Philadelphia (1993) - Drama

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When a man with HIV is fired by his law firm because of his condition, he hires a homophobic small time lawyer as the only willing advocate for a wrongful dismissal suit.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Jonathan Demme
Stars: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 26 out of 285 found boring (9.12%)

One-line Reviews (113)

The pacing was very slow.

'Philadelphia' is based on the issue mentioned above, and here comes a film that is memorable, sensitive and compelling.

To me this movie is both a relevant and compelling story, as well as a model of overcompensation.

This movie changed Tom Hanks career from silly (but enjoyable) comedies to Oscar winner and candidate for all the top scripts, Plot In A Paragraph: When successful Philadelphia lawyer Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks) is fired for alleged incompetence, he believes it is because his employers found out he had AIDS.

Having said that, the other obvious weaknesses were in the script which was a little too contrived at times.

Instead of drama, we're given a politically correct, preachy, propaganda tract.

An absolutely riveting film starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, who are both superb in this account of a lawyer fired by his law firm because he is a gay man with AIDS.

This scene is just stunning and touchy.

The pacing was very slow.

This film reminded me that something that's even more important than entertaining court scenes in such a film, is an involving subject, to make you really feel that this case is important, crucial; this film shows, once and for all, that a good story, an important subject, makes a good film if executed properly.

yeah, I'll say it - the conclusion of this film was really intense for me to watch.

In this riveting, insightful story, Tom Hanks stars as a successful attorney who works for a prominent, richly conservative law firm while concealing his homosexuality and recent contraction of AIDS.

This, combined with the intense subject matter, made it an ambitious undertaking.

Finally: "The movie is propaganda.

Now, to the movie: the movie is so overly indulged in 'emotion' and musical cues that it becomes so embarrassingly sappy and unwatchable.

" All movies are propaganda.

The acting is top-notch, production values are high-end, and the results are…boring.

The problem with this film is the script is too contrived and many aspects are just not plausible.

This fight for equal rights for homosexuals which is portrayed in this movie still makes it worth watching nowadays, because discrimination is still rampant.

Putting the propaganda aside, I give "Philadelphia" a 7.

Absorbing all the way through--thoughtful, provocative and guaranteed to stir your interest in its delicate handling of a difficult subject.

) That is to say the court scenes are very intense, mostly because we have grown to hate Andy's ex-law firm so much.

Predictable, totally unrealistic and fraught with Hollywood's social change agenda.

My only real criticism of this movie is that it still remains a cliche Hollywood movie which has to be sold to the masses and therefore a lot of sugarcoated melodrama is added to the story.

As a film it is quite routine, and as a piece of propaganda it falls as flat as the characters.

The story here is stunning, it's brilliant, one can not praise this film enough.

On an overall scale, Philadelphia is an engaging, enlightening & heartfelt drama that offers an insightful understanding of the disease it's about while wonderfully exposing the darker side of human nature without pointing any fingers.

The movie was totally predictable.

The movie was totally predictable.

The writers carefully picked apart most of the prejudices that people still have towards homosexuals and AIDS victims in an entertaining way, they showed us what homophobia really is, and gave us characters that you feel deeply for.

Hanks saves himself from a weak role to read on paper, and Washington goes from strong and powerful to boring and melodramatic at times.

Propaganda Posing as Art .

Jason Robards and Mary Steenburgen, both fine performers, also get stuck playing boring antagonists.

I remember Tom Hanks's character left an important file on someone's empty desk and walked away; later on, that file turns up missing causing the firm to lose a case and that was the ostensible reason for his getting fired.

He is a pure magic while seducing you, with a slow speech and low voice, he is wiser than others and also humbler.

Right then and there I knew her and I were going nowhere in our relationship.

I would highly recommend it for anyone.

A stunning film with a great soundtrack, it could draw tears from almost anyone.

The music was so thrilling!!

It's AIDS propaganda for the masses; a film-by-committee if there ever was one.

This is a very good, many superb scenes, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young (I prefer Neil's song), it's a worth watching film.

It's against this backdrop that Tom Hanks' AIDS-afflicted upwardly mobile city lawyer makes his brave stand against an obviously contrived dismissal.

i hate to say this but its boring .

While it has many imperfections, the performances are terrific and if you're a fan of Hanks and Washington, which you certainly should be, then it's worth the watch.

Watching the working relationship that develops between Andrew and Joe, from their first handshake (which Joe frightfully pulls away from) to their final encounter in Andrew's hospital bed, is what forms the crux of this heartbreaking and riveting movie experience.

The most powerful argument against this film seems to be that it is anti-homosexual propaganda in how it shows the relationship between Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas.

After The Greatest Masterpiece of all time,A Suspenseful and Thrilling "The Silence of the Lambs",He made the next MasterWork in a different genre:humanity drama.

In order to achieve the goal of being an emotional movie that hopefully opens the eyes of viewers to the world of AIDS, according to Demme, the film employed many cinematic techniques such as very slow music that swelters to a climax.

It's also fascinating to watch to see how far thinking has come regarding gay people and HIV/AIDS.

That said it took Hollywood another 15 years for its first gay-kiss between men in "Brokeback Mountain" and if to turn a cliché, a journey of a hundred miles starts with a single step, then "Philadelphia" played its part, especially when prejudices were arguably more ingrained than today.

Unfortunately, the director focuses so much on the wrong aspects, specifically Denzel Washington's boring character arc and quasi path to enlightenment.

Tom Hanks' character of Andrew Beckett, the gay lawyer with AIDS, is dreadfully dull.

It is this hard strive for fundamental rights which makes "Philadelphia" so engaging and moving.

Rich, Compelling, Deep, Magnificent Film!.

What all his films have in common is strong characters, talented actors and compelling scenes to exhibit their talents.

Preachy, predictable, slow pace.

Well-Acted, Involving Propaganda Piece .

He displays the process of sickness in the most gripping way possible that will make you not be able to stop watching.

Potentially Fascinating Subject Matter Squandered by Poor Directing .

In addition to ignoring the complexities of human character, this movie totally ignores the complexites of the AIDS issue, and gay rights, simplifying them into a thin gruel of unthinking, maudlin, propaganda.

On its own, Philadelphia is a well made but formulaic movie.

The acting is superb all around and the story is compelling.

The results are breathtaking.

As gripping as the train station scene in Schindler's List (or in any holocaust movie), it showed compassion,despair,joy,hope,sorrow and redemption all wrapped-up in one magnificent human moment.

Compelling Film about Human Beings .

It is not just canny, corny and blatantly patriotic, but compassionate, compelling and emotionally devastating.

A couple of other reviewers said Philadelphia was propaganda, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!

A sometimes overbearing but nevertheless enjoyable film...

The courtroom scenes, which are supposed to be intense and dramatic, end up being dull.

Excellent, Compelling, and an emotional powerhouse .

DENZEL and HANKS at their very best in a gripping courtroom drama.

The make-up which gives the impression that Hanks really does have the terrible disease is perfect and the simple yet striking direction from Jonathan Demme(The Silence Of The Lambs) make this utterly compelling viewing although at times it is very uncomfortable.

Yes, the characters in this film are played by actors who are almost universally liked, and distract the viewers from the compelling reality that AIDS affects many people who engage in behavior that to many people is morally ambiguous.

An equally compelling theme song, written and sung by Bruce Springstein, underscores the mood of the film.

The most intense scene was while listening opera.

This movie is excellent, it's compelling, it's heartbreaking, my friends it is breathtaking.

These moments are quite rare in the film, unfortunately I would say, but when they happen, it's so intense, so meaningful that it redeems all the little flaws that might be pointed out.

I for one think this is a great touch since too often in movies they give us this cliche of the poor little gay boy kicked out of home by an overly cruel father.

Denzel Washington is very compelling as well he plays an attorney.

The emotions of their relationship are also complicated by Andy's apparent rendezvous with a man at the Stallion Theatre while engaging in a relationship with Miguel.

It is not able to criticize Tom Hanks' performance, which is simply stunning as is the rest of the cast.

The sheer audacity of such an approach made the performances of Hanks and Washington seem more contrived than they already were.

His appearance in the film encapsulates the reality of the AIDS epidemic, in that it often touched our lives in unexpected places.

Denzel Washington has the meatier role and plays it with such authority and compelling poise, also showing excellent chemistry with Hanks, while I appreciated the subdued performance of Antonio Banderas and Joanne Woodward's nuanced turn as Andy's mother.

Demme should stop the politics and get back to entertaining people.

He has the comic credit of Married to the Mob, the psychological thriller Silence of the Lambs and the compelling social drama Philadelphia.

There's just too many courtroom scenes and not enough character development, and that gets very boring and repetitive, very fast.

Propaganda .

"Philadelphia" is successful and engaging because it has a simple plot.

As the years have rolled by, the film's standing has waned some what, gays have renounced the film as over sentimental gloop and various other cinema critics have accused the film of confusing its aims.

Flawed but fascinating social protest movie .

Although the movie is well directed, edited and equally well-paced, with largely creditable acting performances from lots of old, familiar regulars; it has an extremely banal script, whilst the plot itself is a predictable done-deal.

Denzil Washington was good but predictable.

If a movie succeeds on doing this, (with of course a touch of fiction that makes reality more, let's say intense and interesting to watch)than it's a great movie to me.

Director Demme should be credited for crafting an interesting and entertaining film that at least doesn't fall into the trap of being patronising to the point of insulting.

these are the kind of movies that worth watching.

I felt it started off intriguing but then for a good 30 minutes it felt slow and barely involved the lead character.

Propaganda is still propaganda, even when the cause is noble.

This is a piece of leaden propaganda--I would call it "obvious" propaganda, but it seems to have fooled most of the critics.

This scene is just stunning.

"Philadelphia" could have been a powerful, thought provoking film, but turned out quiet and dull, 7/10.

Denzel Washington's character was just a re-hash of all his characters from that era: strident, using the high-strung, clipped-speech, and contrived.

Anyway, like I said, it's a great film, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Dated, Slow, Emotional Impact Zero .

Script 6 Director 7 Cast 8 Entertaining 5

Formulaic hardly describes it.

Delivers through the propaganda .

PHILADELPHIA - * * * * out of * * * * * D: Jonathan Demme S: Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Jasob Robards, Mary Steenburgen, Antonio Banderas"Philadelphia" is a sometimes overbearing but nevertheless enjoyable film about a gay man (Hanks) infected with AIDS, who sues his employer (Robards) for firing him over prejudice.

Despite minor setbacks such as lack of emotional diversity and predictability, Philadelphia is an interesting insightful movie that is definitely worth watching.

Bruce Springsteen provided a sensational song ("Streets of Philadelphia") and Howard Shore an enjoyable soundtrack.

Other than that, the film itself is quite entertaining.

Very little is made of the fact that this 'victim' caught the disease as a result of his own reckless behaviour, participating in lewd conduct with complete strangers, whilst living (and engaging in sexual activity with) a male partner.

Gripping, well-made drama has two excellent leads, a great supporting cast, and a thought-provoking story that sheds light on some sensitive and controversial issues.