Rage (2014) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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When the daughter of a reformed criminal is kidnapped, he rounds up his old crew and seeks his own brand of justice.

Director: Paco Cabezas
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Rachel Nichols
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 43 out of 134 found boring (32.08%)

One-line Reviews (106)

B&B: bad and boring!.

The story line was original and very unpredictable.

It's all there: - Hero bursts into a room with about 28 armed bad guys but he manages to kill them all anyway with the aid of creative film cuts, very slow moving and stupid henchmen and a knife ...

mostly because this movie is incredibly boring for the first hour and then it finally starts to pick up.

The beginning of the film is seemingly entertaining, some of the violent torture scenes made me cringe, and there was a fleeting moment where I thought everything was coming together.

It is a poorer version of Taken with less suspense, thrills and overall quality of a script but Rage remained enjoyable in some ways.

Boring dialogue, silly acting, and my god why did they cast such a young girl for his wife?

The story is pointless irritating ugly and a complete waste of time.

This is just the most boring load of drivel I've seen in ages.

The movie ends with an anti- climax that's mind numbingly ridiculous - like the director wanted a quick ending after the movie dragged on and on for 70+ minutes.

Also (with out giving any plot spoilers) it's unfair and pointless to compare this to some popular abduction movie, because if those people actually watched it they see they are not at all the same.

So I was bored and chanced upon this movie and decided to give it a try.

And the ending makes the whole thing a waste of time.

An entertaining action pack .

Also, too much boring conversation that made me actually fell asleep during some part of the movie.

Very thrilling.

Enjoyed it all the way through and didn't find it boring at all!

A trite, improbable plot, terrible directing, awful music and inane car chases.

The best bit was when I fell asleep .

Far from boring, and definitely brutal.

Lots of blood and guts, 100% predictable.

Don't waste your time .

It looks like Cage was trying to deliver a mind blowing - one sentence - bad ass kind of pep-talk, but ended up uninspiring.

The storyline is totally original and gripping.

And yes, the movie is that generic and mundane.

Boring, drags on and on and on with very little story.

Some features are a tat cliché ..sort of...

Rage is ferociously predictable, carbon copied from far better thrillers like Taken or Death Wish and the plot is a complete and utter mess.

However, the script up to that point is for the most part a big bore.

Pathetically pretentious .

To add insult to injury, just in case you didn't get the subtlety of this waste of time, the music is unoriginal, predictable and leads you along emotionally ever step of the way.

I am so bored by these gun conflict movies where one never sees the dead bodies lying around later or the wounded dying crawling inconveniently around gasping for breath.

Emotional shots are far too long.

The movie is intense, makes perfect sense, surprises, has action, mystery, passion, intrigue.

This movie was an absolute waste of 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.

If you like decent action and thriller stuff even though it has a bit of cliché features stuck to is..you'll enjoy this too.

While the look is suitable sinister and intriguing, the plot spreads to the surprising breaking point , including an unexpected final that turns out to be extremely stirring .

One of the worst movies I have ever watched.

It seems like the writer was running low on good ideas for a convincing and thrilling finale.

Not only was the dialogue not plausible, but NC's acting was so cliché, that I could barely watch him in this role.

Near the end of a stupid action scene, as cage is about to deliver his cliché one liner, we get a cut shot which starts with a 3 second close up of nics crotch before panning up....

Don't waste your time with this movie.

Too often I finish a movie bored by an ending that was obvious from the beginning.

With a second viewing, the twist ending felt more predictable and obvious.

but when they are down right dumb and pointless like this movie was they are like a kick in the pants.

The movie is absolutely disjointed and lacks any sense.

I don't know if it was because your character was written to be largely unlikable, but you seemed downright bored and uninterested at times.

It is a directing tool of mis-direction that should be avoided, it stinks, did not add an interesting twist to the storyline, just made the whole film completely pointless.

Except of a confusing inclusion of a motorcycle chase scene, the movie offers up a slow, thoughtful, sometimes raw and graphic brutality as well as the wrenching of human emotional struggle and suffering.

Go change the oil in your car or organize your toothpick collection as you will find these more entertaining.

TOKAREV is a typical crime thriller with a few good ideas and concepts lost amid a listless screenplay and a whole lot of cliches designed to bore the most patient of viewers.

Like he's been holding off going to the john for far too long and then - he let it all out in a gush of foul smelling, lumpy and runny mess.

Another Enjoyable Nicolas Cage Action Flick .

Still the movie lacks a couple of things and gets pretty cliché.

Flat, slow, contrived, cliché, deadpan acting, annoying music track, bad dialog, shallow characters.

In the end Rage's biggest drawback is that everything that happens in the middle of the film is literally utterly pointless.

One of the top 5 worst movies that I have ever seen.

Cage is an unpredictable actor.

What a waste of time.

Over all the acting was good and it was entertaining.

The story itself is so cliché it's painful to watch.

This movie actually turns every Hollywood cliché on its head!

Sure fairly predictable at times, the usual clichés and stereotypes, etc., but I found it pretty enjoyable over all.

Stupid, pointless, phoned-in, with a touch of Hollywood racism .

No not great like last years "The Frozen Ground" movie, but I found it pretty enjoyable over all.

Its good story, good screen play so worth watching one time.

That is becoming a cliché; often the police chief is an African American and the friend he gives impunity to is a semi friend white tough guy who has a heart of gold.

But it's not the worst because it's bad, the way Con Air was bad, it's bad because it's hollow, a contrivance, an empty shell of a movie so impromptu, so soulless and insignificant that it should be banned from anything resembling creativity, imagination or innovation completely.

Pointless, cliché revenge story, poor action scenes.

Boring, unoriginal, tedious .

Instead, viewers will see bland action, stark music, and Nicolas Cage looking uncomfortable as usual.

============================================================= As a rewatch (03/22/18'), the film is more engaging and interesting than initial lead to believe.

Very entertaining.

Saying that there is nothing new on offer here is an understatement, it ticks the cliché book in all the perfunctory places, people get tortured, people get double crossed, there is a cop on Cages side, you know the drill.

Trying to create suspense and action by directing such a slow pace just doesn't work, especially with such a quality actor as Nicolas Cage.

They are mindless, silly action thrillers but I thought Rage would at least be entertaining.

Kane (played by Max Ryan) is worth watching in the film with pretty decent acting.

Just don't waste your time on this one.

What makes this movie different from other movies like "Taken" (An obvious reference) is that this one takes it's time to know the characters before the action explodes but once it does it's really, I mean REALLY INTENSE, I think the camera work was superb and I really enjoyed every bit of action of this movie.

If you want to see Nicolas Cage in an entertaining action film watch Drive Angry or Face/Off.

The film features extremely obvious twists and routine action sequences, but the characters are bland and the whole thing rather forgettable.

While being entertaining, Rage isn't anything you haven't seen before, as it's your typical who done it, with all the gun fire and explosions you'd expect from an action movie.

where to begin: very poorly scripted, cliché ridden, terrible music choice, poor use of effects, good actors poorly acting, beyond stupid sequences, stop start one dimensional, no character development(it does not count when you just narrate the plot or history)It was an attempted rip off of the excellent taken.

Dialog was pretty much boring.

It is an intelligent twist of the cliché where ferocious injustice is done to a family member of a retired bad-ass hero to justify when he axes everyone and everything in his way.

Don't waste your time on it.

To our surprise this film was genuinely enjoyable and in some ways had more to offer than your typical Hollywood blockbuster.

This action is pretty exciting and should satisfy fans of the genre.

A thrilling hunt for information on Caitlin's whereabouts begins.

Rage (or Tokarev) in some territories is worth watching.

This is a thrilling and bleak film with high doses of suspense , intrigue , plot twists , blood , and violence .

A bloated, dull and brooding mess, excused by a final plot twist that basically negates the entire movie, making you feel even more like you've waisted your time because it was all for nothing.

It's writing is for the most part very predictable except for one or two concepts,...

I won't spoil details, but there are definitely a couple of events which end up being pretty unexpected and welcome plot twists, given how easy it has become these days to predict movie plots.

With an overall slow moving plot from that point, the twist at the end of the film sort of comes as a shock as the rest of the film was sold very well.

The plot unfolds in an unpredictable way, characters are not who they are usually portrayed to be, people die the audience doesn't usually expect.

Overall the acting is bland and the supporting cast contributes very little to the movie.

It's not even bad in a humorous way, it's just bad in a boring way.

I think I had forgotten the beginning after about ten minutes of the drab, depressing and lousy scenes that followed.

Also most of them are pretty entertaining too if you like Nicholas Cage.

I would have walked out and screamed for a refund.

So put it simple, this is a very boring movie.

Even the rest of the casts' acting was so substandard, that my husband fell asleep halfway through the movie.

Kind of the classic ending where the characters just wakes up in his bed and the credit roll, except this time it's not cute but overdone like the dream ending, it's just trite and offensive.

But the way Tokarev was brought to us, well, it's definitely boring.

Watched this movie despite reading some crushing reviews before, and it is worth watching.