Power Rangers (2017) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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A group of high-school students, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Dean Israelite
Stars: Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott
Length: 124 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 82 out of 471 found boring (17.4%)

One-line Reviews (310)

The build up is way too long, before they are actually the Power Rangers, there's only about half an hour left.

Dumb CGI of crystals levitating and vibrating and a tiresome old hook for mystery.

A dull cinematic episode that does little to quicken the pulse.

By far the easiest and arguably most predictable achievement this film acquires from Dean Israelite's direction is generating immense nostalgia for fans of the television series.

Based on the exciting big robot/superhero series for kids, this reboot has nothing in common with the colorful TV show besides its name.

I give it a 7 out of 10 only because the excitement in me wished they would have started in on the action a bit sooner, but like I said, it was still entertaining at the most so there is no heavy complaint in my book.

Once this plot device is introduced, that and everything after it is a complete waste of time.

That small scene from the one of the first ever episodes of Power Rangers, has in my opinion more entertaining action than the action in this movie.

The Non-Power Rangers Scenes are also very enjoyable and NOT just the Scenes with the Power Rangers.

The best scene in the film was the campfire scene as we actually get offered some substance, but unfortunately it trails off when it gets to our two boring leads.

It's actually entertaining.

It dragged on for nearly 2 hours then ended with a weak fighting scene.

that the movie story was getting full slow.

But still is very entertaining, even for the original tv version viewers.

Yes, they stunts are good, fx is amazing but there was a lack of story altogether.

And small BORING battle at the end.

Overall it is enjoyable to watch and I think people scoring this lower than a 5 are not getting what the Power Rangers are about and have unrealistic expectations.

It takes them awhile to start to have chemistry, but 15 to 20 minutes after the opening logos, they're starting to play well together, and the film starts to be enjoyable.

Despite this concern, I left the theatre uplifted that I had seen a very good film, not a groundbreaking one, but certainly an enjoyable ride.

I started to watch a little just for a laugh but it caught me and my brothers attention and we both really enjoyed it!

I started watching the show kind of late, and by then I was already old enough to realize that it was very repetitive and predictable.

ly dull.

It took me on an emotional roller coaster, made me love, cry and sit on the edge of my seat.

By the time they are in their giant metal monsters aka Zords, we are presented with a very cheesy version of the original theme, that is much more awesome and intense than what we were given.

As filmmakers, we know that close-ups can connect the viewers with the character further, and Ludi in spite of not receiving much of this in the film, was still able to become the most fascinating character in my opinion is simply remarkable.

Riveting .

And it's definitely worth the watch.

Zack, Trini and Billy are given a moment that allows the audience to engage with them whereas Jason and Kimberly remain boring by being tight lipped and this annoyed me.

Overall it was a modern take on the original and an entertaining way to spend 2hrs.. And it had a pretty good soundtrack too!

So, I wanted this movie to, at least, be entertaining.

It can be tiring to sit through as the familiar tropes are extremely apparent and can get boring from time to time.

I'd class this movie as overall fun and entertaining to watch.

The first act seems to all about putting a modern look and feel to the main characters and setting, setting up plot and characterisation, and then the subsequent acts go "eh, whatever" and it devolves into this increasingly poorly written mess of bad dialogue, uninteresting villain, and over simplistic conflict resolution.

Zack is a truant who is an adrenaline- junkie, struggling with a sick mother.

If you want a fun and exciting movie to watch then definitely load this up.

Everything in between was utterly boring.

The characters were bland, uninteresting, and unlikable.

exciting,funny and nice reboot.

If you've watched Power Rangers as a series, and enjoyed it, you will enjoy this movie for what it is ; a really fun adaptation.

I'd say it's a good movie for kids, at the very least, and it shouldn't bore adults too much either.

Join five teenagers as they embark on overly complex origin story, staggering change in directional tone, intense product placement and awkward usage of nostalgia.

This movie really surprised me with how fun, entertaining, and engaging it actually was.

The movie does keep true to the original series and I have enjoyed it.

The power rangers battle these golem things that she summons and that fight choreography is seriously flawed and uninspiring.

It is exactly the right blend of fun and exciting, while being dark and challenging at the same time.

The film starts out very slow, then seems to sprint through the rest of the sequence of events in the blink of an eye.

But, overall while an entertaining movie, it feels a little cliché to what we're used to seeing in cinema nowadays.

Initially, I found the designs for the Zords to be off-putting, but I've gotten used to them, and actually found the scenes of them in action to be more enjoyable on repeat viewings.

She was a definition of a cliché villain, showing up only to pose a threat and not really do much and then be at the center of the final throw down.

Rating: 1/5 What earned the film the rating: Absolute lack of any originality, banal story-line, a conflict built on unbelievable coincidence and 0 effort in trying to make any sense.

For all of the people that rated this a 1 they are just bored and more than likely hate there lives.

To wrap it up: This is definitely a movie worth watching.

For an origin story, it's fairly cliché.

The movie is a very entertaining and mature one.

The characters are all boring and so stereotypical.

There's the bland Red leader (Montgomery), the Yellow outsider (G.

This reboot movie is long, boring and not nostalgic.

Overall, it was entertaining in a "hey let's watch a movie that is light in thought and entertaining in a predictable but still pretty good for a laid back night" kind of way.

It's predictable as expected, the CGI gets better every year and it's good in this one, although there's always room for improvement.

Sorry, the last thing I want to listen to is Kanye West's "Power" while an intense battle scene is going on.

Shallow but entertaining .

Abrupt pace changes in certain scenes, hand-held shots, and fast cuts make it intelligible and unenjoyable what should be enjoyable; the visual effects are decent and the new designs of the costumes, the Zords, and the Megazords aren't entirely bad.

Started as a high school cheesy cliché, cliché depressed dark student, cliché narcissistic enemies with the cringiest script and the most stupid ending.

Things became predictable, you already knew what they were going to say or do before it happened because we have seen it all before -it was all unoriginal.

Overall, an enjoyable movie if you are a fan of power rangers or superhero genre in general.

It's fun seeing the five teens both in and out of the suits, Cranston is a great Zordon, and Banks is quite entertaining as well.

"Power Rangers" is a worthy successor and enjoyable update to the 1990s pop culture juggernaut.

Do the world a favor watch a far superior comic book movie like Logan instead and save your money!

The combat was boring.

Some of them said it's quite good & entertaining.

I really want to love this act, but to me, it was kind of empty.

Yellow Ranger was boring.

Now with the name "Power Rangers" you don't expect a whole lot when it comes to characterization, but in a mind blowing fashion this turns out to be one of the best characterized movies in the past few years.

Despite the main cast being teens, I felt the camaraderie the humor (especially from Billy, a subdued, modern day Steve Urkel), was just believable and entertaining enough to shape the rangers into likable characters without too much annoying angst or soap.

Rita Repulsa was an extremely weak villain and was just plain boring.

But once we start meeting the kids, I found them and their stories very compelling.

Power Rangers may go for a serious tone and fall short in some areas, but nonetheless, it stays standing by providing a deeper element of character development than expected, and exciting, while underused, action scenes.

Make no mistake, this is an origin story and the first half of the film effectively acts like a John Hughes coming of age drama; giving us insight into the troubled lives of the teens both at school and at home.

Movies like this have a tendency to put out boring one dimensional characters.

Is it anything "new" or special; no, but it's an entertaining movie all the same.

My friend dragged me to go watch it with him and I hated almost every minute.

I went into this movie with an open mind and expecting a sci-fi/fantasy action type of film.. something exciting and fun.. or at least a decent popcorn flick, if nothing else.

That's really boring.

Too Slow To Start & Boring Combat/Villains .

And when the rangers DO get into action, the mayhem feels slower, clunkier, and more awkward than the action on the television show.

It is a solid movie though, and one that is worth watching, if offered.

Power rangers has been a movie that everyone has tried to remake, as for this remake I feel as if its worth watching.

Unwatchable fight scenes.

Too boring for kids and too childish for teenagers.

I thought it was, generally, very good and enjoyable.

The middle parts feel good at some points but are too dragged out for the viewer to care.

Boring zzzz .

Now, is "Power Rangers" a bit cheesy and predictable/straightforward.

I still remember how thrill and exciting i was when coming home and immediately turn on the TV to catch the latest episode then re watch it the next day waiting for the new episode to come out.

While I will be the first to admit that the very idea of Power Rangers has always been a silly, corny, and cheesy premise to begin with, I really like how the makers of this movie took the source material seriously and made it into something that has just the right amount of action, comedy, drama, and story to make for an enjoyable film.

The CGI isn't revolutionary, but serves its purpose well enough, and the action is fast, fluid and engaging when it arrives.

There are some jokes that might be a little crude but it's entertaining.

The film tries to give them all layers and it can be engaging, even if it is a Breakfast Club ripoff.

It was still entertaining.

The story is clearly aimed at a childish audience, but Gatins dared to strike a few slightly adult chords which bring an unexpected deepness to the relationship between the five "Rangers", creating an adequate emotional content to balance the superficiality of the action and the laughable villain (and the least I say about that talkative robot with a lot of "attitude", the better).

I just wish they could have found a way to steer away from focusing on the most boring character, the red one, there's been tons of reiterations of the jock with a bad knee that's not a newly invented trope and they didn't have a new twist on it either aside from maybe him being less of an asshole than the norm.

Lots of excessively rational mind blowing coincidences in this movie like the five future heroes all show up at the same abandoned mine (and other places later on) at the same time.

But the end result is quite bland and cliché with few new aspects working.

TL;DR - Slow, boring, not entertaining, Fant4stic was better.

Surprisingly enjoyable popcorn flick .

In place of all of the things that gave Power Rangers its distinction, costume designs, set pieces, music and intense action is now generic fluff and bland characters.

A thoroughly enjoyable re-imagining of the classic cheesy power rangers.

Dragged, Screaming, into the 21st Century at last.

Very entertaining.

A bloated runtime and a lack of action will surely lead to boredom for the young'uns, and the ludicrously long wait to actually see the Power Rangers in full getup could annoy the fans from way back.

So mature, so boring, like being reminded that I'm a kid no more

It was a brilliant film I enjoyed it, I am a Power Rangers fan & this film was as good as the other Power Rangers & I hope they do a sequel to this one like they did with the 90's one & it was good having two of the regional Power Rangers doing a cameo at the end of film of Amy Jo Johnson (Pink Ranger) & Jason David Frank (Green Ranger).

The film takes too much time to build up and we have to sit through the bad acting, boring dialogues and what appears to be The Breakfast Club reunion.

Subpar Acting/Script - the characters are bland and just not good at acting, with maybe the slight exception of the blue and yellow rangers who seemed to actually put forth some effort into their performances.

Yet somehow, this unexpected remake is still silly-fun for middle-schoolers, with just the tiniest amount of narrative and character weight to engage adults, especially the nerdier ones.

Starts off confusing and doesn't get good at all during any part of the movie.

That's another problem this film has; it's way too long, clocking in at just over two hours.

The worse part is that the action is so.. boring.

Red Ranger Jason and Pink Ranger Kimberly are really bland characters and unfortunately they get the most screen time.

Dull actors to which we feel no connection, more annoyed by them if anything.

The fact that a movie has action in all the scenes does not make it good, on the contrary, it makes it monotonous, so it should have more dramatic scenes to make the thrilling ones more exciting.

Boring: Some say it was boring, and I'll admit it was slow to start.

This movie mixes up the cheese with serious drama, so it often feels disjointed in tone.

And if it wasn't good, I was hoping it would at least be enjoyable in that fun, cheesy, goofy, entertaining type way that the show was back in the 90s.

To be honest, around this time I wanted to turn it off.

The film fails in every single way, from the confusing plot to the bad pacing to the clunky combat scenes.

P*** off), and quite an entertaining bit of material throughout the film in regards to comedy and action.

Boring - It just felt like it lagged on an on, I kept waiting for the action to begin and it didn't come literally until the last 15 minutes of the movie.

The villain was boring.

Anyway entertaining enough and to me just the updated version.

I'm not gonna lie: for the first two-thirds of this movie, I found what I was watching fairly enjoyable.

Four bland protagonists and one who actually has some personality (the blue ranger, but you knew that anyway) lead a boring story filled with clichés and a formulaic structure.

the movie lasts for 2hours with 30min alltogether worth watching...

Enjoyable, Nostalgic ...

Overall, a good fantasy action entertainment for kids, they wouldn't get bored.

It could have fleshed out some of the Rangers more, and the villain, but then the movie might have dragged for some viewers so it's probably best they decided to keep it to 2 hours.

Boring movie.

Only helping matters is director Dean Israelite, who really impressed me by helming "Project Almanac", another teen-driven vehicle that turned into a very entertaining flick.

Its most unforgivable sin is that IT'S SO BORING.

From an acting perspective, the young troupe of actors deliver boring performances as misfit teenagers turned quasi-superheroes.

I've really enjoyed it.

I would take these 5 kids as super heroes any day and more enjoyable as characters than any of those in Suicide Squad or in Captain American Civil Wars.

The writing was bland and cliche and the design was too "shiny" and smooth.

Anyway, it's an entertaining film.

Israelite seems to forget how to direct interesting action and the whole last act is a disaster of fast paced cutting, not understanding what is going on and overall total loss of affection for anyone involved.

This movie is Voltron meets Chronicle, and it is mostly boring trash.

The first half of the film was entertaining despite the plot, filled with action and funny moments.

Characters are so uninteresting and feels like the movie is in fast forward from the start.

Like most modern "action" movies, the "action" is unwatchable.

Perhaps a little slow for children.

On the positive side, the art direction brings the previously spandex-and-plastic-clad Power Rangers to life in a visually compelling way and the stars – Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin and Becky G – make the script's character work feel worth it.

It has no plot.

Though it won't be up for any awards, it was enjoyable and fun to watch.

I did because I figured it would just be generic boring stuff, not a commercial for a donut shop!

The film was quite enjoyable.

There were some very unexpected twists and parts that actually surprised me.

Movie cliche disaster .

If you are into music at all you have come to grips with what is the most intense music, so be it, heavy metal.

But, it is still an entertaining movie I'm sure you'll find interesting.

The best thing about the film is, it is watchable, despite everything are familiar and predictable.

Exactly as cliché and cheesy you want it to be.

Now an poor Asian with a sick mother, he is so bland as Billy got the dance moves.

Dull, bland and generic.

Has an identity crisis, but sporadically enjoyable.

The costumes are nothing like Power Rangers, and the Zords were dull.

If you are willing to look passed some of the very apparent flaws of this film, it is overall a very enjoyable experience.

This scene and the final Battle where Rita gets B-chSlapped to the moon was the only entertaining thing in this whole movie.

Not only that but the Power Rangers are barely in the film, you only see glimpses of them until the climax of the film, most of the time we are focus on five teenagers whom stumble upon five glowing rocks things which will morph them into Power Rangers (once you get past the boring training montage).

The editing was sporadically jarring, but the use of the camera was definitely making up for it: the first five shots of this film have two long takes of action that were genuinely stunning and absorbing.

Plus, there are a few too many big coincidences in assembling the new Power Rangers and fueling their adventure, but this is still a mostly well-executed and entertaining movie.

For younger viewers some of the scenes might be a bit too intense, though.

What are all the mundane authorities of the USA doing while a weird looking alien is killing people and blowing stuff up in small town America?

The movie was too slow to start, and it took forever just for them to actually become Power Rangers.

Worth watching once though, wouldn't watch again as its one of those movies, watched once then forgotten.

Both too slow and too fast .

I only noticed a few problems right off the bat, but otherwise the movie was just fine and enjoyable for an entire family to see.

It's not perfect, but I highly recommend it for those who are looking for good entertainment as well as those who are longtime fans of this franchise.

the first 40 minutes or so are okay but after that it just becomes boring.

This movie is boring, poorly written, and stupid.

Then start with a story that's beyond the trite "bad person wants to destroy everything" plot, and some characters that are more than 2-dimensional attempts at failed sympathy votes.

People who love boring movies will hate this movie.

The action scenes are cartoonishly intense, the cinematography moves with surprising brains, and the climax is even a mild seat-clincher.

So no doubt, 'Power Rangers' was an entertaining film from my perspective.

) donuts an hour, 37 minutes, and 25 seconds into this yawner.

ly dull .

It's trying to appease to both Children and people like myself who use to enjoy the TV show, however I don't think anybody would enjoy it, as one Reviewer puts it "Too stupid for adults, to boring for kids.

I was always more into Transformers and Dragonball Z; they were always darker, the fight scenes were more intense and less ridiculous than a group of teenagers in silly looking colored coded suits; like a selection of angry crayons fighting against disabled monsters.

It's then a pretty formulaic sequence of events where the Rangers need to put aside their differences and team up against Rita.

Muddled, messy, often incoherent, the movie was too long, but that might only be because it moved too slow.

Kids at a young age, aren't as could as they are when they get older at interpreting deep philosophical messages; which is why power rangers in general isn't the type of show/movie you watch, expecting to leave the theater with a huge epiphany about life.

It was very entertaining, fast pace, and exciting.

While this update of the Japanese super-hero kids' show manages to represent all races and special interests, its inconstant tone keeps it from telling an engaging story.

Mediocre Production - The little amount of action that finally came was poorly executed (boring action, if you know what I mean) and there was a lot of atrocious looking CGI.

The various situations that it inserts around the characters, which serve to reveal who or what they're, are known, but acceptable, and in certain instants are enjoyable such as the campfire scene or in which knacks of the young cast are evidenced, not in overblown effects or plot twists, circumstances where the soul is naked and the ears are wide open.

Everyone that is writing a negative review of this film is saying that it didn't live up to expectations, ruined their nostalgia, was boring, was stupid, etc. So let's address some of that.

This was an enjoyable movie, if you are a fan go see it.

I watched the movie a few days ago and enjoyed it a lot!

at this period of time, basic CGI is old-hat and cliché.

In the series she was an over the top space witch and while the movie does make a change to her back story some of that over the top cheesiness remains and its entertaining to watch.

Overall, a very entertaining movie on all levels.

Very nice movie, entertaining .

I really enjoyed it and it beat my expectations!

I will admit right now, if you have ZERO EXPERIENCE with power rangers in any way, shape, or form then there might be some slight confusion.

I was bored and needed something to watch and eh this is on Amazon Prime Movies.

An Enjoyable Modern Take On The Classic 90's Show .

Okay, yes the plot is as generic as anything you'll ever see; it's predictable and cheesy, as expected from a film like this.

As I said, I found the movie too slow.

entertaining and better than I expected.

It was boring from start to end.

The story was really pointless and made no sense, no one knew any of these actors they didn't know what they were even doing and don't even know how to act I really did not enjoy this movie at all really bad compared to the awesome power rangers TV shows back than they should not make a sequel to this film.

However, that brings us to the third and most glaring major issue and it's not something I usually care about, but it's intense here-- product placement.

But beyond that, this flick is a slow-moving, anti-climatic, dull and insensible let-down of both scripting and directing.

When he looses control of the vehicle, we witness the crash from the cockpit of the car, in a slow dramatic shot that lingers on Jason as the crash rattles his body.

This fighting, accompanied by the cliché humour and poking jokes throughout the film make the latest installment of Power Rangers an enjoyable ride while it lasted.

Rita is pretty bland and there's nothing interesting about her.

Most of the younger children in the theater were bored too.

An enjoyable, if what dumb movie thats entertains throughout.

The main problematic aspect here is the struggle to bring back the campy, if cheesy fun that made the original television franchises entertaining.

The story is simple but takes way too long to get going.

Unwatchable Dreck .

Watch if your bored....

Elizabeth Banks does a great job being a whimsical snob in "the hunger games" trilogy but as a villain or rather this particular villain she does not shine, she's in fact very, very dull.

Very fun and entertaining.

but this new film is just the worst movie I've seen in 2017.

This time, the new cast is completely dysfunctional and the first 90 minutes are a real DRAG ripping off other teen angst movies so much that many kids will undoubtedly find it BORING.

Worst Movie Ever .

Amazing Stunning IDK Amazing?

Yeah it's a reboot of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but I proper enjoyed it.

My adrenaline rushed every time they morphed and my skin had goosebumps when the dinozords got involved.

I thought all of the individual introductions to each of the Ranger Teens where solid and enjoyable, which also includes Alpha 5 and Zordon.

To me, I don't think that the new power rangers movie was all that bad because it is only the first movie which they have to introduce everybody for one and also they have to get all the newer viewers up to date with the older movies and last they want to also make it entertaining for the new generation.

The dialogue was very plain and boring.

The performance was poor, bland and uninspired, add to that the character's abysmal writing and you have by far the worst character in the film.

A 2 hour Power Rangers movie sounded good, but I thought that the first half was going a bit too slow.

It dragged and dragged with these poorly acted characters and mundane character development for our protagonists.

But if nostalgia won't make you smile, then certainly the comedy of the movie will be an entertaining factor.

Bill Hader as Alpha is really funny, and enjoyable to watch.

Many of the bad reviews that came out for this movie make some good points, but a few are obviously pretentious, and are badmouthing the movie based on film snobbery and have little to do with the substance film.

They're also about half as much fun as evidenced after our five teenagers with attitude meet up, discover their multi-colored power coins and proceed to stare at each other in confusion.

The Rangers alter egos have personality instead of the squeaky clean drones on the TV show.

So, I found Power Rangers an entertaining action film for kids, and it will probably be an adequately nostalgic journey for young adults who enjoyed the series during the '90s.

Not that we see a good movie here in terms of high class film making, but we see an entertaining, definitely funny kids action movie also reaching out to us 90ies fans smiling at the moment dinosaur robots fight to "Go Go Power Rangers"-music.

The new characters are established firmly from the start, but the story doesn't quite know how to advance from there, leaving the middle piece of the film a little laggy and repetitive.

One of the worst movies I've seen in some time...

Even though this story is mostly based on character development, I believe they did a really good job keeping it entertaining for the new generation's introduction to them, as well as the original fans.

Before long I stopped caring about the differences between new and old and became immersed in this 21st century version.

I was a fan of the show in the nineties; I found it extremely entertaining because of its simplicity and goofiness.

There were some moments that were very intense and one or two made me cringe a bit.

This movie was entertaining, but it also felt pretty cliché.

Because it was so boring, I was forced to sit through boring scenes of people talking about boring back stories.

However, I came out of the theater very surprised how much I enjoyed it.

It's strange to think that this movie is fairly enjoyable for the first two acts and makes you believe that you are watching a good movie.

The action is exciting and the effects are top- notch, although I question some of the choices, namely the idea to turn Zordon into some kind of giant pin art toy.

Even at those points, they're enjoyable for everyone(unless you don't have any sense of humor).

And of course, there are lots of thrilling explosions and sound effects to bring it all to the front.

Simply put, this is an origin story movie so it takes a long time to actually get exciting and once it finally does, it ends 15 minutes later.

Lots of uninteresting scenes.

Aside from Elizabeth Banks, everything leading up to the climatic showdown was actually pretty enjoyable.

Second, when the Power Rangers actually become Power Rangers, the movie takes on the feel of a formulaic episode.

Instead, it was boring because of *SPOILER* forced background stories.

When the rangers finally morph into their suits, they look cool, but the action itself is boring.

As a fan of the original series I was open to an updated movie version that I knew wouldn't be the same, and for the most part it was fairly entertaining as things kept moving.

A Fairly Enjoyable "Power Rangers" Movie Completely Falls Apart In Its Clunky Third Act .

Also, hits all the buttons-training sequence, bonding scenes, slow mo hero walk (I think we get two).

Slow boring lame zzz half walkout from cinema, really dissapointed

Really confusing to me so I thought she was some kid d of Trinny the Trannie.

The action sequences were nothing special, but were entertaining and were executed pretty well.

The only redeeming quality that this movie has is the cast, they do pretty well with what they are given however their backstories slow the film down to a snail's pace.

From the poorly-choreographed fight scenes to the lame dialog, Power Rangers is a yawner from beginning to end.

I liked how the director made it that way to make it more enjoyable .

A couple of the rangers seemed to be out of place (Black and Yellow) but all in all this was an entertaining reboot for anybody who was a fan of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.


Overall Power Rangers is a good action film filled with action, violence, shooting, fighting, battling, explosions, things getting blown up, wrecked, destroyed etc, team work, togetherness, problem troubled teenagers, sci-fi, science, incredible technology, weird bizarre things, quarries, stunning scenery, crowds of people, fall outs, disagreements, loyalty, family, friendship, on the edge of your seat stuff, waterfalls, rain, trains, cars, zords, incredible powers of strength and many other things throughout the film.

Overall, Power Rangers is a lot of fun; it has character development, exciting action sequences, great cast, and cheesy humor, which you can expect, in this type of film.

While that's often not the best thing, it's always exciting to see the return of a beloved property.

The Teens were really likable and enjoyable to watch from the start, despite of there past or present actions.

The film gives him a truly engrossing back story that connects him with Rita.

But despite all i just said, actually the movie is fairly entertaining.

the movie was getting little bored .

its kinda boring, lame and annoying.

For a 2hr movie about Power Rangers, having to wait 1hr30min for the to actually BECOME Rangers is way too long.

"Power Rangers" is a worthy successor and enjoyable update to the 1990s pop culture juggernaut.

Boring could be the word to describe this film...

The movie couldve been better mainly id they took us more on their journey on becoming the rangers, bit more lore and the robo guy was really cool The thing is its too predictable and naive especially if you watched power rangers the series.....

These characters are uninspiring.

The dialogue will deliver you into a gripping new world with extraordinarily relatable disposition.

To conclude, as part of the '90's generation that looked at the original version, isn't a bad movie, has entertaining moments and is good option to relax.

Overall there were some really cliché lines and some that were even a little cringey.

A good movie for kids, at the very least, and it shouldn't bore adults too much either.

It just seems a little confused about what it wants to be and that confusion ultimately hurts this reboot.

The pacing is way off balance, often going too slow to stay intrigued through the first two acts, and subsequently rushed to almost an extreme in the final act to make up for the lost action time earlier on.

It started off really slow and some scenes felt unnecessary in character building.

My grandsons were bored except for the last 20 minutes and they are huge power ranger fans.

Unbearably hard to stay awake during the entirety of the actual movie .

The Power Rangers movie is meant to be colorful, fun, cheesy and action packed.

Really entertaining movie.

Fun, exciting and fairly satisfying .

However, Inevitably I also have issues with the film, more specifically with how there is a significant lack of story here, seemingly sacrificed for a focus on character development; Rita Repulsa, the main antagonist, being torn straight from the original TV show and distractingly juxtaposing the other characters' grounded realism, the many mindless, faceless foes the Rangers battle through, laughably in-your-face product placement, and the film's abstinence from action set pieces relived only during the final 30 minutes of the film that seriously impacts upon its rewatchability.

No plot, no message, no decent fights, no decent zords.

The modern take is a blockbuster fun type of film that follows the cliché origin story and have a better looking armor suits with the rangers, some cheesy humor, and visual effects.

The third act is (unfortunately) rushed but still an entertaining and satisfying final fight.

A boring evening with some good friends.

If anyone hasn't seen it yet, go and watch it when you can because it is worth the watch.

I was actually surprised that this film was actually entertaining.

It takes the simple premise of having a group of teenagers being selected as guardian warriors who are sworn to protect the Earth from an evil space witch, and elevates it to unexpected new heights.

Being a director in 2017 its much too easy to make another transformers clone with mind-numbingly stupid dialogue and boring exposition which they try (and fail) to compensate for with great action scenes.

The actors had no chemistry, they were bland, boring and ungathered.

Other than that, it was entertaining enough to watch with family on a Saturday night.

"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" was the most cheesy and predictable show ever made!

If anything, they are limited only by the fantasy troupes which may seem predictable or campy, then again this is Power Rangers, not Logan.