Priest (2011) - Action, Fantasy, Horror

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A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Scott Stewart
Stars: Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 56 out of 250 found boring (22.4%)

One-line Reviews (201)

Good cast, bland story .

Terrible movie that makes you wonder: is this anti-Christian propaganda or what?

Flawed, But Nonetheless Entertaining .

My 11-year-old twin sons and I really liked the movie and found it very entertaining.

I like this type of entertaining film and fans of the genre will not be disappointed.

It seems as though the director was aiming for an old time western show down, but instead this fight sequence was lacking and frankly quite boring.

Dull and poorly made .

Tedious and lacking of any interest .

It's also my opinion that Scott Charles Stewart has failed miserably in his first two full feature movie attempts to produce anything worth watching.

All I could see was the waste of talent, the money the energy.

"Priest" is one cliché storm of a film that commits the cardinal sins of a paper thin plot and forgettable characters thanks to the inexperience of first time writer Cory Goodman.

The finale, which involves a train barrelling through the desert, is reasonably rousing stuff.

Action packed and a fresh take on vampire lore.

But, if you want a no holds barred, adrenaline fuelled, hairs standing on the back of your neck action fantasy film, see this !

People you shouldn't take with you to see the film: Serious boring types that get upset if there aren't things like 'good dialog', 'character development' or 'a plot that doesn't make you put your head in your hands'.

Cigandet really does take the cake as having the most monotone and uninteresting character in the whole movie.

The most unbearable aspect of Priest was the awful acting in the film's arsenal.

A bit of talking , a bit of shooting and repeat every five minutes till you're bored senseless I don't think I've seen a film in recent years where the set up has been so impressive and then everything sinks so quickly .

Bearable Action Scenes with absolutely NO story at all.

"Visually stunning" (You're kidding!

There's a very well done animated prologue and stunning sets and photography of the apocalyptic plain field.

The acting is quite good for the most part, Paul Bettany is incredibly intense as the Priest, reflecting faith, without fanaticism, tempered by wisdom.

The whole movie was enjoyable and entertaining.

This is a fascinating concept and really drew me in to the film and I wanted to learn so much about this world .

In conclusion, I would say this movie is worth seeing and is very enjoyable if you like this sort of stuff.

Lastly, while the darkness of the film attempts to act as clever cinematography instead it adds to the dull tone of the film.

Overall, this was entertaining enough to watch, and kills time easily enough.

In the title role Bettany is I suppose as good as you can get, the other members like Urban and Plummer do fine as well, it is a pretty predictable plot, a priest who is a warrior and fights a lot and kills vampires, nothing really new about it, it has the right look for a dystopia set story, alright fight sequences, and the great special effects are nothing to complain about, but I couldn't really get into it much, it was a little dull and only a little exciting in parts, it is just a disappointing and almost pointless action horror thriller.

The whole thing is like a pastiche of the worst dialogue and most trite themes ripped from already derivative movies.

Some of the scenes were slightly over-dramatic but add to the entertaining side of the film anyway.

Indeed, sometimes the only thing keeping the movie going are the fairly intense action sequences.

I'm sorry but I had to walk out of this movie because I was falling asleep.

It starts out hard and thrilling and ends on the same note.

it's simple, effective and entertaining.

It's a complete waste of money in my opinion.

Boring .

The bad guy is predictable, and I'm reminded of John Carpenter's Vampires, and the Blade films, wherein both attempt or succeed to create a daywalker, a vampire who can survive sunlight.

the movie was just mind blowing and is most def a vampire classic for memory.

However it fails to realise this potential and instead uses the unimaginitive formulaic fayre that Hollywood (and the American audience) has become accustomed to.

With that a solid 7 out of 10, fun entertaining,and a good way to spend my Friday night.

Priest was an entertaining movie with many flaws.

So if you find yourself bored and its on give it a watch

Not impressive, but enjoyable.

For all of that, I enjoyed it for the cost of an early bird matinée ticket.

As a whole I found this quite enjoyable and even though I much favor practical f/x, this is a total cgi fest.

As my title says it's every cliché in the book rolled in to one.

But at least it's based on a graphic novel (which can be seen in the prologue) and carries with it a plausible, intriguing backstory.

And the vampires are kinda dull.

Visuals weren't that great either mainly because of the slow mo spam at every fighting scene...

The concept, idea and premise of the movie are full of potential and had they been fully exploited this should have made for an interesting and entertaining summer flick!

That builds up into the finale on the train which gets really exciting here with the desert bike chases, the brawling on the train and all the different individual battles with the vampires left alive make for some frantic and rather exciting setups which end the film on a high-note.

Blade Runner and Fifth Element were more visually stunning).

Visually Stunning .

' Altogether, "Priest" qualifies as an entertaining pastiche of far better films.

The worst movie of all times .

In other words, there is not even a pinch of originality in Priest, and besides of that, I found it to be tedious.

This was an utter waste of money, even at bargain matinée prices.

Its not Shakespeare, but its fairly entertaining .

Every action and line was predictable and has been said in many films before).

Well, this is unexpected.

dull punchline/jokes.

And finally the film was entertaining, plain and simple.

This movie kept me and my family involved, on the edge of our seat and wondering what was going to happen next.

Hard to Care about a Movie this Boring .

So, if you hated Legion, don't waste your time on Priest.

The script is cliché and messy making the film neither a strong horror film, nor an action adventure flick.

Boring dull movie .

Moving on, the slowest priest is captured, poor priest, we'll cry for him later.

Most of the main characters, including the protagonist, are relatively bland and have little to no interesting traits about them.

An entertaining, fun, engrossing horror action thriller .

The direction is sub par and the editing pretty poor, rendering the action boring for the most part, while the fanged vampires are too reminiscent of the ones previously seen in I AM LEGEND.

PRIEST was an enjoyable evening at the films.

The actor seems to stay in the level of forcing a low and scary voice instead of acting dark through his own pace and time, then making it actually suspenseful to hear his voice.

Not surprisingly, the movie is visually stunning - from the dark, claustrophobic city ruled by the Church to the dry, barren landscape of Jericho.

However, it was predictable as 2 later "surprises" were obvious to me from the beginning.

Cool dystopian world, visually stunning .

I was surprised by this film, I enjoyed it and have watch a number of times now.

Priest is an admittedly decent looking film, featuring enormous, intricately designed cities that are covered with oppressive clouds and swarming with ash from various industrial machinery, littered with 1984- esque Big Brother propaganda dictating allegiance to the Church.

And this shows up in the film, with its rather direct-to-the- point plotting and generic, yet another uninspiring vampire themed action adventure that could have been a lot more.

Barely enjoyable theft .

That was a waste of money.

Overall, a good film and more importantly I enjoyed it.

Bettany is thoroughly enjoyable, and believable, in his role as a man tortured by more than one element of his past and seeking any form of atonement.

Anyways, Priest is a very enjoyable and slick looking comic book styled action/fantasy movie that is a futuristic sci fi vampire western.

Urban, but that does't save this movie from being somehow boring and stupid.

But despite being predictable to the point where it just hurts, the movie is still great.

Save your money.

Priest is a Dystopic Adrenaline Fueled Thrill-ride...

Unfortunately the story is rather boring.

While it doesn't stray far from the typical storyline, the use of setting, the apocalyptic wasteland, the consistent plot details make for an entertaining, fun, engrossing horror action thriller.

it was terrible worst movie in ages .

Personally a very slow start I thought it had, I never expected it would have anything good to write about.

It is ponderous and tedious to watch and I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Too predictable, stuff like when a guy goes "I don't see anything" while standing by a window and the second he turns something jumps through.

Priest simply fails to deliver in so many ways and I guarantee this movie will end up in my list of worst movies of the year.

Easy on the eyes, but boring after minute 10 minutes or so.

There's a very well done animated prologue and stunning sets and photography of the apocalyptic plain field.

I found myself laughing at the key points of the movie which were obviously meant to wow the audience with it's "amazing action scenes" that were un-enjoyable because they were over done.

The film turns out to be a crossover among several films , taking ideas here and there , resulting to be an entertaining movie .

The Spaghetti Western theme, with the good guys going from town-to-town in an apocalyptic wasteland, is marred by cheesy monotone-delivered dialog and rushed action scenes.

i was expecting a right pile but in the end i thought it was entertaining .

Unfortunately, as is so often the case with Hollywood movies these days, PRIEST's story is dull.

The problem is that there is no plot, no character definition, no back story as to why or how the many pieces fit together.

Priest was very slick and entertaining.

Taken into account the resources at their disposal this is quite possible the worst movie i'v ever seen, with the possible exception of costumes, props and occupationally some acting.

Priest is also visually stunning and gives a unique take on the vampire genre as in they're alien-esque type monsters, there's definitely no sparkling here in fact these sort can't walk among us and it's all the better for it.

Definitely worth watching and strangely flew under my radar until now.

Don't waste your time with it .

O yea, and the dialogues are really lame and boring.

The characters are boring, the action isn't much better, the scares are lame, and even the special effects seem cheesy.

Overall, an entertaining film.

It's a fascinating graphic novel sci-fi world.

a great film all around if your someone like me who wants to skip all the "lovey dubby BS" with non sensicle kiss scenes and go straight to raw fighting choreography and intense characters.

While the idea of a hero who must fight for his soul while he fights demons may sound compelling, it's sometimes enough of an internal struggle just being human.

The characters were so predictable and transparent.

This tired cliché has got to stop.

Enjoyable trip into the underworld with a Priest as your guide .

The unexpected climax in a film that ran for 40 minutes with no sense of saving grace amazingly scrapes its self onto the surface just in the nick of time & wraps it up with some respect.

While the church's treatment of their mortal saviors, mistrust leading to disbandment á la the Templar Knights, is itself a cliché, it does perfectly set the stage for what follows.

I'll go on a limb and say that I'm sure the source is more compelling.

The problem with PRIEST is that it's just boring.

But the finale involving our heroes out to blow up a fast moving train makes this, at best, a semi-enjoyable bite from the neck of a numbskull.

That's not a bad deal, though, as the film's so boring elsewhere you welcome some ham.

Waste of Time .

the action scenes were the highlights of the movie, very impressive action scenes and special effects, and it really lift the movie a little and made up for the lack in script and lack in substance, but still could not make it anything above average, because as soon as the action stops, it really gets boring with the empty meaningless dialog.

This exciting picture is set in a post-apocalyptic , an alternate world , one ravaged by centuries of battle between human and bloodsuckers , it contains thrills , chills , plot twists , action-filled with fierce fights and lots of gore and guts .

Its enjoyable enough, as long as your not expecting too much.

I enjoyed it.

All in all, OK for a bored evening, ignorable on any other moment.

it's simple, effective and entertaining.

If you can forget every action movie you've ever seen and go into this movie with your expectations very low, then you may in fact leave the theater thinking you saw a good show.

Other great action scenes, from the attack on the workers on the outskirts of town to the surprisingly fun rampage through town with a lot of fun attacks and battles going on off to the sidelines of the scene which lets this one get really exciting.

The dialogue in this is so very generic and predictable.

"They were shouting in what they probably thought were hushed tones about the confusing intricacies of the plot through the entire movie.

Now, probably hoping for a breakthru in a healthy-budgeted actioner, they get stuck with this dull, drab, dismal downer.

* some of the sets are stunning and eerie as is the blue filter used throughout the film.

This is not a movie going against the church or a remake of an unknown movie, this relates to a Korean manga and a very enjoyable one at that, even with the cliches.

Fun and highly enjoyable effort .

Stewart's career as a director seems to be going nowhere and he should stick with working in the visual arts department where he has had greater success.

The visuals are stunning, the creatures well crafted, and the pace brisk.


Exciting, entertaining and filled with action packed special effects.

Stunning entertainment .

DULL: Almost all the story is crammed into an expository lump at the beginning, animated comic-book style.

The rest of it is a boring movie unless you find a interest in this type of movie.

If style over substance doesn't bother you, you'll probably find this enjoyable enough, though I doubt you'll actually remember it.

Fortunately, you only endure a pretty quick hour and a half of boredom, and the film's art design is enough of a spectacle to behold.

Intriguing idea, poor execution .

The movie tells a story, is well acted, has well defined heroes and villains, has good special effects and is fast paced, with a beginning, a middle and an end.

gray and steel is suitably drab enough.

the biggest problem with Priest must have been the dialog, which was really empty, boring and choppy.

In all honesty while the film looked kind of interesting I was from reading reviews that it was a waste of time(not just on IMDb).

Thrilling and suspenseful musical score by Christopher Young , an expert on dark atmospheres .

It is too predictable and formulaic.

The plot is wafer thin and at best I don fall asleep, only because I can't keep myself from facebooking or other because the movie just can't grip my attention.

If they're well done they're frightening, suspenseful and mysterious; sometimes vaguely erotic and sometimes quite humorous.

Production design was done well and made it intriguing as was the cinematography with good lighting and compositions throughout.

He does what he can here, but his role is a cliché, a sketch, an exercise in reflexive story telling.

Also, the idea of a society that has been put completely under Church control, to the point where confessions are in phone booth style receptacles and receive what are canned responses from the clergy would prove more engaging subject matter.

So, I think Priest is an insipid, boring and very unoriginal film that I cannot recommend.

Very Enjoyable .

Paul Bettany is an extremely boring actor.

So, I was entertained way more than I thought I would be, the setting was fascinating to me, the special effects were pretty amazing and the action was very good.

The cinematography is of course a sort of dull blueish tone in keeping with recent horror and fantasy films and half the time it's so poorly lit you can't see what's happening .

This just provides confusion for an audience, as the film itself struggles to identify what type of film it actually is.

Then cue a rather entertaining action-movie with preternaturally agile vampires vs.

While I appreciate irony as much as anyone, at this point the "white knight in Satan's service" has become a bit of a cliché.

Cam Gigandet is perhaps best known to SF fans for the car-crash-fascinating Pandorum.

I suppose someone had dreams of turning this into a franchise, made the film, paid the cast a lot of money (just read it, it's filled with good actors), then realized that the script was so bland as to be sleep inducing.

Boring, lie it was trying to tell a story that wasn't here.

This movie was fantastic because of all its action and intense slow-motion scenes (as seen with the vampire killing ninja stars).

Worst movie of 2011 .

You won't be bored, it's an intriguing setting, and you'll have plenty of action.

It was a visually stunning piece of art, very beautiful even in the post-apocalyptic world in which it was set.

I was on the edge of my seat pretty much the whole time this film was on.

I found it an enjoyable watch.

There were also several intense and disturbing scenes.

After a bunch of nothing happens he hops on a combination motorcycle & jet engine to rocket across the wasteland to the outpost.

Great concept, wrong script make it be one of the worst movie of vampire kind.

Bettany's character is way too bland to warrant any movie based on him as he bores from scene to scene, and the fact that he's almost impossible to beat in a fight means that there's absolutely no tension or excitement to the action.

)DRAB: I have no idea why they bothered wasting color stock filming this.

I get it that this is just a fantasy/action flick with the fanged ones (possibly based on some daft comic), but does it have to be THIS predictable?

Priest, based on a Koren comic of the same name, benefits greatly from an intriguing world and backstory.

Very entertaining-Give this one a try if you are into action and this subject- Do NOTlisten to bad reviews and almost not go see it .

Very entertaining and good acting and a good well paced movie.

By basically engaging in fighting with the various vampires all the time all over the place, this makes for some good times in offering some exciting sequences from the first big brawl in the desert compound where the vampiric creatures begin crawling out of the underground pit and begin acrobatically jumping around to avoid the battle to a stellar confrontation in their underground hive with the monstrous pet creature along the pit where the two of them team up to bring the creature down.

I found Priest quite entertaining and am somewhat dismayed by the negative reviews.

Cam Gigandet plays the man who goes on the rescue mission with him (the plot for a while becomes a remake of The Searchers, actually, with Gigandet as Jeffrey Hunter, Bettany as Wayne and Collins as Wood, but they never go anywhere with that), and he's deadly dull, as well.

), but that's kind of the stunning part.

Those who decide on the 3D version of this film, save your money.

Sometime in a murky post apocalyptic future, humanity lives in a giant gloomy city on the edge of oblivion, walled in for fear of vampires who have preyed upon them in the past.

Story is so shallow and boring.

Probably the best thing about the film is the stunning scenery which likely made up for much of its enormous budget.

All the way through the movie we found those annoying "you will get scared now" moments, SO predictable.

This film is very unique and entertaining, and it deserves much more credibility.

Vicious and thrilling....

It is a horror gem that can only be described as pointless and dull.

When she's in the character, she's pretty bland & it's the script's fault.

"Priest" is one cliché storm of a film that commits the cardinal sins of a paper thin plot and forgettable characters thanks to the inexperience of first time writer Cory Goodman.

Visually stunning, great action and fight scenes, decent effects - and in my case being a red-blooded woman, plenty of eye candy.

In 4-D: Dull, Drab, Dismal Downer .