Private Parts (1997) - Biography, Comedy, Drama

Hohum Score



The autobiographical story of Howard Stern, the radio rebel who is now also a TV personality, an author and a movie star.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Betty Thomas
Stars: Howard Stern, Mary McCormack
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 101 found boring (8.91%)

One-line Reviews (49)

Rent it on a slow night only.

This is by no means a problem, because the movie is very enjoyable and there are some extremely hilarious scenes (the scenes with the "mentally challenged" and the pussy of Dicky Nixon come to mind).

Anyway, he is a compelling central character, whose underlying personality seems to be very decent.

I should first confess that I find Howard Stern's radio and TV shows to be redundant, banal and permanently locked in male adolescence.

Possibly as a result of this, the entire film comes across as self-promoting propaganda for Stern, which, naturally, feels a little immodest and most probably embellished.

A very entertaining movie.

Shamelessly entertaining .

She is stunning to look at, and the chemistry between she and Howard is electric.

We do see a very funny and entertaining movie.

Perhaps still enjoyable for those that aren't, perhaps not.

it's funny,and entertaining.

As various suits learn, Stern would ultimately bring in lots of listeners, those who love him and those who may hate him but still find his unpredictability intriguing.

Well ,after watching this all i can say is What a boring life,Boring man and a boring film!

The film is well made and should be entertaining even for non listeners.

Very entertaining autobiography of the disc jockey Howard Stern.

Surprisingly engaging love story.

Robin Quivers, playing herself, is the one-in-a-million on-air companion who can channel Stern's efforts and lend an unexpected air of respectability to the proceedings.

most people outside of America) this is a very funny enjoyable film.

The movie is entertaining and endlessly quotable.

Whilst it is all about him, Stern surprisingly does not shy away from really bringing out the neurotic side of the "character", with Stern's inability to handle extremely emotional moments, leading to snappy exchanges between Stern (who was originally going to be played by Jeff Goldblum) and his wife Alison, (played by the charming Mary McCormack.

A predictable bio-pic focusing on an unpredictable US DJ.

The movie is really interesting and entertaining.

If you're in the mood for Howard's comical vulgarities, gratuitous nudity, cool 80s music and a damn entertaining comedy that will never tire out--"Private Parts" is DEFINITELY worth seeing!!

This movie, by extension, is the most boring, repetitive, puerile nonsense coupled with horrible acting, repugnant characters, and basically, total lack of any humor.

This is an awkward and unexpected choice from someone who cruised through high school saying almost nothing.

Becoming bored with this format, he chooses to do a more spontaneous show which causes trouble with his employers.

Greece had it's own golden era in free radio 15 years ago, with some really talented people behind the mikes, but because there was no ratings system to vindicate them, they were persecuted to extinction, leaving only bland playlist deejays behind.

Although the bits in between scenes with that jackass big mouth trying to get girls to take their tops off was annnoying as hell, the rest of the movie was very entertaining.

Unexpected rudeness can be funny.

Very enjoyable movie, even if you never heard of Howard Stern .

I did not follow his program to satellite radio and have missed his crazy antics but after so many years of the same shock jock tactics, now with the F word, I am bored.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

It is thoroughly enjoyable and it shows that Stern is really just a normal, family man and his "other" persona is all schtick.

Radio is like warfare: lengthy periods of utter boredom punctuated by periods of pure panic.

Each hour of on-air radio presentation requires something like three hours of preparation: we don't see the hard work that goes into such a show.

Howard Stern, the self-proclaimed "King of All Media", tells his rather ingratiating life story in this entertaining comedy based on his best-selling book.

Also, memorable was the intense loyalty shown between Howard and his main sidekicks - Fred and Robin.

However, few will deny that his act is fascinating and often hilarious.

Private Parts could have been a disaster of epic proportion, but thanks to Howard Stern Himself, we get a compelling film about a family man who bucks the system and revolutionize radio as a true medium of great talent.

He was not afraid to paint himself as pathetic, and the honesty of this approach is the key to why it's such a compelling film.

In all, a movie worth watching even if just for the background look into this modern phenomenon's psyche.

funny,and entertaining .

In short I was bored.

As biopics go, this one was at once entertaining and true to heart about the trials and tribulations of talk radio.

His antics soon got old, but I loved Stuttering John as he harassed and embarassed pretentious celebrities.

The soap opera of his private life is neither one thing or another and the scene in which he snubs people that once snubbed him is risible and predictable.

The humor comes from Stern's slow realization that pushing the envelope was the way to garner HUGE ratings.

The scene with the patient in the park, for example, looks so poorly acted and so predictable.