Pet Sematary (2019) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Dr. Louis Creed and his wife, Rachel, relocate from Boston to rural Maine with their two young children. The couple soon discover a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Kevin Kölsch
Stars: undefined, Jason Clarke
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 184 out of 735 found boring (25.03%)

One-line Reviews (396)

The characters in this reboot were so two dimensional and boring.

Pointless Remake .

Clarke's performance as the hero/doctor/dad was predictable and the most interesting part of the story was the wife's inner guilt about her sister's death.

Yeah ok, expected at least to see something to rate 4/10 but i cant be more honest and i must say that -1h and 35' What a waste of time!!

The dull moments aren't helped any by leads Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz, who are both low-energy.

Here, paid cronies attacked again :( Unfortunately, movie is pretty bland.

I was SO bored I exchanged my ticket for another horror movie currently in the discount cinema- Us.

An Interesting Idea But A Dull Execution .

Sadly, the story has not point, it is going nowhere and events seem to be randomly taken out from a hat.

Probably because of a slightly uninspiring realization and a confusing Jud's character.

Second of all, I thought the first act felt very slow.

Just another ho hum hyped up movie that will be forgotten in a couple of months.

I don't even know why I'm reviewing this to be honest, it was such a piece of garbage and a complete waste of your money.

The story is absolutely fascinating and Lambert's movie was the very first horror movie I saw at the age of eight.

Good, but predictable.

I enjoyed it at the theater.

1 Star is too much for this bore.

The scariest element Rachel/Zelda story was what I was expecting to benefit most from a remake and they pussied out on showing it, yet they show a creepily drawn out scene of a father strangling/straddling his 9 year old daughter.

Don't waste your time.

The first half of the movie I wanted to hang myself from boredom.

But, the movie turned out to be a super boring disaster.

Really boring, I left unscared.

Again clumsy acting plodding set ups and Overly drematic scare set ups.

Subtracting authentic horror to add cliche scare hacks was bad.

I hate stupid horror movies where all they do is make you jump from unexpected appearances or loud noises, this is not it.

The director does a great job of creating a creepy and engaging atmosphere/tone for the film; a sense of overwhelming dread or doom.

Unfortunately this film was a yet another dull disappointment, although it was marginally better than the recent IT remake.

So intriguing and shocking.

Total waste of time .

This movie was so bad, I got bored in the first 30 minutes and couldn't wait to get out.

They focused too much time on the cat and then rushed a really uninspiring ending.

Bored Sematary .

As I have written above, with a little bit of touch, this story could have been turned into a masterpiece, but as the way it is, Pet Sematary is still watchable and enjoyable.

I'm sure that die hard Stephen King fans will take issue with some of it but it was worth the watch for me.

It is very bland and cliched, the characters are poorly developed and cliche.

Plain and simple, this is one of the WORST movies EVER MADE.

The little girl comes home and she murders in broad daylight, dancers and there's all this unnecessary drawn out sequence for the sake of filling up screen time.

Too long and drawn out.

Maybe the actors weren't good, but definetely, the director should have modify the way the story goes, cause there are pointless scenes and you will fall asleep before you get some real action.

Completely ridiculous, save your money.

I found myself sighing most of the way through cringing at lines from the former movie being shamelessly cribbed and the overall tone was dreary.

It was very slow to develop.

A remake worth watching.

It's worth watching so just watch and don't be a jerk.

Dont waste your money and only waste your time, when you can watch it at home for free.

Kinda slow movie with a great final act .

Don't waste your time.

Overall the story worked for me, but.. towards the end it got just a bit.. boring, I guess.

The movie kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

The first half was a kind of entertaining, but the remaining half was a dull horror flick when you already know what's gonna happen.

I highly recommend it.

Instead it was boring.

Another satanic propaganda.

I understand not wanting to copy the first film but at least try to stick close to the material and not go bananas and put one of the most cliche, boring, retarded endings this year has to offer.

Slow, horribly acted, felt like a made for TV movie they're trying to cash in on, some plots go no where, more then a few "what the heck was that?

The first hour is a snore fest and the last 40 minutes is so rushed and definitely doesn't hold up to the original.

Don't waste your money.

Everything similar to the movie wasnt as fun or entertaining (except the hospital gore scene and the makeup on the mom's chained sister) and everything different wasnt nearly as good.

The role of Pascow the ghost is pointless with his 3-5 minutes of screen time.

Intense .

Most of the film felt like one long drawn out jump scare followed by the next, it dragged on at points which is a bad feeling in a movie that's less than 2hrs long.

Instead, we have a generic concept (I mean, it was generic in the 80s, to be frank) that's executed generically; every aspect is done in the most contrived way possible, to the point that it almost seems by design.

In lieu of a investing story about grief and loss, we have a pretty boring excuse for a set-up with a few jump-scares here and there.

Its goddam slow, predictable and apart from few jump scares can be barely considered as a horror

The first 3/4's goes slow and the last 1/4 is completely rushed.

intense well polished and great cast, I like the fact the main family have issues prior to the events that occur ...

Save your money and wait for it to come out on redbox.


Could've been a little more unpredictable with the scares.

Starring the ultra bland Jason Clarke this goes down different roads than both the book and the original, it teases following the source material multiple times then suddenly goes in a different direction.

Even though his character is the most boring - which is attributable to the writing - Clarke is able to develop his character past the limitations posed onto him.

These changes, along with its excellent production value, tight pacing and lovely cinematography, make it worth the watch.

There were lots of slow parts with hardly anything interesting going on with a forgettable musical score.

Very intense.

It was so boring, even the jump scares were taken inducing.

1 hour of the movie is boring as hell nothing literally happens.

The movie starts off extremely slow and then rushes through.. Certain elements from the Book/film that made the story TRULY terrifying were omitted from this film...

Totally worth watching.

I could go on and on at even further length about how painfully wimpy and pg13 this so called horror is but it'll be buried under the paid for reviews and the reviews by people who think Rings was a decent horror movieI dont care about remakes taking liberties with the book or the 80s movie as long as the movie is entertaining and this is so far from entertaining I honestly wish I could score less than zero.

Don't waste your money .

Creepy and intense throughout!

I think this one was definitely more suspenseful and entertaining compared to the original and has an excellent ending paving the way for a potential sequel if the right story can be put together.

And that made it very predictable.

The mom falling asleep, then barricading the door in the storage room - which she couldn't even do properly because this woman is apparently incapable of ANYTHING.

What is it about Stephen King that brings out such a mish mash of irregular results, that range everywhere from the unwatchable terrible to the breathtaking brillant.

This is your typical, predictable Hollywood teen scream cash grab littered with plot holes, poor acting, no audience participation, and zero character development.

It was different, and I enjoyed it.

It all seemed a little cliche for me.

Don't waste your time or money on this version.

), but his character throughout the film comes across as rather predictable.

It's predictable, generic and, frankly, it's quite boring for quite a while.

It's never 'scary' but there's a good level of tension, you're actually invested and overall it becomes fairly entertaining.

Boring and obvious.

The first hour consisted solely of identically structured jump scares that became more and more predictable as they kept happening.

Waste of time...

It was pretty boring for tha most part , It have been a few hours now since I saw it in the theatres and I can't remember anything special about it, you can decide if that sounds good or bad.

Urg, it's only been however long but I'm already sick of hearing the praises of this stupid bland little movie!

Overall, not a terrible movie, and quite enjoyable.

Total waste of time for me.

Don't waste your time.

This does that well as right from the start, as based on how dreary a chunk of it feels, even when nothing scary is happening.

No spoilers, obviously the deaths were switched but for the better, this was beyond better than the original and definitely worth watching again and again

All things consider, a very decent remake, worth watching, and faithful enough to King's Intent that I'm still content with it as a die hard fan.

Save your money, wait for the DVD

A family tragedy strikes shortly after Church's unexpected return, and it is one that will push Louis to his darkest limits.

It felt dull, rushed and unauthentic.

It is a lot more intense than the original and has more scares and blood/gore.

Bland .

Slow, boring...

This movie is a total waste of time and money.

Even Stephen King enjoyed it,it deserves a solid 8/10.

This movie is epitome of boredom.

The first forty-five minutes of the film is essentially a massive set-up for the whole idea within the film, and whilst one of my favourite scenes in the film occurs within this, the whole period within the film just felt very boring and was just exposition with little inserts of scary sequences.

Sadly, the first half of the film was just boring, with terrible dialogue and Jason Clarke felt like he was phoning in his performance, while John Lithgow was criminally underutilized when they could have beefed up Judd's character a bit rather than just use him as an exposition mouthpiece.

Bland and forgettable.

There is much more of a gripping story to Pet Sematary than the afore mentioned horrors, making up slightly for its use of jump scares.

Don't waste your time or money on this film.

It was an enjoyable remake that should make most people happy.

When there was an intense scene it would just cut to a happy go lucky scene.

I was that bored with it, I ate 90% of the popcorn before the film was 75% through.

The last 15 minutes become comically predictable, and the ending is just another unresolved plot point.

This is a pretty standard modern cash grab cliché horror remake that had the chance to be something very intense and well executed that was just kind of there .

Basically, this movie was suspenseful because we know what happened in the original.

Very dull with a terrible ending.

Another pointless remake.

The scares are mostly noise and the third act of the film is drawn out with such terrible execution.

The movie took it's time and I think it's a good thing, as I was afraid of getting modern cheap scare to balance the slow burning aspect of the original material.

Plus the ending is so predictable it doesn't even make you care.

Cheap jump scares, bad characters, the film is really boring.

The slowest scenes are the bits before the family members get reanimated and by the time we hit the halfway point, I was wondering if we were running out of time.

They took one of King's best stories (AND film adaptations) and remade it about as generic and predictable as you can get.

really makes for a compelling character.

I thought was US was slow and terrible...

Bore the hell out of you .

Every scare was predictable so it was not a scare.

The reliability of this formula actually grew annoying because it made the movie very predictable despite the changes.

Like watching paint dry.

Didnt have high expectations, so this movie was quit enjoyable.

This movie is just another saranic propaganda.

A thrilling experience from start to finish.

Surprisingly dull .

This movie was so dull and d grade should have been straight to video.

Great movie, worth watching.

Boredom Semetary .

All in all, don't waste your time or your money on this.

Furthermore, the location and setting of the film really made the majority of the film's unsettling and intense scenes, which leads me onto my next positive.

This was hard to watch, seriously bored !

I was dragged to this pathetic excuse for a horror film against my will and I really resent going.

However, at least that film's cheesy bad acting & awful dated special effects is so unintentional hilarious that it's semi entertaining.

The first part of this film was slow, the next part was intense and interesting and felt right, and the last part just took the film in a whole different direction.

I wish I left early, the final 30 minutes was a boring and cliched slog.

Flat characters and zero nuance make this an empty shell of a movie .

Unfortunately, this film as a disappointment, has a slow build, and completely ruins itself in the last 30 or so minutes.

many seem to like it and i wanted to like it but its nothing more than a run of the mill, cliche filled horror movie.

After making the bland and cliché 'Truth or Dare' last spring, this director became the screenwriter of this adaptation.

This is the worst movie adaptation I have ever seen.

there was no atmosphere to this movie, it felt bland and generic to me.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Plus, a couple of the exciting moments from the trailer seemed to have been cut from the movie.

I fell asleep at that part and I had to open again and again to understand what was happening that time but I kept falling asleep.

Maybe it's just me, but I found this movie to be boring.

This movie was so boring and predictable.

Boring, still better then the under-acted original .


PROS:The Performances Were GreatKevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer's Suspenseful DirectingCreepy And Suspenseful AtmosphereBleak ToneGood DramaRiviting Third ActThat Creepy CatCONS:Trailer Might Has Spoiled Some MomentsToo Much ExpeditionSlow Pacing Sometimes

However, the second half is just a meaningless movie of walking dead.

I remember watching the original and of course reading the book, so this as with Dunno could never replace the original for me and I can't say how someone new to this film would find it because it is in my personal opinion bland.

Some of the scare factors are also pretty effective but without a doubt, my biggest praise for the film are the unexpected twists and turns.

An Empty Tomb .

All the cinematography and settings were stunning and you can tell that Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, the directors of the movie, took their time to make sure that everything looked right in the shots.

It's such a waste to have him in such a pivotal role and his performance is bland.

I am a fan of the original, I've never read the book, but this film is really entertaining.

Seriously, just don't waste your time.

What few jump scares there were and in fact, every turn in the plot, you could see coming a mile off and to top it all off, a very abrupt and dull ending.

Very Enjoyable .

If you like Stephen King and weird intense movies, this is the one for you.

So you have an overall boring story with a few strong scenes.

Very bad and boring movie no scary scenes no jumpscares not comparable to the original movie the original was much better

Better than I thought, worth watching .

Personally the reason why the originally stuck was not because it was an intense horror...

the devotion of time to a useless activity "the waste of time could prove fatal"Type of: dissipation, waste, wastefulness useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly

Pet Sematary mainly sucked because it was so damn safe, boring and felt like an average remake, not a creative way to redo the story.

Pet Sematary is the opposite, it feels tired, generic and most of the actors stumble through their scenes appearing just as bored as we are watching them.

Found the film a little slow especially the first hour although not completely boring at the same time.

Everything else was just bland and essentially just filling.

The story is good and taking you till end in a thrilling journey.

After the first ten or so minutes of the movie, I was on the edge of seat the rest of the way.

Devoid Of Entrrtainment & Boring For Most Of The Movie .

The film makes a big accent of the things we were afraid as children, and I, personally, find it great, definitely worth watching, and remember never to cross the line.

Also, the main character felt so boring and had very little backstory to him, so there was little connection between him and the audience, whereas the wife character, played by Amy Seimetz had a really horrific past to her and felt more stretched out, so it's a shame that she had less screen time.

The story is also pretty predictable.

An intense nightmare.

It was slow moving and did not have any scare value to it.

The 2019 remake of pet semetary is a bland and forgettable film that doesnt take any risks.

TOTAL waste of money and time.

This doesn't deserve any rating, it's just awful garbage and was a huge waste of my time.

The film itself feels very disjointed.

Stephen Kings Pet Semetary is a story of loss, of the anguish and confusion that accompanies loss, and the depths that people sometimes go when their emotions careen out of control and fantasy becomes a sanctuary.

Can get boring, predictable, and expands only a little on the 1989 movie

Skip it and save your money!

It's horrible, endless dialog going nowhere, felt like hours when minutes had passed, I frankly can't believe anyone thought it was good and it certainly wasn't scary in any way.

Furthermore, this movie still manages to be exciting and the tragedy scenes hit you really hard.

I felt as if this was a great jumping in point for newcomers because the concept and lore of Pet Sementary is really intriguing with its supernatural execution and this fresh adaptation delivers.

A very bland and forgettable Stephen King adaptation.

It's alright, but very predictable .

With a threadbare story, most of which is already crammed into the film's second trailer (avoid it if you can), the film is not interested in offering any depth to its horror, instead relying on the audience to get on board with the idea of reanimated corpses at face value and it leads to some pretty silly, but still highly entertaining, moments.

Speaking of the predictablity of the story, this movie is littered with tons of predictable jump scares.

Boring Remake .

Sure they added new stuff, but it was just too much copy-paste for me to be enjoyable.

Best trailer for the worst movie .

I often regret going cinema, cause films nowadays are so boring or bad or just stupid.

If you haven't seen the original, this is worth watching.

Suspenseful Masterpiece .

Dull as hell.

Don't waste your money .

I fell asleep in the theater, I wasted my money on this!!!

All the scenes were too predictable and was lacking the wow factor...

Very poor movie and a waste of time.

Awful, boring, slow paced, not scary in the slightest, boring characters, boring actors.

The ending also fails to impress, and it's pretty predictable.

Besides the fact that they gave away the biggest twist in the trailer, the pace of the movie is slow and wooden.

In the end there really isn't much to say about it, it was just a very bland and forgettable Stephen King adaptation.

I enjoy the 1989 film for different reasons as it's a schlocky horror movie that's just funny and not creepy, but the remake takes itself a lot more seriously with grounded characters, a creepy atmosphere, a slow pace and a tight script to tie everything together.


It was one contrived pile of sludge to the next.

It's all a bit bland .

What the 1989 version did or didn't deliver, THIS version was waaay off the mark and simply a waste of everyone's time involved.

The cinematography is also muddy and, often, overly-dark, giving the picture an indistinct and generally dull appearance.

Plus the cliffhanger ending is formulaic and contrived.

Luckily then, once things really get going (which unfortunately happens far too late into the narrative) it's quite enjoyable.

The film is very slow moving and unnerving with little to no jump scares, which is a plus.

Getting to what I didn't like about Pet Sematary, the first thing is that the movie is SLOW.

This film was just boring, not even scary to be honest, idk how yall got scared over some of the boring scenes.

Just plain boring and the ending are...

Walk out of the theater bad .

Despite having some strange performances and creepy cinematography, Pet Sematary suffers from having a slow pace and a weak third act, making you leave with a bitter aftertaste.

It starts slow.

Don't waste your money.

Sadly the movie was kinda slow and I fell asleep but it worth watching.

So Boring .

It changed it up a bit from the first one so it wouldn't be too predictable and it kept the chills and goosebumps going throughout.

Did not c the first part so this one was a good movie for me , it was intense , gripping as well .

But they did absolutely nothing with this movie, it's just so boring and drawn out.

Most of the movie looks cheap and basic and the fact that they changed the storyline to Ellie dying instead of Gage is just confusing.

Don't waste your time.

Yes, they used a puppet for some shots in 1989, but they also had the real kid playing Gage do some pretty intense stuff and nothing in this new version comes close.

You're Boring .

Don't waste you're time watching this.

Don't waste your time or money .

Suspenseful and creepy, Pet Sematary is a worthy adaptation of Stephen King's novel and is considerably better made than the dated original, which is not saying too much.

Let's just say that the 1st hour is a BORE FEST, Characters make dumb decisions and express feelings "out of the sudden".

If that is the case than that explains the very slow burn which ends in complete pay off.

Oh and the dialogue, the dialogue was so pointless and stupid, "What is this?

Pet Sematary is one of my all-time favourite novels and while I've never been overwhelmed by the '80s adaptation, at the very least it was entertaining and felt like they put in a decent effort.

The scares were far too predictable, and anyone who has seen any sub par horror film in the last 10 years will be disappointed by the complete lack of suspense created.

Its creepy,horrific and thrilling.

Ya boring.

The ending to this version was much more satisfying, compelling and well executed for the same reasons already discussed here by several reviewers (most notably, Ellie's incarnation vs.

Boring, not scary.

Go away dull soulless remake, die already 💀

Good remake, worth watching .

Basic, But Enjoyable .

It relies on predictable jump scares for the horror element.

Firstly relying on too many predictable jump scares.

In conclusion: Don't waste your money

The entire movie was forced, rushed and dull.

Other unecessary, cliche "horror movie" additions: a kids creepy drawing that went nowhere and dubbing light hearted music over a grisly scene.

Poor and entirely predictable attempt to get some jump scares.

Almost the entire story was spoiled during promotional material but of the surprises that remain, they are predictable and underwhelming.

Yes, the story is predictable but still enjoyable.

Zzzzzzz its so god damn boring.

I was just bored.

A lot of changes made the movie feel empty, not enough character development, probably because of the lack of time.

A lot of the scenes very predictable.

Over-hyped, boring, cliched, stupid, don't waste your money.

The relationships between father, daughter, mother and neighbor all formulaic to the point of appearing like a caricature of 'normal people' in simple contrast to the carnage to come.

It was just uninteresting and flat scripting.

So bad that I walked out of the theater halfway through.

A complete waste of time !

I was impressed with his performance in this otherwise boring movie.

Great and entertaining.

I found it pretty boring & predictable and they left out some really good material from the original that could have improved it.

I really enjoyed it.

I wanted either a more exciting climax or it to just end really.

Just like the original, it was not scary, mainly because the scares were the most predictable scares you could think of, it's just like any other horror movie that has come out in the last decade.

How they took that source material and made so boring is actually quite impressive.

The movie was great and I enjoyed it throughout.

It is a compelling character element, and portrayed beautifully by Seimetz.

That was just bonkers to me, what a trite and cheaply nasty way to end the movie.

The film has a slow build.

Jason Clarke is definitely a better actor than Dale Midkiff, but he's a bit too intense from the start which hurts the film a bit.

I was bored.

Instead it was a slow plodding story line (it almost put me to sleep!!!

To be frank, I literally fell asleep in the theatre two maybe three times.

The premise certainly has lots of potential, and it's all very intriguing, it just fails to execute itself really well, or give any sort of satisfactory resolution to any of it.

I will say the movie was entertaining and it didn't leave me disappointed.

It was kinda boring and the performances weren't good.

A very drawn out and somewhat ineffective new adaptation that squanders potential .

The guy playing Louis in the original was not a super good actor, but at least his breaking point was intense, and the one playing Rachel was really likeable ...

So exciting see Stephen King's popularity grows again!

Snapping my jaw from a sweet long yawn I will admit that a few moments got me a little: the main scares come from screamers and disgusting stuff that you don't see every day.

This movie is rushed, with wooden and uncovincing acting, and I couldn't even finish it because how boring it was

There are almost no creepy visuals or atmosphere, the cinematography is bland and flat.

The film is not bad at all, it is still extremely entertaining and at times very creepy.

Waste of money .

Just bored and wishing I'd gone to see another movie.

The final act shows that the filmmakers can create tension and actually make things engaging, and luckily this section of the film exists.

I'm hoping this will be the worst movie I'll watch this year.

In my opinion, save your money and catch it on TNT in a year.

Don't waste your time by watching this crap...

Much like It: Chapter One, there is an over-reliance on predictable and silly jump scares, and ultimately, what could have been a mature and emotionally affecting story gives in to the worst excesses of the genre, betraying both itself and the original novel.

Very boring .

They're constant and incredibly predictable.

Jason Clarke as Louis was fine, it's just that his character was so bland in this and I just wanted him to leave.

A fairly boring film.

"So, here's a definition of waste of time.

The ending incredibly predictable.

It's not too scary at all, the plot twist is predictable

They really take away from my enjoyment of the film since they feel out of place when compared to the rest of the film, and are mainly used during scenes that honestly felt like pointless filler.

Cliche after cliche.

John Lithgow (as much as I like him as an actor), was so boring and 'flat' and expressionless as Jud Crandall.

It was a bit confusing.


All in all it's a very forgettable movie with flares of King's brilliant novel but not nearly enough to make a cohesive, engaging film.

There is another more mundane horror though, that of trucks and cars which threaten to snuff out life at any moment.

An Suspenseful And Effective That Proves That Sometimes Remake Is Better .

I was so excited to see the pre-screening, but it was boring, dreary and not worth watching at the movies.

This movie was boring, poorly acted, and hollow with no atmosphere.

Don't waste your time .

Very unconvincing, boring, without a proper pace.

The entire thing was disappointing and actually a waste of time making it.

The exposition, however, can be dull at moments.

First horror I've seen in a while that I've enjoyed and it felt quite short because it was so gripping throughout.

Six people got up and walked out...

A good drama with elements of horror turned into a boring massacre with a comic ending.

I left the theater wondering what would have happened to that poor boy.

Unnecessary and Bland .

Don't waste your time .

Because seriously, you all just don't get what makes his books so great, so terrifying and so engrossing.

I'm getting sick and tired of all these watered down, drawn out remakes.

The worst movie I have ever been to.

Lets just skip the boring old guy and google stuff because modern age, ehh ?.

Saw it in cinema and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Though the pacing of the film may seem a bit slow at times, when the film picks up its feet, it grabs your heart easily and makes for one of the most enjoyable horror flicks of recent days.

Despite a few changes from the original source, everything remains the same, however, the screenplay doesn't take you to the fear zone, and the story develops a rather flat, boring story.

Adding onto this, there are WAY TOO MANY JUMPSCARES here and they really do become very predictable and feel cheap after a while.

Totally boring remake and not scary at all.

Just plain dumb and dreadfully boring.

It dragged until what seemed to be a messy, rushed ending.

Competent acting and shot composition (if a little bland at times) is wasted on poor narrative decisions.

Yawn-Worthy .

I really enjoyed it .

Are Stephen King Thriller Horror Movies Supposed to Make U ZZZ?.

So slow!

Nevertheless, it's still an enjoyable horror film that takes itself and the source material seriously, and will no doubt please both fans of the novel and original film.

Though I haven't seen the original, this film is a genuinely scary and suspenseful fright fest that left me gripping my seat and urging my date to hold my hand because I was so frightened.

Total disappointment and complete waste of my time!

Very predictable, continuity errors.

The effects were bland and expected and ordinary.

If you talk about pointless remakes that never should have made it off of the concept idea drawing board, then the 2019 "Pet Sematary" is definitely one of the high ranking movies.

It used up every possible cliche - the couple moves to the countryside, the wife has a troubled past so she's unstable, there's a creepy drawing done by the kid, the creepy neighbour who's actually not creepy at all but kind and wise, etc, etc. It was so predictable.

Predictable and poorly done .

Worst movie .


Maybe that's also why they added those cliche masks.


Really enjoyed it .

I left the theater angry because it wasn't as good as they could have made it or even as good as the trailers portrayed.

Boring .

It was an enjoyable movie with a sold cast, good soundtrack, and good directing.

But the original will be more memorable then this boring waste of time.

Towards the end it became so dumb that I kind of went with it and enjoyed it as I had a few moments when I just wanted to laugh out loud at the stupidity of the movie and the characters.

A really enjoyable horror with genuine chills - ideal for newcomers unfamiliar with the source material .

Don't want to put in any spoilers, but seriously, don't waste your time.

Waste of Time .

The first half turns out to be quite boring as the story is slowly unfolded in order to touch on the most minute of details.

Needless to say it was SLOW, very NOT scary, and the remade title song originally performed by the Ramones is a complete travesty!


Bland .

The effects were bland and expected and ordinary.

The acting was boring and predictable.

I could try to explain why, but it's probably best to just say it quickly felt unintentionally and weirdly pointless - a movie-by-the-numbers.

The movie was also extremely slow, boring, and just ridiculously idiotic.

And while this, as a standalone film, is worth seeing, and is a solid, if uninspiring horror film, one cannot feel that they yearn for the original and Miko Hughes, who was wonderful as Gage back in 1989.

It annoys you with cheap, predictable jumpscares that aren't even well done.

I watched over 200 movies in the last 3 years in the theaters and its the 1st time i walked out that's how bad it is

This movie is not really scary, but it is intriguing.

Very dull and average remake that quite fails to do the source material justice or compare to the classic original.

Saying that, none of the cast - bar John Lithgow, who is one of the saving graces of the first two-thirds - are really all that engaging.

Especially the dad just feels bland.

I was left feeling disappointed and bored.

The movie feels bland.

The film was also much too fast paced, and would hardly give you time to sit and think about what the characters were saying or what was happening before hurrying on to the next thing.

Starts off ok but quickly loses control and nose dives into a predictable crash, that doesn't even explode on impact.

I was bored a lot of the time.

This was just one long snore with 3-4 good jumps in it.