Prey (2019) - Adventure, Horror, Mystery

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A young man must survive an island retreat while a sinister force hunts him, leaving bodies in its wake.

IMDB: 4.7
Director: Franck Khalfoun
Stars: Logan Miller, Kristine Froseth
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 15 out of 38 found boring (39.47%)

One-line Reviews (36)

It was slow and boring.

Not huge in the horror stakes, but thrilling enough for a evening movie.

Make the film unwatchable!

It is not such a bad film,a bit too slow and very predictable.. If you are like me and watched all the horrors in existence )it will not be a very satisfactory experience) one time watch,if there is absolutely nothing better to be found...

Such as, overuse of the flashback of Toby's father murder scene, overuse of the dreaming scene, overuse of the blackout scene, overuse of the super slow searching things scene, and overuse the flashback of young Toby start the car engine scene!

Interesting idea with a few little twists - overall a good movie though a little slow at times.

Cheap mundane jump scares that were predictable right down to the very second.

Too many boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene!

Secondly, the writer-director decides to annoy us with the usual, by now standard and expected, liberal propaganda.

This was disjointed, slow, boring and had no character development.

Totally predictable once you know what she is.

Just as long as he finally includes Global Warming propaganda in his next awful flicks, because NOT including Global Warming these days - i.

A little slow, but enjoyable .


Khalfoun conceives a ridiculously contrived premise and, essentially, serves it to the demonic beast entity thing that prowls the luscious jungles of the island.

Interesting Setting, but Uninspiring Plot & Weak Scares .

A bit slow, but enjoyable enough and worth the watch .

This was definitely a suspenseful movie for me.

Entire film full of boring conversation, and super annoying overuse scene!

What a load of boring, uninspired trash.

It's really just the writing and overall execution that I didn't like much, they could've done a smarter job with the first half of the film which is slow; should've used that time to go more in-depth with the premise/characters.

The acting was fairly good but the story was boring and very predictable wouldn't recommend unless very bored and stuck inside

The story starts off very slow and you don't feel sympathetic towards the protagonist as he's a spoiled and somewhat privileged.

Yet whilst that would've been clichéd and typically dull, that scenario would've fared better than the one devised by Khalfoun.

It's a waste of time and you'll forget about it very soon.

He was dull and brought nothing to the role.

It's very slow and when the ending finally happens you just feel really let down almost like "OK they couldn't figure anything out so they just threw in that old tired trope of 'Oh!

I loathe endings that make the whole ordeal pointless.

Don't waste your time on it i repeat don't waste your time on it.

Everything is predictable, the balance between slow and fast-paced events is very unequal.

There were alot of FFS moments and it did annoy you as it was slow , it could have done so much more,let down by a bad ending ,reality and no common sense, it is what it is.

Pretty pointless .

It's a suspenseful little horror flick even though it's a bit underdeveloped.

Really, it's hard to say literally anything about "Prey" because it's only entertaining enough to forget it 5 minutes after watching it.

waste your time watching some cartoons instead.

After sitting through Sweetheart, which is basically the same movie, released the same year, and equally as boring.