smarter action and chase sequences with gripping screenplay are the only high points of this feature.

Entertaining CIA mythology .

i just found it boring for the most part.

"Patriot Games" is useful for killing time during one boring afternoon.

Based on the 1987 novel of the same name by Tom Clancy, this is an extremely absorbing, intelligent thriller.

Don't waste your time on this movie if you have or haven't read the book at all.

Extraordinary nail-biting action scenes, specially when Ryan is trapped and spoils an assassination attempt on an important member of the Royal Family , and of course , the breathtaking final images .

The technology in it can be absorbing despite the fact that it has been more than 20 years since this film was released.

Dull and distasteful .

Kind of boring .

Anyway, this is a not bad Film with a good enough Cast and some Intriguing Set Pieces, but it does have a rather Slow Pace with Spurts of Family in Peril Tension.

After the call things get intense, Ryan tries to call the DSS agents outside the house, no answer.

Bean, as well, makes a compelling villain.

The premise guides the audience to expect a lot of guilt and emotional family drama which it does but in appropriate amount, where the rest of the act is filled with thrilling ride.

Strongly acted and well-crafted the film holds you with taut, convincing plot twists, swift pacing, and exciting action scenes on its way to a slam-bang finale.

Solid and intriguing entertainment .

The satellite attack-watching sequence features rather emotional, thinly scored music , but the soundtrack is, in fact, taken quite directly from the slow movement of Dmitri Shostakovich's 5th Symphony .

Based on the novel of the same name by Tom Clancy, comes out a absorbing thriller that lives up-to it's mark in those 115 minutes.

Tense and Fast-Moving Thriller .

Director fell asleep during movie.

I assume they paid more attention to creating a thrilling movie that they forgot to pay attention to the script.

Also it has one of those "slam-bang" endings that is actually pretty exciting.

And it's predictable and artless and has plenty of clichés.

The acting performances are generally powerful and compelling in a big way that it makes this ultimately satisfying to resist.

The success ranges from that of the moderately engaging depiction of police officers back in Britain striving to find domestic IRA members to just plain pointless, as a member of the Royal Family tries to work his schedule around potential terror attacks.

I personally loved this scene, i remember at first i was hoping for something a bit more action film like, but then, that is such a cliché!

It's maybe the most enjoyable political thriller there is - not my favorite genre after all.

This also has one of the most intense finales you'll ever see.

Performances are solid in a film which develops into an intriguing work.

The role allows Ford the opportunity for some intense and sometimes indignant acting, an aspect that has often been his stock in trade.

The movie was simply action, and it wasn't that you had to think, it was just confusing.

Suspenseful is probably the best word to describe the movie as Bean goes after Ford's family.

The plot holds its own until the very end when Phil Noyce opts for a predictable audience pleasing finale which is disappointing.

An action packed movie that conveys a man's love for his family and a moral consciousness of right from wrong for his fellow human beings.

One of Harrison Ford's worst movies and I believe would have been better if they had continuity with the character from Hunt for Red October (Alex Baldwin).

"Patriot Games" - Sean Bean = waste of time .

Patriot Games is an easy, safe, fair and thoroughly entertaining game whose cat and mouse theme is a pro and not a con.

I feel that the incident in England, the way it happened in the book is much more exciting and entertaining than the movie and it carries over to the gathering at the Ryan's home later in the movie and the ending in the book is even more dramatic.

The film is a thrilling cat and mouse game, of good guys against the bad guys, with the outcome far from certain until the last few exciting minutes.

It was very boring in my opinion.

However, it was always fun to watch and sometimes thrilling to watch.

I saw this when it was released in '92 and walked out of the theater laughing.

This is a very exciting film, with a long and detailed finale that is both scary and fantastic.

The villain here is also nothing less than the President of the United States, a gutsy move, though by now this "paternal villain" cliché is getting old ("The Fugitive", "LA Confidential", "Monster's Inc", "Minority Report" etc).

This would be fine as a means to build up tension in the plot, but there are never any satisfying culminations to follow the slow, suspenseful pace until the very end--and these scenes can hardly be labeled as satisfying.

Even considered by Clancy purists as the weakest Clancy adaptation, PATRIOT GAMES is still tight, seat-gripping entertainment that's both entertaining to watch and still doesn't fail to deliver its message.

Worthy second entry in the series is both exciting and well-cast, with Ford a most effective older version of Jack(8 years after the first film.

What it was intended to be was entertaining, and it lived up to this expectation.

Dry and Slow of Pace with Spurts of Suspense .

The time is 100 minutes during which Philp Noyce's "Patriot Games" fulfills every premise of an action/thriller: the bad guy's escape, the cowardly attack on Ryan's wife and daughter, a failed (but alarming) one on Ryan, and a cat-and-mouse chase via such exciting tools as political surveillance, mug shots, satellites and glimpses of memory.

the second time i just get bored by Ryan's recovery.

And there's an emphasis in this movie on Ryan as man of domesticity that tends to detract from my enjoyment (I speak mostly of that contrived saccharine ending).

i found it pretty boring and slow,for the most part .

Great action and on the edge of your seat thrills.

It's a thriller, action, and a piece of pure propaganda.

It's not as action packed as one would think, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

", PATRIOT GAMES is a dull and somewhat distasteful affair.

Although his performance in PATRIOT GAMES (and in the later CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) is markedly different from Baldwin's in THE HUNT FOR RED October, the end result is still a high-level action film with psychological thriller elements, and a climactic siege at Ford's house that has elements of CAPE FEAR and STRAW DOGS, along with a harrowing speedboat chase to bring the film to a stunning close.


It was also suspenseful...

Sensitive as well as thrilling musical score fitting to action and suspense by James Horner .

But even still, it comes across kind of boring.

And going back to the first time I saw this, before I'd read the book, I remember being on the edge of my seat quite a bit.

The baddies are led by the brooding Sean Bean who is a little under written, whilst Richard Harris is sadly underused, but the action set pieces make their mark and thankfully we get a riveting final reel that cements the steady ride we have under taken.

What we've got here is a fascinating and intense political thriller.

If you like flicks with lots of talking, zero brain cells involved, and a very predictable endings than this is for you.

Thus, it has just enough stuff in it to keep it interesting and watchable, though it's extremely forgettable and rather uninteresting.

It ends up being another Indiana Jones conclusion, incredibly contrived, and totally unbelievable.

Patriot Games is action packed and very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good action or drama.

But simply the empty repetition of these clichés, and stereotypes, was ruining the Northern Ireland's case, soiling the long struggle for liberation, and stereotypes the Irish as only a "terrorist" !

Throughout the film, Ford and his family are repeatedly targeted by the IRA and nearly killed in retaliation, and the ending is very exciting so I will not spoil it.

Tight and entertaining little thriller .

one of the cheapest propaganda films of Hollywood.

It's worth watching though for maybe a few subtleties.

The action in the film was great and kept you on the edge of your seat.

This was very suspenseful and had good action scenes so I would recommend it to any suspense film lover or fan of Harrison Ford.

It's more of a suspenseful thriller with cat and mouse stuff.

An entertaining suspense film .

My problem with the movie was that it was a bit too slow and boring.

As for the rest of the movie, it's one of the most taut and intense thrillers of 1992, and furthermore, it's one of Fords last movies where his name guaranteed a hit (fugitive, CAPD, AFO after this), and it still proves he was a major draw.

Inspite of all the stars, it's boring mostly.

I wouldn't say this movie is action packed.

Action packed and tightly executed .

This one is no milestone movie, but it's very enjoyable.

Despite the occasional implausibilities of the plot, this is a tense and fast-moving thriller with some good action sequences.

As is also sadly common among films made from books, the plot was a little hard to follow due to the audience having to fill in the gaps that were left by the film makers not having time or money to include it all.

But rating PATRIOT GAMES as a stand-alone flick, I have to say I enjoyed it a lot, a lot more than one might expect from someone who hasn't read its print source.

Overall a great suspenseful movie.

The action sequences were well directed and the film highly enjoyable.

What follows is fairly predictable, but nonetheless engaging, as Ford finds himself and his family on a hit list.

It starts off with an exciting opening when Jack Ryan (Ford) saves the British prime minister by foiling an assassination attempt by IRA terrorists, and he kills the brother of the main terrorist (Sean Bean).

Very Intense and fascinating thriller .

First they take the slow boat to America, then escape to North America and then somehow return back to America.

I highly recommend it for the spy thriller afficionado who's sick of the cheesiness of your typical james bond flick.

The movie was suspenseful as each side tried to stay one move ahead of the other like a high stakes chess match.

Patriot Games is a very suspenseful movie with great acting.

PATRIOT GAMES manages to provide tight, gripping action sequences amidst its political theme.

This one keeps you "on the edge of your seat".

An extremely absorbing, intelligent thriller .

they should have picked a direction and stuck with it, in my opinion) in this, and it's well-done and entertaining.