Poltergeist III (1988) - Horror, Thriller

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Carol Anne is staying with her aunt in a high-rise building, where the supernatural forces haunting her make their return.

IMDB: 4.7
Director: Gary Sherman
Stars: Heather O'Rourke, Tom Skerritt
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 27 out of 120 found boring (22.5%)

One-line Reviews (82)

Poltergeist III is truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

This movie had a strange plot, there were some decent moment in this movie, that were worth watching, nothing scary or creepy like first movie.

The only thing more praiseworthy than writing such a dull and thin plot is actually sitting through it.

During the "exciting climax" of the movie where they take the window washer thingy up the side of the building, I actually lost patience and hit the fast-forward button for the first time in my life during a film to get to the end.

Another undisguised follow-up from excellent original(produced by Spielberg), occasionally plodding and pointless sequel; furthermore, rapidly and lousy made.

) and the ending is rushed and pointless.

There are far too many characters in this movie who are uninteresting and that you have a hard time caring about.

Extremely awful or extremely entertaining...?. .

But it's somewhat entertaining.

Overall I felt this was a fun 80's horror genre film to watch, and enjoyed it much more than the second movie.

the cast's acting was overblown, cliche, and almost spooflike, giving both O'rourke and Zelda Rubinstein no support whatsoever.

The last half hour is undoubtedly the best of the film as all sort of great scenes come up and the pace quickens as the film really picks up once the spirits attack, from retrieving the daughter and finding out their real identities to the spectacular series of encounters in the frozen kitchen and finally the fun action scenes in the garage that are far more enjoyable than they really should be.

In short, it was just plain boring.

There is some mildly entertaining subplot involving Lara Flynn Boyle's character, Donna, and her love interest with really bad '80s hair sneaking their friends into the building's pool after-hours.

Well worth watching if you love 'reading' or studying a film.

I left the theater shaking, after a whirlwind ride of mystery, suspense and excitement.

The second was double the bore.

Could have been much better if the script was worked on, but as-is, it's just a formulaic sequel with some average acting.

The first hour of this movie was pretty entertaining (up until Carolanne vanishes in the puddle) after that the movie turns out pretty lame.

If you get bored, try to distract yourself by watching the excellent effects, and by counting how many times the name "Carol Anne" is heard throughout the film.

The acting of the adults was bad, the plot was confusing, the ending seemed like it was just cut short, and it's hard to think of more other than the acting of Lara Flynn Boyle was absolutely pitiful I might add.

I'm bored talking about Poltergeist III, I'm giving this atrocity of a freak show 4 out of 10 stars.

An enjoyable sequel.

uninteresting plot .

This one is slow moving and rather boring as there just are not the cool special effects from the previous two installments.

Also, unlike the previous two films, which used mind blowing special effects, this one just got downright violent, even for a PG13 film.

We end up with a boring and quite stupid end product.

Co-written and directed by Gary Sherman I thought this was a waste of 100 odd minutes of my life.

Uninteresting plot with a lot of confusion in the entire movie, i think the only thing that kept me from turning this movie off was the performance that Nathan Davis gave as Kane.

Not to mention, there were way too many confusing moments and scenes in this one.

The script by Sherman and Brian Taggert is about as dull and uninteresting as you could hope for.

Exciting, suspenseful, great story, acting, and music score.

It has an interesting idea about a haunted skyscraper and even starts out eerily enough, but then turns into a funhouse ride with no plot and too many special effects.

Then in the second act there's cliché partying teenage subplot which reduces Boyle efforts as Donna redundant, although she is quite menacing and scary when she bursts out of Tangina's body or when Boyle later has part of her face pealed off.

It's exciting although becomes a bit of a let down.

This whole sequence is literally breathtaking.

They avoided the cliches while still being entertaining.

The original's characters weren't exactly one of the best cast list ever assembled, but this cast seemed so blah and banal, uninspired no less.

That the whole film mostly takes place inside the apartment complex is the main source of scares in the film, with the scenes in here coming from an unexpected action occurring from a familiar location.

Even with a low budget it could have been pulled off, but this falls flat with use of such gems as melting wax faces, condensed air, and other cliche' 80's slasher tricks.

The whole movie is one big mass of confusion.

Finally, one supporting character, a doctor, remains skeptical of the poltergeists far too long to be credible.

But there's another pro to this 80% con of a sequel's sequel: Heather O'Rourke, who died not long after production wrapped (that shows with overly puffy facial features) turns in a pretty great performance, having to mentally react to what she remembers as opposed to what's actually happening: the latter being more exciting to the viewer and easier for the actor: especially a really young child actor, who's often deliberately manipulated for a more effective performance...

Sadly there is no logic to this mess, and the ending of the movie – which had to be retooled due to O'Rourke's death – is so bad and so confusing that the fate of at least one character is left unclear.

This occurs at a school for "really smart" children, another initial location with wasted potential that includes a shrink-in-denial played by Richard Kind, wielding a novice style of contrived, atrocious delivery that makes bad horror movies so fun to bag on...

' routine - which is actually quite entertaining if a little cliched.

Don't waste your money on this one, wait until it airs on cable.


There are few creatively effective trick scenes involving mirrors and the eerie high-tech, high-rise setting is rather refreshing, but languid pacing and a silly script with confusingly corny details really do drag it down in the end.

Fascinating and complex .

Some scenes are suspenseful because of the setting and camera angles.

Even worse is an extremely drawn out subplot dealing with Carol Anne's doctor who of course turns out to be no good.

This film is the last of it's kind in the horror genre, a straight narrative, with formulaic structure.

They have Troll 2 Grocer masks on or something, but they're different-sized actors so the effect is one of general confusion, which detracts from the horror.

One of the Worst Movies I have ever seen .

The director deserves some recognition because he created a visually stunning Horror/Sci-Fi flick.

A waste of time, money, and two hours.

Honestly it's quite a pointless set-up after the second one basically rounded the whole drama off.

The Poltergeist curse as it is called by some makes the films sad but the series is very entertaining and spooky!

It made his character enjoyable and humor full.

The script is dull, the special effects grade Z, not a single scare in the film.

Which is even more blasphemous to the flawed yet entertaining POLTERGEIST II, by having another actor deliberately made-up to resemble the late great Julian Beck, than the new guy's voice shouting "We're Back!

The story line was boring and ridiculous!

Pointless following and again Carol Anne pursued by evil beings .

It is worth watching to witness her proffessionalism alone.

Entertaining enough for a watch if you're not expecting anything close to the original.

The part where the kids were sneaking around was the most intense part of the movie because the movie is not intense.

Neither sequel comes anywhere near the brilliance of the first film, yet I found this third addition to be much more enjoyable to watch than the second one.

It gets tedious.

This one is about half as entertaining as the first (don't get me wrong!

The dialog is trite and stiffly delivered by most; as if the screenplay was written by a freshman in high school who was holding a gun on the performers.

This is the best in the Poltergeist series, mainly because the first two were so boring.

The use of the mirror images is *fascinating*: Ah yes, and the actors in the mirrors *intentionally* move a little bit slower than the real actors sometimes, this is part of the suspense, because the mirror images seem to have a life of their own.

The mirror's are what makes this film creepy and enjoyable.

POLTERGEIST III goes from intriguing and suspenseful to a redundant and annoying chase scene between the family and the ghosts, led by an ancient, white-haired Reverend Kane...

This sequel is only memorable for the repetitive name calls: "Carol Anne!

There's the scene at the window while the series of hallway mirror gags are some of the most suspenseful ones in the entire series as they range from trying to pull her into the mirror to the ghosts appearing unexpectedly in the reflections along the wall, and are quite imaginative and clever.

Easily the weakest of the trilogy but still an entertaining conclusion.

This alone makes the film exciting and watchable.

The greatest achievement in this ‘film' is not just that it may well be one of the worst ever spawned by a major film company, but basically that it is so successful in making the viewer fall asleep.

Even Alien, which is brilliant, only had two of the four worth watching (Alien and Aliens).

The movie is entertaining and fun.