Poseidon (2006) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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On New Year's Eve, the luxury ocean liner Poseidon capsizes after being swamped by a rogue wave. The survivors are left to fight for their lives as they attempt to escape the sinking ship.

IMDB: 5.6
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Stars: Richard Dreyfuss, Kurt Russell
Length: 98 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 138 out of 654 found boring (21.1%)

One-line Reviews (607)

the reason i gave it a seven is because it is so exciting and action packed is that you completely forget about most of that stuff.

Category- Thriller Poseidon is a suspenseful movie starring Kurt Russell.

Waste of time .

I went into the movie expecting a thrilling adventure about a boat flipping upside down and sitting on the edge of my seat as the survivors tried to escape.

Technically (film wise) sound and extremely fast paced with a liberal dose of tense moments and special effects this is a movie you have to see.

No characterization, no build-up, no story--just WHAM!

This movie was truly intense, just as the MPAA rating implies.

That's why it's amusing to me that this movie is getting lower ratings because of the fact that there's no story build up.

Pathetic Predictable Poseidon Plummetts .

The film was an overblown, soulless and - worst of all - *dull* waste of everybody's time and money.

Throw in half a dozen of boring characters and you have a classical disaster movie.

He was the only entertaining one in the whole cast.

Character confusion .

While not in the same league as his masterwork, "Das Boot," "Poseidon," a streamlined remake of Irwin Allen's 1972 classic "The Poseidon Adventure," takes off quickly and provides a non-stop adrenaline rush for the next 99 minutes.

If you have seen the original, don't waste your time.

In the film, 'Poseidon', the characters are empty shells running, bobbing and swimming across the screen.

this was a waste of money and i could have seen united 93.

And the capsizing of the ship is slower and more thrilling.

Over the past few years I have slowly ditched the "Summer Blockbuster" genre for it had begun to bore me.

All of the Titanic movies, no matter which one, are riveting because the disaster really happened.

It tastes pretty good going down, but when the tub is empty you'll just drop it in the trash can.

While Poseiden is not as good as Perfect Storm, or Das Boot, it is a highly entertaining movie.

This movie was a waste of time and money.

Sounds pretty ordinary, but the film is crammed with breathtaking and claustrophobic sequences.

This epic set piece is quite amazing and really exciting, and it's easily the best moment in the entire film.

The new "Poseidon" has less meaningful dialogue, poorer character development and definition, less believable stunts than the original (although much more outlandish and numerous), and lottsa formulaic plot themes (presented in elementary school level manner): lonely guy finds love, perfect hero father saves his offspring and the day, disillusioned man ready to give up on life finds new meaning to live, grotesquely bad guy is punished for his lack of character - usually by dying right after he said/did something despicable, so his death would feel gratifying and wouldn't spoil the entertainment.

Worth the watch, go check it out, even though I did watch it the day my parents left for their first ever cruise !

There were quite a few moments that you were on the edge of your seat.

The action scenes are intense with some graphic and disturbing deaths along with tons of dead bodies.

Having seen the original "Poseidon Adventure" with the Queen Mary (nice boat) model.. AND the TV movie with Baldwind from FireFly i was in position to compare.. its not anything new, except for new CGI , new boat, same as ever but even worst.. The ship capsizes, but she curiously turns 270º but don't get in position again.. forget that sea liners are designed to NOT capsize and to get again to upside position, but well, if the boat doesn't turn there is no movie.. Like the TV Film i found specially stupid, cheap and predictable that for some 2 or 3000 people on board nobody more survives than 6!

Wolfgang Petersen's "Poseidon," a re-imagining of the 1972 film "The Poseidon Adventure" is a far-fetched, by-the-numbers disaster movie filled to the brim with clichés and so predictable in its exposition that ultimately, it fails on a lot of aspects.

And this one, although familiar, is still gripping.

Very interesting and exciting.

If you fancy watching a reasonably entertaining movie for one and a half hours then watch it.

It's well made visually and the most exciting moments are mostly created from that fact.

Perhaps, being a remake, audiences are overly critical, maybe it is a case of seeing one disaster film too many, either way this is a flick worth watching.

Poseidon was a big budget action/thriller/adventure film that I didn't expect to amount to much, especially after the boring dialogue of the first half hour.

" Save your money.

the suspense for their lives is intense and if u cried during Titanic ull cry in this one too...

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you wonder what is going to happen next.

All are overpowered by the bland boat which reminds me of the boat from Speed 2: large, ugly, and unavoidable.

Don't waste your time .

The scenes are claustrophobic and you'll be on the edge of you seat.

It had everything a disaster film needed, action, ambivalent characters, and intense film-making.

In other words, they are trying to hard to be dramatic and suspenseful.

Maybe the lame marketing propaganda,and the 2-dimension dialogs took this movie to flop.

The writing is terrible, the plot is too drawn-out and dare I say borderline retarded (sorry if I offended anybody), and Wolfgang Petersen seems to bring out the worst acting in everyone involved.

Surprisingly entertaining - everything I wish Titanic had been.

While his tendency in Hollywood has been the production of leaden projects like The Perfect Storm--another big wave saga--and Troy, this is still the man who directed the excellent, suspenseful U-boat drama Das Boot twenty-odd years ago.

Movies are the literature of today, yet there is no story here.

Many of the action scenes were also enjoyable, my favorite being one in the upside down lobby that is filling with water, which suddenly catches fire.

This movie was very interesting and very sad but I enjoyed it.

This movie was a very suspenseful movie with some questionable acting.

This movie had no character development, no flow, no plot and no point.

don't waste your money!

It is no "Titanic", but it is definitely worth watching.

The amazing water sequences, fires, explosions, crashes, etc. are what kept me on the edge of my seat.

Though quite predictable it still lives to its expectations.

Only see if your a die hard Poseidon fan, Otherwise save your money and wait for the DVD release.

Certainly,the survivors were uninteresting people that makes the film boring if one is not to consider the special effects.

So in addition to a story about a 'boat' sinking, any boat it would seem, this super budgeted story leads to a dull uninteresting poor excuse of a remake.

Then there's Dreyfus' character calling his lover and crying, getting no message back and tossing his cell phone overboard.

from the beginning to end of the film, the movie was brutal, no doubt, which the survivors had to make any sacrifice or decision to make it out aliveA good film to see, if you're near a blockbuster or a different video store, don't think twice and rented, or even better buy it, cause this is one heart stopping movie, very exciting for those who love the action and thriller.

I have not had this much "FUN" watching a movie since "Serenity", and though that was a superior movie overall, I believe this was more "exciting".

I enjoyed it even though some of the ways the characters got through obstacles was kinda far-fetched.

In this weak remake of the 1972 Irwin Allen classic, the characters are hopelessly dull and forgettable.

This 2006 re-make did, however, suffer from having a rather predictable script and storyline.

The characters were very contrived and you couldn't really feel empathy for any of them, except maybe the stowaway Spanish girl.

I did care that there seems to be no story, just special effects.

Some people get bored in the first 17 mins, this is an essential part of the movie and builds the relationships which means we feel and care for these people when the events arises.

boring .

I mean if they all died or there was more about the intriguing wave - that would have at least have been something different.

So in the end, it's not as bad as many state on here, it's just pointless.

l actually like the fact that it was shot upside down, adds more thrill when those struggling to survive actually have to get out through the bottom of the ship which is a mission considering the confusion of moving from top to bottom of a ship in the upward direction.

Rated PG-13 for Intense Prolonged Sequences of Disaster-Related Peril.

Pointless remake .

As a strict disaster/thriller/action film, Poseidon is definitely capable of getting the adrenaline of the audience going.

And even with the lower standards of special effects and the dated look of the show, the original POSEIDON ADVENTURE had cinematography, direction, and some performances that really managed to evoke the unbearable tension of the scenario these people were stuck in.

Very intense.

Though the plot line isn't great (though very original, I must say) it was very well acted and very intense.

Wolfgang Petersen displays a remarkable lack of good "timing": There is, basically, constant action (which makes it very tiresome), explosions everywhere and at all times (my goodness, did that vessel carry dynamite sticks??

People make fun of the ham acting in the 1972 film, but those stars knew how to craft a compelling characterization within the confines of the disaster genre (with the aid of a carefully constructed Wendell Mayes & Sterling Silliphant script.

Waste of my time and money.

In fact, had this not been a remake, I am very sure that I would never have noticed the lack of characterization, but, as it is a remake of a movie that prided itself on its amazing characters, its lack of intriguing or interesting characters were a huge problem.

POSEIDON is of course predictable, but a nail-biter well worth watching.

My husband & I were on the edge of our seats through-out the movie.

"Poseidon" is rated PG-13 for intense prolonged sequences of disaster and peril.

Don't waste your time with this piece of garbage.

this movie is very fun and i though, even though i knew who died and who lived, that i was still on the edge of my seat and biting my nails.

Surely, Peterson spent many long nights trying to make the capsizing of the boat look as realistic as can be and all the little thrills and spills of a disaster movie as entertaining as possible.

Set adrift in the vast waters of the North Atlantic for a luxury New Year's Eve party staged in the ship's magnificent ballroom, the massive ocean-liner Poseidon receives an unexpected jolt when a rogue, 100-foot wave rolls it completely upside down, forcing the surviving passengers to fight their way to safety.

Poseidon is probably the worst movie Wolfgang Peterson has ever made.

Am I the only one who thought this to be totally absurd and cliché.

A surprisingly star-studded cast struggles with one dimensional characters, banal "here's what I'm looking at" dialog and plot twists so by-the-book I was able to accurately predict each on-screen death.

VM shouldn't waste their time @ the movies if they have such an addiction to smokes that they can't watch the movie.


Despite the wave having killed apparently everyone else on board, Russell's boring daughter and her boring boyfriend survive miraculously elsewhere: these two have no personalities but Hollywood imagines we are routing for them.


), the continuous crash, bang, flash and boom will be enjoyable.

Petersen begins the film with one of the most stunning opening shots in the history of film: A 3-minute wrap-around of the grand luxury liner as she sails the Atlantic.

There are plenty of suspenseful scenes as well as some nice touching moments.

Try looking at Poseidon for what it is escapist entertainment meant to be intense and nothing more.

The scenes of near escapes are breath taking and will have you gripping onto you seat wondering what will happen next.

It is quite difficult to become immersed in a story/film, when you cannot truly believe what you are seeing at the outset is even remotely authentic/realistic.

Plenty of heart in throat moments for characters who, while disposable, are still somewhat engaging.

The beauty of "The Poseidon Adventure" was its magnificent screenplay of compelling characters and their wittiness to use their persona to aid them in their efforts on escaping death in a reversed sunken ship.

'Poseidon' isn't a totally bad movie: there's lots of action, stunts and well-done special effects sequences for fans of that sort of thing, and a few scenes manage to be gripping, even if only briefly.

Then there's Dreyfus' character calling his lover and crying, getting no message back and tossing his cell phone overboard.

The film is kept short and the action is suspenseful in the last third of the film.

, its an edge-of-your-seat action packed film, I really liked it, Emmy was awesome and very beautiful, I loved the special effects!

Sounds more exciting than it actually was, trust me.

The action however is superb, the tension right there on the edge of your seat, and the special effects classy enough to make you believe it is all real.

Now if your one of those people who goes to one movie a year and only one save your money i'm sure it will be better spent on x3 or superman.

Maybe somebody like James Cameron could've handled the job better, and in turn, maybe deliver a stunning masterpiece, unlike it was.

Formulaic but entertaining.

The claustrophobia in this scene is so intense if you're not climbing the walls then you need to have your head examined.

Okay, the remake did have a few suspenseful scenes though nothing very memorable or original.

We're treated to stunning visuals, epic sound effects, grandeur location sweeps, and an occasional performance by Fergie's nightclub singing character.

I cannot say this movie was awful, because I enjoyed it and it had many thrilling moments.

Poseidon is for the most part a plot on auto-pilot, nothing happens that is outside of the realm of the expected if you have seen a disaster movie or two.

Action thriller with all the stereotypical, cliché scenes and characters.

I would have dragged her right back to that flooding room so that she could die there.

A thrilling ride.

Boring action?

In fact, they are all pretty much totally boring individuals.

There was humour, there was terror, there were some very unexpected deaths that really made you feel, because you'd been engaged with these characters for so long.

Realistic and Entertaining !!.

One of THE worst movies of the first decade of the 21st century.

Petersen did a great job with his TROY two years ago but this film is a boredom throughout.

She's on a New Year's cruise when the unexpected occurs at the height of the revelry: a rogue wave overtakes and capsizes her.

Even spending money for the rental was a complete waste of my time and money.

This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

The story isn't all that great, but it's action packed and extremely exciting, I enjoyed it very much, and the effects were outstanding.

Well to start movie with the first shot of the pan zooming effect of the camera so deftly was sight worth watching !!

The original 1972 "The Poseidon Adventure" is one of the best disaster movies of the 70's, with a good screenplay, engaging characters and great special effects.

Overall the film was enjoyable and told the story of a few peoples struggle to stay alive on an upturned sinking ship.

I found this film very exciting.

Rossum and Vogel are weak as dish water and just as dull while Dreyfuss has the air of a man gently rocking off to sleep.

Director Wolfgang Peterson has made better movies than this, but it is still visually stunning.

I watched The original "The Poseidon Adventure" on video, and pretty-well enjoyed it.

Overall, Poseidon was an entertaining movie.

" It is a boring film that does not have much to offer.

I thought this film was a waste of time watching and it would have been a waste of time making.

some parts of Poseidon were just jaw dropping and breathtaking.

This movie was unbelievably boring, not to mention predictable!

They're all stock characters--the handsome, muscular hero (Josh Lucas); the older hero (Kurt Russell); his headstrong daughter (Emmy Rossum); her bland boyfriend (Mike Vogel); Latina stowaway (Mia Maesno); Latino waiter (Eddie Rodriguez); single mother (Jacinda Barrett) with an annoying son (Jimmy Bennett) and depressed gay guy (Richard Dreyfuss).

All make this movie puzzled and unbearable.

Don't waste your time on this one, it isn't worth it.

I actually find Poseidon to be a great, fun, exciting, suspenseful movie.

There are a couple of powerful scenes especially the scene where the metal pole or whatever it is falls off and a person is literally hanging on for dear life gripping another person's leg, a person is then told to "shake him off" (to his death) otherwise they both fall down, that unimaginable decision had to be made within seconds.

Every second is filled with action, suspense, and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

One death scene involving a lift shaft, jagged metal spikes and an explosion is an adrenaline pumping crowd pleaser and the aforementioned scramble through the flooding ventilation shaft is really quite tense, the ensemble cast squeezed together in a claustrophobic nightmare as the water bubbles up around them.

It's a bland, generic, cash-in of a remake that isn't even afforded the buoy of good eye candy.

However, the acting was dramatically better, the action more intense and in the last scene as the torch cuts through stern sums up the 1972 movies intensity.

--- SPOILERS ---The greatest thing is the giant wave and when the ballroom is flood, but in general the film is very predictable and you can guess from the start who will die and who will not.

Where is the compelling speech from Josh Lucas, just like Gene Hackman before him, to try and convince the passengers to follow him out of the ship?

And pointless deaths.

The original POSEIDON ADVENTURE was phenomenal during its time that movies of the same theme copied its style endlessly, so much so that it has become a standard cliché.

Like the backstory on the "gay" couple angle from Richard Dreyfus character etc.All in all, I find the movie quite entertaining with several edge of your seat climatic scenes.

We get bored fast, after seeing the rather grand ballroom flipping.

The gas tank pouring down through the middle of a room into a giant mass of water, and then catching on fire and making a ridiculous fire shoot was pretty intense, and when Josh Lucas did a swan dive into the fire so he could swim across with a fire hose to find a way to get Emmy Rossum united with her boyfriend, who had just proposed to her that night...

"Poseidon" (2006) Directed By: Wolfgang Petersen Starring: Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, Richard Dreyfuss, Emmy Rossum, Jacinda Barrett, Mike Vogel, Mia Maestro, Jimmy Bennett, and Andre Braugher MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (for intense prolonged sequences of disaster and peril) "The Poseidon Adventure" (1972), starring Gene Hackman and Shelley Winters, is one of my favorite movies of all time.

The script is a bit bland.

Don't waste your time or money.

l think more emotional connections between the survivors before the strike by the rogue tidal wave would have made it even more intense.

-Why does the young hunky guy have his legs pinned by an object that takes three people to remove and then is able to walk, run, swim and jump like nothing happened?

Today, we have Oscar winner (for 1977's "The Goodbye Girl") Richard Dreyfess, as a gay architect; Kurt Russell, as a former fireman and Mayor of New York (that's what I said); Josh Lucas (fresh off "Glory Road" as a Navy veteran who seemingly knows everything about luxury liners); Emmy Rossum ("Phantom of the Opera"), as Russell's promiscuous daughter, Jennifer; her empty-headed boyfriend, Christian (Mike Vogel, "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"); and Jacinda Barrett ("Bridget Jones: On The Edge Of Reason"), as single mom, Maggie James, towing her annoying offspring, Conner (Jimmy Bennett) along with her.

Nice graphics, rubbish attention to details, cliché situations and characters, dull plot.

But I can assure you, even the original 1972 film has been called everything from "campy", "cheesey", "melodramatic", and "sappy" by the very same CYNICAL, PRETENTIOUS people that now call this film "poorly-acted" and "badly character developed" while pretending to like the original.

What an entertaining film!

BORING title.

Horrible remake of the 1972 classic, complete with interchangeable young brunette women, bland heroes (and heroics), annoying child and VERY little else.

We were on the edge of our seats the whole time.

Please save your money and see another movie, so far Hollywood has made me upset because of the lack of good original movies.

But how can we root for the survival of characters that aren't even convincing, let alone engaging, in the first place?

My likes: The opening deck-running scene was exceptionally creative and captivating and set the stage for an enjoyable movie experience.

The movie itself is pretty much an empty vessel, though it is certainly a product of its time.

This was an adrenaline ride from start to finish though and fun guessing who was going to make it out alive.

Only the very moment of a catastrophe is worth watching, but then neither Kurt Russell, not Jacinda Barrett can save this sad, slow, plodding steamroller of a bad film.

It's exciting, thrilling, intense & generally fairly well-acted.

And also i could almost tell which people were going to survive even before the movie started, film-makers are just too predictable when it comes to that.

A movie that had me on the edge of my seat and was entertaining.

No main plot, no subplot, the whole thing feels like a platform-based boring computer game.

The beginning was good as usual, then things started getting confusing and boring and thats where i felt the director could have done much better, and they should have used CGI technology for this flick.

This movie was one of the greatest, gripping, edge-of-your-seat thrillers.

The action of this movie was extremely intense and constant.

The special effects are amazing and It has some great actors/actresses in it and even though you know what happens in the end its still worth watching-and for the ladies there are 2 hunks in it(josh Lucas and mike Vogel)-for the older generation there is kurt Russell and richard Dreyfuss-never a bad thing so ignore the critics and make up your own mind!

This movie had me on the edge of my seat, I was afraid to go the men's room didn't want to miss any action.

They make the movie as realistic as this theme could be, and you end up sitting on the edge of your seat at the end of the movie.

If you wish to see an entertaining movie that you can become involved in, because of the people and their struggles to escape a disaster at sea, then watch the 1972 version of this offering.

In fact, it's just the kind of big, dumb, brainless entertainment that is genuinely entertaining.

Still, master director Wolfgang Peterson makes a credible effort here and manages to give us an entertaining action flick.

It is entertaining,it is clichéd and yes,it is as corny as hell.

Spectacular and engrossing remake with handsome casting .

1) The movie was rushed, and had no storyline depth.

However, this film is more enjoyable then it has any right to be, and the reason can be whittled down to two words; Wolfgang.

Kurt Russell as former mayor/firefighter Robert, is virtually unwatchable in my opinion, as his performance has no life whatsoever, and is seriously flawed.

Director Wolfgang Peterson must have cried like a wolf when he read this dreary screenplay.

Hugely Entertaining .

This new film was a NON-STOP action-packed, suspenseful roller-coaster ride!!

This new 'Poseidon' is thoroughly forgettable and bland.

Heart Stopping Movie, Very Exciting .

FAMILY SUITABILITY: Poseidon is rated PG-13 for "intense prolonged sequences of disaster and peril.

But, with the intense action scenes and reasonable tension that is kept up throughout the film combined with some reasonable acting, the viewer can watch this film and be happy.

While the original Poseidon Adventure is pretty much perfect in every regard; story, characters, intense action, set pieces, physical effects, music.

This movie is a true Hollywood legend for intensity, gripping scenes, and thrills.

This means the others' ascent of the upturned levels of the ship is about as exciting as watching a five-year-old playing a Super Mario game so that, by the end of the flick you still don't care who lives and who dies.

It was intense!

They have the workable premise of the 1972 film and all the technical advancements to make it even more wrenching and involving for the audience, but the script has such boring, uninspired, and unlikable characters on board that it all seems like a poor, basic rehash that tries to modernize everything for this generation by making it as basic as possible; forget subplots, watch out for that wave!

Instead Poseidon is a boring chore of a film that lacks tension,excitement,drama,plot,interesting characters and only has a few decent special effects at the beginning of the film to salvage any credit.

Stupid, predictable, don't waste your money .

Overall, this movie's been panned as plot less, pointless, and ridiculous.

I though it had great special effects and was very action packed.

If only that it delivers all the traditional disaster ques, POSEIDON is enjoyable though disposable fare.

Here, in Poseidon's case, we get one wave, whose damage is shown pretty explicitly, and while it is satisfying in the way it's portrayed, the after-stuff is pretty mundane and relentless.

All the characters are cool, and the scene where the Posiedon falls over had me on the edge of my seat as it was so tense, plus Kurt Russell and Josh Lucas played the 2 heroes very well and were fantastic!.

The synopsis is exciting and suspenseful.

But the entire movie is cliché anyway so why am I just applying that to one scene?

Was it campy and predictable?

Gripping as a hook, "Poseidon" will certainly have your heart beating as the survivors get into all kinds of scrapes, and some great acting from Mia Maestro, Josh Lucas and Kurt Russell.

Even though "Poseidon" doesn't reach the climax generated by "Titanic", you have to admit that they can still be very gripping.

An absolute waste as entertainment, but a concise, albeit unintentional, statement of much that is wrong with our time.

It becomes very obvious right from the start that it is formulaic and clichéd.

Overall, if you look at this movie for what it's supposed to be- an enjoyable popcorn flick/disaster movie -instead of what it was never intended to be (groundbreaking masterpiece), and if you stop comparing it the original, I think you'll enjoy it.

I would HIGHLY recommend Poseidon to anyone who likes VERY intense movies (e.

trying to add the story and depth that they did for some of the main characters was a bore.

At one point a main character is compelled to kill another character in order to save himself, yet this intense and perverse moment early in the film is never dealt with again.

Except for how the characters survive and find there way up, there really is no story.

However, I felt that certain essential filler scenes made way to keep the running time under check, so some of the action appeared disjointed.

No story, no problem, it's all about the escape .

Also trying to escape are Josh Lucas, Richard Dreyfus and Mia Maestro, but again the characters are underdeveloped and uninteresting, so I basically couldn't really care less if they died or not.

His few scenes are dreary; anyone could have played them.

The stunt work and scenery here is intense and highly respectable as I'm aware Josh Lucas injured his ribs on set.

The sets and effects were really were excellent and believable, however the characters were boring and UN-engaging (despite the actors doing the best they could with such a watery script).

It has a rather intense storyline, which keeps going at a good pace throughout the entire movie.

Its all very predictable and downright corny.

This given together with astonishing visual effects will give you easily an enjoyable evening.

It seemed that 95% of the whole movie was the sinking of the ship and the intense action.

The script is, of course, somewhat predictable.

I love intelligent, well crafted, engaging films as much as the next person.

I'll say this: if you like action/adventure movies that are entirely cliché, then you will love this movie.

" Nowadays, when writers attempt to build a story, it's usually written in too slow a fashion.

The action sequences, while being visually realistic & elaborate, are repetitive and shot in too many close-ups.

The rest were a waste of time.

Character development to me is very important, but more movies today are using their time for character development as uninteresting fluff.

As far as it being entertaining...

The characters were engaging and the audience genuinely cared about them.

With that much money, one would expect at least some great special effects and some engaging action scenes.

Waste of time, Titanic wannabe :( .

Contrary to what previous 'reviewers' have written about it, it's very well crafted, exciting, and definitely worth a look.

So basically this film is predictable in the process of the few (stupid) survivors being picked off one by one.

This can turn out as being a quite enjoyable movie.

After a set up introducing the characters whom we will be watching attempt to get out of this massive cruise liner and an oddly non-thrilling and unspectacular scene when the wave does hit, Poseidon just nestles into a nice rhythm of cause and effect revolving around various situations you might find yourself in when threatened with this scenario.

The life and death struggle for survival was more intense as well, adding to the drama.

This film i felt was rather enjoyable.

This could all be very entertaining if it wasn't so empty and if only they'd eased back on the throttle a little bit, we could have had a much more successful film.

This is big bang up movie with special effect spills and thrills, with a straight forward predictable plot and a somehow unbelievable ending.

No way is it great, but it was entertaining in its own way .

But it was the opposite that happened, it was in the end waste of money to some extent, so don't have high hopes from this one please.

Clichéd, predictable - and fun .

The film was gripping, the characters interesting, the effects fantastic and just as much storyline as the movie needed.

Wolgang Petersen's remake of the classic Ronald Neame action-thriller The Poseiden Adventure is missing two important components which made the first worth remaking - Engaging characters and visual realism.

It too is intense.

Otherwise, don't waste your time...

You can still appreciate the stunning action and the beautiful special effects.

It was easy to watch whilst being entertaining, it was slick in places and held a steady pace throughout and i wasn't bored or finding the film tedious for one minute in the cinema.

Nothing bad or amazing about it, it's simply a movie worth watching.

Technically Competent, but emotionally empty...

I usually find disaster movies boring.

Josh Lucas, Jacinda Barrett, and Richard Dreyfuss gave good performances that kept us interested until the predictable ending came.

I think they'd better do a comedy, than doing a stupid, cliché, and not at all catastrophic movie.

Unlike the originals slow build up, as it explained WHAT WAS HAPPENING AND WHY!

This may be the worst movie of all time.

Admittedly, there are few dull moments.

The movie also full of useless screaming and pointless argument.

The way that waves moves in on the Poseidon and blocks out the moon just before it slams into the cruise ship is intense.

The original, somewhat dated it may be, was such an enjoyable movie that had everything a disaster movie requires, that "Poseidon" sinks in comparison.

There is no hint of the religious symbolism of the original, the music is completely benign (John Williams provided an unforgettable score for the original), the characters are as colorless and bland a bunch as could be imagined when compared to the fiery antagonism of Hackman and Ernest Borgnine, the bitchery of Stevens and the deeply felt heroism of Winters.

Slick but Boring .

but i have to say, watching this movie was a complete waste of time.

", the back stories of the cast are lame and uneventful, and the biggest mistake is the lack of a big Shelly winters character!

") is nearly compensated by bigger and better set piece action thrills in this entertaining remake.

Very confusing!

The numbing and seemingly endless sequence of narrow escapes doesn't capture the viewers attention in the slightest, and pulls out every cliché in the book along the way.

Had a Special Effect on me but had Drowning with Boredom Characters .

If you are looking for a action packed movie with great special effects, you found it.

Even though the movie was only about an hour and a half long, it seemed like it dragged on for three hours!!!!

Perhaps if the script dealt more on the dialogue than the pointless and brief backgrounds, the movie could have worked.

First of all, ever since reading a fascinating novel called Shadow Divers a few weeks ago, I have been devouring every book and documentary and movie about submarines, shipwrecks, U-Boats, ocean liners, and other sea calamities that I could find.

Again, if you are watching this for fun, and to see an action-packed, thrilling, adventure and not to criticize, Poseidon will not disappoint.

From the word go, this film is dull, unimaginative, ridiculous and don't even get me started on the awful CGI.

I enjoyed it because it didn't drag in the middle (like Titanic did) and had some incredible effects.

A disappointing, pointless remake - 39% .

first of all, she's risking her boy friends job by leaving the cabin that HE snuck her into in order to see her brother JUST because she was bored?

For those of you who are not retards this movie rocks ass, it keeps you on the edge of your seat and has you wondering who will die NEXT.

This excuse for a film has no plot or anything resembling a story line.

If the movie had been just a disaster flick without all the touchy feely interaction between the characters, as they are to uninteresting to make that part work, I think it'd been a better film.

Pointless .

i found It entertaining,thrilling and exciting.

If you can't do proper character development, don't waste my time with it at all.

The story isn't all that great, but it's action packed and extremely exciting, I enjoyed it very much!

Another thing that bothered me was a couple of the dumb decisions some of the characters made, and while I have yet to see the original I heard that was better on story, still this was an exciting summer blockbuster that I surprisingly enjoyed very much, and I say it's a must see for everyone!.

Absolutely mind boggling!!

Sure, the original version's stereotypical characters, cornball scripting and preachy, self righteous tone were a bit tedious.

It was thrilling, and as I watched it, I was talking to myself!

It is actually entertaining, terrifying and adventurous.

Petersen managed to keep most of the action well paced, though the emotional scenes just dragged and the characters were so full of clichés.

** I saw this on the IMAX – which I highly recommend to get all the glory of the non-stop adrenaline rush and all I can say for the price of admission is five words: a 90 foot Stacy Ferguson (!

) tons of CGI-ed action sequences to make it more believably exciting.

5 out of 10 very bored moments in the cinema

I was on the edge of my seat for pretty much the entire movie, much more than I can say for MI:III.

but it's a darned enjoyable one at that.

Sometimes I even fall asleep during the movie.

There were some very intense/frightening/gripping scenes in the movie.

Pros: - Good score by Klaus Badelt - Truly intense, not easy to laugh at - Pretty good acting, for a disaster movie - No "annoying" characters - For the most part, good special effects - Good rising action, climax, and resolution - Looks and sounds great in IMAX versionCons: - Some bad CGI effects - Not enough character development - Too intense for some?

The film's adventurous and uncompromisingly suspenseful tone are a plus, as well as some of its setups.

very thrilling and suspenseful disaster flick .

The action was so intense.

i won't spoil anyone's pleasure of watching this movie,it's good entertaining throughout and maybe ...

- In fact, the action was so exaggerated that it started boring me and I nearly fell asleep in the middle of this constant boom-boom.

See Poseidon without comparing it to the novel or the first movie, put yourself in the passengers place without worrying about who the really are or where they come from, and you will see it for what it is, a suspenseful exciting, edge of your seat film!

Poseidon was incredibly predictable.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen

But besides this the movie was a rather enjoyable one, although not the best of the Summer 2006 Blockbausters.

The reason why the film wasn't very suspenseful was because the characters were all one dimensional and dull.

But after that it gets a bit boring and repetitive, and after about forty-five minutes, you just kinda stop caring about the characters (assuming, of course, you were one of the three audience members who cared about them at all to begin with) and are left wishing it would end already.

I mostly skipped through it and somehow it still seemed tedious and long.

Four yawns out of five.

A, this one has more and better exciting incidents, faster paced all the way till the end.

There's a few minor problems including a scene where Lucas appears to turn into Spiderman but other than that this is a highly entertaining flick.

Great performances, a riveting story, the fact that you never really knew who was going to survive, good characterization.

The 1972 version was more of drama with a mix of adventure but this new version surpassed -in my opinion- to the original because this version had more action and intensity with the thrilling scenes.

The underwater sequences were breathtaking and 'sit on the edge of your seat' intense.

This new version, sleek at 98 minutes, was just what the producers and director wanted, a fast intense escapist movie.

The plot is so predictable, the character die in ways that are so obvious and dumb.

While the script clearly lacked any kind of believable dialogue, the characters were still likable and entertaining.

I fell asleep .

So all in all, I highly recommend this action masterpiece to everyone who enjoys an awesome action movie filled with stunning visual effects and scenery.

I would like to watch that movie, but if it is as bad and boring as this remake, I'll never watch it.

Mind you, it is well done, exciting, and thrilling popcorn fluff and I highly suggest you head to the theater and give it a look.

The decision Johns (Josh Lucas) and Nelson (Richard Dreyfuss) must take could have been exploited and built upon in so many ways, but it is almost instantly forgotten, and the story resumes its plodding progress, satisfying itself with merely placing more and more obstacles in the path of the dwindling band, testing their ingenuity (which is, quite frankly, super human and super-intelligent) and our patience.

Mark Prostosevich's screenplay – based on Paul Gallico's novel – serves up the basic meat- and-potatoes action histrionics with just the right level of straightforward melodrama and formulaic pinches the cast find themselves in the watery graves-to-be as they rise to the challenges of performing heroic feats and bonding to remain alive largely thanks to the assured direction of filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen (no stranger to the sea in his oeuvre) and a steely turn by anti-hero Lucas, a renegade gambler and former fireman/mayor of New York (!

What seems to scream 'cliché' though, is the fact that the whole action happens during the night.

I thought this film was actually pretty good, kept me on the edge of my seat through out the whole feature.

And with lukewarm star power and probable critical lashings, Mr. Peterson's career, for all intensive purposes, should be considered over.

While these films are considered by most to be quite well done and enjoyable, Poseidon came off to me as a rushed, sometimes forced and annoying movie.

I cannot say I didn't enjoy this movie, I actually enjoyed it a lot on the huge IMAX screen, with stunning CGI effects, and continuous action.

The movie was fast paced and kicked into gear very early, I was also impressed with the special effects - seamless.

I did just that, I knew what to expect, and therefore thoroughly enjoyed it.

All in all an entertaining movie.

You can say I was pretty bored with it to have timed the sequence.

Don't waste your time or money .

Original MPAA rating: PG-13: Intense Prolonged Sequences of Disaster and PerilMy MPAA rating: PG-13: Intense Prolonged Sequences of Frightening Disaster and Peril, Disturbing Images, Sensuality, and LanguageMy Canadian Rating: 14A: Violent Scenes, Frightening Scenes, Disturbing Content

Another problem is that it's fairly predictable as far as who lives and who dies.

The water sequences were intense at times.

gripping thriller....

For those who haven't seen it, let me give you a piece of advice, save your money for something else.

Overall very enjoyable.

Furthermore, displays a sensational soundtrack by Klaus Badelt and enjoyable cinematography by John Seale.

I thought throughout the entire movie: "Wow" or was on the edge of my seat, and really was kept in suspense.

The screenplay is bad, really bad: the characters are pretty bland, there are only very few scenes which could be called dramatic in an emotional, more subtle sense.

Mediocre, Mundane with Bursts of Action, and is Possibly the Most Forgettable Film of the New Millennium So Far.

The entire movie was completely predictable from the beginning.

I found that Poseidon was extremely intense.

But the set-up gets repetitive, and the only diversion, albeit a minor one, is figuring out which character will be killed next.

The characters are bland and are about incapsulating as a stale biscuit.

It was a great distraction and thrilling adventure, when I wanted to "escape" for a few hours.

After a rogue wave slams into the ocean liner on New Year's Eve— where it's been, where it is located, and where it's going are mysteries—the ship is swept upside down and the passengers' boring ascent, led by Lucas, begins.

I don't know what the above/below comments are saying, I HIGHLY enjoyed it!

There were several parts that were incredibly gripping.

The action sequences that involve an obstacle to survive or to escape from are breath-gripping suspenseful.

The long awaited remake is a tremendous spectacle that will keep you on the edge of your seat for almost the entire length of the movie.

From the second the movie begins, to predictable ending, you feel absolutely no emotion towards any of the people who are suffering through the disaster of the day.

Mildly entertaining, par for the course these days - I KNOW I COULD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB MYSELF WITH THE SCRIPT ADAPTATION...

This was a completely formulaic disaster movie indistinguishable from low-budget Irwin Allen wannabe crap except for the quality of the production values.

Direction was good peril situations were very well directed I think, i have watched this movie 10-15 times and still enjoyed it star cast did a better work,acting good.

And it is so predictable!

If you watched this movie while half asleep, it would appear to be a thrilling adventure movie.

Pointless, weird, and the acting was terrible.

Some of the special effects were quite exciting on the big screen, so I gave it a 5.

Some of the scenes really did have me on the edge of my seat and if I didn't know better, this movie would probably keep me off an ocean liner.

The acting is pretty poor and Kurt Russell has seen better days in the acting world but the effects held it together so it remained entertaining enough.

In fact, I thought the special effects were quite impressive and the scenes where the characters were crawling through the inverted ship, very well done and intense.

But dissection of the movie aside, the film does connect with the audience in terms of drama, tension, and thrills, whether it is a cliché or not.

A really exciting, intense disaster film which will have most people on the edge of their seats.

Overall, there is really no story to this movie.

We were patient far too long.

It really takes some effort to come up with dialouges as banal and crass as in this movie.

After watching the the new version of poseidon, I decided to rent the original version with Gene Hackman and crew, I fell asleep within the first 30 minutes of the movie.

Peterson's Poseidon is chalk full of stunning visuals and impossible stunts.

I was on the edge of my seat several time through the duration.

Critics have had a go at this movie, but to be honest you don't have time to take this into account because Poseidon is an action/adrenaline packed ride.

I was hanging on the edge of my seat for the whole movie, then I fell off, if you know what I mean.

Poseidon, an intense and gripping ride .

But still, it was quite an entertaining movie.

The special effects were good and most of the action scenes were "on the edge of your seat" intense.


It would, however, be too harsh to call it a waste of time.

The human aspect of the story is so sketchy and superficially presented that I found it impossible to give a damn about the characters and root for them; that would have made the film a bit more compelling and exciting to watch.

I couldn't tell you, because at least one person in our group fell asleep during the film, and afterwards, the rest of us could barely remember any of the leads' names or back stories.


For God's sake, the movie was truly entertaining!

the ending was definitely corny too - an empty available lifeboat just waiting for them???

it would just be a series of speed bumps and a really short boring happy ending.

Everything from endless water-smothered shots of over-periled shipwreck survivors manically yelping and stumbling for what seemed like an eternity to one of the most fascinating battles of former Oscar-winners (in this case, Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine) doing their gallant, goliath-sized battle of menacing overacting that has become one of the most enjoyable and laughed-upon symbol of misguided performing on film.

Just about everything about this film was generic, the only sort of intense scene in the movie was the elevator scene.

Petersen begins the film with one of the most stunning opening shots in the history of film: A 3-minute wrap-around of the grand luxury liner as she sails the Atlantic.

Okay, this picture was special effects from beginning to end, but you have to admit that it's a roller-coaster ride and gripping good fun.

An entertaining natural disaster movie .

Expect to bite your finger nails down to nothing, not have a smile on your face, because this is one of the most intense disaster films ever.

He is not only the responsible for this atrocious piece of writing, but also for penning The Cell, one of the worst movies ever committed to screen.

The excitement of the original seems to be gone, not because of the setting and effects but because of the boring cast!

Some of the early scenes are, of course, too predictable (even if Dreyfuss's romantic side seems a little displaced and unnecessary), as one just wants things go forward with the action.

Along with following this group, whom we are supposed to be praying for their survival, was guessing who would live and who would die (again very predictable).

This is an easy movie to have two and a half stars or three,he just needed to add that otherwise the movie was pointless.

I found all of the women in this movie dull and boring---nothing compared to any of the feisty women in the original.

Decent and enjoyable movie.

But character development is thrown (here comes a bad pun again) overboard very quickly and we end up with cardboard characters we care next to nothing about, left to go through the motions trotting out some truly banal dialogue that does nothing to (oh, Lord have mercy) keep the film afloat.

Poseidon is an enjoyable film for what it is...

The problem with most disaster films is they're clichéd, unrealistic and rather tedious to watch.

The special effects in "Poseidon" are all that a reported $150 million can buy, and a couple of scenes, including the initial tidal wave, are breathtaking.

The crash sequence was intense and graphic as it shows what it would do if a tidal wave would capsize a cruise ship.

As I said earlier, I'm a big fan of Russell and Dreyfuss and both men deliver good performances but they're always worth watching no matter the film.

This high budget remake mingles action, intrigue, disaster spectacle , suspense and quite entertaining though plenty of clichés.

I haven't seen this in the theaters because I got bored watching it on TV.

They tried to make it more compelling by having a love triangle (daughter, boyfriend, father), and a mother/son relationship, as though you would be more anxious for their survival due to the bond between them.

It is quick, packed with action, and extremely exciting.

wanna slow it down just a tad??

Unbelievably Boring .

In my opinion I recommend that you save your money, save your time, save your sense of good taste, and subsequently save YOURSELF!

The appearance of this film is stunning and Wolfgang Petersen's direction draws you into an almost surreal world.

Yes, the wonderful conflict between characters (the bitchy ex-prostitute and her husband cop in the original) is completely missing and the characters are very stereotypical with very predictable plot lines.

Also, despite all the noise, this movie does have its dull spots.

Perfectly Entertaining.

Now I'm not saying that it was entirely bad, it did have a few enjoyable aspects.

But like me if you go to watch this film bored, and just expecting it to be your typical high budget, over exaggerated Hollywood blockbuster, which is plainly what it is then I don't think you will be overly disappointed!

I found the movie completely clichéd and empty of anything new and exciting.

This is a very entertaining flick.

And the special effects are both awesome and convincing; the capsizing of the ship in particular is a genuinely exciting and harrowing set piece.

There is a lot of intense action that keeps one on the edge of their seat.

The original was a lot more fun, as those characters were all quirky individuals with clashing personalities - these characters are all bland heroes, with no dimension at all.

) Even with the predictability (At points) and how quickly the wave hit without really getting into detail of the characters backgrounds (and how magically all of them just wound up in the same location to escape together..), I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely see it again and recommend it to friends.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat and best of all it gets right into the action.

" only the parts where they have to go under water, it seemed that they held their breath for way too long, and some scenes felt like they just crammed them in to add length.

But we cannot compare both movies, Poseidon will give you thrilling effects!

But what makes this stand out as a turkey, for me, is that it quickly degenerates into the most predictable struggle-against-the-odds drama where you have more fun guessing who lives and dies by the time the end credits roll.

This is an abridged, paint-by-numbers, totally pointless action flick.

I felt a little cheated on the characterizations, because I know all of the actors involved in this movie are capable of seriously intense performances.

Apart from one or two predictable demises, the rest of the film reflects Kurt Russell's sentence:"There's nothing fair in who lives and who dies".

Her fears became my own despite the fact I'm not claustrophobic, and there were moments where I was literally short of breath as I watched her dragged (almost literally) kicking and screaming to the next challenge by her fellows.

It had the typical disaster escapee's - the hero, the father figure, the kid, the old man, the young girl etc. which made some parts of the movie fairly predictable (people die, dad saves the day, most of the "escapee's" escape to safety and the boat sinks), but it still made for an entertaining evening at the movies.

Well the special effects are big, and there are some moments of terror that will have your jaw dropping, and the stars are good enough that they are worth watching and with a budget of this size it's at least nice to watch.

The special effects and sets are absolutely mind boggling and as person who demolishes ships i can tell you save for a few minor glitches which maybe only I (being a professional Ship Demolisher) or a Naval Engineer can notice.

Kurt Russel is lame in his role as the monotone mayor/firefighter/father guy.

Improbable story but suspenseful & entertaining.

Don't waste your money or your time on this upside down film about an upside down boat .

" Petersen's more-than-competent direction keeps the film, if not the ship, on an even keel, although those with long memories will likely be drawn back to the original film, which was more entertaining, if less spectacular.

Director Wolfgang Petersen seems to be treading water (pun intended) because he already covered this ground-and better-in The Perfect Storm; a big, dull, and monotonous expedition that goes through the motions.

The action however is superb, the tension right there on the edge of your seat, and the special effects classy enough to make you believe it is all real.

The scope of ideas presented seemed cool but just felt boring or just not interesting.

Beware -- you may fall asleep and drown in your own drool...

It is QUITE flawed, but has a very enjoyable middle after a bad beginning and end.

Some of the effects were exciting to watch, which is where my 2 rating comes from.

I could swear it was a version of the score of "The Day after Tomorrow" - another brilliantly formulaic Hollywood burp.

I own this movie on DVD simply because I enjoyed it on the big screen.

Waste of time, waste of money to make...

Don't waste your money.

Why would ballast tanks have valves that only open when the tank is full, and remain closed when they're empty?

My entire family enjoyed it, even my ten year kid who wanted to see scary movie 4.

and a bit more boring.

Skip this one and go rent the original, it's way more fun and entertaining.

'Poseidon' is certainly not 'Das Boot'; as a whole, it is no more than your average disaster flick, but it is certainly thrilling at times.

Not deep, no message, just a good time!

As of now, it ends up in between these chairs and the end result is a rather bland movie that didn't impress very often.

The movie is action packed never a dull moment.

He's a pretty dull actor, and I've thought so since seeing him in Sweet Home Alabama.

If you want a pure adrenaline rush and wall-to-wall action, then Poseidon (2006) is your movie!

The first time they got themselves in a spot of bother, watching others' rescue them was mildly entertaining.

The most "Entertaining" movie I have seen this year .

Writing: 2/10This writer would win cliché of the year award with more than one nomination all for the same script.

Final Thought: Though lacking any characterization whatsoever, "Poseidon" is an entertaining movie with excellent special effects.

But I gotta warn you, it gets pretty damn suspenseful.

The writer tries to provoke emotion from the viewer with his character development, but tell you the truth I was glad a great deal of these people died because they were too boring and stupid to care about (except Andre Braugher, he was freakin' bad ass in his short role.

Worst movie I've seen in a LONG time.

Brilliant sets and stunning special effects.

Character development is nearly non-existent, the movie really has no plot, is terribly predictable and corny to the extreme.

Entertaining movie without pretensions .

the feel good comedy - amazing and stunning .

this is one of the worst movie's I've ever seen.

Anyway, maybe I'll figure it out and post again later, but for now I'll just say this: The new Poseidion bored the hell out of me, while the older, supposedly out of date one, still rocks me.

Having said that,it is clear that Wolfgang Petersen wants to get straight into the action and as a result the film feels rushed disjointed for the first half.

I've enjoyed it very well.

It's boring.

It was a fast-paced, full of effects (the ship was quite staggering) and generally rather enjoyable.

Like every disaster movie it risks of being submerged in tons of water and visual effects but the tragic adventure is well conceived and the melodrama too very enjoyable.

I am still shocked that this movie is from the same director who gave Das Boot and Outbreak, besides some other entertaining movies.

Instead we get this group of drab, unpleasant survivors wandering around amazing sets delivering lines of painfully ridiculous dialogue.

The cinematography is great, the editing is crisp, the special effects are superb and the set-pieces are somewhat exciting.

In his native country Germany, he debuted in 1981 with the phenomenal classic "Das Boot" and a mere 20 years later he made the solid and intense "The Perfect Storm", with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg.

Mike Vogel might as well have been a hologram or robot his presence was so insignificant and banal.

Overall, a waste of time.

empty,shallow,visually impressive .

OK, so its a bit lighter on the actual character depth that the original had , but it is far more exciting and does show the carnage that you would expect to happen in a disaster like this.

There seems to be a really horrible trend in Hollywood these days stating that the average movie goer will become bored after an hour and a half so keep it short (Star Trek Nemesis suffered this fatal blow as well...

On my real world scale this probably only deserves a 6, but I've given it a 7 because despite some of its flaws it is a very exciting and intense piece of cinema that will guarantee not to bore you.

This was truly the worst movie I saw last year.

Despite these flaws, there were a few engaging scenes and some touching moments.

Just good acting and no story, we're back in the same situation again.

It is left with a technically amazing well done film, with an empty side.

But oh so predictable.

But this is a disaster flick; we're all aware this is just the obligatory lull before the storm and the scenes only muster up a sincere form of apathy for these cramped characters.

Finally, after an hour of tolerating cliché after goof after far-fetched oh-my-god-we-only-just-made-it-ism, we're asked to believe that they get out of the ship and fortuitously find a life raft in the water, just where they need it.

Instead he put characters in a movie and just killed them later and kind of developed them in a confusing way.

Entertaining Summer Flick.

I guessed correctly in every instance save one: I was unsure whether Richard Dreyfuss' bland character would make it or not.

Mike Vogel is wooden here and didn't convince me at all, he also looked bored, I didn't care for him, as he brought the film down at times, and had no chemistry with Rossum.

It paralleled the original in a unique way but also had so many differences that every corner had an unexpected twist.

Director Wolfgang Petersen delivers a silly plot-thin but crazy pyrotechnic action film not unlike his last stupid actioner Air Force One, and to this end creates a claustrophobic (upside down) roller-coaster which proves an adrenaline rush start to end.

Save your money and time.

I had a misfortune of watching this film last night and oh boy what an utter waste of time.

The tension does build to a stirring and absorbing fever pitch as the film plugs along.

Poseidon is the only one that manages to surprise and entertain on every level, with nary a dull moment.

Well I enjoyed it...

Don't watch this movie, it's pointless, useless, and a waste of money.

This made the movie much more enjoyable because it allowed you to get involved with what was happening in the movie, without having fake-looking explosions and what not in the background.

But a stumbling in these opening segments is excusable as long as Peterson can cover up Protosevich's banality with heaping piles of excitement.

The long awaited remake is a tremendous spectacle that will keep you on the edge of your seat for almost the entire length of the movie.

It's a brisk, tight, intense action extravaganza.

Any film directed by Peterson is worth watching.

); Josh Lucas (fresh off his one-note performance in "Glory Road" as a Navy veteran who seemingly knows everything about luxury liners); Emmy Rossum ("Phantom of the Opera"), as Russell's promiscuous daughter, Jennifer; her empty-headed boyfriend, Christian (Mike Vogel, "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"); and Jacinda Barrett ("Bridget Jones: On The Edge Of Reason"), as single mom, Maggie James, towing her annoying offspring, Conner (Jimmy Bennett) along with her.

From start to finish Poseidon is action packed and moves along at a very rapid pace that prevents the viewer from losing interest.

What it is though is a reasonably entertaining 90+ minutes that has good effects and very cheesy dialogue.

an enjoyable disaster movie .

It was pretty exciting stuff, given the premise, and the characters that were in it - the usual selfish "villains", and an elderly sacrificing couple are some of those I remembered.

I still believe it holds its own as an entertaining action adventure film.

Added to the intensely cliché plot and the mandatory (these days) Hollywood CGI effects, this is guaranteed to be a flop of epic proportions.

Very intense and captures your attention throughout the span of the entire movie.

The director, Wolfgang Peterson, directed exciting sailing-themed movies like "Das Boot" and "The Perfect Storm" and he excels in these kinds of films, so the action sequences are superbly staged.

If you want to see a great disaster movie where the hero saves the day and you are left squirming on the edge of your seat, then you will love this movie.

However, that doesn't mean it isn't effective at what it does, provide an entertaining two hours at the movies.

i also found it suspenseful.

No real plot?

The movie is a cliché from start to end .

"Poseidon" is your typical disaster film; great effects, bad dialogue, super suspenseful, and dreadful acting.

The only problem with POSEIDON is its simplicity and the cliché brand that it obviously carries with it.

Another dull remake .

In one quieter moment, Emmy Rossum (Russell's daughter in the film) and her fiancé (Mike Vogel) are embarking on a prolonged, tearful separation, it's hard to discern if Russell's dive into the water is in order to "save the day" or simply commit suicide out of sheer boredom.

But when you go to a movie wanting to be entertained with edge of your seat adrenaline and fantastic special effects, WHO CARES!!!!

Formulaic and Forgettable…Mediocre and Mundane .

I read the reviews and was prepared for the worst, I was surprised, the movie is action packed, with hardly any let up.

Some gripping scenes and effects can't quite overcome a weak script and dull characters .

This movie is the worst movie I have ever seen.

The story is completely predictable, in the sense that I could have bet on the people that were going to die during the film and have become a millionaire.

No plot?

The ending was predictable.

The story is a pretty cliché action plot, with a diverse group of survivors banding together to find a way off of the ship, which is now floating upside down.

I also believe that Kurt Russell is one of the most entertaining actors of our generation.

The movie is different and instead presents boring stereotypical characters.

Kurt Russell was good (as usual), and the action sequences were dazzling (and pretty intense).

This movie really needs more effort, it was boring as well.

I love these sort of films, which provide a simple story, set in one location, yet the ideas in it are gripping !

Considering that the technological advances today, making a disaster movie would make it much more realistic and, therefore, more exciting.

Biggest confusion: Dreyfus character wanted to die.

Petersen has kept his team of survivors only just ahead of the rising water all through their escape which keeps the viewer on the edge of his seat and the relatively short running time is justified in this sense.

The elaborate sets and special effects were both stunning and completely credible.

Director and producer Wolfgang Petersen remake of Irwin Allen's 1973 thrilling, cult-classic The Poseidon Adventure now retitled simply Poseidon, falls short of the films publicity ballyhoo.

I think a lot of people are trashing on this film because--after embracing every rotten comic book adaptation and remake of a crappy 70's TV sitcom that's been spoon fed them in the past five years--it is now fashionable to assume the other position and slag on anything that dares to remake a "70's classic", has a big budget, etc, etc.I found the new version of POSEIDON to be an incredibly intense experience.

First a little background– the Poseidon was struck by a very real but little known phenomenon called a "rogue wave," which is essentially a mid-ocean, completely unpredictable collision of two massive ocean waves (you would be absolutely astounded to learn how large and fast moving mid-ocean waves can be, by the way), which results in another wave, which you might say is more than the sum of its parts.

Dull and inadequate .

Don't waste your money on another plot less film.

The heroics of Dylan were just so stupid that you would wish the character an unpleasant but slow death.

There was nothing else on and I'm not even sure how this ended because I fell asleep while watching.

Simply Unwatchable .

Then the uninspiring story kicks in, and Mark Protosevich's by-the-numbers script begins offering the most cursory of character sketches.

Just got back from seeing this movie and I have to say, I enjoyed it.

This modern-day remake of a 1970s disaster classic is pretty much what you would expect from a state-of-the-art disaster epic: it's full of non-stop action, thrills and spills and boasts some stunning CGI effects.

OK, it was boring as all get out, with a predictable tired plot, and what a waste of 2 hours!!!

The claustrophobia in this scene is so intense if you're not climbing the walls then you need to have your head examined.

The rest of the movie was just the same old boring happenings.

100% of tightness, 100% of action and 1% of boredom .

Fortunately as well the movie is suspenseful at times and viscerally and tenderly felt as well.

Decent remake, more intense .

(both of which I thought were pretty predictable throughout.

That said, Poseidon is an enormously entertaining movie, so long as its audience is capable of ignoring the terrible lines uttered by its stereotyped and clichéd characters.

I mean I am still sitting on the EDGE of my seat wondering if he ever had one missed call from his Boy.

The visual effects are absolutely stunning and the underwater cinematography is gorgeous and scarily effective.

My fiancée' was holding her breath throughout most of the movie, and I must say that I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

If the writers did one thing right, it was create an suspenseful atmosphere with a few surprises.

The action was suspenseful at times, and looking at Josh Lucas and Kurt Russell in wet tux shirts was some eye candy for the ladies.

The action is non stop, so you will never be bored, and there are quite a few shocking moments as well, plus aside from a couple wooden acting jobs namely(Mike Vogel), it was pretty good, plus I got exactly what I expected and that was an exciting blockbuster!.

" And like I said, this movie is predictable.

It's really intense and incredibly fun to watch.

The best thing about this movie is that it is very entertaining, with none of the pretense of some contemporary remakes that lack originality, charisma, and are a bit too long and stale.

It even lacks the thrill that seems to be the core purpose of the genre.

Summation: instantly forgettable but entertaining nonetheless.

The movie soon started to become tedious and mind-numbingly predictable.

35 years, and we've gone from horror ho-hum at such things.

Although technically, I don't know whether all the interior settings are based correctly on a real ship, all the incidents are better and more exciting here except that we do not have a memorable one like Shelley Winters' swimming scene.

Mind you, it is well done, exciting, and thrilling popcorn fluff and I highly suggest you head to the theatre and give it a look.

A terrible bore that unwittingly offers a window into the moral bankruptcy of our time.

The offsetting problem, however, is that Mark Protosevich's trite screenplay abbreviates character development in favor of banal dialogue and stock responses.

But Ho-Hum.

Deus ex machina plot twists and a dull ending.

Every little maze that the group gets into, which is about a half dozen, it gets very intense and edge of your seat.

It had engaging characters, decent special effects and a cheesy storyline.

As a result, POSEIDON is a reasonably well done but utterly simple-minded and empty spectacle.

Satisfying waste of time .