Rachel Getting Married (2008) - Drama, Romance

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A young woman who has been in and out of rehab for the past ten years, returns home for the weekend for her sister's wedding.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Jonathan Demme
Stars: Anne Hathaway, Rosemarie DeWitt
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 98 out of 292 found boring (33.56%)

One-line Reviews (305)

She is annoying, grating, volatile, smart, beautiful, unstable, unpredictable and unflinchingly real and unattractive.

That's not to say that there isn't a touching moment here or a perceptive insight there, just that, as a whole, the movie is trying so hard to be clever and profound that it manages to turn its contrived artlessness into the very thing it is most desperately trying to avoid - artiness.

One word could sum up Rachel Getting Married: empty.

But, like so many shoddily made TV shows, it was, to me, unwatchable because of this nervous nelly camera.

I could go on and on -- but basically I agree with the reviewers who said they should have walked out.

Yes, we have an engaging character, engagingly played.

She had to leave early from Blair Witch Project, Saving Private Ryan and Breaking Waves.

Don't waste your time on this crap.

This was just boring.

Rachel's spouse-to-be has a heated disagreement with Paul over something as mundane as how many dishes to load into washer.

I hated the camera work and I hated the contrived dialogs....

The emotional climax of the film, while potent, was a tad bit predictable and formulaic.

It seemed out of character even for the unpredictable Kym.

We feel we have been dragged through hell and heaven to find a way for these people to communicate.

Very boring and poorly written.

Decent story, with compelling issues and family drama, real life trauma and it's effects on family interaction and the dysfunctional result are virtually in every scene.

An absorbing and enthralling drama about family strife.

Moving on,the beginning was incredibly slow as well, if i hadn't been basically incapacitated on my couch, i probably woundn't have lasted through the first 15 tedious minutes of throw away dialogue and ridiculous wedding rehearsal dinner scene.

Pointless and stupid.

It's intense, believable, fascinating.

Even more problematic is the screenplay by Jenny Lumet, which, far too accurately perhaps, replicates the experience of being trapped at an actual wedding where you don't know a single soul, yet are forced to endure one boring, longwinded toast and reminiscence after another.

Who knew family dysfunction could be so boring.

For this viewer the performance (albeit brief) by Debra Winger is the reason to sit through this otherwise pretty boring film.

What a bunch of boring, self-centered, to-good-to-be-true people, with, I might add, negligible musical talent.

Actually, that might have done this film a world of good… Scenes go on way too long without there being a clear point to it, and I just have to wonder why Demme decided to go this way.

I knew I was probably in trouble with this after having seen the pretentious opening credits.

Reminiscent of "Ordinary People", "Girl Interrupted", "A Woman Under the Influence" and "Margot at the Wedding", "Rachel Getting Married" also finds Demme attempting an aesthetic evocative of Robert Altman and John Cassavetes.

And I do applaud Demme and company for trying to do something different and stretch the formulaic movie boundaries.

) musicians, the Indian wedding motif—are simply and condescendingly dragged onto the screen, where they only distract and confuse because they don't actually mean anything or contribute to the narrative.

Don't waste your time.

which was fine, if once or twice a little trite.

The trend is cliché and over.

The "perfect wedding" meets the family catastrophe set up of this film seemed so contrived and labored that it was very hard to stomach.

The movie has no plot, no race to the climax; it subtly unfolds real life situations characters find themselves in and how they cope with their agonies.

Contrived spontaneity is very difficult to achieve successfully.

Well, to a certain extent that's what keeps the movie engaging given the underlying theme: making amends and forgiveness.

It's a complete disaster with the privileged, multi-racial, multi- ethnic, multi-extended family storyline from hell that simply bores to tears.

the dish washing scene was the worst of all the pointless scenes in this movie.....


Really, this was one piece of tedious and pointless self-congratulatory guff.

So boring - like being forced to attend the wedding from hell.

Painfully boring .

Still on the whole this is a bad blend of Cassavetes and the "Real World" that ends up being more like a too-long and boring version of the latter while lacking all of the depth and soul of the former.

Those who found much of it dull are probably used to more conventional Hollywood films that use less subtle methods to grab their attention.

All the scenes that included Debra Winger are stunning.

The story is kinda reminiscent of Ordinary People but screenwriter Jenny Lumet (daughter of Sidney Lumet) created engaging enough characters and dialogue that the parallel never came to mind till after I had left the theater.

The banal attempt to give it an edgy indie quality by using a hand held camera during way too many scenes.

The real dysfunction qualities of the film lies on the wishy-washy screenplay and the tiresome direction that focused obsessively on wedding rituals that we could just see in television reality shows.

It is contrived and dull.

This film was a movie-viewing effort and it was to Hathaway's credit that this movie was able to barely pull off a jarring, disjointed, and sometimes weakly edited and directed movie.

If I had wanted to watch my friend's long, boring, amateur wedding video, I could have stayed home and saved the price of admission.

Apart from the shambolic camera work, presumably meant to reflect the tensions between the stereotyped 'characters', the mumbled dialogue (tho' this improved as the film progressed) and poor continuity (Kym crashes her mother's car into a large rock but later we see her stepping from the recovery truck with the car towed behind without a mark), this movie ignores the basic requirement of dramatic film-making - to tell a convincing story in a taught and engaging way.

Still "Rachel Getting Married" is bold, uncompromising, and compelling in its story of family joy and tragedy—Life.

Fortunately, we left early enough to get a refund on our ticket.

This movie has the distinction of being the all-time WORST movie I have ever seen.

Seldom such a solid acting team delivers an emotional punch this intense, particularly when headed by a quartet isn't particularly at the top of anyone's casting top list.

two hours of pure bickering torture - worst movie I've seen this year .

Self-indulgent twaddle .

The hand held camera work, changing film quality and grain, and the MTV hectic editing style totally removed any possibility that I might have been immersed in the "film experience", that thing that films are designed to do.

I do think it's worth the watch, especially if you want to see Anne Hathaway in what is probably a career-defining role.

I watched this film with the idea I was going to watch another emotionally shocking drama like the one independent cinema seems to be churning out by the handful nowadays- poignant, enjoyable and recommendable.

someone forgot to throw away the little dead tykes designer plate and it gets stacked and in a flash the whole party atmosphere is dissipated how contrived how embarrassing how can they make movies like this.

Artsy Fartsy Camera-work Tries To Mask Lack of Interesting Characters Bad Acting / Anne Hathaway does nothing special.

The movie started slowly, with me sitting uncomfortably, wary of the dizzying camera work, but it soon drew me in with many underlying promises of a riveting story of family drama to come with each character introduced.

It felt disjointed and random at parts, and somewhat formulaic by bouncing from a Hathaway subplot, to a touching family subplot, back to Hathaway, and so on.

FINAL VERDICT: Scenes are dragged out unnecessarily.

A fascinating film .

Anne Hathaway is absolutely riveting and heartbreaking in Jonathan Demme's "Rachel Getting Married".

But both my husband and I found the movie overlong --frankly, it was boring.

In short, unless you're looking for something to do in avoidance of a root canal, don't waste your time.

Pointless .


So if you're bored and thinking of taking in this movie, stay home - at least you won't have paid for your dismal evening.

as boring as a wedding video of other people .

People be honest the movie was flat out BORING!

It ends up seeming self-indulgent rather than touching and powerful.

Both of these go on for tedious minutes and seem to be telling a totally different story.

Take a shot of your favorite liquor each time you see or hear a liberal PC cliché on the screen.

The film's obvious strong point, and really the only reason worth watching is Anne Hathaway's performance.

Uneven, which means the best parts are really gripping ensemble acting gems .

There may have been material here for a movie that I could have liked, but this thing was too chaotic and disjointed for me.

Don't waste your time.

Great performances with an intense story make for a riveting, if overlong, drama .

At times, the movie does drag; the wedding rehearsal dinner could have been a little shorter (despite the fact that it has one of the movie's best moments), and the wedding reception seemed overlong and a bit self-indulgent.

Anne Hathaway gives an intense performance as the 12 step addled sister who struggles with a boatload of guilt and doubt about her future.

Save your money.

What a HUGE waste of time.

There are a lot of characters in this movie and many fit together in unexpected ways.

Rachel Getting Married is still an enjoyable (almost) two hours that you wouldn't notice fly by because of the excellent ensemble cast, and a story captured rather accurately on themes revolving around family.

OK, some of you won't like the hand held camera work, contrived as it can be.

If not, you will either be annoyed by Kim's character or just consider this movie a plain waste of time.

A good film, for me, needs to have a compelling narrative, characters which one can relate to, and a good script delivered by actors who engage.

This movie is typical of today's self-indulgent Hollywood.

The subtle dosage of all aspects of human behavior makes this story very realistic and compelling.

Some scenes of uninteresting dialog go on F O R E V E R.

And it's riveting!

It also sometimes gets stuck in its own realism by staying too long with one moment, as if the slight boredom and repetition is part of being there.

A stunning, nearly flawless journey into the heart of darkness of an American family.

There is a dishwasher loading scene that was a boringly ridiculous scene.

Those who do will savor its fine qualities as a film that takes cliché themes and narrative predictabilities to a whole new upper level.

"Rachel Getting Married" is a boring, unpleasant, empty, pointless and overrated film with unlikable characters.

About the worst movie I've seen this year.

Prepare to see a home video and get bored .

Anne Hathaway is breathtaking, heartbreaking, and perfect.

The acting is good and everyone is giving their all, but the writing is so self indulgent, you just want to throttle all of the characters.

I find it a shame that good acting performances got lost behind the pretentious avant-garde feel that the film is trying to provide.

Indeed, the script is abysmally empty, devoid of interest, so much so that one already gets bored by the half hour.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen!

The three principle actress'es performances were astounding in spite of the disjointed script and/or editing...

It bored some people and irritated others, and I can see why.

When I'm forced to 'fast-forward' a DVD, you know its boring.

I also felt that the end of the film dragged a bit.

There are other movies out there, if it is a boring, dreary day, then rent it.

The criticism is that "Rachel Getting Married" is just plain boring.

So overall, the movie is one where very potent and well-acted dramatic family scenes were ungainly meshed with long and boring wedding scenes, seemingly as the filler to make the film longer.

The editing is at times sloppy, and while concentrating on the little random moments may increase the connection between the viewer and the audience, these last FAR too long.

-This movie was emotionally absorbing for me.

To me the intimate, unsteady, "you are there" quality of the cinematography helped create the incredible air of real life that made this film so genuine and riveting.

A waste of everyone's time .

The bizarre mix of filming styles and fly on the wall approach had you trying to second guess what was happening, and the constantly changing background music simply distracted further from the pointless film.

Jenny Lumet's script tries to be purposefully edgy yet in truth is merely trite and utterly banal (the drug addict sister fresh from rehab?

I began leaking water within 15 minutes and kept it up until I fell asleep 4 hours later.

Sort of fun, and Anne Hathaway was really enjoyable .

But there are an unusual amount of unnecessary and boring scenes in the film.

Due to Hathaway's mercurial (and at times uneven) performance, the picture leaves bad vibrations behind--that and a lot of familial one-upmanship which grows tiresome quickly.

The cinematography was pretentious in its approach and the literal chaos and discordant activity surrounding the wedding was noisily distracting away from the main storyline.

Rachel Getting Married is an excellent movie which tells a fascinating story with a lot of layers and is rich in details which require an effort from the spectator in noticing them.

I like to see that 35 years later of his humble beginnings under the great Roger Corman's ward (with the very entertaining film Caged Heat), Demme has not lost the enthusiasm of exploring cinematographic art and proving new things with excellent results, as we can see on The Agronomist and Rachel Getting Married.

I watched this movie, with very drawn out wedding scene and Anne Hathaway being annoying and crying every 10 minutes, waiting for something profound to happen.

I want to know what happened to all of the exciting and realistic characters we got to meet.

It is a rare film which evokes such an unusual reaction and this for my mind makes the film well worth watching.

Way too contrived...

This family reunion coincides with the Wedding for Kym's older sister Rachel (DeWitt), who is marrying solid musician Sydney (brilliantly bland Tunde Adebimpe).

worst movie ever.

Debra Winger's turn as the girls' Mom Abby is stunning.

It's too bad because the movie did have some interesting dramatic scenes worth watching.

This is rated badly by some because the story does take a long time to build up since and the wedding is too long and not important.

This movie is too long, too boring, and a waste of time with no ending.

And that was a necessary part of the movie since a compelling character study is needed if there is a lack of story.

Insultingly Simpleminded, Utterly Self-Indulgent .

It does get a little bit boring sometimes but is worth watching.

The mélange of music used, the all-including and familiar cinematography, the smart editing, the natural production design, everything, gives the film an unusual reality and absorbing quality that, like I mentioned before, forces you into the family reunion and makes you an almost physical witness to the events.

I wish we could see more movies where the characters are this real and fascinating.

Jonathan Demme has done good work, but he's also made some of my least favorite movies: MAN FROM PLAINS treats its fascinating subject as a tourist attraction, investigating Jimmy Carter with all the depth of a 60 Minutes expose.

However, the hand held camera was so intense that we had to leave the theater after 10 minutes.

There is no story line.

Anne Hathaway comes into her own as a serious dramatic actress in "Rachel Getting Married," a film by Jonathan Demme that is neither as compelling as its champions would argue nor as loathsome as its detractors might insist.

The only way to make this film enjoyable it to use it as a drinking game.

goshdarnit, nothing happens again.

Like watching the fatal crash of a clown car, it's both riveting and ridiculous.

It's also very engaging, considering you don't know where it's going.

Me, I found it engrossing and immensely moving, and the main reason is that it's about family.

The "PC" casting director who actually managed to embody the entire ethnic cultural and religious diversity of the whole world into one wedding was so cliché it was the funniest part of the movie only sad part was they were trying to be serious.

Too often we were exposed to long, dreary sequences that served no dramatic purpose.

It is so pretentious, long and arduous, and essentially very, very dull.

the story well , kinda predictable , but still intriguing..seeing the preparations of an upper class family for the wedding of their oldest daughter.

They are just superficial and dull.

Was it the most exciting movie ever?

The film's script is as bland as a cucumber.

But although the journey is immensely interesting, there is little in the way of an overarching point beyond engaging melodrama.

Empty .

The after-wedding party was about 5x too long and boring.

As mentioned above, nothing happens, dramatic or otherwise.

Rachel getting tedious .

Her character, "Kym," is the center of the movie, and she may be the most relentlessly self-indulgent, self-pitying character since Mildred Pierce's daughter, Veda.

An example of a pretentious artsy movie .

The sheer number of disjointed moving parts throughout the movie diminished each one.

Hathaway's stunning turn as the tortured, lost, and tainted Kym is riveting.

This stunt recalls the Aerosmith video for "Living on the Edge", in which the airbag deployed for Edward Furlong, as it does for Kim, who in all likelihood, doesn't really want to commit suicide.

Another slow-moving movie made by the daughter of a famous filmmaker (Sofia Coppola, daughter of Francis Ford).

It's as dull as watching some video of a wedding where you know no one there.

Fake documentary, real boredom .

Escape from the mundane w/Rachel Getting Married .

Aided by a fantastic ensemble cast that includes Rosemarie DeWitt, Mather Zickel, Bill Irwin, and the great Debra Winger, 'Rachel Getting Married' works as a compelling piece of work.

Absorbing and engaging...

The wedding party lasted far too long with no character development.

Every single scene, without exception, is too long.

And so, oddly, the wedding itself doesn't matter, and it gets in the way, the wildly multi-cultural scene stealing the show from what we are meant to be immersed in.

I got fully sucked in by Jenny Lumet's (daughter of Sidney, the master) riveting story of a family ripped apart and trying desperately to hold on to what is left.

Rachel Getting Married is a low budget independent feature film that's clever, gripping, accomplished, sharply scripted and intelligent.

I give this movie 10/10 for the emotional factor, Anne as well as all the actors were so immersed that they really brought you into their heartbreak.

Not that I'm decrying rehab in any way, but the intense focus in these sessions on "self" tends to produce even more self-obsessed people.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

The film could be just half as long if they cut away the repetitive speeches and the everlasting dances.

Save your money!

Anne Hathaway gives a riveting performance as the estranged daughter/recovering addict trying to find her place in her family and that she matters.

Seeing the reviews for this movie I was hoping to see a movie of European style where you can feel the depth through the story which some will consider as -nothing happens through the whole film.

Worst movie I have seen in years.

Boring, Unpleasant, Empty, Pointless and Overrated Film with Unlikable Characters .

In a very long, drawn out scene, various guests toast the expectant bride and groom and Kym 'apologizes' for her past bad behavior to her sister; the speech comes off as nasty and self-indulgent which alienates Rachel's guests.

Also some of the scenes are unnecessarily drawn out.

Boring beyond words with a minimal plot and annoying music, "Rachel Getting Married" truly is a waste of your time.

I mean painful in the way of watching paint dry, and not a particularly interesting color of paint.

Rachel Getting Married (2008)A highly naturalistic view of an upscale, hyper multi-culti wedding, mostly in the two days leading up to it, and with an intense family tragedy giving the three or four main characters their psychological edge.

Anyways - I highly recommend this flick for those who love to watch paint dry.

If anything the film actually grows more tedious and were that not enough, the music gets you to gritting your teeth.

Though the movie may be boring to be watch throughout, the ending really left me with some good impression.

What follows is oft a slow-moving, introspective character analysis of how one individual confronts her demons and tries to live with herself whilst those around her are trying to do the same thing.

This is an engrossing tale of family angst that will that leaves the viewer with a mix of hope and despair.

It devalues the film, and along with the numerous scenes that go on far too long (or needn't have been included in the first place) leaves the viewer with the impression that they are watching a real wedding video.

Flawed but engaging character study .

Don't waste your time watching this movie.

This could be the worst movie I've ever seen, and I saw "Altered States" and "9 1/2 Weeks" when they came out.

But for the most part, I found it completely absorbing; celluloid family dysfunction at its most sublime and believable.

)could be the film's most exciting and devastating moment.

The boring music score is a dreadful mess.

And the casting was unpredictable and terrific.

Her facial expressions during this are immensely intuitive and compelling.

As an actress I've always found Anne Hathaway to be extremely likable and talented, and although her acting is of a high standard in Rachel Getting Married, she fails to dig the film out of its self-indulgent hole and in fact is the spade that helps make the hole that little bit deeper.

In that part we have complete contrast of the stuff that at first, that seconds before was going on and it does feel really strange (Rachel: "your suffering is not the most important thing to everybody, I have a life, I'm in school, I'm getting married, I'm…I'm pregnant"), I mean we can understand the feel of Kym after hearing that she is going to have a nephew or niece, it's a really superb and unexpected part and it ends with Rachel saying to her father "I wish Ethan were here".

This drama was set during an idyllic wedding that threatens to descend into chaos with the appearance of the bride's estranged sister that happens to be a volatile and unpredictable girl whose turbulent history of personal crisis and family conflict quickly threatens to take precedence over the happy ceremony.

It's one of the most uncomfortable experiences I've ever had in a theater, but that made it one of the most compelling.

the wedding scenes are very hip and entertaining to watch.

This utterly uninspiring movie left me inspired to do one thing: write my first review on IMDb.

I even fast-forwarded some parts because the scenes were really dragging and I got bored.

Even if the film had gotten better, instead of a lot worse and much more boring, that big ugly stain of a scene could only receive positive marks for blotting out, by surpassing in ugliness, the interminable dishwasher fight scene that preceded it.

one of the most intriguing aspects in this movie for me , was the use of music.

As stunning as these performances are, the term "breakthrough" always felt a little out of place to me since it's only on rare occasions the actor in question is relatively new.

This type of thing is corny enough in real life, but when one has to sit through some 20 minutes listening to stupid stories about fictional characters, it becomes unbearable.

Feeling happy that someone is still producing exciting dramas like this.

Sorry, big waste of time and an Academy Award.

It is overlong, overwrought, and dull!

I thought she was such a riveting character and performance, and I think this is her best performance in a long time.

With so many interesting characters, a sensitive story to tell, Rachel Getting Married is entertaining and amusing.

UNWATCHABLE - left after dishwasher scene in utter disgust .

Other than that, the movie was rather boring, another dysfunctional family movie with lots of over the top drama.

I immediately noticed that all of God's races were represented, with the exception of Mexicans, because rich, pretentious people cannot conceive of a wealthy, educated Mexican.

The acting is mostly swell, some outstanding moments, but usually drawn out and unfinished...

Watching other people's weddings that you know on video is boring enough, watching two fictionalized people's wedding is beyond dull.

It soon becomes clear that Kym's link to a past tragedy is at the core of the unpredictable dynamics that force confrontations and regrettable actions among the four principal family members.

Bill Irwin is always enjoyable whether he is doing drama or comedy.

I highly recommend this intense psychological drama, though it's not a movie I care to see more than once.

A special note of demerit to a strident violin that drills its way into your brain; 2) the fake documentary style is achieved by filming with a shaking camera, probably hand-held by a monkey; 3) the whole film, already pretty inconsistent is further watered down by a couple of excruciatingly tedious scenes.

Simply boring.

I wanted to leave in the first 15 minutes.

So all the celebrating with it's "interesting" characters and music was lost on me as mostly boring for my detachment to it, due in large part to the film's overly contrived feeling.

I was thoroughly bored by "Rachel Getting Married".

A film that takes cliché themes and narrative predictabilities to a whole new upper level.

It's a stunning performance that should be recognized at the Oscars.

Too confusing, too much going on for nothing really happening.

Rachael Getting Married, a waste of your time.

The only compelling character, played by the supremely watchable Debra Winger, was barely fleshed out.

That kind of cheap directional stunt may work in the likes of "the Office", which is meant to be a "mockumentary" anyway, but in here it's just distracting, infantile and utterly pointless.

I have to pinch myself to stay awake.

Just when I was wondering what hoops she would jump through with this character, she tore it apart as only Debra Winger can, and it's stunning.

If you think the self indulgent, self obsessed, sociopath behavior of a typical American woman who feels she didn't get hugged enough is worth watching a film about, here you go.

"I also feel that many of the scenes, particularly the wedding party, went on way, way too long.

The wedding reception went on for way too long.

Second, This was the most pretentious piece of crap that I have ever seen.

Rachel Getting Married is a one-trick pony that rides Anne Hathaway to being barely worth watching.

Sorry for the strong words, but this movie is a total waste of time.

There will be some who may not appreciate Demme's vision, labeling the motion picture as queasy, boring, and amateurish.

When we left the theater, we realized that had we left, we wouldn't have been the only ones to pull out.

I was expecting good things when I rented this movie based on word of mouth - and i will grant it was definitely worth watching.

Horrible, terrible, horrendous, worst movie EVER!!!

I think it is highly probable that Demme's experimental facet inspired him to direct this fascinating movie, which is full of deepness, meaning and emotion.

If you are a normal person and consider to see this movie I can assure you that you will a: get bored!

Not knowing the director, I would have bet, that it had been another pointless Jim Jarmusch movie or been directed by a zombie Fassbinder.

Having about 20 musicians hanging around the house in their self conscious "artistic" dress, noodling away at their music for what seemed like a week was just too contrived.

I think there was only enough material to make a movie that was a little over 60 minutes, therefore, the writer and director added so much nonsensical filler, it made the movie too boring.

Unwatchable .

A gripping psychological drama .

The story is a straightforward account of what happens when a twenty something young woman of a wealthy family gets a furlough from intensive in-patient drug therapy to attend her sister's wedding.

It got a bit repetitive after awhile.

The rehearsal was a waste of time and just dumb.

To start, this movie consists of about 30 minutes of actual story, and 80 minutes of disjointed musical scenes and irrelevant cutaways.

Then after some boring plot line, even the short sex scene is boring, there is nothing but a long videoed type scene of people playing songs for the wedding and talking about the couple.

What a waste of time.

It is far too long and far too slow.

The way he shot this movie added realism but also added an element of voyeurism because we were witnessing such intense moments of emotional intimacy and rawness.

And until now, I always considered Crying Game to be the worst movie ever.

Pointless long scenes that didn't advance the story or even appear to have meaning.

There is a scene early on where all the guests are delivering pointless and trite wedding speeches.

To go with my nausea, I was bored stiff.

I liked this movie because I am an introvert, I observe people and find movies about complex character development to be incredibly compelling.

It is filled with such candid moments from random friends singing at the rehearsal dinner to intense family eruptions that make you feel as though you should leave the room.

What is fascinating about 'Rachel Getting Married' is that while the movie has a dramatic center, it never feels manufactured.

On top of that the multicultural wedding bonanza isn't rich and wonderful, but rather trite and shallow: a pathetic attempt by a spoiled rich kid to show she's a woman of the world.

The rich have more fascinating drug problems than normal folk .

There is really no story.

predictable and pointless, Hathaway is one-note .

The hand-held camera is pointless and poorly done.

very enjoyable .

There's so much empty time and rambling dialogue...

Besides unexpected pregnancy, the movie drags in drug addiction, alcoholism, sibling hatred, divorce, anorexia, sexual molestation, and two car accidents, one of which kills a child.

Demme's use of hand-held camera has also been criticized, and while I found it jarring near the beginning of the film, and while there were pointless zooms in and out in several scenes in the film, Demme's handling of the style felt genuinely sophisticated to me, and really warm without any artifice.

Scenes run on far too long.

Add to this the horrible soundtrack that incessantly gets repetitive to the point I was ready to slash my own throat to get out of listening to that screechy violin during the ending credits!

I felt the film's theme of diversity like a bludgeon to the head and overall extremely pretentious.

The movie dragged on adding a few little hints of something that happened in the past and then explosions mostly between the sisters.

It's shallow and contrived and boring and if it doesn't stop soon I will have to hit 'pause' or just gouge out my eyes.

It is a waste of time and the kind of movie that can end a great actor/actress' career (much like "Medellin" was for Vince in Entourage).

I endured this movie for way too long, because I had been invested in a full bag of popcorn for myself.

This is by far the worst movie that I have ever had the displeasure to watch.

In summary, this is a film worth watching if you can relate to Kim's story.

The speeches in the rehearsal dinner were too many and some could have easily been left out as they just dragged on.

I kept waiting for something to happen (surely it would get more enjoyable!

They could have cut out at least seven of the boring, stupid speeches from the rehearsal dinner and we still would have gotten the point of how selfish Kym is by her ill-timed and self-centered speech.

Contrived spontaneity done brilliantly .

It is a total bore and the fast-forward button was in full force for this mess.

Now, as friends and family gather together for a memorable day of dining, dancing, and celebration, everyone braces themselves knowing that, at any given moment, old skeletons may be dragged out and dusted off for display by the bombshell who seems to have an acerbic one-liner for every situation, and a flare for drama that could set their family home ablaze.

However, imagining this movie being filmed in normal stabilized studio camera, professional fashion with decent normal refined soundtrack to support the story, it still would be a slow, boring and drawn out affair to endure.

The setting was so pretentious.

I want to applaud the film's good intentions and its progressive approach to film making but it comes off as immature, self-indulgent, and too hip for its own good as it tries to cover way too much ground in its frustratingly unclear time frame.