Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



After falling in love, three room-mates experience changes in their lives.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Luv Ranjan
Stars: Kartik Aaryan, Raayo S. Bakhirta
Length: 149 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 9 out of 43 found boring (20.93%)

One-line Reviews (22)

The second half of the movie, was however boring, because the same kind of jokes and clichés keep repeating, and it staggers toward an emotional melodramatic end.

This facade of so called "hipness" the movie forces down our throats has got to be the worst movie premises i have ever seen put to film.

Apart from certain shortfalls, Pyaar ka Punchnama delivers an entertaining movie that is different from the mindless Masala movies that are offered by Bollywood.

" are enjoyable songs.

the movie starts with excitement which looks good, the first track in movie is nice but slowly as the movie goes on its becomes boring and illogical too....

But ended up being boring and lengthy at certain times.

Overall it is a great entertaining movie...

Because in its present version, it is too long and becomes repetitive post interval, leading to boredom.

who) Luv Ranjan is a thoroughly enjoyable movie for guys & strictly avoidable for gals.

Charu bashing up Nishant was a very intense scene (real fireworks).

Though movie is replete with conversations on & on, the dialogs are a peach with lots of meaning & enjoyable at the same time.

Even if you don't understand Hindi then make sure you have subtitles, as this movie is worth watching no matter what your taste is.

Those who are objecting and finding it offensive and playing the feminist harp hear, please don't waste your time ladies.

After seeing so much mundane, and cliché stuff on television and in films, films like these are a breath of fresh air and should be encouraged.

Still its entertaining.

He was the most vibrant character in the movie but the same thing vanished in the second part which made the movie too much dull and boring for about 20-30 mins.

After the intermission, it got pathetically slow.

The first half is amusing but the second part is boring and I felt a little frustrated at times looking at the condition of the boys.

Made the movie slow at times and few scenes are stretched too much.

But even then the saving grace of the film, Liquid keeps entertaining you at regular intervals with his sharp and witty statements on a boy-girl relationship.

Love or another cliché .

Things I liked about the film: -Very fresh approach to making a film -No unnecessary drama, quite realistic - Interesting Storyline -Excellent, realistic acting -A very different concept -Good humorOn the downside: -Very long, gets boring - Nothing special about the music -Seems a little far fetched at timesI loved that there were no stereotypical characters in the film.