Popeye (1980) - Adventure, Comedy, Family

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The adventures of the famous sailor man and his friends in the seaside town of Sweethaven.

IMDB: 5.2
Director: Robert Altman
Stars: Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 53 out of 188 found boring (28.19%)

One-line Reviews (102)

Wow, again "the worst movie ever made".

POPEYE could have gone the standard Hollywood cartoon adaptation route and been a big budget bore (ie.

I don't know if it's because it's super predictable or because I've seen too many movies.

Boring .

I never get tired of watching this warm, visceral musical that pulls me in with its myriad textures, striking colors, and unpredictable pacing and dialogue which never seems contrived or scripted (and of course was often expertly improvised).

Unfortunately, I found the story boring and the excellent seaside Malta set too confining and therefore increasingly dull.

The movie is innocent and child-like, with a fascinating tone to it.

The first ten minutes of this film had me bored to tears.

In addition to the lack of humour, there's also too much talking, and as a musical, some of the songs aren't bad, but a couple songs sung by Olive Oyl, played by Shelley Duvall, are ridiculously repetitive.

The story is perfunctory but entertaining, the art direction and set design are perfectly suited to the film, and the town of Sweethaven is flush with comical characters creating a believable live-action cartoon world.

Boring, stupid and a real mess.

Leonard Maltin declares it's a "bomb," critics have termed it "disastrous," and a lot of IMDb's viewers seem to find it either boring or (more weirdly) "scary.

It's also worth watching to see Shelley Duvall in the role she was born to play, and she does it almost too well, making Olive Oyl just as annoying in human form as she was as a cartoon.

It's set to uptempo bluegrass banjo music, but features two rickety, pokey, slow-moving barges.

However, this film is just so boring and so tiring.

For all the slow parts, there were some really good goofy sound effects and cartoon like slapstick.

Finally, to answer the harshest critics, was the plot slow and unfunny?

The film is not exactly enjoyable, but it's so weird as to be fascinating to watch.

Walston more than make up for the lulls.

Where else will I see an animatronic pelican and (a totally spot-on) Shelly Duvall getting dragged underwater by a rubber octopus, least in an Altman film?

I felt the movie dragged on and on - almost like the makers of the movie were trying to pay homage to every scene in every "popeye" cartoon/comic strip ever made.

Of course, in an age of horrendous films like "Jem And The Holograms", it's worth watching over and over.

This dull and listless film COULD have killed Robin Williams' career .

My Vote For All Time Worst Movie.

The plot/story seemed to be more appropriate for a short cartoon rather than a full-length movie, and the movie thus was dragged down with far too much `fill' that grew tiresome.

And, I didn't realize for the first few unending minutes that Poopdeck Pappy was supposed to be "singing" during the long, boring boat chase.

Simply put, the worst movie ever made.

If Altman would have included a more compelling story it would've worked better for adults.

Popeye is clearly one of the worst movies of all time.

Instead, I got something that felt like it was traveling at a snail's pace while providing very little humor along the way.

Alas, the film Popeye falls flat quite badly, due to lack of plot, banal TV commercial-style direction, stupid jokes rarely scoring a laugh and more (or less?

Each scene was drenched with a dull, overall light that was absolutely witless.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The film that unfolds is stultifying boring and lacking in any real purpose.

Second to worst movie I ever saw.

Many musicals – at least to jaded modern viewers – seem disjointed, due to cast members feeling musical numbers `coming on' for no reason.

easily the worst movie I've actually watched the whole way through .

I enjoyed it so much as a kid I watched it over and over again.

" But despite (or possibly because of) the oddity of this film, I have always enjoyed it.

Exciting, Underrated Musical .

No plot can carry a viewer along if they are aren't seeing the character they expect to see, and already love.

Simple plot gives way to many songs playing back to back with an exciting climax where Popeye must battle Bluto and an octopus.

Disjointed, rambling...

This has to be ranked as the second worst movie I ever saw.

I was bored to tears.

The background characters fight for the most unnecessary mug to pull attention, the music is atrocious, the sound track is strangely quiet and confusing, and too much of the dialogue is left in the hands of the improvisationally challenged.

And the movie was way too long.

Too slow, WAYYYY too many bad tunes; it rambles around and makes ya start seeing Goons in yer dreamks...

Lyrics are incredibly simplistic and repetitive.

i found it slow and boring,and it had too many musical numbers for my taste.

Fast paced music, slow paced chase: it just doesn't work.

Still, the piece is never even remotely compelling or, even, all that enjoyable.

What was most enjoyable was how the actors coordinated the gags.

The usually competent Robert Altman completely blows it with this hideously boring exercise in bad musicals.

At the end of the day it's enjoyable for a lazy afternoon movie.

Shelly Duvall (a former Robert Altman protege) pegs Olive Oyl perfectly, especially with her waving of arms and pretzel twisting of legs as she tries to turn around in confusion.

So what happened, that every single moment in this movie became an unbearable eye-sore?

The sets look like something out of the Popeye cartoons, but at the same time they look dull and low budget.

Upon viewing it again recently, the thing that struck me is despite the fact that I hated it the first time, the second time around it is oddly entertaining in places, just for the downright weird nature of the film.

I was bored through most of it and I left the theater with no intentions to ever see it again.

absolutely no story , unsustainable noise that the producers try to pass off as music.

Sounds kinda amusing, except that it goes on WAY TOO LONG.

The songs are boring, sad, and not catchy.

It makes for quite an entertaining film with Duvall dutifully filling the shoes of Olive Oyl and Walston decked out as Popeye's long lost Pappy.

I would put this one on the 250 worst movies of all time.

The first movie I ever walked out of.

Those who watch musicals, or dramas and comedies you can see on a dull January?

Like Citizen Kane, Popeye is a beautiful piece of artistry that ultimately made a dull film.

Still and all, this is a sweet-natured adaptation with Altman's characteristic "let the lunatics run the asylum" directing style allowing top drawer character actors to run rampant over otherwise drab sets.

this movie is like a car wreck: so bad, you can't watch it, but so fascinating you can't make yourself turn away.

As a child, I clearly remember being disappointed and bored, except for a few fighting scenes.

Having not seen it for many years, I returned to it and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Nothing happens for a long time, then someone steps in dog poop...

but you really have to watch ray walston ( pappy ),evry scene with him is very enjoyable!.

However I enjoyed it.

The pace it ran was absolutely unbearable to me.

"Popeye" is dull by comparison, although somewhat amusing.

Critically lambasted after release in 1980, it was called boring, cluttered, and a lot of attention was called to the songs as being ill-conceived and vapid.

I just know that I was bored silly by this movie.

The sets are dreary.

But there is a quaint lowbrow feel to the songs, as the lyrics are intentionally simple and repetitive.

A fascinating plunge into an the imaginary universe of "Popeye" .

Nicholls), Swee'pea (Wesley Ivan Hurt), Hamm Gravy (Bill Irwin) and many others too numerous to bore you any further.

So, in all fairness, the last 20 minutes COULD have elevated this movie to a 2 or 3-star rating but based on the tediousness I witnessed, this is extremely unlikely.

"Popeye" is also unique and has even been called "boring" by the great Leonard Maltin.

I mean, the piece is straight-up boring for quite a while and its attempts at humour are the opposite of funny.

It needed a more compelling story .

I gave it a fair chance, but after about 45 minutes, I just wanted to leave.

The story is uninteresting, and the dialogue has no sparkle.

And Fate decided here to morph the classic cartoon into a cute little stage version of itself, so benign, so dull, so non threatening and so lifeless as a movie that it manages to be fascinating.

The reason 1994's The Flintstones" and even the 2000 sequel worked so well (for me anyway) was because they both had interesting and entertaining stories.

I fell asleep for part of it, and couldn't stop thinking about what else I should be doing the rest of the time.

Weird, but oddly entertaining in places .

These cartoons didnt make much sense, but they were very predictable.

Boring story makes the movie feel like it lasts an eternity .

i loved Felix The Cat, or Betty Boope and the mandatory Mickey Mouse and even the creepy old Koco The Clown, which did keep me watching despite being so boring as well as nightmarish ...

Instead of exploiting Malta for its natural beauty, the film has a decidedly studio-bound feel and instead of making it more stylish, just makes the whole enterprise drab.

Entertaining and underrated live-action musical adaptation of the beloved classic cartoons and comic strip is a wonderful little surprise from Robert Altman.

On the contrary, I found it to be boring, ridiculous, and to put it short, a complete waste of time and money.

the worst movie of all time .

Seldom have I seen a more boring and slow moving movie than this one.

Popeye is essentially a really goofy and unflattering depiction of a little working class seafaring community, with two talented actors and no story.