Radius (2017) - Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A man wakes up with no memory of who he is, and finds that everyone who comes within a certain distance of him suddenly dies.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Caroline Labrèche
Stars: Diego Klattenhoff, Charlotte Sullivan
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 24 out of 127 found boring (18.89%)

One-line Reviews (102)

While the sci-fi element of the film may not be padded out enough, the personal story of the two protagonists makes it worth watching.

I loved that it was different and in many ways unexpected.

However, the entire movie is a waste of time as there is no development of the plot.

It is a very good slow burning film.

A massive waste of time.

Right from the start, it was an intriguing mystery that became more and more engaging.

Most of the movie had some surprising unexpected turns.

I don't need a Marvel-Comic explanation why super-hero/villain comes into being, the story was really good and the movie is self-contained and thrilling.

Really enjoyable.

The suspense is gripping.

Instead, it was just a confusing story with a very weak and disappointing ending, no matter how much you read into it to make yourself feel better that you sat through to the disappointing finale.

The concept is great but nearly every scene is gloomy and feels empty.

It's so passive and uninteresting.

I wish the ending was a little different, but, it came unexpected.

So mainly the movie became a little bit slow when he met a women who had amnesia as well.

I just was not able to enjoy the movie, it was still interesting to know if they will figure everything out what was happening to them but as I said before, it just became so slow.

I'm confused by the reviews that state that the ending was pointless.

It was a generic thriller and the radius thing felt like a completely pointless gimmick.

Intriguing premise sold by the compelling performances of the two leads .

It just slogs on from one pointless scene to the next, with the "acting" working as a powerful sleep aid.

Thrilling escapades before then though, making this an enjoyable movie, irrespective of flaws, logic and unexplained reason for the happening.

The story is fascinating.

It's also a picture-perfect example for how adapting an anime in film doesn't work - what is zany, humorous and non-stop action in the original becomes dull and bleak at a comatose pace.

More slow flashback revealing drama rather than Sci-fi .

The slow paced music and the mediocre acting and dialogue makes me sleepy.

And unexpected !

Honestly, if it would have been Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Lawrence, I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much.

This is an extremely well made and entertaining movie.

The star is intriguing; a man wake up amnesic after an accident and whoever (animal or human) comes closer than 50 feet dies.

intriguing premise .

The twist at the end was an unexpected surprise.

Personally, I did feel that I could predict in some areas what was going to happen, but the brilliant thing about that was that it wasn't because it was predictable at all, it was because clues were structured in such a way that even though at a certain point you think, ah, I think I know what is going to happen next (normally not a good thing in a thriller), you still are on tender-hooks for the part after that because it happens in such a way as to intrigue you each step of it, making it more enjoyable because of it.

Though the pace was little slow, it was interesting right from the beginning.

Absolutely horrible ending that made the movie absolutely pointless - to the point it was more of a TV show episode 1 type of a scenario.

Radius starts with an intriguing sci-fi hook - a man with amnesia who encounters death at every turn caused by seemingly unnatural forces.

Radius is a gloomy science-fiction drama that convinces with solid acting performances and an intriguing story.

A slow-moving dull film that disappoints on so many levels.

I liked the beginning of the movie, while the main actor was only discovering what was happening to him but when he managed to figure everything out the movie just became too slow and started getting a little bit boring.

A Twilight Zone tribute worth watching.

Extraordinary, fascinating things happen without meaning or purpose, and then its over.

Finally, a Netflix movie worth watching!

Everything is made more boring by the people just not caring.

Refreshing and Engaging .

Take this concept but then try to be more entertaining.

I thought it was about right for the movie, if a little predictable in the last 20 minutes or so.

What follows is how out of his initial confusion he adapts to manage the situation, and what that tells us about his character.

There is no story here.

It's an intriguing storyline with a unexpected plot.

Just a horrible waste of time and nothing more.

Well worth watching.

Bit of a cliche with the NASA and lightning episode, that ofcourse is the perfect alibi for the writers for explanaing the 'superpowers' that the main characters have got to posses.

Intriguing, then "yawn" the end.

Highly enjoyed it.

A potentially great movie and story is spoiled by a writer too bored and fascinated by soap opera dramas.

Sure the ending was half predictable, but the twist right before was well worth the watch.

Fascinating Story Line .

The ending was Ok, but still boring and pointless.

An unexpected gem .

But last one part is very interesting and enjoyable, having some twists and shocks and even you will get be emotional at the end of the movie.

If you do waste your time, dont say you were not warned.

I will say that at times the flashbacks/memory recaps were annoying and confusing.

The characters were well-developed, the script was well done and overall the movie was entertaining from start to finish.

However, the plot was so predictable that I had it figured out immediately when he met Jane at the shed.

It started well and was very intriguing and kept me wanting more.

With both of the main characters suffering memory loss, I was pleasantly surprised to find the gradual undoing of the mystery entertaining and logical....

Original and engaging .

How could a mystery be so boring?

Boring and pointless .

I had high hopes when watching this as I loved the the lead actor Diego Klattenhoff in the blacklist and he did do a great job in this as did the stunning Charlotte Sullivan which is why I even gave this 4 stars just for their acting.

The entire movie is pretty cliche and trite.

was it some alien thing or was he struck down by God or something it just was pointless.

The story is engaging and the actors are likeable.

As some of the other reviews suggest, some will view the ending as a clever plot twist, however, from my perspective it was a second-rate Hollywood cliché.

Pretty good despite a slow start .

Over all it was very entertaining and a very good surprise.

Steeve Leonard and Caroline Labreche came up with an intriguing concept, and executed it well.

Three of four part of the movie in so dull and mysterious not giving much clue about what happened in the past!

But overall this film is just too slow and long for what it is.

And then like a wet fart, the movie ends with its "big twist" which explains nothing, adds nothing, and makes the prior 80 minutes seem pointless and meaningless and unconnected to the rest of the film.

Enjoyed it quite a bit.

Its watchable but highly predictable.

This movie was engrossing until the 2 main characters decided to keep quiet about their situation and let dozens of people die.

good beginning, it keeps your interest and is really exciting to see where it goes.

The story writing, character development and pace of the film is very gripping good, just like the way a good story should be told.

The more I watched the movie, the more intriguing it got.

Pointless, slow, terrible acting.

Truly a pointless movie.

The suspenseful story reveals a little information here and there, and keeps you thinking until the end.

Without knowing much of what this was about, the 1st thing you think of is that a virus is affecting people, yet people isolated by being in a car or separated by being outside building are falling dead Instantly as they come into proximity with main character.. As much as i loved the movie and as mind blowing the concept is, I have seen this almost exact scenario portrayed in the "Heroes" TV series years earlier and it had the same jaw dropping effect..In Heroes, there were a brother and sister, and the sister had this same proximity effect of killing Any and any living things that got near her..There was a state she would shift into, her eyes would go black, and then all life instantly died around her, even an entire village!

The movie was entertaining.

Big waste of time.

Totally watchable and enjoyable.

The ending completely unexpected; a nice change from the usual run-of-the-mill Sci-Fi film.

So not that I need to expand much, considering the title, but this movie was pretty predictable from the get go.

Entertaining .

Directed by Caroline Labrèche and Steeve Léonard with the script by Labrèche this is an intriguing SF/Horror mystery.

This had potential to be a masterpiece but I felt like the writers rushed the ending of this film, and with lack of plot development and justification as to why they were experiencing what they were experiencing was incredibly poor.

What had potential for being an otherwise good and entertaining movie was brutally cut down by a predictable storyline and a mind-numbingly dull pace.

Totally gripping, with a great twist.

As the movie progresses, the sci-fi aspect (which is only briefly explained towards the end) takes a back seat to the much more intriguing journey of the two main characters (Liam, played by Diego Klattenhoff and Jane, played by Charlotte Sullivan) as they rediscover and confront who they really are and what their mysterious connection is.

Thrilling,Mysterious and Intrigueing .

You will find yourself on the edge of your seat all the way to the end.