Pet Sematary II (1992) - Fantasy, Horror

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A teenage boy and his father move to his recently-deceased mother's hometown, where they encounter the ancient Native American cemetery with the power to raise the dead.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Mary Lambert
Stars: Edward Furlong, Anthony Edwards
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 121 found boring (16.52%)

One-line Reviews (61)

But the character played by the great Clancy Brown (Blue Steel, Highlander) is funny to watch and pretty effective "dead" man..But I can't recommend this to anyone real horror fanatic because most of the time, this is stupid and boring.

It was exciting and a cool way to end the final conflict.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen!

Very ho hum to say the least.

Opinion: This was one pointless sequel.

The actress who played Drew's mom was bland.

Most of the movie is boring and laughable.

It's treated as if the reappearance of people who you have a personal hand in killing being up and acting as if nothing happened is a normal, everyday occurrence in town which doesn't generate any kind of special reaction or builds any suspense at all.

I won't say anything about the acting (which was pretty bad except for Clancy Brown who brought his A-game), or the characters (like the most ill-conceived bully of all time or the most irresponsible father who doubles as the world's worst veterinarian), or the cinematography (periodically confusing uses of soft-focus), or the music (occasional eruption of smooth jazz at inappropriate times), because if you just ignore all these things, the movie's actually kind of alright.

I found the entire movie to be contrived, boring and stupid, and I wouldn't watch it again even someone paid me!

The movie picked a less serious approach of things, which mostly made this an enjoyable one to watch.

Me neither, but Anthony Edward's character in Pet Sematary Two has, and it's cheesy goodness like this that makes this sequel so much more entertaining than the first Pet Sematary.

The atmosphere is well done and creepy, and all in all this is an entertaining, fun, very gory romp that fans of the genre should applaud.

"Pet Sematary II" is a (boring, badly made) drama about the struggles of adolescents more than it is a Horror movie.

The Kurgen kills Drews dog one night, after it tries to hurt his chickens, but lo and behold, John and Drew decide to bury the dog in the titular place, with predictable results...

That brings along with it the rather enjoyable aspects such as the slow realization of his degenerative condition, the more violent and overt displays of aggression towards the rest of the family and finally the culmination of everything in the house-chase and resulting car-chase which is all really enjoyable and sets up the rest of the action later on.

Not only is it suspenseful, exciting and somewhat funny at the right times, Edward himself delivers a believable performance as Jeff Matthews, a 14 year old who has just lost his mother in a freak accident.

Low budget crap it may be but, damn, is this crap enjoyable.

But I actually thought this was as enjoyable as the first, and I know I'm in the minority there!

The story has a vet doctor and his son moving to the Maine town to re cooperate from the unexpected death of his estranged wife.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Language, Brief Nudity, a brief sex scene, attempted Rape and several scenes of intense animal violence.

The last flaw here is the actions within the finale, as the decision to resurrect the individual is quite illogical, the behavior of being supportive and on their side becomes quite troubling and then how easily this is abandoned makes this all quite confusing and flawed.

Enjoyable Sequel- A Fall Classic .

PS II is worth watching just for his performance.

I found the characters from this movie to be also far more compelling as the ones from the first movie.

"Pet Sematary II" has a few fun scenes, but, honestly spoken, there's better ways to waste your time.

The first time I saw this film I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Directed by Mary Lambert (The In Crown) made an gruesome, cruel-spirited but entertaining trashy horror sequel to the original.

One of the biggest problems is that the film's pacing is just way too slow and at 100-minutes the film certainly drags in a lot of spots.

From the brawl in the house to the confrontation in the burning attic, these scenes are all rather fun and exciting and really make the best points for this one which is all pretty much found in the final half.

There is no mystery, tension, unexpected twists, and, although not lacking in nasty scenes, it simply isn't scary.

Acting is bad, special effects are bad, the movie in its entirety is a complete waste of time and space.

The story is what's slacking just a wee bit from the original film but I do find this film entertaining!!

If you like movies with strong plots and powerful acting, don't waste your time with this.

One of its good points is that there's some really enjoyable action scenes in the later half which is really quite fun as it really starts here with the policeman stepfather's resurrection.

Sequels keeps ruining the horror-genre and this is also one of the worst movies ever made.

there's not much to be said, i found this extremely entertaining, it's just a crazy, gory, fun movie.

The characters' depth is non-existent, the movie is boring, the kid is boring, the bully is ridiculous and the sheriff was a zombie before he was dead.

The acting is bland and the story is backwards.

For this film, the action has shifted in tone; from brooding and mysterious, to silly and comical - but the film manages to be entertaining throughout, as elements from the first film are blended with new ideas to create another tale of the ills of messing around with nature.

This may be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Although this movie doesn't connect much to the Creeds, of the original Stephen King Pet Sematary film, it makes a great new story and an enjoyable sequel.

I can only think to waste even more of my time by making useless points of a pointless movie, so it will contain spoilers.

Definitely still a good and enjoyable enough movie to watch, if you're willing to give it a shot and simply take it for what it is.

The original "Pet Seamatary" of 1989 (also directed by Lambert) was certainly no Horror-highlight, and I personally found it to be overrated by many of my fellow Horror fans, but it was still an atmospheric and entertaining film that had many creepy moments.

They dragged his huge body all that way themselves?!

Edwards is boring and Furlong is unconvincing as someone who becomes obsessed with bringing back the dead.

Overall this movie was relatively cheesy and rather predictable.

Possibly the worst movie ever made.. no question about it.

This second movie is made watchable by a good cast (Especially Brown as a resurrected sheriff makes this a lot of fun to watch) and a fast paced.

But no, probably even the postal workers of that town are boring.

Also there's a truly sick (and unnecessary) rape scene and pointless female nudity.

Not because it is too scary or whatever, but just because it is a pure waste of your time!

Furlong is adorable and the rest of the cast (which inlude Anthony Edwards of ER as Jeff's father and Jason McGuire as Jeff's overweight school friend) are brilliant, tying the story together to its predictable climax that you don't mind sitting through.

A very exciting kill scene involving a potato truck is also quite well done with a awesome pay off (great directing in that scene).

The characters work out as more entertaining and they are easier to identify with.

I really don't understand why this movie had to be made, it's a lot of gore and a waste of time.

Seriously, this is a great contendant for the worst movie ever made.

In addition to the aforementioned big-breasted, canine-headed lady dream sequence, this film is also worth watching for Clancy Brown's hilarious performance as undead Sheriff Gus (who forces himself on his foxy wife, skins rabbits by the dozen, rips bully Clyde's face off with a motorbike, and crushes his stepson with a truck-load of potatoes), the tasty home help getting a shard of glass in her eye, a satisfyingly cruel moment in which two little girls discover a cage full of mutilated kittens, and axe wielding zombie Clyde's head exploding.

The first Pet Sematary is clearly the better film than this sequel but it may be surprising to some that I found this film more enjoyable to watch.

The original was at least a bit entertaining and spooky and scary and so.