Pumpkinhead (1988) - Fantasy, Horror

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After a tragic accident, a man conjures up a towering, vengeful demon called Pumpkinhead to destroy a group of unsuspecting teenagers.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Stan Winston
Stars: Lance Henriksen, Jeff East
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 22 out of 174 found boring (12.64%)

One-line Reviews (97)

But name aside, Pumpkinhead is a pretty intense and scary movie.

Generally considered to be a minor classic in the tremendous 80's horror offer, "Pumpkinhead" mostly benefices from Lance Henriksen's strong lead performance, the solid direction job by Stan Winston and the compelling atmosphere that ideally balances between harrowing drama and exciting horror.

The movie keeps a very creepy mood throughout, and is even gripping at times.

With a great setting, a healthy helping of mozzarella cheese, some classic 80s blood and guts, a monster that is as much cheesy as it is cool, and a certain spark that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole demonic thrill ride of the movie, Pumpkinhead will fit right in on your shelf next to Friday the 13th, Halloween and Sleepaway Camp.

I found the whole movie every enjoyable and I thought Pumpkinhead was really good creature and I really liked how it's looked.

Lance Henriksen makes this flick everything worth watching that and of course the awesome effects.

Horror aficionados should find "Pumpkinhead" to be a superior production, and damn entertaining every step of the way.

Winston's film is more impressive in its first half, with some touching sequences between Ed and his cute son, a very spooky visit to the witch's abode on Black Ridge, and a gripping scene of the demon rebirthing.

There's also some good times here with this one featuring some really enjoyable stalking here with this one featuring some rather intense chases here with the creature going after the gang through the woods which results in great moments at the cabin and the abandoned church which provide this one with some thrilling action, nice suspense and a series of chilling encounters all packed with great gore and bloody kills.

The cast is above average for this sort of thing; supporting Henriksen quite capably are people like Jeff East ("Superman: The Movie") and John DiAquino ('SeaQuest DSV'), while others such as stuntman Dick Warlock, George "Buck" Flower (in one of his more substantial roles and most enjoyable performances), Brian Bremer, and Lee de Broux also make solid contributions in supporting and bit parts.

Seen Today, That and the Pacing Appear Somewhat Slow.

Enjoyable .

I wanted to fall asleep while watching it, while my brother and his friends left the room to play the PS2.

Pumpkinhead has the right ingredients to make it enjoyable.

Mark Patrick Carducci conjoins caring with selfish characters giving a dualistic quality to his screenplay, and an otherwise predictable plot is compensated with a keen sense of apprehension.

The film is tense, thrilling and offers loads of great scares.

This movie is frustrating, long, and boring.

Which in fact, these side effects can get kind of confusing.

It is one movie that grabs and does not let go, granted there are a few plots problems and a few of the cast could truly be seen as this being there first "major" staring roles but other wise it was a truly enjoyable and scary movie.

This grim, highly evocative and compelling picture, which was critically-praised as being "stylish and atmospheric," will have you frozen with fear until the very last moment!

It's an atmospheric suspenseful horror film about a man seeking revenge for his boy's death by bikers.

nice dark atmosphere,but the story is slow .

A poignant, gripping story that glues you to your seat from the start to the end.

The movie is fairly predictable, and even the slightly less predictable ending leaves you totally indifferent, simply with a relief that the torture of watching such trash is over.

The special effects are very graphic and very intense, even involving a scene in which a teenager is slaughtered.

The cinematography for the movie is absolutely breathtaking, its use of shadow and fog is just iconic and creates an almost otherworldly feeling to a very familiar (And very American) setting.

Still an enjoyable flick .

The cast of bland teenagers takes away what originality you gained from PumpkinHead himself and really make's the film feel more like a Friday the 13th-esque slasher flick.

It is never scary, as the plot is boring and the "gory bits" are so unconvincing.

The idea of letting loose a horrible creature of revenge to right perceived wrongs is a fairly new twist to the typical monster-on-the-loose style films and the way this element is woven into the story makes for some pretty exciting times.

There is an intriguing moral question here: at what point do the results of vengeance by the wronged exceed their grievances?

Its a rare find to discover a horror movie from the 80's worth watching.

The characters are so uninteresting that you don't really care what happens to them, except for the boy who is killed in the beginning.

Still, first-timer Winston keeps things moving nicely, utilizes some great-looking nighttime cinematography, and keeps his picture taut and exciting.

The film is atmospheric, fast paced and entertaining.

The movie is rated R for violence and gore, profanity, alcohol use, and frightening / intense sequences.

Instead of being over-the-top gory, the movie relays more upon fast paced scares that come and go quickly.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Pumpkinhead (1988)** (out of 4) Oscar-winning make-up artist Stan Winston made his directorial debut in this mildly entertaining horror effort that really seems like a throwback to the horror films of the 1950s.

), and the characters are generally enjoyable and not too shallow (at least not compared to the random teens in Friday the 13th flicks).

A slow moving, synthetic looking gargantuan with an ever-present light show and rattle snake sound behind it.

My only complaint with the movie, is the night time scenes, when the action really gets intense, its kind of hard to see and make out what is going on...

Surprisingly entertaining .

It has a compelling story of a father's love and the powerful grip of vengeful desires.

It is not perfect, with a plodding last third(though the very end is great) and some under-characterised exposition.

It was very boring.

Banal, moronic waste of film.

Pumpkinhead itself is something of an employee- it's merely a torture-happy bounty hunter or hitman from another dimension.

However, the results are too routine and predictable to hold any real suspense.

One of the biggest pluses here is the fact that this one manages to introduce a rather novel and intriguing storyline for its monster that comes off very well.

Oozing with tremendous atmosphere, a terrific monster, and an actual story, this film is very entertaining.

The teenagers' guilt and helplessness also was very palpable and intense for me.

The problem is with the thin and completely predictable screenplay .

I highly recommend it.


It is unbelievable boring.

Fast Paced Gripping Horror .

The dark and dreary atmosphere really sets a perfect mood for a folktale/monster flick like this.

I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what Pumpkinhead was gonna kill next.

For me, PUMPKINHEAD's merit is derived not from the stalk-and-chase finale, but from the intense, emotional opening act, in which the screenwriter takes time to develop an affecting father-son relationship, only to have it destroyed in a split-second by an unfortunate accident.


Well worth watching.

Although the film isn't perfect, it is an entertaining horror film and fans won't be let down.

The movie's ability to scare a person is great and deserves to be saluted, but the overall plot is so dragged out that some of the scariest moments are when you're waiting for something scary to happen.

Waste of time .

In that sense, "Pumpkinhead" is reminiscent of the 80's "Friday the 13th" flicks, mainly the first two, since they were the most serious (with the 3rd installment a semi-goofy vibe was introduced), but the "Friday" flicks have better women and are overall more entertaining IMHO.

It not only features tremendous special effects by Oscar-winner Stan Winston that center upon the most ideal monster, and performances that are beyond exceptional (most notably by our leading man, Lance Henriksen, who I think, despite of his appearance in much more highly budgeted theatrical films, delivered his finest performance in this one); in addition, it has an extraordinary intellectual and well-written, riveting plot line that make this one of the most beloved horror films of all time, with a growing fan cult following despite it being released over ten years ago.

The relationships are riveting, the story moves at an incessant pace.

Director Stan Winston (making his debut) utilizes the scenery with skillful execution by giving the film such an organic feel and producing some blinding images within some eerie and thrilling set-pieces (the transformation scene being one).

Visually the movie is stunning.

This here is one of the more impressive and enjoyable creature features out there.

A very entertaining film!

I personally found it entertaining and fun.

I found it to be a vivid treasure in that department with the empty woodlands being so chillingly, foreboding in presence.

When you can get over the fact that Billy looks just like the Milky Bar Kid, what you get is an enjoyable over the top horror film that crosses Death Wish with The Keep.

Overall, I thought it was rather bland myself.

Pumpkinhead is an interesting and enjoyable film with a monster thrown in.

Driven by unbearable grief and rage, Harley employs the help of a local practitioner of the black arts, named Haggis (Florence Schauffler).

Despite its title, lack of star power, decidedly trite and hackneyed plot, Pumpkinhead surfaces as quite an effective horror chiller for two primary reasons.

the movie itself tends to be slow art times.

All I saw were a bunch of actors running in fear from some red thing that looked like what I imagine a devil to look like and shouting "profound" lines like "it's after us, man"(people were called "man" about ten times in the short period I saw this, which got very tiresome)and that's about how deep it got.

Seconds later after they evade the bloods, they calmly walk in an alley, like nothing happened, like they didn't just get shot at.

Sounds more like a Power Ranger's monster, but turns into a intense horror experience.

Pacing wise the film is solid even though after the intense beginning it seems to stall for a while, well that's until Pumpkinhead reappears and things really do get going with it's quest for relentless horror.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

Enjoyable film .

It's a dark, tense, atmospheric and engrossing creature feature that oozes Halloween atmosphere in a manner rivaled only by The Blair Witch Project.

this is probably going to end up a dumb post, but I'm bored and school and its on my mind...

"Pumpkinhead" is a riveting horror movie!

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and intense violent themes toward children.

Many times I have watched this film and it is definitely worth watching, so I recommend it.

Surprisingly, and I'm not the first one here, I found this both watchable and entertaining.

B) The way in which the vengeance is taken, along w/ the unexpected side-effects.

The acting keeps this from being a ho-hum corny movie.

He moves slower than a snail and his attacks are rather torpid.

"Pumpkinhead" is an eerie masterpiece - gripping action made stronger by its themes of vengeance and remorse.

In all honesty, I thought it was rather boring.