Queen & Slim (2019) - Drama

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A couple's first date takes an unexpected turn when a police officer pulls them over.

Director: Melina Matsoukas
Stars: Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 26 out of 187 found boring (13.9%)

One-line Reviews (85)

This domino affect of events will keep you on the edge of your seats and is sure to entertain.

It made me walk out saying it was a very interesting and creatively shot film, but that ending made it all feel pointless.

It's worth watching a few times.

Let's get started as I look at: LIKES:Acting Symbolism Adventure mixed with Morals Cultural Representation Tasteful At Times MusicDISLIKES:Long Slow Pace Super political at parts that detracts from story Secondary character are sort of at lost A bit stereotypical at times Lazy writing in dialogue at times Predictable Editing IssuesThe Verdict:Queen and Slim's two main leads are stellar, taking very shallow characters and evolving their performances with to match the development.

Then there is the overtly political message shown with the kid getting shot in a protest while being intercut with a sex scene and both are just overly drawn out.

This was very very slow moving movie.

Their differences are immediately evident as she's well dressed, proper in manners, slow to share personal stuff, and an attorney.

Starting off as hot as it did, to then slow down as much as it does, makes it incredible hard to keep attention and be successful.

A gripping social commentary .

It's a gripping run from the law, that is powerfully acted and chock full of character.

You watch two very enjoyable and well developed hours waiting for that solid message and conclusion.

Emotional, Riveting, Timely .

Without going into spoilers, all I can say is that this movie is just too slow paced and does not fulfil a promise of what could have been a great fugitive movie with a strong social message.

Very predictable.

Daniel Kaluuya really makes this film worth watching.

Freshman scenarist Len Waithe and "A Million Little Pieces" scribe James Frey, who provided the story, pull no punches in this grim but memorable outing that suffers marginally from its long, drawn-out running time of 132 minutes.


This is a gripping and well paced social commentary that made me feel quite emotional and led me to have a lengthy discussion with my friend about the issues portrayed in the movie.

"Queen & Slim" or "The Political Statement that needs to die"Apart from the direction, which is a giant mess, the film starts out so slow it is hard to keep your eyes open.

"I wanted to like the film after seeing the trailer, but it is ultimately weighed down by its own self-indulgence, culminating in scene after scene continuing to hammer home the point when the film should have ended long before.

Yet, in terms of an entertaining story that has the full picture of suspense, discussion, and storytelling it still has areas of improvement to go.

Some issues but worth the watch.

Side characters vary from impactful to pointless.

Propaganda at its best.

Engrossing, ultimately hard-hitting fugitive drama .

This film was very well directed and well acted yet really gets complex with its story line beyond the obvious Bonny Clyde mixed with Black rights which is an interesting plot but it gets confusing.

Waithe's screenplay is sharp, completely absorbing, and has something crucial to convey in its storytelling.

Indeed, the idea of an innocent person or persons, falsely accused and on the run, can be the stuff of great suspense and compelling drama.

In this crime drama, a couple's first date takes an unexpected turn when they are pulled over by a police officer.

Queen & Slim started off as an intense drama that had me on the edge of my seat.

And so they run, from hide out to bars its just boring.

It just got boring really fast.

A modern but very slow and inplausible bonnie and Clyde .

But it's a beautifully slow romance.

It's that compelling when it comes to getting your attention.

But this was boring.

One major issue I noticed once it hit the halfway point was how slow the pacing was.

While this is a very important message to examine I felt that it removes the audience from the main focus that is the bond between two characters, the execution was also too straightforward and predictable; I would have preferred a more subtle reference to these subjects, if any.

Instead, it took a compelling beginning and turned it into a story about two people searching for someone who'll love them the way they want to be loved.

The cast is riveting and the cinematography is spectacular!

Long and pointless.

Too long, boring .


Okay, there are some plot threads shared with movies like Bonnie and Clyde and Thelma and Louise, but there are enough differences to make it worth watching.

What started off as a decent and engaging plot, ended up being a mushy and unnecessarily long dragged out film.

Had it been fast and snappy it could have been a good film.

After engaging in self-defense and going on the run they both instantly become the targets of a nationwide search as they make a desperate run across the Deep South for their escape.

Sequences are designed to capture the full power of many topics of interest, attempting to again balance the heat of the moment with an objective take sort of capturing a news debate in a more entertaining form.

As a statement, the movie almost failed to live up to it's promise, until in a shockingly predictable moment, it shook me.

Predictable in a few places, but entertaining and smart .

Much of the film feels very drawn out, bloated sequences that did not need to be present, while other times it was a little too focused on pointing out the obvious.

This was an enjoyable movie.

The first 15 minutes of this films comes out hot and I swear I thought it was going to be my favorite film of the year at that point, but after that it got reeeaaaalllllyyyy slow.

The visual poetry is breathtaking, and commands your attention, as the scenery beckons that you recognize it as it's own character.

The people complaining about how "slow" this movie is, haven't attempted to dive into the ethos of Queen and Slim.

Overly long and just boring, the film is dated by the myth of "hands up don't shoot" propaganda when the statistics say different, not even the Trayvon narrative holds up anymore in 2020 where they went further than harboring a fugitive, they put the wrong person on the stand, this feels like something they'd try a few years ago, now its just become tiresome.

OK - this movie is too long.

predictable and not based on any real life situations, except those in the imagination of some race baiters trying to make money.

From start to around the midpoint of the film I would describe Queen & Slim as an intense on the run film with tender and quiet moments of silence.

Way too long and mushy .

Very slow .

Finally, the music has enough musical genres to make an entertaining soundtrack, with R&B, Rap, and Hip hop ready to blast through the speakers during transition sequences.

The movie is suspenseful from minute one.

Horrible directing, the acting is amateurish, lead actors are not enticing, hard to follow, most political movies end up like this.

Engaging from the the very beginning.

Sadly this was 2.5 hours of confusion and boredom.

I think most people expect an action packed movie.

But it somehow manages to be ridiculously unrealistic and boring the way the writer decided to present the story.

This is teaching and entertaining cinema of a most modern kind.

A riveting soundtrack and lush cinematography give the film an occasionally wondrous feel, despite the squalid surroundings and a grim storyline.

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen.

This needed at least 30 mins shaved off, especially from the long and dragged out sappy scenes.

Engaging suspense thriller devolves into unfortunate race-based agitprop .

What message does this send except more confusion.

It's suspenseful, thrilling, gripping and at times intense and sexy.

Yes, they were two compelling characters, especially Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith).

I highly recommend it

It's a stunning movie from both a narrative and acting perspective.

This final scene is far too drawn out made worse by slow motion effects and would have been more impactful if they shortened it.

Watching 2 dark brown skin people on the screen with such undeniable chemistry was breathtaking.

An incredibly gripping emotional story of a young couples adventure running from the law for doing what they felt they needed to do to save saving their own lives.

Such an entertaining adventure that had me on the edge of my seat the entire 2 hours, and beautifully shot.

Well crafted, great characters, engrossing.

The slow pacing was hardly a problem when you're so entranced with the chemistry between the two actors.

The storyline was predictable and lazy.