Perfect Creature (2006) - Action, Drama, Fantasy

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The vampire myth is given a stylish 1960s treatment, where a human cop partners with a vampire cop to stop a vamp bent on creating a war between the two "separate but equal" races.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Glenn Standring
Stars: Dougray Scott, Saffron Burrows
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 11 out of 48 found boring (22.91%)

One-line Reviews (45)

Writer/director Glenn Standring offers a fresh and intriguing spin on the standard vampire premise which eschews the usual bloodsucker lore in favor of cleverly blending elements from the horror, alternate reality science fiction, and police detective action thriller genres into an inspired, arresting and imaginative synthesis.

All in all no bad yarn, but Dougray Scott proves again his yawn qualities, and the characters stay two-dimensional in an extend one wished it really was a comic book (where it would be told better).

Seems easy enough, but there is more to the story and that is what makes it interesting and makes for some enjoyable Vampire horror.

The art direction blends different styles and ages of "our world" prevailing the 50's, and together with the dark and Gothic cinematography, produce a very pleasant and entertaining feature.

)Despite the exciting world that solves the difficult problem of vampires coexisting with humans, and despite the earth-shattering importance of a villain who could upset that balance forever, all we end up with is the tired stereotype of the Outcast Vigilante.

Just when the story seems ready to move into an action sequence, it gets all boring and at the exact moment you expect some deeper relationship exposition, it stumbles onwards to progress the action.

Look and feel let down by dull story and action .

The story was good, but the pacing was slow and it seemed to be more of a vampire soap opera than a scary story.

Seemingly terrible films get high reviews whilst original and entertaining films are slated to suffer the indignity of being classed in the same vein as their awful bedfellows.

But the perspective shown here is stunning: a parallel reality.

Perfect creature is a clear example of a reasonable that generates a sub par script (I'm thinking shortland street which is New Zealand's stock doctor soap which has been meandering across our airwaves thrilling pubescent girls with ever worsening for the last fifteen years) and not enough money to cover even that as a result the effects are TV quality at best, the acting is slow paced and wooden and the general tone is New Zealand morbid ie there is no emotion other than general peevishness and....

We watched this when it was storming out and turned off all the lights; but I kept falling asleep during the film, we would start it over and then I would look up and my boyfriend was asleep.

At the end of the day, though, PERFECT CREATURE is just too predictable to work.

What we have here is another 'original' yet uninteresting take on the vampire myth.

Flawed, but intriguing mess at times .

It's a nice change from the normal Hollywood overdone blood gore fest that is a huge bore.

Yet it's told in such a dull and uneventful way, managing to strangle the cast's skills whilst wasting the serial killer - cum - rogue vampire promise.

A fascinating world .

The bummer is that the film lacks in plot development and suffers from some pretty significant story flaws.

Secret society who controlled the human life was interesting but once again very underdeveloped and cliché.

Moreover, Standring relates the absorbing story ate a slow, yet steady pace, maintains a grim'n'gloomy Gothic atmosphere throughout, and still manages to deliver the expected graphic gore and exciting action set pieces.

Combined with a monotone soundtrack, the tragedy of his involuntary servitude was lost.

Imagine you are so absorbed by the thrilling action, that you "feel" you would do this, and the character does just the opposite!

As well, the near-total elimination of any traditional vampiric qualities (frankly, if the two leads weren't vampires, you wouldn't have any change at all in the story since it never makes them being vampires integral to the story and it just as well could've been an ordinary madman doing this) coupled with extreme amounts of boredom, fixed only by the final showdown which is pretty decent with a lot of flying around on wires and banging into everything around them for the big showdown makes this one enjoyable.

The premise is intriguing enough, the characters are interesting, and it casts (pardon the pun) an interesting light on the vampire genre.

I still found it enjoyable.

It's all so slow-paced and tedious.

The existing plot description make it sound like you will be baffled by the plot and it will keep you on the edge of your seat, which is a half truth as you will be definitely baffled by the multiple plot lines which never go anywhere.

But otherwise a pretty boring and average film.

The story starts out effectively and looks as though it's going to have the potential of being a vampire story with a twist--but then gets bogged down into one dull scene after another until finally, as a viewer, I had enough.

Though the film does maintain certain Vampire lore like rapid healing and increased senses, their role in the world is fascinating, representing the major religion of human society.

Instead what we have is a predictable action-thriller about the search for a psychotic killer.

And that's completely unfair of the filmmakers, because she's a beautiful, intriguing actress.

Scott's idea of the vampire look is one of dull incomprehension, sniffing the air like a dog and walking through the role like a zombie with nowhere to go.

"Perfect Creature" is an enjoyable ride that make me want to see more.

Which serves as an intriguing premises to begin with, except that it had so much going for it, that it failed to capitalize on the wealth of its potential, instead choosing to coast through the expected until a finale made up of standard fare, with too many plot elements than it could handle, with mistrust between the two species of homo sapiens, an influenza virus, and a murderous vampire hell bent on creating havoc by unleashing his own brand of justice to the world.

The film didn't feel that long & it's visually interesting but the bland character's, the predictable plot, the subplots that go nowhere & add very little to the film overall & a lack of any real entertainment value means it's not really worth making any sort of effort to see.

Unfortunately boring despite good setup .

At least it doesn't make the same mistake as UNDERWORLD, another vampire film that gave us its backstory in 2 minutes, but then still managed to go for a yawn-inducing two hours.

An Intriguing Premise That Slowly Fizzles .

While not reaching the heights it could have, "PERFECT CREATURE" is certainly an intriguing little film that throws up a lot of fascinating twists on the well-worn vampire genre.

zzzzzzzzzz .

The plot and special effects were thrilling, and thoroughly entertaining.

Pro's: Overall storyline was intriguing.

Not very original nor interesting which is too bad because the performances were pretty good and the actors did a fine job but the sub par character development kept it from being really gripping.