Pumpkin (2002) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



A sorority girl finds her life falling apart after she develops romantic feelings for a mentally-challenged man.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Anthony Abrams
Stars: Christina Ricci, Hank Harris
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 39 out of 179 found boring (21.78%)

One-line Reviews (73)

Worst Movie Ever .

All this works better in "Pumpkin,' because of its unifying plot, which is half offbeat love story and half coming of age story, than it does in the directionless 'Lovely and Amazing.

2nd Worst Movie Ever .

But it might be worth watching on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Pumpkin (2003)"Pumpkin" is one of those independent-like films that are different from other movies, but nonetheless enjoyable.

Worst movie I've ever seen...

This could possible be the worst movie I have ever seen!

A nice suttle tweak at the end gives us the impression that her confusion will continue, even though the viewers get to have their wanted happy ending.

It is difficult to list each and every way this was an utter waste of time, even as it was on in the background on a cable channel that is paid for no matter what it shows.

Others in her life, including one of her teachers, and eventually even her boyfriend, take her to task for having an empty mind, concerned with nothing more than her "social" status.

Overall, the movie was entertaining.

I'd tell you what my wife thought of it, but she bailed out at the halfway point - realizing that doing the dishes was far more entertaining than watching this film.

what a waste of money.

There is also trite dialogue, horrible acting, scenes that don't make any sense, and a predictable ending.

A movie with a bad ending like this one is kind of like trying Pepsi One: The concept is intriguing, and at first it doesn't seem half-bad.

With in the course of two hours (or however long and drawn-out this film was)virtually all the characters were completely inconsistent with what their character was supposed to be.

If the object was to make a predictable, lovable film, well, we've all been had to the bone.

Writer, director, producers, and actors never hit the right tone, are never on the same page, and make one confusing mess of a movie.

This film also has one of the worst soundtracks I have heard in a long while, the music just drones on and ruins every scene it is in.

This film had some potential to begin with, but ultimately I wouldn't waste your time with this one.

I'm all for complexity, but Pumpkin falls into the realm of the merely confusing.

Save your money and go see a film like Elephant Man which actually has some heart behind it because this seems like it is nothing more than someone's idea of a sick joke.

Most Hollywood movies follow a predictable trajectory; this one took a few brilliant turns and it took some risks.

This movie was a predictable piece of garbage.

Don't waste your time.

All in all, the weakness in this movie comes from the direction(being done by two individuals, maybe this was part of the problem) but the players, especially Ricci & Harris, rise above it to make a meaningful drama about societies confusion towards the challenged individual and the rift that is there between them and the rest of society.

Oh holy Jesus, this was quite possibly the worst movie ever made.

Swain is going nowhere, and here only gets by because her character is clueless about who she is and controlling her body.

Trying to be edgy, but coming off as tasteless and -- worst of all -- boring.

I strongly recommend that viewers watch a different movie, save your money.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The direction is simple but fast paced.

It was enjoyable to watch, and as always, Christina Ricci was great.

This was quite possibly, no, absolutely, the worst movie I've ever seen.

A Plotless and Shallow Barfbag of Caricatures .

This constant jumping between extremely comic and touching moments made the movie enjoyable and justified its length.

Webster's New World Dictionary defines the word ‘retarded' as: 'slow or delayed in development, esp mentally.

Mostly it just seems disjointed and a bit depressing.

Please don't waste your time with this movie.

Cultural Marxist propaganda .

The direction is erratic, and the tone of the film changes from scene to scene, yet it is certainly unpredictable and the cast is game.

It has to be the worst movie I have ever seen.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The characters were unbelievable, the story insipid, the resolution trite and predicatable...

I found the film to be 2 dimensional and pointless .

The films humor is very dry and repetitive and even though I'm a fan of Ricci, she can't save this misfire.

This is the worst movie I have seen, and I'm a big movie buff.

She can be tender, naive, bitchy, but also can demonstrate she is in pain, or that she can be blinded by love or confusion.

Don't waste your time with this movie.

When a movie is supposed to be confusing and laughable, it gives us the worst of both worlds.

There's no plot.

I found the film to be very flat and pointless.

It seemed to start out as a sort-of bad teen-age formula movie, but became increasingly engaging, and odd, as the plot progressed.


The theme of non-conformity can be a cliché in its own right, as this ham-fisted movie aptly demonstrates.

How a sorority queen fell back on earth, in the arms of an outcast and unexpected prince.

and when they are as entertaining as Pumpkin that makes it all worthwhile.

Each girl is assigned to someone who is mentally slow.

This film was so enjoyable, it reminded me of films like `Revenge Of The Nerds', `Election' and the terrific `Ray Bradbury's The Wonderful Ice-Cream Suit'.

Pumpkin is a visually stunning and attractive movie.

But a sick and twisted and ultimately boring rerun.

Worth the time to dissect and relatively enjoyable, Pumpkin is one film that failed to reach its potential.

By far the worst movie I've ever seen.

Suspenseful music plays several times in the film in places that I don't feel require it.

The humor is very dry and sarcastic in tone and their really isn't any laugh out loud scenes although I did chuckle at Ricci's poem "Ode to Pasadena".

Although it made me laugh in some places, I felt it was way too drawn out.

At one point the athletic boyfriend fights the disabled male, and the result and aftermath are predictable and not realistic.

It was contrived.

So in the ending the things get more confusing...

Descends into silliness and boredom towards the end.

" At first repulsed by his presence, she finds herself becoming increasingly attracted to his soul, his physical form notwithstanding, but their budding affinity alienates their trite friends and families.

It is still really stupid, and doesn't quite work, but again, I can at least give them points for entertaining us with something that makes you go "What?

Caroline is a somewhat empty sorority girl, with a somewhat shallow mother.