Playing It Cool (2014) - Comedy, Romance

Hohum Score



Unrequited love motivates a guy to write about his experiences.

Director: Justin Reardon
Stars: Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 16 out of 43 found boring (37.2%)

One-line Reviews (31)

While the inevitable outcome is predictable, there may be a few obstacles along the way that are kind of refreshing to see.

"Playing It Cool" is an annoying, silly, boring and disappointing romantic comedy with an awful story of a man that does not believe in love due to a traumatic experience in his childhood.

The whole love story is quite boring, which is a shame because I liked the chemistry between the different characters.

Too Cliché .

The story was great until it comes to the conclusive part of the movie, where the cliché "happy ending" for the viewers everywhere.

Generally, this is a bland rom-com with one or two funny side characters.

'Playing it Cool' is just about as cliche as they come with this genre, even though the film tries its darndest to do the opposite.

Really enjoyable twist on a rom com .

"It is certainly true for "Playing it Cool" that its story drives its characters, and its story is as clichéd and predictable as they come.

It's a waste of time.

Annoying, Silly, Boring and Disappointing .

It is so cliché, my eyes hurt.

Review: I really wasn't that impressed with this film because it seemed to be going nowhere, right from the very beginning.


so unnaturally boring and pretentious .

The movie is genuine and feels realistic even when it is a little bit cliché.

I really wanted to like this one — it has a solid cast, and the promotional shots of Chris Evans in a variety of costumes (including a WWII sailor, a chain-smoking film noir hero, and an astronaut) looked intriguing.

but me and my friends (27-35) could identify ourselves in lots of the situations and we found it really funny and really entertaining as a romantic comedy should be!

How cliché is that?

Another thing I loved about the movie was that it avoided the cliché "I wrote a book about us and it made you upset.

This vastly enjoyable romcom has one of the wittiest and most clever scripts this longtime romcom fan has ever viewed.

However, there was interesting storytelling technique, crisp cinematography, snappy dialogue, and quirky visuals to keep audiences' attention up to that final romp across San Francisco at the end.

Playing It CoolYet another formulaic romcom that misses the mark.

Creative and entertaining.

but both so-called 'romantic comedy' turned out to be so boring, so exaggerated, so pretentious, and so contrite, and both should never be approved to be produced.

semi-bland .

The film is predictable, there will be times when you will be anxious for what will happen, and some other times you will feel boredom and impatience.

'Playing it Cool' contains a few moments of genuine charm, purely from its actors, only to be outdone by the next extremely cliche plot point.

but these two screenplays are just as bored as each other, and the difference is so little, only the storyline shuffled a little bit.

Though the ending is predictable & follows the classic romantic comedy formula, the movie itself rarely goes in the direction of clichés.

Falls Into the Cliche's it Swears to Avoid .