Purple Rain (1984) - Drama, Music, Musical

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A young musician, tormented by an abusive situation at home, must contend with a rival singer, a burgeoning romance, and his own dissatisfied band, as his star begins to rise.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Albert Magnoli
Stars: Prince, Apollonia Kotero
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 12 out of 110 found boring (10.9%)

One-line Reviews (53)

And Morris Day and the Time are very entertaining throughout.

Though some of it is slightly predictable, and his final bike ride is pointless (you know, when they play "When Doves Cry") and all, overall, cool film, fantastic (if you will)Incredibly cool and the music rules (especiallly "Baby I'm A Star " and "Purple Rain")

This movie doesn't rank in the all time great category, but it is pretty entertaining.

What little humour there is, is forced and banal, none more so than an excruciatingly unfunny sub-Abbott and Costello "Who-dat" exchange between Day and his gopher over a password.

The film is visually stunning, brilliantly paced (it never gets slow), and terrifically directed.

In his life, he is having an intense rivalry with Morris Day (who stole the movie I believed) from performing on stage to trying to win the heart of a gorgeous and sexy woman named Appolonia (I wouldn't mind going after her myself!

Visually the film looks cool and very eighties, and by featuring one of the best talents of the time, Purple Rain remains one of the most contemporary and entertaining films of its decade.

With his father in intensive care after trying to commit suicide, Appolonia angry & his rival Morris putting the squeeze on him, he sings the title soundtrack and it sparks hope & he starts to recover everything he sabotaged.

It was mainstream and it seems like a cliché' now.

Boring and predictable .

It is entertaining.

The story is like a 1930's backstage musical brought up to date, the dialogue is cliché-ridden, while the acting looks as if it's everyone's first try-out (which it more or less is).

A good coming of age drama and a birth of a star in "Prince".

Not terribly different from many of the 1930s-era "backstage musicals," Purple Rain sports a contrived plotline that sees Prince (in the film referred to only as The Kid) battling rival musician Morris Day for the affections of new-in-town beauty Apollonia and a shot at stardom through a secure spot on the bill at legendary Minneapolis club First Avenue.

Nelson and Prince is great,intense and beautiful matching the tone and style of the film.

Albert Magnoli's music video directorial approach to this film's mounting is more than appropriate, creating an eye-popping, ear-pounding musical drama that stays consistently entertaining, despite the unappealing lead character...

Of course, with his big bike and even bigger hair, The Kid beats all the odds with his stunning musical prowess and is accepted unto the dance scene's corseted bosom.

If you want an entertaining romp through the glam 80s "club scene" of Minneapolis, then you'll probably love it.

Vapid, cartooning, one-dimensional and very bland.

Great music, predictable storyline .

The love triangle between The Kid, Appolonia and Morris Day was so predictable and tired that I actually became insulted.

Visually it is very stunning for an early 80's film and it will always instill in me the idea that the music in a film can carry it through to a huge crescendo!

Not a towering achievement, but entertaining nonetheless .

And THAT makes this movie worth watching.

While this film isn't as good as 8 mile as a recent example, this is entertaining none the less and the soundtrack is much better.

Purple Rain's story (presented in the predictable "Flashdance" mold) was shamefully formulaic right from the word "Go!

For his honor and a tribute just watched again after many years the film "Purple Rain" which I hadn't saw since a kid, and I must say I enjoyed it again it was a great film!

Unlike Micheal Jackson in his short film 'Thriller', Prince is a bore.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that, despite the rather corny plot and the uneven acting, this movie was still entertaining for the most part.

Still the movie is entertaining if you don't mind weak acting (with the exception of Morris' scenes), a paper thin script and a soundtrack that carries the movie.

Clarence Williams III ("The Mod Squad") gives the best performance here as The Kid's father; his rage, confusion, and guilt truly come through in a brilliant performance, and his role should have been bigger.

Plus Apollonia is just simply STUNNING.

Purple Rain is an entertaining film overall, as it is the soundtrack of Prince songs that boosts it's value by 110%.

This was a movie-viewing where I had two reactions: as I was watching it, in the theater (and in the front row no less, it's only 2 days after the man's passing with a special series after all), I really enjoyed it and even got into the melodramatic - and I emphasize *dramatic* - story of how The Kid, with his group The Revolution, try to make it at a local club in Minnesota and face ups and downs while up against groups like Morris Day & The Time.

the breathtaking concert stuff is worth seeing it.

I remember a colorless year of what I considered very boring music.

Everyone else slots neatly into that formulaic storyline like the formulaic pieces they are.

I've heard more intense emotion from the self-checkout at Wal-Mart.

Worth watching!

) The story is very disjointed and of course it glorifies the character played by Prince.

One documents the intensive rivalry existing between Prince's band and the Time, fronted by the charismatic poseur and self-described "Lay-deez Man" Morris Day, (who in a satirical and self-effacing performance, manages to effectively steal every scene he is in.

Anywho, I remember watching this film when it came out in 1984, (the good old 80s) and thinking at the time it wasnt a bad film, but the musical performances are stunning.

We absolutely enjoyed it and came out of the movie singing Baby I'm a Star and Take me with you,,,etc.

PURPLE RAIN has become a bemusing dichotomy - a dull, clichéd, formulaic storyline sprinkled liberally with the most innovative pop songs of its time.

Apart from these gripes, PURPLE RAIN is quite an enjoyable film.

I guess if they try to understand that 1984 was a different era and not to take it too seriously, it can be enjoyable.

I guess one has to be a pretty big "Prince" fan in order to appreciate "Purple Rain" more than I did - 'Cause I found it to be quite tedious and tiresome a good part of the time.


During his rampage, the Kid finds a large box containing his father's musical compositions, this opens the Kid's mind up to listening to Wendy and Lisa's compositions, he listens to a cassette with a rhythm track named "Slow Groove", he begins to compose.

Despite that, it was still a very entertaining film!

It is a stunning movie no one should miss.

Looking back now, I have to say that the film was no masterpiece by any means, but it was overall entertaining.

Despite these major problems, the film is somehow still enjoyable.