Planet of the Vampires (1965) - Horror, Sci-Fi

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After landing on a mysterious planet, a team of astronauts begin to turn on each other, swayed by the uncertain influence of the planet and its strange inhabitants.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Mario Bava
Stars: Barry Sullivan, Norma Bengell
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 12 out of 73 found boring (16.43%)

One-line Reviews (59)

More often the deaths happen off-screen and it's mostly free of action, to really only hit in the dying stages in some rapid set-pieces, but it's the dreary ending that's a strike of genius.

That's how confusing it is.

terribly boring .

Terrore Nello Spazio (known in the English-speaking world as Planet Of The Vampires) is a talky, slow-burning science fiction entry from Italy.

But it is a fascinating thing to watch, and sci-fi/horror fans who like their films heavy on atmosphere, interesting cinematography, and truly remarkable designs will want this one their shelf.

The ship turns out to be very old and filled with giant skeletons of an ancient alien race - a technically stunning and wonderfully atmospheric creation from the filmmakers here.

Easily dismissible as mindless, Z-list science-fiction horror tripe, the more the film is examined, the more strangely fascinating layers can be extracted from its kaleidoscope of seemingly discordant elements, making it, in many ways, a more perversely fitting emblematic work for the chaos and existential uncertainty of the decade than more obvious and common choices, such as Easy Rider.

It is not without the faults which trouble several sixties sci-fi films, such as the occasionally silly sets, but Bava's feat is to rise above the American B-movie narration and create a tense, exciting atmosphere.

And yet, in spite of its utter lack of conventional quality lies a bizarre and strangely absorbing concoction the likes of which would be incredibly rare to see in a modern context.

While the basic premise is pure science fiction, Bava treats said story as if it was a piece of sheer Gothic horror: the fog-shrouded landscape of the planet seems like a desolate cemetery, mangled corpses litter the floors of empty spaceships, and several dead astronauts wrapped in plastic rise out of the ground in strikingly stylized slow motion in the movie's single most scary set piece.

It also works quite well against insomnia.

Very slow movie.

When I first sat myself down to watch this I really wasn't expecting anything more than just another dusty old sci-fi clunker, but I was soon pleasantly surprised by it, it was very compelling and surprisingly eerie and to me it was a good movie.

THAT'S how intriguing and worthwhile this movie is.

Indeed, in many respects the story is remarkably predictable--and any one taken aback by the "surprise" ending obviously doesn't get out too much.

This movie is slow, and it sucked.

Cheesy, boring epics, usually directed by the likes of Antonio Margheriti that have crummy atmospherics, bad plots and horrible dubbing.

The film drags in places but is on the whole fascinating, mainly thanks to a clever story(co-written by the Danish cult figure Ib "Reptilicus" Melchior) and a tight direction by Bava.

Cinematographer Antonio Perez Olea along with uncredited cameraman Mario Bava bath the picture an incredible atmosphere is somehow both breathtaking and colorful and its groundbreaking imaginery is hypnotic , being filmed in Colorscope.

I fell asleep twice trying to watch to the end...

In the shot of the person dying, what appears to be a regular kitchen lighter was held in front of the camera lense to make it look like an intense flame was being shot in their direction.

One of the worst movies ever made.

Acclaimed Italian fright film director Mario Bava, working from an inspired and intriguing script by Ib Melchior and Louis M.

Even with that in mind it does share some ideas with the body snatcher theme, but it was a cleverly done concept done in a slow grinding, but extremely engaging style.

Stylish, creepy, cool and fascinating.

Colorful sets and cinematography add a layer of surrealism over seemingly banal B-movie science-fiction drivel.

Among the more notable sequences are the attack on Sullivan by his 'possessed' crew – very effective because it is unexpected – and also the famous slo-mo rise of the shrouded monsters from their foggy graves.

PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES is exciting, arresting in places, and nuanced in small ways even by the actors involved, all of them physically fit with numerous fight scenes.

I found this to be an entertaining if somewhat flawed film, certainly more enjoyable than it was when I first watched it in 1965.

The film is quite bloody for the mid 60s, the atmosphere is eerie and intense, and some sequences are very, very creepy.

So many of these movies are simply boring.

Thrilling film based on a story titled "One Night of 21 Hours" by Renato Pestriniero with interesting screenplay by Rafael J Salvia and Antonio Roman , the latter a screen-player and filmmaker who co-directed with Mario Bava a Western titled Ringo of Nebraska .

I really was so bored!

Nothing happens.

", 1966), "I Tre Volti Della Paura" ("Black Sabbath", 1963), "La Frusta E Il Corpo" ("The Whip And The Body", 1963), or the Giallo-milestone "Sei Donne Per L'Assassino" ("Blood and Black Lace", 1964), and even outside the Horror genre, Bava is known for brilliant films such as the breathtaking 1974 Crime-Thriller masterpiece "Cani Arrabiati" (aka.

The DVD is a vast improvement over the old Thorn/EMI videotape, transferred from a stunning, original master print that has the AIP logo at the beginning of the titles.

Aside from an exciting set-piece involving an escape from a locked room having its oxygen sucked out, the film is actually quite plodding when it forces us to spend time with its collection of cut- out archetypes.

If you're an admirer of "Alien", then you really should check out this suspenseful little gem that preceded it.

Planet of the Vampires has got to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

A fine film and well worth watching.

The crystal colours, eerie atmosphere and evocative visuals are downright dazzling and haunting in this low-budget Italian Sci-fi outing.

Still, worth watching for the cool look and some goofy dialogue, as well as a pleasingly twisted finale.

But the real star of the film is the tone director Mario Bava brings to the piece: a combination of languid tempo and hypnotic visuals that keep you glued to the screen--not so much via suspense as by style alone.

Science fiction in that era is mostly out dated to today's standards but this here keep me watching and finally I really enjoyed it.

The film is worth watching for the visuals alone.

The storyline is ahead of its time and is actually quite entertaining.

Despite the somewhat misleading title (the "vampires" are more like thought-transference "body snatchers" than vampires), PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES makes for fascinating viewing.

For a film whose premise would suggest such an utter lack of talent or inspiration, the artistic influences, both visual and theatrical, suggest a far more cannily self-aware piece of work, making the end product all the more compelling, and yearning to be deciphered.

In fact, I fell asleep watching Planet of the Vampires.

This film sees itself as product, and none of Bava's skills at scare tactics are very much in evidence here, just a plodding somber epic at less than one and a half-hours.

This intriguing science fiction tale from the master of atmospheric horror, Mario Bava, is a lot different from the norm.

Like the later film, PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES finds a spacecraft investigating a beacon that may indicate intelligent life, only to find themselves on a misty, dark, and yet strangely fascinating planet that harbors a very hostile life form--and where they find an ancient, derelict spacecraft complete with calcified alien remains.

A historically significant film that is still very entertaining.

Using bold primary colours and going overtime on a smoke machine, Bava infuses the planet with a suitably otherworldly atmosphere, which helps distract from the relatively formulaic plot.

I know some people appreciate the dialogue driven action but I found the picture to be way too slow for its own good.

A lot of other reviewers praise director Mario Bava for the good special effects and atmospherics of this movie, while others damn him for the disjointed plot and silly science gaffs.

It's hard to say why the story isn't compelling despite the film's numerous innovations, but one reason for sure is that, unlike Star Trek, the crewmembers are bland and lack distinction.

If you can enjoy a good, bad movie, Planet of the Vampires is worth watching.

As previously mentioned, the acting in this film is very flat and uninspiring.