Ponmagal Vandhal (2020) - Drama, Thriller

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Ponmagal Vandhal (Meaning: The Precious Princess has Arrived) is a courtroom drama that takes place in Ooty. Jyotika plays the lead in the film alongside various other veteran actors playing important roles.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: JJ Fredrick
Stars: Jyotika, Parthiban
Length: 123 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 27 out of 170 found boring (15.88%)

One-line Reviews (64)

Waste of time .

Thrilling and reality movie this types of movie needed in the current situation in world

End to end predictable !

Enjoyable Movie.

Totally uninsteresting from the begining to end, with usual & boring overacting of Jyothika.

Dis Movie is very emotional, heart touching & Suspenseful.

Dis Movie is very emotional, heart touching & Suspenseful.

Unnecessarily dragged the movie.

slow end .

Govind vasantha violin play in intense scenes will melt you through the episode.

What a spectacular waste of time .

The direction is superb and the story goes on in a suspenseful manner.

The first half is slow pace and not even entertaining.

Twists are good and one of them is unpredictable too.

A very predictable storyline.

#MovieReview #PonmagalVandhal #TamilMovie #SpoilerFree #AmazonPrimeVideoDespite an overly melodramatic narrative and a cliched screenplay, Ponmagal Vandhal is watchable because of the compelling lead performance of Jyothika who excels as 'Venba' a lawyer fighting for justice.

Slow pace and boring.

Though there are cliche scenes likes public opinion, credit should be given to the director for getting to the point straight forward and not using male bashing, victimization routine seen in other women-centric movies!!

The movie was so interesting and thrilling throughout the movie.

As for the plot, it's intriguing enough with a couple of twists.

Worth Watching for Jothika .

It feels like a simple movie at the beginning, but as the movie goes forward , you start to realise that it's becoming so intense that you would want to cry and throw up at the same time....

Slow but engaging movie highlighting a major problem hidden in India

The story is engaging and exactly adequate to make a good commercial thriller movie .

Even if some of the areas are predictable, it doesn't spoil your movie experience.

Complete story line was predictable in the first few min....

No right court scene, no good dialogue, very slow.

Unexpected twists that will stun you .

A cliched storyline with predictable twists, made watchable by an extraordinary lead performance from Jyothika.


They tried to convey about the child rape.. but with weak plot and cliche scenes.. it is not a hard hitting.. Jyothika acted well with no use..Dialogues were take Facebook and WhatsApp comments..It could have been better..

Poor execution and boring.

Too slow and very boring..extradinory film changes into average movie.. Jothika acting was super, thank god these movie were not released in theater my 200 rupee saved..

Worth watching .

But the way the movie progressed in the middle lost its steam because weak plot and arguments from the defense we all thought it's a thriller but the movie ended up being a melodrama in the court ending the movie with predictable ending.

Overall its a draggy courtroom drama with a predictable storyline and twist.

A Good Movie that relied on a sentimental climax rather than a logical thrilling one.

Ponmagal vandhal has good social message about child sexual abuse but overall as a movie it failed miserably due to amateur screenplay, predictable story line and illogical court melodrama.

Uninteresting and very predictable sloppy plot .

Jyothika did moderately well though certain expressions showcased her flaws as a good actress yet it was still acceptable compared to the flaw in the narration of the entire story and worst totally boring courtroom scenes.

Very predictable storyline and poor script and editing.

The movie was intense from the moment it started.

Well presented, though it's a cliche .

We always associate Jo to Surya and their exciting reel to real life relationship forgetting that she was already an actor who had made a mark in Tamil Cinema.

It is worth watching.

Screen play is perfect , there is no lag , the court scenes are intense, director avoided many awkward scenes for the family audience.

Good movie with perfect story jothika's character is good overall worth watching the movie watch it legally only on prime video

worth a look and gets the job done, though it lacks the chokehold of a gripping genre thriller

Same old story and boring courtroom scenes.

Has good suspense and continuity, which makes it more intriguing.

The visuals in Ooty were breathtaking and worked well with the songs.

But am completely against this JYOTHIKA centric illogical, foolish, predictable screenplay like star casted cheatrological movies.

Worst movie .

Must watch ,Heart touching movie, intense performance by Jyothika mam, fabulous screenplay by JJ Fredrick.

Such a waste of my time.

But the movie lacked proper execution and most of the scenes were highly predictable.

I won't watch much Tamil movies , everyone around me forced to watch this movie including my parents , and it's worth watching .

Movie was very intense & beautiful .

A very good story with fantastic emotional elements but something slow in screenplay in my view.

Slow screenplay.

bit slow screenplay....

The movie was kept engaging by a good story and screenplay laced with believable twists.

Good plot; predictable storyline.

First half is great actually but the second half is a bit slow.