Pawn Stars (2009) - Reality-TV

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Rick Harrison and his family own and run a pawn shop on the Las Vegas strip. They buy, sell, and appraise items of historical value.

IMDB: 7.2
Stars: Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison
Length: 30 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 11 out of 74 found boring (14.86%)

One-line Reviews (63)

My opinion is that the conflicting personality's of the stars contributes in making the show entertaining.

The interaction between the characters is highly entertaining, and somewhat informative as well.

Walk slow, over weighted, don't seen to care about anything.

A reality show that is worth watching .

Show has departed from what made it interesting and enjoyable.

Very enjoyable.

The show has devolved into something borderline unwatchable.

Every scene is the same, boring.

Entertaining and Informative .

If you aren't into this stuff like me, then "Pawn Stars" is a total bore fest.

Very entertaining .

At the bottom line, the show is highly entertaining and in fact, addictive.

Very enjoyable show, I highly recommend it.

I tried to watch this sorry excuse for a TV show, but was bored to tears, so i haven't watched it since.

Antiques Roadshow Meets Las Vegas: Modestly Entertaining Show of Collectibles Dealers Who Know the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing .

Yeah, nothing speaks excitement like talking about trivial historical items (war memorabilia, written documents involving celebrities, and the like) and their so-called "significance", negotiating a high price that will please both the customer and the employee, and squeezing in mundane scripted material between the shop's employees.

The show used to be entertaining and I liked the interesting items that were brought in and seeing how much there are worth.

The only reality TV show worth watching.

Worst and most boring show on History Channel .

But the real stars of Pawn Stars are the items themselves - rare guns, items minted or engraved by Paul Revere, sunken treasure, fine arts, old coins and paper money, company scripts, etc, etc, etc.This show is one of the few reality TV shows worth watching, educational and interesting.

Who knows--but these strange personalities are entertaining--and I think the show is much better as entertainment than as history.

This is intriguing and also one more finding out possibility supplied by the show.

So, I would have given this show one star, but I gave it two stars simply for the fact that, by itself, ignoring all the facts of the reality behind this show, it is very entertaining and sometimes informative.

It's purely fake and staged and 100% formulaic.

The reasons for it:It's educational - It's Entertaining - It's realisticThe Harrisons stayed the same all the time, and that is a good thing, they treat the customers good and tell the background of the items very well.

Oddly compelling.

Very Entertaining .

unwatchable now .

Honestly, its fascinating.

Of course the old cliché of unearthing a long-lost Monet from behind an old wardrobe in your grandmother's attic has become increasingly improbable over the years since the show first aired.

Looking at the owner of the piece negotiate an acceptable value is entertaining and intriguing.

Maybe not 'reality', strictly speaking, but entertaining .

This show is an intelligence insulting waste of time.

With predictable material, the show rests on the entertainment value of the regulars.

In conclusion it's one of my favorite shows, I love it and you will too if you love it too if you like smart, thrilling, entertaining, and funny television shows...

Besides, majority of these reality shows are so bad (uninformative, boring or misleading) that the likes of NGC and Discovery wouldn't even touch them.

The show is incredibly formulaic.

Pawn Stars is a 30-minute fact Television present that revolves around a cast of intriguing characters who own a keep in Las Vegas named Gold & Silver Pawn Store.

I learned some very entertaining and even educational stuff at times.

Still, the story of a family small business and what kinds of challenges they face are entertaining.

OK, so my kids and I have been watching this "reality" show since it came out because the characters are entertaining and lovable, plus you learn quite a bit of history and trivia.

It stays there till I need something to fall asleep to.

become unwatchable .

I was going to say it's boring.

The "comedy" stories where he leads, especially when he supposedly has to train new employees, are unwatchable.

Exciting, fun and informative with a great cast.

Very interesting and entertaining show .

Do you know how boring that would be?

Stamps, Coins, Baseball cards, and Etc. Above all I feel Pawn Stars is very entertaining, and keeps me in suspense for the next episode.

The series is also a rare breed of being both informative and entertaining.

Only Rick is worth watching, ship any scene involving the others - and you save time, prevent your braincells from dying due to lack of stimulation.

However, along with the interest, it's the stars' good, clean, fun personalities and interactions that really make the show enjoyable.


With ''Pawn Stars'', it's the same old boring shop and the same old boring BS to go along with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, Chumlee is one of the most enjoyable characters ever to grace television, the large man-child with a good heart and a simple mind.

All so-called "reality" shows are mostly fiction as they must be to be entertaining.

Pawn Stars is very entertaining, and has a nice mix of drama, and reality.

Highly entertaining show .

Because "Pawn Stars" has more exciting things to show us……like weapons, swords, outfits, tools, devices, and whatnot used in any war in human history, paintings and documents signed by celebrities, and other insignificant things that few of us give a damn about.

I love seeing what fascinating items are going to be brought in week after week.

Of course, besides various entertaining destinations in the desert, Vegas/Primm gambling, and the Hoover Dam, the pawn shop where this show is filmed was one of our main destinations.

They rehearse, select, prep, do their homework and make the show entertaining.

Maybe I'm naive about reality shows, but from what I know they are mostly the reality of some people's lives, heavily edited to be entertaining, maybe with some staged bits here and there to, again, add entertainment.