Peterloo (2018) - Drama, History

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The story of the 1819 Peterloo Massacre where British forces attacked a peaceful pro-democracy rally in Manchester.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Mike Leigh
Stars: Rory Kinnear, Maxine Peake
Length: 154 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 27 out of 66 found boring (40.9%)

One-line Reviews (57)

This mainly occurs during the repetitive speeches, which are usually surprisingly watchable in spite of the way they're sometimes put together (perhaps in an attempt to vary them).

Leigh takes a close look at some of the characters caught in the turmoil and it makes for a compelling portrait of the time.

Bland and heartless .

It should be a great match, but alas it's a boring mishmash that really doesn't work.

Slow; comprehensive build up.

Gripping throughout .

Trite dialogue includes stupidities such as when, looking at her sleeping child, Maxine Peake's character says "In 1900 she'll be 85".

I'm not sure if I can enunciate my feelings about this 'movie' but let me try: over wordy, dull, tedious, badly acted (Not everyone but most), slow, monotonous.

Let me clarify: the slow-march toward the awful event is so exciting, that by the way the battle is staged, it all feels so real and even more aggressive.

True story,but way the make the movie so long ,because the last end is the most important in the movie,so way so long and dull .

Very worthy, but very, very dull .

Slow historical drama.

Really boring.

I fell asleep twice and so I had to restart those missed scenes to be certain I didn't miss anything and honestly I could just have skipped those scenes as it was the same arguing all the time.

2 1/2 hours of complete boredom .

Peterloo isn't perfect, but it is unexpected in every way and one stirring piece of filmmaking that you don't want to miss.

Slow moving and thoughtful.

9th Century Mancunian dialect may be difficult to follow.

Given the gripping and terrifying narrative of the Peterloo Massacre, how anyone, particularly someone as talented as Mike Leigh, could deliver something as tedious and unedifying as this movie beggars belief.

Dont waste your time, movies is incredibly boring and slow.

For instance a film of such length asks for little treats and fascinating elements, convincing its audience to hold onto their seats.

Despite its unusual length, I found it gripping throughout.

But because Leigh refuses to edit or exorcise anything, the reenactment scenes sometimes drag on and become a tad boring.

But it's really, really boring, and stops dead after the massacre.

It also has a very strong Lancashire dialect, which some might find difficult to follow.

Boring boring boring .

To me this was just a boring movie that could have been so much better when you know the full story.

Vincent Franklin's over-the-top portrayal of an odious magistrate is among the most entertaining.

This is just rooms of people talking, I walked out for the first time ever about an hour in.

Confusing - You might find yourself in the bottom of the river .

Dull .

How can one take an incredibly dramatic episode in history and make it so freaking dull?!

My god this bored me so much, watched about 50 mins and gave up.

The movie is slow and sluggish and ultimately misses out on the main goal - giving proper light to the Peterloo massacare.

Too bored!

Judging from other reviews here, I guess I am more patient than many viewers when it comes to slower paced movies.

Low intensity and bored!

Is this the manifestation of a little boy who found the wordplay fascinating?

Gripping and beautifully done .

There are too many characters and the film is confusing as it flies around.

It would have made an infinitely better film if the actual massacre had occurred approximately 60 minutes sooner, and then gone on to show the results, public opinion etc. It would have helped if it even had some blood in it, but even this seems to have been sanitised to get as low a rating as possible which is pointless because I guarantee anyone under 20 will have fallen asleep long before any action occurs.

This is because there are a copious amount of characters who don't really have any character, aside from their political views and the way in which they voice them - often through verbose, long-winded and, frankly, sometimes dull (though also sometimes rousing) speeches.

And the death of the young soldier, who could have been the protagonist, was predictable.

The shots were awful, cutting off characters foreheads and focusing on their coats, scenes linger too long and are utterly pointless.

Make no mistake, the atmosphere of 'Peterloo (2018)' is simply stunning, with phenomenal set-design and costuming combining with expert acting and often impressively rural vistas to immerse you in Britain of 1819.

The history is dark but fascinating.

I remain speechless That is too long.

If these are not carefully placed and kept no longer than necessary, they can become very, very tedious.

Serious and Seriously Dull .

The sets and costumes are accurate and they've been true to the accents, giving it an overall realistic feel and giving us an intriguing window into the period.

The movie was way too long, but the major issue were the repetitive scenes of people holding a speech for almost ninety percent of the movie.

Slow to start because it explains why the English of the early 19th century had well founded issues with the the current political system its corruption ....

A slow work up to the massacre.

Mike can be a bit self indulgent, there where a few scenes that were just there for colour.

If you want to watch 50 boring speeches in a row, Good luck.

Entertaining and educational.

Yes, the climax is harrowing, as it should be, but the lead up to it is engaging, using a series of interesting characters, back stories and even a little humour.