Pieces of April (2003) - Comedy, Drama

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A wayward daughter invites her dying mother and the rest of her estranged family to her apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.

Director: Peter Hedges
Stars: Katie Holmes, Oliver Platt
Length: 80 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 13 out of 182 found boring (7.14%)

One-line Reviews (69)

All the different personalities in the family represented in the film are very enjoyable and you might even find yourself identifying with them or with other members in your OWN family.

The always entertaining Katey Holmes plays "April", a young,middle class, bohemian woman living in Manhattan, New York.

Surprisingly banal even for Peter Hedges .

Any movie that moves me is a movie that is worth watching.

Mr. Platt gives an enjoyable performance as a loving father and husband.

This story is a moving one and Katie Holmes gave such a great, unexpected performance of depth beyond the confines of her generalized dialogue that I was wishing there was more development of her character.

Katie Holmes definently gave her best performance yet and most diverse, making much more unique and enjoyable to watch.

There's certainly a plethora of cutting remarks made by the characters in `Pieces Of April' but it seemed to me that most of the dialogue here was dumbed-down to the point of real cliché.

This is truly an unexpected delight.

While we view her entertaining attempts at fixing a typical meal, we get to see her family's trip to New York.

Certainly the most intriguing character in the story is the ironically named Joy, ironic because, even though her terminally ill status should elicit sympathy from the audience, her often-nasty disposition makes it difficult for us to like her.

This was a very enjoyable movie.

I watched this the other day out of pure curiosity and I VERY much enjoyed it.

"Pieces of April" is an enjoyable and very delightful thanksgiving tale.

I highly reccommend this film, but will warn you that if you have lost a loved one it can be tough at times, but ultimately worth watching.

The HD filming adds a home-movie touch to the proceedings, which are all predictable because we have all been there.

This unafraid little film takes on family, love, loss and dignity in the most unexpected ways.

It's an enjoyable movie that is worth watching.

Also, (unlike Roger Ebert) I found the sub-plot about April's boyfriend, Bobby, entertaining (the mysterious Tyrone), character developing (shows how much he cares for April), and necessary to the main plot (the Burns family's first sight of him when they arrive).

We first see her being dragged, tattooed, pierced & leather clad, out of bed by her African American boyfriend.

More forgettable than entertaining, "POA" is recommended for Holmes fans or a video rental when "Lost in Translation" is not on the shelf or on broadcast when those who aren't engaged can change channels with impunity.

I thought the soundtrack was absolutely perfect; I looked it up after watching the film yesterday, and almost every song on the soundtrack album spoke to me, and connected with me far more than the film itself (not a criticism of the film, I just adore the soundtrack that much) Also, the ending was a tad predictable; just from reading the back cover of the DVD I assumed that she would demonstrate her worth through all the people in her block who considered her a friend, and while that wasn't the case, it was close enough to make me feel slightly cheated.

I've heard a lot about Lost in Translation, how great that film is, and although I love Scarlett Johansson who played Grace in The Horse Whisperer to perfection, I found Translation tedious at best.

It was a waste of time.

This must see movie is engaging as well as rewarding, an excellent insight in the insanity of ordinary life as well as its greatness.

Don't be alarmed if, after watching it, you feel a compelling impulse to call your mother just to say, `I love you'.

Maybe if Joey had flashed her boobs like she did in The Gift this thing wouldn't have felt like a complete waste of time.

Also quite fascinating is the character of Beth, April's younger sister.

Small but intriguing characters played by Sean Hayes and Alice Drummond add to the film's unique style.

This movie, full of unexpected moments, pathos & drama, is destined to the be the perfect companion to a Thanksgiving holiday -- for those whose unconventional lives may indeed mirror this movie family's own!

This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my lifetime.

but I enjoyed it immensely.

The character played by Patricia Clarkson is however absolutely wonderful and is greatly entertaining and tragic.

And it's enjoyable on many different levels -- it's funny, charming, weird, intelligent, and it has a real honest heart to it that isn't nearly sentimental or gushing.

Shot in digital video by Tami Reiker and running only eighty minutes, the 2003 movie works toward an inevitable conclusion, but Hedges adds enough film-making idiosyncrasies to make it all seem more intriguing than it has any right to be.

My family Thanksgiving dinner is latent with chaos, a breath away from murder, on the edge of total misunderstanding.

Thoroughly enjoyable movie.

i loved every minuite of it.. and it was really funny and sad and we both really enjoyed it.

It's a fascinating portrayal of sibling rivalry carried to destructive proportions.

And even a dull, pointless subject.

The message about Thanksgiving is a ruse, for what is otherwise a work of propaganda.

The final resolution ends the film on such a perfect note that it made the slow beginning worth the time.

Contrived scenes there were a few, especially the ones involving a British neighbour who, with his posh tastes and immaculate manners, leave me wondering how could he have accepted dwelling in the derelicts inhabited mostly by the marginalised.

I found it charming and very entertaining.

Katie Holmes' is excellent in this compelling story!

I can highly recommend it for family viewing.

I highly recommend it to anyone!

It doesn't matter if you have a good relationship with your mother or not, this movie is enjoyable and I (my mom is my best friend) was able to relate to this film!

Truly, it was pointless.

A good movie, worth watching.

Small-scale film never really takes off with Hedges' intended seriocomic edge, but there are touching moments sprinkled in with the lulls.

Director Peter Hedges skillfully and movingly takes the Thanksgiving feast preparation - a time when some very occasional cooks court and too often encounter disaster - and the road movie genre and concocts a tale that is engrossing.

Dull film peopled with unbelievable characters .

Just really enjoyed it.

This movie is uninteresting.

Honestly, I was finding myself slightly bored during the beginning of the movie.

Horrible; Pointless .

It's 80 minutes long, has an ULTRA-PREDICTABLE ending, and has little connection with how people act in the real world.

The film, although over an hour, manages to span over just one day, lending it a slow feel.

Katie Holmes was riveting as April in her punk look.

Small, superficial, but very enjoyable .

A total surprise but VERY enjoyable!

Good, catchy music supplied mainly by Stephin Merritt also made this film more enjoyable.

) The movie was good though there was this boring and ultimately pointless subplot with April's boyfriend Bobby going throughout town to get a suit, buy flowers, and is then ganged upon April's former druggie boyfriend and his pathetic crew.

While short, each character was multi-dimensional and evocative.

From the initial scene of the ordeal of getting April up in the morning to the final shots, this was one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long time.

I don't live in America, so Thanksgiving is a bit lost on me, but I thought this movie was very enjoyable, with a totally justified "happy ending.

Then come a deliciously fascinating array of N.

I really liked Hedges' directing and the acting seemed very natural and those two made this movie really intense.