Prodigy (2017) - Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Hohum Score



A psychologist engages a dangerous, young genius in a battle of wits -- unaware of the supernatural power the girl possesses, or that her life hangs in the balance.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Alex Haughey
Stars: Richard Neil, Savannah Liles
Length: 80 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 16 out of 74 found boring (21.62%)

One-line Reviews (42)

But the acting and especially the writing of the two leads (Neil and Liles) were the strong point, and made it an entertaining, if short, feature.

If you must waste 80 minutes of your life, go clip your toenails and then search for them, it will be so much more fulfilling.

This was a low budget film with a predictable plot, canned dialog and bad acting.

Gripping Thriller .

Intense Psychological Drama .

The storyline is tense and attractive but the conclusion is predictable.

Very nice performances and overall a very enjoyable movie.

Gripping psychological thriller .

Supposedly the girl has some dangerous supernatural powers, but her power must be along the lines of boring you to death; for I am an hour into this (fortitude), and am debating whether or not to lie down and take a nap...

This film manages to be an engrossing thriller while being truly profound about life and the choices we face, as well as moral dilemmas we encounter.

Very thrilling.

Not horrible, if you're reeeeally bored .

Prodigy is a must see suspense movie that will have you on the edge of your set.

Scary thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat!

The main kid actor isnt that convincing and ending is predictable as hell.

Its worth watching just to see an upcoming star...

A desperate attempt at acting from monotone, deadpan actors completely lacking of any type of emotion.

Bad acting delivers trite lines from a worse script on the same set for most of the movie.

One has to wonder at the motive behind such banal hoax.

Slow and pointless .

This movie is boring, badly acted and the script is predictable and badly written.

There's nothing outstanding about this movie, but it's a solid plot with a gripping delivery.

My biggest issue is the movie starts off slow, but eventually it picks up and the ending made it worth watching.

Worst movie .

There are plenty of movies that manage to make telekinesis thrilling or spooky.

The tension grows throughout the film until the stunning ending.

The film teeters on the precipice of unwatchable.

The ending is far too predictable and actually anti-climatic since the young girl's face is hidden the entire time she is crying.

Overall, this film was engaging, intelligent and at times beautiful.

If the director had better feel instead of loving his script a little too much, the whole thing might have been a decent flick with a natural flow and more believable characters than the plodding, sonorous turkey that it is..

I give this 5 stars because while mediocre and cliche, it does remain entertaining throughout.

Predictable end (is forgivable)The good: Great concept, good script.

Don't waste your time and certainly don't pull a me and waste hard earned money.

Interesting experiment; very ominous vibe, quite intriguing bizarre story.

In its current embodiment, it's a waste of time.

This young actress does an incredible job in a gripping thriller.

A dreadful, pointless movie.

Very predictable story and borderline acting from all the actors.

Quite entertaining .

The most compelling parts of this movie are the two main characters; a prodigy child named Ellie and her psychologist Dr Fonda.

Yes this movie uses a pretty poor chess understanding, includes a rather confusing opening credit scenes, attempts to shock its audience in the beginning with an already publicized reveal as to who the secret patient is (the young girl), and involves several manipulative, lazy scenes (such as the timing of the mother's personal effects).

Stilted acting, terrible script, predictable from the first minute.