Push (2009) - Action, Adventure, Crime

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Two young Americans with special abilities must race to find a girl in Hong Kong before a shadowy government organization called Division does.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Paul McGuigan
Stars: Camilla Belle, Dakota Fanning
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 70 out of 236 found boring (29.66%)

One-line Reviews (240)

i don't know what people are after when going to see a movie of the kind really, and then yawn about how poor it is or how wasted their time was.

Fight scenes were slow and convoluted; love scene(s) were too fast and too stupid.

Waste of time .

With limited action sequence, music, bad locations ,and a stupid story line; this so called "HEROES" adaption turn out to be the worst movie of 2009 after XO: Wolverine.

Do yourself a favor and save your money.

There was no real plot.

This is an exciting and imaginative psi espionage thriller filmed entirely in Hong Kong, which exploits the location there wonderfully, although in a bizarre and deeply ethnic manner.

TV's Heroes is much more entertaining and much more easily followed, and that's saying something since Heroes itself is downright confusing at times.

I think McGuigan had a stronger script he could have made a better film, with it fast paced and have more action and less clichés.

Don't waste your movie or time, just wait until Heroes Episode 5 starts again if you want to see people with powers.

" Turns out the strange world presented in the movie is quite normal and boring compared to the inner workings of Tinseltown itself.

It's not one I'll watch several times, but it was entertaining.

It's edgy and intense, and the editing and cinematography are excellent.

Given that the creation of false memories is a plot point, the structure of the movie becomes much denser and more complex than it needs to be, and what is actually quite a simple story becomes difficult to follow.

I would have rated the movie a 5 except her bland, talentless performance (or lack thereof) completely ruined it for me.

Entertaining Sci-fi flick .

Chris Evans has often been derided as being just another bland pretty face.

Add in a lot of wildly entertaining characters and a couple of new twists on the standard set of "mutant" skills, and it's a very satisfactory popcorn movie.

I am waiting for a movie based on the same psychic theme,preferably a drama as the chase plots(seen in jumper and push)are so predictable and artificial.

Now if you liked jumper and it makes you interested, well wait till the DVD comes out so you can actually fast forward it rather then sitting in the theater and get bored.

Don't waste your time watching this movie.

The action takes place in a span of several days in Hong Kong, and is rife with tension and unexpected plot twists.

What I got was maybe 15-20 minutes of action, a movie that was slowly getting bored with itself and a story that was so muddled with crap it was ridiculous.

However, I found it quite enjoyable.

"Pushing" thoughts in to people's heads and masking what is perceived makes for intriguing plot possibilities.

It is somehow more intense and usually feels more realistic.

The reality was instead an engrossing two-hour ride.

Dull and forgettable .

It is very entertaining for me to see the action and the capabilities of the super human.

If you like sci-fi and crazy mind blowing thrillers, then this one is for you!

China appears as a bright and colourful place, the locations unfamiliar and exciting, and it is really only when these exotic urban exteriors are in frame that there is any sense of dynamism.

It's not going to jump off the screen for originality, but its different enough to be entertaining.

One of the best movies to come out in a few years.. Totally different subject matter (Much better than the slow HEROES) and nicely done.

The action does look stunning, settings are good, the good vs.

They tend to use that a lot but it is just pointless and laughable.

I felt like I was going to fall asleep, they dragged the movie and some of the stuff could have been cut.

In fact, I had an impression of watching an entertaining spy movie - only colored with supernatural elements.

Like the director was just trying to prove he was able to use multiple different styles more than it being needed to tell the story in a compelling fashion.

The plot is amusing enough but becomes tiresome and loses direction by the end of the film.

Lines are recited rather than acted; the actors just sound bored.

What for me lifts this movie far above the average though is the premise that I found fascinating.

i'm not into destroying this movie and all but i got to tell what's on my mind(i get the story if you're askin' by the way) in fact, i really enjoyed it and got all riled up because i understand the whole plot.

Don't waste your time on it.

Lots of visual eye candy on display, which captured(..and kept) my attention, when the plot had me going around in circles, and plenty of unpredictable(..and contrived)twists and surprises.

Camilla Belle is pretty but bland as usual.

The Chinese "watcher" is goofy with her lollipops and empty threats.

It was entertaining, and actually very interesting.

All in all, Push is a quite non-mainstream, entertaining, good movie worth watching.

It's not a great film,but I found it to be a solid and very entertaining thriller with an ingenious screenplay and interesting characters.

Although i liked "Night Watch" better, this film was enjoyable and never lost my interest.

All in all, this is a waste of time.

And I say this movie is worth watching.

It's exciting, action-packed, and a thrill ride overall The stylistic nature of this film makes it monumental.

I don't know why there are so many negative reviews for this movie, I really enjoyed it.

Very Enjoyable Action-Packed Sci-Fi Film .

pretty entertaining film .

This little bit of cinematic junk food is moderately entertaining if you're not looking to exercise any brain cells.

It is incredibly predictable and boring.

Beautiful and entertaining - possibly confusing .

If you're into comic book, video games and super powers this is a very enjoyable and entertaining movie.

Pushed boredom to a whole new level.

Yet from the confusing opening to the splurge of character introduction in the opening act, many will find themselves drifting off and losing interest.

Messy but entertaining.

I think it's imperative that you enter this film without paying too close attention to the plot because it's so screwy that you may soon find the whole ordeal tiresome.

There better be something pretty spectacular or exciting in here to justify me watching something that sounds like it has been sketched out by a machine, a committee or a committee of machines.

The action is weak, the whole 'plan' is even more confusing and unnecessary.

Sure enough, there are segments throughout that feel overly influenced by the Wachowski Brothers' 1999 hit with sprinkles of a superhero TV show now well past its heyday, yet punctuated with fine performances and some intriguing subtexts, characterization and fantastic action sequences, Push is definitely worth a look in if you've grown a little tired of the stream of comic book adaptations that dominate the market.

Push had a pretty interesting plot in an exciting world.

Secondly, the pointless love-interest side-story that really felt forced and unnecessary.

Normally, a superhero should have more or less some character development, but "Push" just kept introducing new characters like throwing candies until everyone looks dull and flat.

I thought at first the film was rather well shot and had nice cinematography in an interesting location (Hong Kong) until the lacking plot and bland characters made me forget about it.

It will actually lead you into more confusion and you begin to wonder who's fault is this?

Entertaining Nonsense .

While the film is unlikely to have a sequel, I really enjoyed it.

Someone who can actually speak and who looks good, who in fact belongs in a romantic melodrama rather than an action movie, is the stunning Camilla Belle.

However,I won some enthusiasm for this movie when I knew its director was Paul McGuigan,whose previous movie, Lucky Number Slevin,was an entertaining rehash of the formula which was popularized by Lock,Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and its many imitators.

This film kept you guessing, even before you knew you were, it was an engaging action/drama with a clever wit.

Absolutely waste of time.

Taking the form of an alternate reality of sorts where several government organizations around the globe take it upon themselves to toy with the "talents" of certain children dating back to the Nazi "Supermen" experiments from the middle 1940's, Push's tale is familiar, albeit intriguing.

Dakota Fanning is totally miscast, making a ridiculous pair with Chris Evans, and the movie is boring in many moments.

All looked so fake,cheap and boring that i was trying hard to keep me from sleeping.

He alone makes this film a worth watching experience.

There are so many different type of super characters that it get's kind of boring.

Well, it is arguably one of the elements of the movie, but it's neither exciting nor intriguing.

It's enjoyable and with the budget they had the graphics weren't that bad.

After the film, I kept thinking about the great scenario and another part for this movie, because it was so exciting and unpredictable.

What could have been a decent movie was ruined first by the introductory narration of the girl, pretty much saying "we good, they evil" then by cardboard characters and completely pointless actions, only to end in a sort of Ocean 11 way, which should have never survived the 70's.

I hear Critics say that the movie is convoluted but i believe the movie is more exciting with loads of Sci-Fi element, you wouldn't have watched in any movies before.

Push uses a lot of twists, and not in the first-Saw-movie way which blows you out of your seat, but it still manages to keep the movie interesting, even tough the twists are all quite predictable.

In the beginning its said that experiences with these unique individuals started in the world war 2 with the Nazis and that at some point a company known as Division(who now hunts down people with this abilities) was created but all this felt very contrived and artificial.

If you are looking for something really entertaining or a good action movie then look elsewhere: "Push" is just not that entertaining or that good.

Most movies have a fairly slow start (to explain characters and plot) this movie was slow all the way through.

It was entertaining enough.

Save your money and watch "Heroes" instead of seeing this piece of garbage!

The overuse of clairvoyancy results in a narrative that heavily relies on foreshadowing, and roughly halfway through, becomes tedious as the plot convolutes itself.

Entertaining just like X-men .

Jackson) More similar yet is the clear indication that the films are intended to be the first in a series of many (I will say that Push does an infinitely better job of wrapping up its chapter then the shamelessly gaping ending of Jumper) and with both I feel that any subsequent instalments will be a large improvement over the set-up and confusion of the original.

The movie is quite enjoyable to watch for its adrenaline rush.

On the other hand the story gets confusing and boring at some parts, even though the performances are good, as the cast included many famous actors.

Push for me was stunning .

I found this movie to be remarkably entertaining and was quite dismayed that I hadn't even heard of it until it was out on DVD.

And then there are 'the young men who mumble'; they are the youthful actors who think they are Marlon Brando and that the less the audience can hear them, the more fascinating they are.

This new genre of movies, which includes "Jumper" and "Wanted", generally involves characters with psychic or psionic abilities, a conspiratorial shadow group, and an unlikely anti-hero, set against a banal or dystopian realism.

She wears many of her own clothes and her taste is both impeccable and complementary to the exciting and colourful scenery.

The film also received mixed results as well, so I went in going to expect something different from what I am used to and now that I have seen it, I am happy to say that this is worth watching.

This is engaging and exciting, and I couldn't take my eyes off it.

It bored me to the point of making me want to sleep.

I rented this movie a week ago and was pleasantly surprised to find it was very entertaining.

Somehow I felt it was a bit stretched, maybe because it had its slow moments which the viewer's mind doesn't accept because it got you biased right from its scintillating credits.

Entertaining Enough .

The whole mythos of the different mental powers, the categorization and how they work both internally and work off each other was very intriguing.

Otherwise, if you just need something to do and you want to waste some time in fantasy land, check it out at the theaters.

I have re-watched this movie several times and it was even entertaining the second time.

At first the only reason I bought it was because of my 11 year old self was obsessed with Dakota Fanning's style and Chris Evans but then I just started watching it when I was bored or sick or something.

Overall an entertaining enough film; I just with it had a better ending.

A smart idea but why oh why do the directors these days fall into the trap of thinking that shots of action lasting 0.45 seconds each and stuck together are going to be entertaining?

All the characters have some kind of super power, and just for once they get to use them in imaginative ways - guns that really can shoot round corners, guys being dragged along the ceiling, and much more.

I mean, it is nowhere near as boring as this film which is covered in monkey turds.

" Unfortunately, the muddled, incoherent storytelling, cardboard characters, wooden performances and ho hum action sequences make it virtually impossible for us to sustain any real interest in what is happening on screen.

The ending is confusing, and not sure it even 'ended'.

The plot is pedestrian to the point of boredom, disappointingly linear for a film that tries to be edgy and cutting edge.

So, a mixed bag of good and bad, sophisticated and boring.

It was really entertaining!

I want to mention the intro as being completely pointless and explains near nothing.

My humble opinion is that "Push" is stylish, it's truly unpredictable, it's interesting, and it left me wanting to visit the characters again and see what happens to them after they ride off into the sunset.

Perhaps his dismiss was anti climatic but this is a pointless effects spectacle that pushes for entertainment.

In addition to her bland acting, the only two emotions she seemed capable of was whiny or stoned on Valium.

The writing is beyond bad -- it is confusing, and not in a good way, it's incoherent, and it laughably tries to be smart.

Most of the time, the editing is responsible for the film's other problem: a confusing-as-hell storyline.

That is how boring and annoying the character was!

I'm so bored I took the time to write this review.

Push, which actually comes close to taking things a little further than is the norm these days, may not be quite as awe-inducing as say, Die Hard, King Kong or The Matrix for their days, yet it combines a fair amount of originality with established traits from the genre to create a compelling piece of entertainment.

I kind of felt the same way about this movie until I fell asleep.

The movie centers around this cliché, the young kid who is precocious and independent, and outwits the evil grown ups.

Not too bad tho, kinda enjoyed it :D


haphazard with a flat out dull second act .

I took a very nice surprise with Push and I recommend it because,although it is not a great movie at all,I found it very entertaining.

A very exciting and action packed opening scene that really set the stage for the rest of it.

Exciting as Eagle Eye; SFX Good as Jumper; Plot Too Convoluted .

Otherwise skip this confusing, box of puzzle pieces, load of rubbish.

There is a confusing sequence with the serum and who has what and why certain people are in certain places.

It's worth watching just to keep up with what Dakota Fanning is doing, not to mention Camilla Belle.

But all they really did was keep you in a state of dazed confusion because you didn't know enough about the potentials and the constraints of the psychic abilities for you to have anticipated much of anything.

But surprisingly an entertaining movie regardless.

Stunning and original .

Really enjoyable .

Visually I think this film is different, kind of a colorful drab, if that is even possible.

Unfortunately, the direction they decided upon is at times confusing and delivers what appears to be a haphazard story.

The action scenes do not last very long and there were many moments I don't recall all that well because they were so dull and forgettable.

Worth Watching (if Only For the Scenery Alone!

I enjoyed it.

If I had to mention a negative side (besides the kind of uninspiring title!

However, the movie is predictable and ends on a poor ending.

It's a very slick, visually exciting movie.

The plot might seem a little muddled as it tried hard to sound intelligent, and there are some illogical moments with characters popping up and about, coupled with some really tired and uninspiring lines and unclear character motivation.

Do something useful and go wash your hair of clean the car but don't waste your time with this.

The crazy color palettes and art direction in this film reminded me as I was watching it of "Lucky Number Slevin," another bit of entertaining B pulp.

Well worth watching .

But hey, there's another really compelling reason to see this movie now.

The line-of-events is chaotic, confusing, impossible to follow, deprived of any logic and coherence.

The movie is pure junk; boring and stupid.

The script is fairly solid(if it does cease to hold up near the ending; I would say that it is still satisfying, though), with memorable dialog, cleverness, numerous unexpected occurrences and no dull moments.

Not A Classic, But May be Enjoyable.

It was an enjoyable film and a reasonable escape from reality.

I think the confusion originates mostly from the bad handling of the watchers who can "watch" and draw the future although it's changeable.

So I got the chance to watch the full film this time and it was a waste of time.

The action itself is very exciting.

As so often is the case nowadays the special effects were done well for the most part, but the hands-free shooting was just pointless.

Somewhat Confusing.

It was awful: a mediocre cast in a sub-par story that is both poorly directed and dreadfully boring!

The acting was good, could have been better, there were some big stereotypes in it but for what it is, it's very enjoyable.

This movie was poorly received by critics, saying that it was lame and boring.

"Push" has a somewhat interesting plot, it is engaging and has some special effects to keep viewers interested.

Over all, really well done, and very entertaining.

In most superhero films, there are clear levels of powers, and you know exactly which characters should be stronger than others, but Push has a perfectly muddied picture – we're on the edge of our seats, because we don't know who should win.

I'm not surprised that some people compare it to 'Jumper' to some extent, mostly in terms of the plot, but keep in mind that where 'Jumper' was just an average fast paced action with less developed and less interesting plot, where the main characters are high school sweethearts (how obvious and lame); 'Push' has more developed and complex story, with mysteries surrounding the characters, with some touch of realism to them and to the plot.

Plot holes are plenty which resulted in a semi-contrived story line that wound up being too smart for its own good.

What a confusing and muddled film!

" Everyone tries their best, the direction and pacing are entertaining, the acting sound, and I especially enjoyed the use of music in the film - so much that I went looking for a soundtrack only to find none exists.

One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

I found "Push" to be incredibly boring and inane.

Too often we as audiences are subjected to watching tired rehashes of hackneyed re-makes and formulaic gloop in the guise of something to get thrilled about.

The lack of story, lack of suspense, willingness of random characters to accept whatever was going on reminded me of the vague feeling I had watching Jumper.

You will be engrossed and entertained or you will be bored and dismiss it for whatever reason.

Don't waste your time or money, rent something else.

Not really recommended, but if you're feeling bored… My score: 5.4/10

old/classic war between Good and Bad , the love, friendship, super powers and secrets, adventure and noble moral values, mysterious meets and predictable end.

The action sequences are very well done and thanks to a dynamic direction, most of them are exciting.

Who cares if there are a zillion fan-boys out somewhere who have an explanation for all the plot holes in this yawner?

And then seemingly the script runs out of ideas, unable to explore the differing psychic abilities in exciting ways.

) maybe 40 years plus; but here we have 15 year old Dakota Fanning claiming to be 13 "but looking like 14" -- no matter, she's still romantically ignored by the film's hero -- who goes for an non-cute and boring 20+ brunette.

Dakota Fanning's characters was unexpected and the clever uses of each person's gifts made for some good plot twists and actions scenes.

What makes this movie a 5 rather than a 6 is its confusing and botched conclusion.

Furthermore, the exposition is clumsy, the plot is convoluted yet uninteresting, the whole movie goes on for too long, and Camilla Belle basically sleepwalks through the entire thing.

The first twenty minutes or so did a pretty good job in setting up the story, but shortly after that, the story quickly becomes confusing and illogical.

Putting these aside, the film is thrilling and entertaining.

Weak plot, OK action, confusing...

And, in my opinion, that's a shame - I really enjoyed it!

there's 80 minutes of a slow building storyline that almost put me to sleep.

I loved this movie it was fun and entertaining, and I really enjoyed the little details that you had to listen to or pay attention to.

Alas, it conforms to a formulaic dull plot that becomes too convoluted for its own good.

Worst movie I have seen in a while .

Some amazingly quaint elderly Chinese men puffing on pipes and living on boats have been dragged in from somewhere (the Qing Dynasty?

There are some good action sequences but they are a bit samey and they suffer from the same problem that many superhero action sequences do – the powers are dull and the fights lack a sense of danger and immediacy given that the protagonists are "super".

It's boring, stationary, even irritating frequently - because the movements on screen disturb our thoughts about what we plan to do after the ordeal will come to an end.

This movie is definitely worth watching.

I guess it was the fact that, for a movie marketed as a non-stop mental action thriller, this one had a lot of pointless slow-downs and miscues.

Evans is a bit dull and made almost no impression on me – which is a problem when you are the main guy in the film.

My wife fell asleep and even I started to doze off after awhile.

The plot is a confusing mess and I don't consider myself dumb or victim of attention deficit disorder.

Suspend disbelief a bit and enjoy a compelling action drama.

There aren't many action movies that you have to pay such close attention to, but this one kept me attentive as well as in and on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

Nick and Cassie, two super-humans with intriguing powers, set off in search of Kira, a 'Pusher' who is trying to outrun the government agency, Division.

Basically, Waste of Time!

With only a couple of quick action scenes thrown in, the movie begins to drag and become boring.

If you're bored and got nothing to do and just wanna catch a flick and you have no expectations then go see this movie.

While there have been superhero genre films, there is something about the way that Push takes you through the back alleys, fish markets and pint-sized hotel rooms of Hong Kong that sets it apart and makes it palpably exciting.

There is a clean, white atmosphere in Nick's fathers office during a flashback, and a colorful, crowded, and jumbled atmosphere in Hong Kong during intense and exciting scenes.

There are also too much pointless exchange of words and not enough action to get the plot going, and after a while it gets irritating.

Action is very limited and boring because every time a fight starts, the same powers and techniques are used every time and you get bored during the second fight.

Don't waste your time or money, rent something else.

It only took 10 minutes of watching Push before i got extremely bored.

While on a whole, the premise of the film is engaging, the body of the film is slow-paced, predictable, with sub-par action sequences with nothing special or new in cinema.

Despite this fine attention to particulars however, the backstory inherent to Push's central adventure here is a bit muddled and confusing.

To say that the plot can get a little heavy on the intricate details at times would be understatement, but enough balance in pacing is nevertheless maintained to keep things flowing even at the movie's slower points.

The setting is brilliant – Hong Kong is gorgeous decay, perfectly suited to the game the film is playing, and captured by the cinematographer in such a way that Push is worth watching simply on the basis of aesthetics.

The story is very fast paced, almost too fast for my slow moving mind to follow, but it is an enjoyable distraction for anyone who is just looking for a fun action movie.

The script is tight, the action palpable and the characters defined and compelling—it's just the little details here and there that stop Push from coming off the screen like it really should.

Typically however, the progression that leads from A to B with the action flick is a slow transition that takes years or perhaps decades.

" But as the movie progressed, it grew bland and dragging.

I watched this movie without knowing anything about it but that it would contain some sort of superhuman powers and therefore expected it to be of the typical flat, boring kind (see Jumper).

I didn't find it confusing or hard to follow, and while it might be said to be a little predictable, that wasn't much of a distraction for me.

The best action movies either take the genre to a whole new level of entertainment, or they at least master preceding techniques and elements from earlier movies to the extent that the feature feels daring, bold, exciting and refreshing.

At first I thought that I might rate this a 7 but as the film progressed, I soon became immersed into the story and I really enjoyed.

Unexpected Gem .

The first thing I really liked about this film was the astonishing camera work and slow pace editing, something the audience don't often see in sci-fi/action movies.

(You can see where confusion could set in) The story begins with a young Mover named Nick Grant (Chris Evans) who is attempting to avoid the Division and its shady leader Carver (Djimon Hounsou) who wants to keep tabs on him.

The entire plot was so very predictable from the start itself mashing in all new fictional psychic abilities.

The film is tiresome to watch and goes nowhere.