Precious (2009) - Drama

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In New York City's Harlem circa 1987, an overweight, abused, illiterate teen who is pregnant with her second child is invited to enroll in an alternative school in hopes that her life can head in a new direction.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Lee Daniels
Stars: Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 50 out of 293 found boring (17.06%)

One-line Reviews (129)

Overrated and pretentious, unless you're willing to draw your own conclusion from it .

And any film that touches upon such upsetting concepts and yet still manages to be actually funny in places and overall enjoyable to watch is pulling off quite a rare trick.

Waste of time.

After hearing the very PROFANE language (caps on purpose) and witnessing the various forms of abuse (sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, mental) throughout the film, you do get sucked and immersed into Precious' sad world.

And the central character, the eponymous 16 year old Claireece "Precious" Jones, played by the part African-American, part Senegalese Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe in her first acting role, is a most unlikely protagonist: very young, morbidly obese, illiterate and mostly inarticulate (as are many of the other characters, making the dialogue hard to follow at times).

However, as much as I seem to like films covering depressing topics, it only works when the story has either a powerful message, is a realistic account of a historical event or is thrilling.

We all must take the responsibility to demand and create works that uplift and progress the existence of a people that have been portrayed at the bottom for far too long!

It's not difficult to see why this deeply affecting character study won top prizes from Sundance, Cannes, and Toronto: Its star is a new talent so immersed in her role that to think of her not being Precious is almost impossible, even for a cynic like me.

Screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher's screenplay was relevantly melodramatic even though at times he abused on the repetitive cursing way too many times, which become a nuisance instead of a narrative element.

" Yes, people watch shows like "Oprah" and movies like "Precious", feeling that they did something else but to waste 'precious' time.

The film brutally reveals each one of these tragedies as we are immersed in a tight atmosphere accomplished by the great execution of Gabourey Sidibe and Mo'Nique, with other less impacting performances that as whole, works perfect for the type of visual language that director Lee Daniels delivers from a wonderful adapted screenplay that gives origin to this movie.

While I was thoroughly entertained throughout, I did feel like there were certain segments that were a little dragged out.

Heartbreaking and Riveting, Precious Will Win Your Heart .

There was certainly nothing special about the acting, the story is boring and disturbing, the message is totally unclear and directing is just OK.

What a waste of "Precious" time .

This is a very dreary movie about an overweight, abused, pregnant teenager's life in Harlem.

It is a depressing and pointless waste of time about unappealing and miserable people.

Precious is a stunning, gripping movie, although its tragic situations – and horrifying revelations – might turn off some viewers.

The acting is so amazing that the convincing characters make the movie emotional and intense in every scene.

Boring and predictable drama about a destroyed life .

When the movie was released on theaters, i was so excited to watch it because i thought it was something worth watching.

Instead most focus is put on Ms. Rain, a slightly boring and ineffective teacher who's only interesting reveal is that she's a lesbian.

) It's a little much for one sitting and at some point, you tire of the contrived extremism.

I found it quite engrossing to watch and it was very easy to identify with the characters.

If you're anything like me, you want to see an unpredictably predictable film that stimulates your thinking....

this movie was boring and the plot didn't kick in till about 45 minutes.

Even for an outsider like me, it becomes apparent that the story is too contrived to provide a truly accurate view into inner-city life.

I personally agree the story in a way is predictable, not so much if at all the emotional inconsistencies or the exploits.

One aspect of the film that deserves all the praise in the world is its cast, specifically the performances of its lead actresses and the surprising and unexpected quality of these performances considering the particular thespians involved.

He uses some pop-up fantasy footage and unexpected doses of humor to make the movie lighter.

I think another reason why I tend to like dark-themed films such as Se7en, Zodiac, and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead is because depressing films are often shocking and succeed in putting the viewer on the edge of his/her seat.

And this is quite a big mountain to climb upon and if it would be just us watching her climb, it wouldn't be quite as engaging as it is.

Precious is a very very predictable movie, at least for us people who have been there.

Brutal, Evocative, Joyful and Sad....

It is definitely worth the watch though, really shines a light upon urban poverty in the U.

For the importance of movies like Precious rests in the artistic social proclamation, which is masterly achieved in the course of each one of the dim scenes where the American-way-of-living is denoted with realistic crudeness and far from that glamorous propaganda that consumerism systems conceal for the benefit of the establishment.

There wasn't a single moment like this in "Precious" despite all its pseudo-documentary style, slow pace, indistinct and rude dialogues, lack of background music, physically disgusting actors.

He blends together the real world, Precious' dream world, and also his own creative touch with certain montages and intense scenes.

That's her only break from her mundane miserable existence, that unless you have a heart of stone, you're surely going to feel for Precious, and wonder just when her breaking point will be reached before she walks out on her mother, played by Mo'Nique in very, very fine bitchy form.

This is a heavy film, but I highly recommend it.

The ultimate result is one very dreary movie.

(Some) great acting, predictable, exploitative story.

The tremendously engaging acting aside, the film gives you a glimpse of hope that life may not be down in the dumps, even when things are constantly going against you.

Whether if realistic or perhaps a little overly dramatized and over the top, we nonetheless become immersed into the grittiness and ugliness of Precious's life.

Unexpected Great Movie .

It is very intense.

Horrible script, horrible directing and a total waste of time.

Gabourey Sidibe in her acting debut received a well-deserved Oscar nomination as the tormented girl sexually abused by her father and mother, Mo'Nique, winner of the best supporting actress Oscar, for her acting as the unbearable mother in the film.

Gabourey Sidibe's acting is pretentious to a certain extent.

Overall, Precious happens to be uplifting and emotionally compelling.

With alternative and more entertaining films to choose from in the ticket booth, why in the world would you pick this film?

The frustrating pace of the film is saved at the end by Monique's incredibly moving speech at the social worker's office: here is an actor at the top of her form, giving us a character layered with years of sadness, guilt, fury, and confusion, as she attempts to justify her deplorable treatment of her daughter.

She's causes terror/hatred in you, that stunning her portrayal is as a frustrated mother & wife.

The joys of developing a well-thought out and clever villain, are usually tempered by a contrasting stock and predictable victim.

The audience is meant to feel sad, the story couldn't be more straightforward, sure there were a few moments of attempted humor - but when the majority of the crowd starts scoffing at what are suppose to be some of the most "intense" serious moments - you know something went wrong.

The movie is also simply just worth watching for its acting alone.

Overall, very moving and inspirational movie that is one of the few bright spots in an otherwise somewhat dull year for movies...

Mo'Nique as her abusive lazy welfare mother steals scenes in her unpredictable vindictive manner.

It could have been so much more but it was the typical, stereotype story with a dull plot.

The character of Nurse John (played by Lenny Kravitz) feels completely pointless and ends up appearing like some kind of stalker who has all his attention on Precious in an undefined way (I later discovered that this role was created just for the film because the director desperately wanted the rocker in the film - oh dear).

Her confrontation with her daughter after the birth of the second child is intense and will have you holding your breath in fear for the safety of the child.

Its a totally average movie and it gets down to this when you see how people her either call it "best of all time" or "worst movie ever".

Precious is a heart-gripping drama about an obese, illiterate and pregnant girl who lives with her abusive invalid mother in Harlem.

Be that as it may, it is a compelling story of a girl finding strength and purpose in an abjectly miserable life.

This movie is very enjoyable and will have u at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

Oprah recommends a boring book= It's a success.

uplifting and emotionally compelling .

I would certainly caution people from bringing young people to this movie, although the scenes are shot so not to be so revealing, the subject matter is very intense, Perhaps some of the movie critics are looking for something different.

Precious' story is so brutal as to get unbearable, and no discounts are given to the viewer on the brutality of her life.

It's a bold, highly evocative movie helped in no small part by two towering performances, by Gabourey Sidibe and Mo'Nique.

The cause of Mary's rancor isn't really clear until the very end – in a satisfying, but open-ended, denouement – but all we need to know is how savagely intense her hatred is.

Each actor achieves greatness in their roles but the standouts for me were: Monique - a shocking but sadly believable mother of intense violence and anger, Lenny Kravitz - quietly astounding as a male nurse, and finally the biggest surprise for me, Mariah Carey as a social worker, weary, almost dispassionate, and quite honestly more beautiful without makeup than she ever has been with.

When it comes to own experiences, you already know the movie, so basically its just boring stuff and predictable humble-mumble, and only ONE of those lives destroyed, of those bad things and people that are in this world already too much.

This is even more confusing; the clear purpose of the film is to illustrate the horrific nature of abuse, and to draw the viewer into the a deeper understanding of both the victim and the abuser.

This film moved incredibly slow.

This film is difficult but riveting.

I still got very bored during the long endless stairway and hallway scenes.

absolutely pretentious, overrated and lacking depth .

It was far too predictable.

A decent film made awesome by one of the best, most compelling performances I've seen in a long time.

This movie was very brutal and intense.

Although the film was impressive and certainly no waste of time, it was rather predictable.

To top it all off the only "smart" characters were light skinned (the teacher and Dr. Weiss), all of the dark skinned characters were for lack of a better word one-dimensional and dull.

Take away that and it's yet another Hollywood cliché of the unappreciated student and/or class that is reached by a special teacher.

A gripping film!

A slow-moving, disturbingly depressing film.

Strong portrait of villainous mother offsets predictable tale of inner city victim .

It is a minor miracle and a credit to director Lee Daniels, screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher, and actress Gabby Sidibe that you leave the theater actually feeling hopeful.

Very clever writing and acting to perceive this, after all, it's slow moving, as is the rate she educates herself...

Not all of Daniels' left-turn devices work, for instance, using Sophia Loren's "Two Women" as the basis of one of Precious' fantasies seems contrived given only a die-hard cineaste would understand the connection.

While it is not a movie for everybody, I can understand why people may find it emotionally inconsistent, predictable and exploitative, I for one found it powerful and moving.

The filmmakers and behind the scenes crew are equally as good behind the camera, giving us a fascinating screenplay and gritty, realistic and powerful direction.

Chyna Layne, Xosha Roquemore, who plays Rhonda, as well as Sherri Shepherd, also star, in this intriguing film, set in Harlem, one of the New York boroughs, in 1987.

It was a very compelling drama of a 16 year old girl, Precious.

The performances are one for the ages, and if you have the strength to get through this movie, I highly recommend it.

Predictable and Painful to Sit Though.

Coming of Age .

The whole movie, as expected, seems contrived to make you cry.

And yet I left the theater feeling cold and empty.

This is a compelling and daring film because of its ambition to explore such tough and painful subject matter, with very few compromises.

It ended as it started, pointless and boring.

and just show you a slow and painful uplifting towards higher meanings.

This film really worked for me in a really unexpected way.

I don't want to go into a long, drawn out synopsis of the film.

Lenny Kravitz and Maria Carey were just an utter waste of time in this movie.

The last scene with Mo'Nique makes sitting through this boring film worth it.

As tough as the subject is, he presents it in such a way that is engaging and very moving.

Emotionally-Gripping, Heart Breaking, and Eye-Opening - The Not-So-Average Tale of a Teen-aged Heroine .

Oprah recommends a boring movie= ditto.

"Precious" ranks as a compelling as well as gripping cinematic experience with kitchen-sink realism about intolerance.

The central theme is the coming of age of developing character; Clarisse Precious Jones; played by Gabourey Sidibe.

A boring and self-obsessed tale made entirely to enforce guilt-money .

Mariah Carey not only can break the sound barrier, but give a stunning performance on screen as Precious' social worker.

The acting was top-notch but the story was rather weak/predictable.

Also, repetitive use is made of Precious' daydream fantasies of a happier life.

It's just empty, good film-making.

Such a complicated story, just like normal life which is very boring to watch as entertainment.

In addition, the editing is quite disjointed at times, and many cuts interrupt musical cues in the middle or otherwise are just so sudden and jumbled that they completely ruin the dramatic flow.

Mariah Carey acted much better than she did in Glitter, but she was still one dimensional and monotone as the case manager in this movie.

It is simply a vehicle to exploit emotions and make more money for the billionaire executive producer OPRAH - don't waste your money and time seeing it.

And yes, it was boring.

It is really long and boring.

Gabourey Sidibe is incredible as the eponymous character, channeling her depression and confusion in a role that doesn't understand her.

What I thought might be a difficult film to watch, with emotional subject matter, and no clear solution to the problems, was fascinating and totally enjoyable.

Intense and difficult to watch for the first hour, the film shows the bight side of life for a girl living in her own Hell.

All in all, I found this film to be overrated, offensive, and at times slow.

After watching it, I feel as though it is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Story wise though Precious seems to be one long cliché.

The story is just too engaging and heartbreaking.