Punisher: War Zone (2008) - Action, Crime, Drama

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Frank Castle known as Punisher ruthlessly demolishes organized crime, but it starts an even bigger war.

Director: Lexi Alexander
Stars: Ray Stevenson, Dominic West
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 57 out of 315 found boring (18.09%)

One-line Reviews (185)

-1st action scene: The only one that SHOULD have been fast, and somehow you made it slow?

2) The plot is boring and consistently predictable.

This is a teenager action movie made for Castle's fans and/or testosterone and adrenaline junkies.

One of the Worst movies ever .

The action felt tired, predictable and un-imaginative.

For the remainder of the feature however, which sees gunfights a plentiful mixed with you-can't-be-serious plotting, well paced action and extremely graphic and stylized comic book violence, the experience is endlessly compelling when it draws focus upon these elements.

The film flowed very nicely and had made sense which is very important in a film that is this fast paced.

Despite these minor flaws, 'War Zone' is a very enjoyable comic book/action film, with plenty of over-the-top violence and a cool soundtrack.

If you are looking for an exciting, gut wrenching and certainly bullet ridden film with bodies flying everywhere, this is your movie.

This film is the best Punisher, as well as one of the most bad-ass, violent and mind blowing movie ever made.

This has awesome guns and is enjoyable all the way if you know what to expect.

This was more brutal and messed up(especially jigsaw and his brother), it was a lot more action packed.

But after u stumbled upon a interview with Lexi Alexander (She did Green Street Hooligans) & read Paton Oswalts Essay in support of this movie i gave it another shot and when i watched it with a non hateful view i realized all it is, is a Punisher comic brought to the screen and i enjoyed it!

Somewhat entertaining .

Dolph Lundgren's movie almost had the right idea, and the Tom Jane movie was completely unwatchable.

But Ray Stevenson was more bland, and he seems to bring no interest to the film, the way Thomas Jane did.

I found it totally enjoyable and fun.

It was either an easy shoot for Alexander or too many lazy days bored on set hoping the the next project wasn't this bad.

He's just a random side kick who gets blown away at the 'suspenseful' climax.

I mean, James, who Hutchison turns into the human equivalent of a bottle of nitroglycerin, utterly unpredictable and it's clearly not safe to be anywhere near him.

From the trailers, it almost seemed as if director Lexi Alexander had brought us a faithful, entertaining adaptation of the Marvel series.

The series reboot, starring Thomas Jane, seemed so uninteresting, I didn't even consider watching it.

-worst acting ever -punisher said 3 lines in the whole movie -super anticlimactic -every set looked like a warehouse -no story at all -can't even see his SKULL!!

Ignoring the 2004 version (which is equally enjoyable, albeit for different reason), Punisher: Warzone finds Frank Castle already cozy in the role of the hard-edged vigilante known as the Punisher.

And perhaps to my understanding from comic fans they may left some empty plots.

Sadly the Punisher: War Zone, barely touches any of those story elements and instead gives us a 90 minute shoot out with little or no story worth remembering 5 minutes after the viewing experience is over.

It's more faithful to the comics and overall more entertaining even though it totally bombed at the box office.

Overall I think that this film is an entertaining film to watch.

But it's a moot point, Stevenson and his supporting cast, including the lovely Julie Benz, made the downtime enjoyable.

But it's just so damn entertaining.

Jigsaw (Dominic West) makes for a memorable villain with Loony Bin Jim an entertaining wacko sidekick (Doug Hutchison).

Lower than one of the worst movies ever made?

I felt I got my money's worth, and that it was much more entertaining than the 2004 version.

At some point I thought the movie reminded me of Dark Knight, with the thundering musical score accompanying overviews of a nighttime city and strong, complex, crudely drawn out characters.

The comic books are inside the punisher's head, you're taking the ride with him, we might as well have been watching a cardboard cutout here, the whole film was utterly pointless, almost every aspect apart from the cinematography completely missed the mark.

Punisher War Zone Was Originally Supposed To Be A Sequel To The 2004's The Punisher But It Rewritin As Reboot Instead No Story No Plot Just A Lot Of Blood Guts Violince And Shoot Outs

) was equally stunning.

The Punisher: War Zone is a dour vigilante action vehicle that fails to rise up above a dreary actioner chewed up by a soulless script and an unpolished portrayal of the titular hero.

It is like "The Room" of action movies, but trust me, this movie is WAAAAAAY more entertaining the room, and it is WAAAAAY funnier than the room.

Problem was this film was relying solely on its gore to impress audiences and nothing else, so with me unimpressed by the gore I became bored.

First in 1990 The Punisher was introduced, in a straight to video release, followed an annoying bland performance by Dolph Lungren.

This film was action packed and had a different feel for the storyline.

The direction and multiple close-up shots are repetitive and soon decline into a state of boredom.

If ever there was a story in this poor waste of my time called a movie, it was lost in the random passionate scenes between Castle and the little girl who's father he killed...

If you're looking for any of the depth of character, or rich storyline of the contemporary Punisher Max books, don't waste your time with this movie, you will not find the tightly knit story telling Enis has been spoiling Punisher fans with the past few years.

Not only is his mode of transformation and rebirth similar to Nicholson's, but Jigsaw has the same lunatic nature as the Joker, and is an entertaining villain.

This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Punisher: War Zone was a very action packed movie.

He wouldn't be playing pointless mind games with a costumed superhero.

I don't think it's a sequel that people deserved, but it's quite enjoyable in a brainless way.

The story is so cliché and very far from believable.

Nothing special,but entertaining and much better than I expected .

Yet even for the simple purpose of cinematic escapism, "War Zone" sets the bar extremely low, plodding from heavy-handed exposition to yawnsome action scenes (despite Alexander's frenetic camera choreography, they fail to raise much excitement), trapping familiar faces like Dominic West and Julie Benz in the uninspired muck.

My only praise to this "film" is that the action scenes were very good and actually kept me from falling asleep.

It's so repetitive...

Julie Benz is completely monotone as Angela and Dominic West gives an over-the-top Jigsaw that is hard to take serious.

It's goofy as hell with Frank Castle mowing down hordes of baddies in a surprisingly entertaining fight sequence where he moves up apartment stories.

I enjoyed it a lot better the second time around, thanks to one key scene, where West takes off the bandages and looks in the mirror, it's direct from Batman, so I put Jigsaw in the same box as Nicholson, and the film became less serious because of this.

This shootout has two unexpected consequences unseen by our heroic vigilante: an undercover FBI agent was killed in the fray, and under-boss Billy Russoti (Dominic West) is left horribly disfigured, later becoming the sadistic master criminal "Jigsaw," obsessed with hunting down the man responsible for his disfigurement.

Honestly, one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

There's an unexpected attention to detail that can be appreciated with Frank constantly weary of his ammo supply seen consistently reloading his rifles, its a neat detail that is often glossed over by many blockbusters and even films that are far superior to this one.

I also like how he had the logo on his chest the whole film pretty much, even if it was hard to see cause it was sort of dull on his black outfit.

Not only does it have cardboard characters and no plot to speak of, but it revels in extreme violence that is justified by the same boring and cretinous "killing bad guys is good".

The problem with this however is that with all this exuberant characterisation going on over the other side of the moral pool, we are left wondering when Frank is going to stop moping around and be just as compelling.

Then there's the evocative growling: "Stay out of my way" and "You boys play nice.

I give it a 10/10 because its one of the most entertaining movies I've ever seen, and it does everything it aims to do perfectly.

It was predictable and B-movie-esquire.

But Stevenson's Punisher has only one facial expression and only speaks in a growly monotone.

To put Punisher: War Zone in even briefer terms, it is: Bloodier than the Saw Series and more action packed than The Expendables.

The Punisher deserves better than this unoriginal, inaccurate, cliché-ridden script.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It's unapologetically a dumb but fun violent action film and I really enjoyed it.

It was totally pointless and should not in any way have been made or released.

it's full of non stop thrilling action which is always fun and it very gory and direct which we don't see these days in action movies.

This is a gripping story of one man's revenge.

This exciting picture packs action packed, thrills, shootouts, chills and lots of violence, explosion , gore and guts .

As Frank Castle, Jane brooded like a Black Hole on the edge of space.

Frank Castle is a boring lifeless character who runs around and massacres people without reason.

You get a predictable script, that is totally unbelievable and ridiculous at times.

Unprovoked, completely pointless and redundant film.

It's all generic and predictable.

Tom Jane, who, in the 1st film, was excellent as the main lead, is replaced by a bland mcbland actor, Ray Stevenson, who is as artless in his vocal dialogue as he is in his physical representation.

I KNOW that Frank Castle is a one of the scions of vigilante justice, but the stunning amount of gore will really turn some off.

With one part Batman knock-off, one part NYPD drama, and one part Call of Duty 4; this was the biggest waste of my time, and the director must hold some contempt for the public's artistic taste.

Fortunately,that publishing house has shown good predisposition to improve their film mistakes and,as well as we had a much better Hulk on the second attempt,another creative team had the opportunity to make another Punisher film,and the result was not a great film,but entertaining and enormously superior to the previous film.

And yet it remains entertaining, even comedic in how far it goes.

Jam packed with ridiculously over the top violence and hammy villains, this film is really enjoyable, though not for those lacking a sense of humour or a love of trashy movies.

The Worst Movie By Marvel Ever!

Three action scenes separated by over half the run-time of pointless talking scenes and pointless, cheesy drama scenes.

All of the scenes with Ray Stevenson are really intense and the film is packed with extreme, over the top gory violence and brutal action.

Based on the popular Marvel Comics anti-hero, War Zone is the third movie about the Punisher, the previous efforts being the very entertaining and under-rated The Punisher (1989) starring Dolph Lundgren, and the recent 2004 film in which Thomas Jane played the character.

The only people who will enjoy this film (or at least think they do until they wake up the next morning) are those drunkards coming to the films to watch something that they can fall asleep to - the mindless sound of terribly recorded gunshots and awful blood-splatter sound effects.

But all in all, this movie was lame, inaccurate, continuously boring, contained completely unrealistic fight scenes, and made me want to break this DVD in half, stick in a pile of crap and put it on the director's doorstep.

I recognize that this movie is crap, but is like McDonald's or Burger King's food: shi**y but enjoyable.

The plots however are not, you know what I mean… corny, too many anticlimaxes, predictable, the funny moments- were they intentional?

Yes, everything is predictable; from making the enemy, to kidnap the lead's friends, to destroying the enemy.

In the beginning, they set the totally bad-ass tone for Punisher: Warzone and kept pumping the adrenaline of audiences for some time, until the movie slows down and we're into the side stories.

-I'm sorry, but how do empty paint cans make grenades cooler/work-better?

The stuff with Frank Castle is great, but all the ancillary characters, much like the ones in the 2004 version, are extremely boring and completely forgettable.

No depth, no plot, no reason to carry on watching.

The familiar scenes about his memories are very intense, as well as his relation with the familiar drama he is casually involved.

It leaves you totally indifferent because it's drowning in a boring mediocrity.

Don't waste your time on this eyesore.

The music was intense and fitting, the accents were HARDLY distracting.

His movements seemed slow and at times he reminded me of Jeff Daniels.

The Punisher Warzone is entertaining at best.

Frank (The Punisher) pulls all kinds of stupid stunts just to make the movie more entertaining or whatever.

This movie is very entertaining, and if you aren't a comic book fan boy, you will love this movie.

Taken on its own terms, "Punisher: War Zone" is everything it is supposed to be: excessively violent, larger than life, fast paced, and almost always loads of fun.

From there on in, the film is a simple cat-and-mouse game as Castle and Jigsaw takes turns trying to kill one-another, until a fairly memorable final showdown that will leave you breathless with it's intense action.

It was pointless.

In all honesty, I thought it was fairly entertaining.

Director Lexi Alexander fails to capture the absorbing spirit of the gun-blazing hero in a way that accounts to an entertaining ride, and instead settles of a gloomy, self- serious vehicle.

Despite all the bad qualities of Punisher: War Zone, there were still things that I found entertaining about it.

I really do hope they make a sequel to this movie because this is actually better than the dark knight I really mean it this movie was more intense then the dark knight.

Its not an Oscar film, thank god, but it is entertaining and most importantly it is what the Punisher on film is supposed to be.

"lets take all things we think are cool and put them in here" well it turned out lame and predictable.

The action, albeit good and entertaining, was way over the top, and at many times pointless.

The Punisher: Bore Zone .

Dominic West was pointless.

About all the Punisher ever feels is remorse, saddened nostalgia, hardened determination, and brief moments of grim satisfaction, which isn't enough really, but Stevenson valiantly tries to humanize his character in the slower moments.

It's fun, cheap, and pretty damn brutal, despite having little to no story.

Sadly, this dreary excuse of an action flick only continues the sour trend of failed attempts on bringing the titular figure to life.

As for Dominic West, he did a great job of keeping a straight face through his lines which were, for the most part, stupid and cliché.

Go refill yourself with ample adrenaline with this redbull!

I recommend it to people that wanna see a good action packed violent film.

War Zone was a very BRUTAL Punisher and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All Gory, No Story, No Glory .

At a glancePros: Unapologetically Punisher Level Brutality Stevenson is a compelling Frank Castle Movie pacing is greatCons: Cliché accents Could have used some more dialogue from FrankOverall: 8/10Bottom Line: If you are a punisher fan, you're in for a blast

awful awful movie, dull as a 60 years old on a menopause.

The opening action sequence was awesome, the middle was really boring except for a couple of cool parts, and again the ending was awesome and action-filled.

The actors playing the two lead cops are boring and their characters are complete wastes of time.

And honestly, if you haven't seen this, don't waste you time.

Micro died (in the most unbelievable way possible), the violence was intense, and the stories read like the best originals from the eighties, perhaps even better.

Punisher: War Zone is a bad film featuring way-too-over-the-top villains, mostly dull acting, and action so violent and explicitly disgusting that I can't believe this movie didn't get an NC-17 rating for it.

They never had pointless, cliché talking and drama sequences.

The first movie I ever walked out of (possible spoilers) .

There are a few gory shots involved like heads being shot off and things like that but the story itself is again a bit weak and predictable.

It's so ridiculously slow I was ready to walk out more than once.

Punisher warzone doesn't fail to entertain,with an interesting plot and a action packed adventure you'll want to keep your eyes on the screen until the very end.

Pluses of the film: The film is gripping, at most parts.

The Cops love him he's doing what they want to do with the Punisher justice is cold hard and final no court of last appeals no corrupt justice system just him a gun and justice, Until Billy Rosetti comes up with a perfect angle to sell a bio hazardous agent to a group of terrorists the FBI has a agent on the inside in a intense gun battle at a recycling plant the agent is killed by the punisher and Rosetti is fed into a glass recycler his face is shredded and he's saved by his mob.

With lots of intense and sometimes awkwardly humorous gory scenes, its pretty much the highlight of the movie and it is fun to watch.

Totally action packed, fast paced, and they finally cast a guy who was perfect for the role of the PUNISHER.

You can argue with me all day, but am I really the only one who was bored out of his mind?

No sympathy, no heart, no story.

And yet it's so fun and entertaining to watch.

The story is simple, the acting intense, the special effects impressive and the movie delivers.

There are actually a few decent aspects of this film that aren't due to The fight scene towards the end is genuinely enjoyable though.

But I still consider Punisher: War Zone to be far more entertaining than such over-rated Marvel adaptations as the Fantastic Four movies, Iron Man, the X-Men and Blade trilogies, and the Spider-Man films.

In any case, if you're looking for an action packed and violent film featuring a fan favorite anti hero, you've got yourself a treat.

The movie is a lot more action packed than the last one and throughout the movie is very violent.

I personally think that they only tried to see how violent and intense they could make this movie.

It makes it unwatchable.

This is definitely the best of the three Punisher movies and worth the watch!!

I know this is what the punisher is supposed to do but this is boring compared to Thomas Jane who played a way better punisher.

If you're looking for a good comic book movie then watch The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, or Spider-man 2 because at least they're entertaining which makes them worth your time.

I assure you, it is a complete waste of time.

Apart from that the movie is very bland.

" Ray Stephenson was intense, and the violence and brutality made me smile to think that Lionsgate's name was on it.

The entire movie is one exciting, slam, bang and explosive tour through the bowels of hell.

The story in this movie is pretty clichéd, but it was still enjoyable because of the pacing and the action.

While it's certainly not an artistic triumph and Alexander would probably like this redacted from her resume, it's entertaining junk that doesn't have more than a few moments pass without someone meeting a bloody end.

Get weak ones, such as those in Ghost Rider, and you'll be in for a yawn fest.

Asking for a intriguing plot?

Director Lexi Alexander does his best to keep the bloodthirsty happy with some inventive killings, maimings and general debauchery but I must admit I preferred the Thomas Jane incarnation a few years back then this empty-headed crowd-pleaser.

Every cliché you could possibly think of is on display here.

The action, albeit good and entertaining, was way over the top, and at many times pointless.

It's dreary without being gritty.

Some scenes were hilarious (like when the Punisher pops a roof-jumper with a mini-missile,) but some scenes were wholly unbelievable and unbearable (like when the Punisher punches his fist through a guy's face.

As it was, however, the film jumped from genuinely entertaining to laughably bad at an alarming pace, never really living up to the promise of its strong opening.

It's fascinating to see actors I like in a really stupid film.

I've seen commercials selling action figures that had more suspense presented than what is in this pointless sh*t.

Other than his not so lovely face, Jigsaw is a fairly uninteresting adversary.

waste of time, crappy story line - very disappointed.

I saw the movie Saturday and the theater was empty except for me and about 5 other people.

I really liked Ray Stevenson in Rome (and I was confident he could deliver a really compelling Punisher -- and he did).

Directed by Lexi Alexander (Hooligans) made an entertaining, violent, fast-paced action/ thriller.

It is definitely not a movie that everyone will like, but it is very entertaining.

There's a corny child-in-peril subplot shoehorned in for good measure, and a gallery of ludicrous supporting goons that the nominal hero must wade through in the long, monotonous climax of the film; a tiresomely protracted warehouse shootout that manages to be both grandiose, excessive and startlingly dull, thanks largely to Alexander's more-is-more approach to the endless fistfights and gun battles, which eventually exhaust the eye and ear with their repetitious, uninspired choreography, clumsy framing and lazy editing.

With his goons by his side, one of which, Loony Bin Jim (Doug Hutchison), is criminally insane and thus busted out of an asylum of course, counters Jigsaw's more sombre, serious tones with wacky, off the wall insanity that transforms well on the screen into one of the movie's biggest and most enjoyable personalities.

The picture quality was breathtaking.

" It is a great (though brutally violent) action film, with intense fight sequences enough guns to supply a small army.

The mirror scene was kind of stupid and pointless, I thought, and I thought that the crazy building-jumping gang was also a little dumb.

He's quiet, brooding, intense and very much insane.