Pretty in Pink (1986) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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A poor girl must choose between the affections of dating her childhood sweetheart or a rich but sensitive playboy.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Howard Deutch
Stars: Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 22 out of 163 found boring (13.49%)

One-line Reviews (59)

She is petulant and unbearable.

Pretty in Pink has the most enjoyable characters.

I find these films fascinating because while I can relate to many of the characters and adolescent situations (who can't!

Unlikeable, boring, annoying, uninteresting characters and a non-existent plot = a film that's very hard to give a damn about .

It just left me feeling empty inside and caused me to want to change the last couple of scenes, lol.

Ringwald, as usual, plays the girl who has multiple men falling in love with her, despite the fact she is unattractive, dull and miserably self-obsessed.

This is a great coming of age film about life for (rich and poor)American youths in the 80's.

The basic story is very formulaic with the poor girl and the rich boy.

A Great Coming Of Age Film...

charming cliché's .

It's worth watching.

As a story of rich-meets-poor making waves, this is a fine if slightly naive movie, richly entertaining, and it's aged surprisingly well.

I'm not exactly the target audience for teen romance films, even thirty years ago when it was released, but even I enjoyed it, so if it's your kind of thing, you should love it.

Good film, well worth watching.

Andie tries to fit in with her high school peers, which includes a snooty rich dude (James Spader), his also well-to-do friend (McCarthy), who is taken by the engaging Ringwald.

Very enjoyable.

On the negative side, feels a bit formulaic.

So, they have lent me all the coming of age films: Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Say Anything, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, etc. You'll see later in my movie comments soon.

It's really the only part worth watching

This is one of the significant Brat Pack movie of the '80s, and is worth the watch.

Okay, stereotypes can sometimes be entertaining even though they're just plain stupid.

Pretty in Pink started with that message, but ended up being so cliche it was tough to stomach.

The rest of the movie deals with how the two face these struggles, culminating in an ending that is, frankly, a bit cheesy and predictable.

I mean the boy's there for her always, he really cares about her and she chooses the dull, conventionally attractive rich kid.

However, we come to an ending that is as predictable as one could be.

It's not a perfect piece by any stretch of the imagination, at times twee and at others a little trite, it is none the less a finely crafted piece dealing with teen perils and the ugliness of class division.

The bottom line is, watch the entire movie if you enjoy squirming and feeling uncomfortable, or if you're just bored and need to make fun of something.

But it was strikingly filmed, with an agreeable soundtrack, snappy script, bouncy pacing and good direction.

Very confusing...

They way it was filmed, it looks very contrived and needed a lot more thought in the way it was written.

It's true, I love really weird, absurd and pointless stories.

Plus, some of the characters were felt unrealistic and contrived.

The story is very cliché with a rich guy and a poor girl from two opposite sides of society who falls in love, causing disappointments among their old friends.

When I say different to Duckie, I mean that Blane is bland, boring and uninteresting.

All in all, I think it's a great, entertaining watch and I recommend it.

John Hughes wrote and produced the follow-up to his great "The Breakfast Club", and while it again doesn't hit the mark as the middle film, it's still another entertaining 80's teen romantic comedy.

Moving to the character's school life, I would say it gets slightly more intriguing here, introducing the rich students who give Andie a hard time, and the impregnation offer and reaction that follows certainly made me laugh.

But the acting is all over the place--Ringwald looks bored--the only time she comes to life is when she has to tell off McCarthy (a wonderful scene).

In fact, it's a great movie and I love the story and almost everything about it, however, the premise was just a little too slow for my taste, and I didn't find it as good as everyone said it was.

The supporting caste all had unique personalities which added flavor to an otherwise bland film.

Not a favourite, but entertaining enough .

Her interest in the friend grows throughout the film, but then eventually ends up getting together with the dull characterless hottie which leaves you completely unsatisfied.

This is one of numerous high school movies that came out during the eighties and the fact that it was written by John Hughes the creator of 'The Breakfast Club' and features one of its stars, Molly Ringwald, suggest that it is worth watching.

Molly Ringwald is very entertaining and I loved seeing those familiar faces.

I had just graduated from college when it came out, so I was a bit past my teens; I do think it was a good movie, and I enjoyed it, and I do think its "cult" status is due to the deftness with which Hughes captures the mid-80s.

I see a lot of people calling this film cliché.


Overall, Pretty in Pink is not a John Hughes classic, but it is worth the watch at least once.

The young rising stars are what makes this adorable and compelling.

Unfortunately, Andie falls in love with a dull, inept, boring character named Blane played by Andrew McCarthy, who is one of the rich preppies at her high school.

I was weary about watching this film because I thought it would be a shallow, predictable film like a lot of teen flicks are.

The film seemed slow to me, and just didn't have the memorable bits that really make a film a classic.

The cliché's are told with charm and intelligence though (like "Mischief") and some scenes almost brings tears to the eyes.

It certainly is not your typical superficial, stereotypical, formulaic Hollywood film.

Anyway, I'm sure this film added to my gender confusion as a kid and turned me into the mild-mannered softie that I am today!

If she had ended up with the other boy, it might have been cliché as well.

Luckily though, the filmmakers have made it entertaining for all age groups (or so I've heard).

Worth watching if you are a John Hughes fan.

Another reason being a teenager in the 90's is so dull for me.