Rain Man (1988) - Drama

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Selfish yuppie Charlie Babbitt's father left a fortune to his savant brother Raymond and a pittance to Charlie; they travel cross-country.

Director: Barry Levinson
Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise
Length: 133 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 36 out of 390 found boring (9.23%)

One-line Reviews (148)

Worse still, the backdrop made the final 30 minutes extremely predictable (money isn't everything...

It was very well-written and compelling.

Great performances from both stars and snappy direction from Barry Levinson make this one of the most important films of the 1980's.

" The actor really put some staunch Method proponents "in their place" by asserting that he doesn't tend to draw painful memories from the past, and rather uses his fertile imagination in engaging himself forever in the present, in the moment.

Clever, Enjoyable Film.

The quality of Barry Levinson's film is to make a predictable turn of events work remaining believable, it also grabs our interest without an abundance of spectacular scenes, or overused emotion.

Rain Man is a film for everyone to relate, laugh and cry in this exciting story of friendship and overcoming.

The film is too long- over 2 hours.

Moving story, though slightly predictable.

And so ensues a life altering, yet all the while entertaining road trip.

), Rain Man remains a compelling film - anchored by two fabulous lead performances.

Cruise succeeds in making Charlie's growth through the film as fascinating as watching Raymond.

I highly recommend it as you will not be disappointed

The trip is slow and eventful because Charlie has to deal with Raymond's insistence on keeping all of his compulsive routines.

All in all, an absorbing, moving and undoubtedly wonderful film.

His delivery, his mannerisms, his facial expressions - all of it is so contrived and focused and pure; it is truly one of the best performances ever given by an actor...

This whole movie felt like a waste of my time, the only thing worth watching was Dustin Hoffman's acting.

Do you know what the worst movie I've ever seen is?

If you're a Tom Cruise fan, then props to you, but much like how Chris O'Donnel's performance is pushed into the background by Pacino's in Scent of a Woman, Tom Cruise is a bore in comparison to Dustin.

Although trying hard to induce something different towards the end, the movie's finale is abrupt and predictable.

"Rain Man" is a magnificent film with absolutely riveting performances from its two stars Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise.

An excellent movie, this movie just shows that super complex plot or many intense action scenes are not needed for a movie to be great.

Worth watching!!.

It's meticulously written, impressively directed, beautifully shot, superbly acted, engaging, moving, touching, and above all that, it's very enjoyable.

here with brilliant camera work, great angles and just keeping everything perfect and at an extremely engrossing pace.

But as this slow but intriguing film goes on, the bonds get stronger, and you can see the devotion settling in around them as they establish some common ground.

While the prospect of a road movie may have initially led to uneasy associations with Hollywood cliché, for once the context accomplishes its purpose with magnificent aplomb, allowing the viewer to bond with Raymond and his uneasy brother Charlie while sharing their journey to a surprisingly genuine extent.

The plot was original and unpredictable.

Indeed, absolutely nothing happened during this one-week road trip where no twist spice up a terribly predictable and flaccid plot.

The lighting was dull and somewhat dark when Charlie and Susanna first visited the facility where Raymond was living.

Far from being terrible, it becomes a little boring.

Dull .

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you wanted to see it because you heard it's a classic (like me) don't waste your time.

There are plenty of little funny moments (particularly from Tom Cruise's somewhat funny lines and "hurry up" type of attitude) that keep the film entertaining.

The scene gets ruined when the brother shows up and drives away Iris, which destroys the ambiance developing between Raymond and Iris, who found Raymond intriguing, and wipes out what potentially could have been an upbeat and amusing part of the story.

I recently re-watched it and found it just as entertaining.

The transformation of Charlie, the way the two brothers grow closer to each other, the adventures and the humour make this a sweet, engaging story.

Everything about this film is just perfect, and It was really unpredictable too, plus I loved the score&music as well.

Very tedious in addition.

"Silver Linings Playbook" would not be nearly as terrible if the abusive character got what was coming to them, or changed, but instead, she's rewarded for being a lying, manipulating, self-centered, egotistical, waste of life.

Events like this just dragged the movie on like an episode of Crocodile Dundee XII.

Worth watching .

The Bad: I found this movie to be quite boring many times throughout the movie.

stunning performances!!.

It could feel somewhat slow if you're not expecting this.

'Rain Man' is a truly enjoyable film, both heartwarming and inspirational.

Raymond has been placed into an institution for individuals with special needs or disabilities and when Charlie visits, he realizes that Raymond has spent most of his life on the property doing Mundane routines to help work around his social skills.

They rely on an unexpected miracle, which happens in the film.

Together they make an unlikely but fascinating pair of social misfits: one is mentally and emotionally disabled (despite his mathematical memory); the other is mentally and emotionally immature, and both are difficult to warm up to at first, making their gradual connection over a long, cross-country road trip all the more rewarding.

With that said, I recently had the opportunity to sit down and watch "Rain Man" commercial-free, and unedited by TV – viewing it the way audiences may have seen it in theaters – and I wondered – is "Rain Man" that wonderful of a film, or we just all taken-aback by the intense performance by Dustin Hoffman?

The character of Charlie Babbitt is complex and deeply fascinating - a generally decent, loving guy buried with anger, a need to prove himself, and a reservoir of resentment from feeling unloved.

Cruise is his usual Yes I'm so beautiful I don't really have to act, self indulgent jerk.

This was his first movie that i had seen and he is definitely mind blowing.

This film probably ranks as my favorite movie that Tom Cruise is in, but I give most of the credit to Dustin Hoffman for making this movie so entertaining.

On the other hand, there are certain things about "Rain Man" that I found tedious and not very pleasant to sit through.

Director Barry Levinson ( who was awarded the Best Director Oscar) involves us deeply in the tale, and thanks to him we really become a part of the Babbitt's adventure, always helped by Hoffman's warm portrayal of Ray's peculiar, ritualistic and fascinating world, and Tom Cruise equally effective display as the greedy and selfish Charlie.

Watching the slow development of the relationship between these two brothers is an emotional and rewarding experience and trust me, tears will be shed along the way.

It is entertaining, and moving.

The film got boring when they tried to make the journey too long.

"Rain Man" features one of the most intriguing premises of the 80's, and although the film never strikes as a 'masterpiece', not even in style, it does deliver the emotional pay-off we all expect without recycling old archetypes or falling into sentimental trap.

It stands up over the test of time due to the engaging story and superb acting.

In summary, the film was extravagant and intriguing, despite being a little uneven.

Their adventures are described in great detail but unfortunately the action is pretty static and tends to become repetitive.

The story of their meeting and discovery of each other is fantastic and fascinating.

But the story, character selection and the screenplay makes it a definitely a worth watching movie!

Here, the transition is a bit contrived.

Add on top some of the most terrible, pointless, blatant, generic soundtracks EVER.

Its so rare that great dramas are as entertaining and fun as Rain Man, so the decision to check this off my to-see list was one I am very happy with making.

Hollywood always believed that if a movie dealt with a serious theme in an entertaining manner it was somehow worthy of consideration which is why so many second-rate films like "Rain Man" ended up winning the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Despite the film being an intense drama, there are some genuinely funny moments that are classic.

Between the salesman being so unpleasant to everyone around him and his brother's repetitious tendencies, "Rain Man" became simply unbearable to sit through.

Rain Man is a good film, but slow at times.

Dustin Hoffman's portrayal of an awkward autistic brother in Barry Levinson's Rain Man gives a great example of the difficulties experienced by people who are autistic and those surrounding them, and the fascinating abilities of this minority of people.

This film changed how many people perceived the autistic; suddenly they weren't 'retards' to be shut away, but intriguing individuals.

Certainly watchable, but tends to drag on a bit and as mentioned previously too much a predictable background plot that required unnecessary servicing throughout the film.

Moving and Entertaining .

I'm especially suspicious of movies that use mentally slow characters and their supposed child-like innocence to convey difficult themes like what's right and wrong in the world (see Forrest Gump and Sling Blade).

The magic of this film takes place in the first hour to an hour and a half, and then it gets pretty dull and some of the sub-story seems as though it could have been edited out.

RAIN MAN is the riveting and emotionally-charged drama about family and brotherhood that evoked laughs, tears, and Oscars.

Cruise does give a performance in this film, but it seems stale and disjointed.

The conversation between the brothers get boring after a while.

The vacant stare, the monotone voice, the screaming, it was unbelievable.

Take away Hoffman, and the often underrated Cruise, and you have a fairly mediocre, long winded and somewhat boring story.

The older brother, Raymond, is autistic, and due to his unusual and repetitive behaviors, he seriously annoys his younger brother, Charlie.

Tom Cruise plays his role wonderfully too, and his transition is worth watching.

In a great scene featuring Charlie and Raymond driving through the quiet, empty streets of Las Vegas, they enter one of the casinos and we're introduced to the bombastic chaos of people, flashing lights and the loud noises of the slot machines.

In the Acadamy Awards' choice for Best Picture, Charlie, a selfish waste of life, learns through the death of his father that he has a mentally handicapped brother named Ray who is inheriting the majority of the deceased's goods.

The dialog between Wallbrook employee, Vern, and Charlie, as well as Raymond's reaction to having unexpected visitors in his room sound very natural.

Stunning Movie.

Simply a really enjoyable movie.

Specially Raymond who is mentally challenged and unpredictable, Hoffman portray really well proving that he is one of those actors who knows what character representation is all about.

Both beautifully complement one another, and their mutual respect as actors enhances their fascinating two-character interaction.

Cruise and Hoffman create characters that are so intriguing that the predictability of the story and late '80s directorial flourishes are easily overlooked.

Dustin Hoffman is exceptional as Raymond compelling and sweet who doesn't understand he's been kidnapped.

The whole movie is brilliant as it is compelling.

Barry Levinson has crafted a moving and gentle piece that moves at the right pace and surprises the viewer in different and exciting ways.

This provided a sense of sorrow for the people living in this facility because it seemed sort of dark and dreary.

The characters are very stereo-typed and not deep at all, and maybe it might be that this movie came out only a few years after my birth, but this was flat-out boring.

Gripping, Moving, and Truly good movie .

"Rain Man" is a road movie and it's solidly entertaining, albeit overrated in some circles.

And it also has the most intense and moving moments in the movie.

Throw in the excellent performance of Dustin Hoffman (for which he received an Oscar) and you have a movie well worth watching.

I just could not relate to either of the lead characters in any way because the characterizations are too trite and the acting is not that impressive.

The acting is well done and there are several poignant and enjoyable scenes.

It turns out Charlie was left very little, and most of the $3 Million inheritance went to a trust, and as he dragged it out of the administrator, Charlie found that he had an older brother he never knew about, Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt, living all his adult life in an institution.

Rain Man took a while to get my attention , more every minute made ​​ me stay May glued to the TV , the story is simple, more well done , the script is competent , more Rain Man does not have such a good pace , he can is very tedious , the cast is good, Tom Cruise is great, more Dustin Hoffman is spectacular, a worthy performance of Oscar , had moments that I thought the actor had the same syndrome, one of the best performance history of cinema , photography is good , the film has funny moments , chemistry with Dustin Cruise is great , the soundtrack is good , Rain Man is one of the best films of the 80s , with an unforgettable performance of Hoffman.

Definitely worth watching.

And he must change, otherwise, the whole premise of the film is pointless.

It's well-directed by Barry Levinson with a well-written (if predictable) script.

It serves itself greatly as a rewardingly entertaining purpose, though.

"Rain Man" proved to be a fairly enjoyable and touching film.

It had all the ingredients for popular success and it gave him the Oscar but it's still a bland, formulaic film typical of what the big studios were churning out at the time.

Dustin Hoffman plays an autistic brother to Tom Cruise, and complications arise not only because of Tom's selfish desire to cash in on a trust fund their father left to his brother; but the trying times of listening to the trite words of Hoffman.

The problem with using the same formula over and over again becomes apparent in the fact that we get bored of things we become used to.

Instead, Raymond is simply presented as a human being, with the script allowing the character and his actions to speak for themselves, making the film more accessible and truthful to audiences by drawing attention to the condition of autism with a noticeable absence of contrived Hollywood sentiment allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks and warm to the film independent of artistic manipulation.

It got repetitive, and it really did not send a very strong message, in my opinion.

I got to say this that at some point in between the film got boring.

Their interactions are a fascinating watch.

In one scene there's a hilarious and entertaining moment where they discuss planes and Tom's character gets worked up over it.

One aspect that made the movie enjoyable was the demonstrations of Raymond's genius throughout the movie.

It's a very entertaining movie, held on its pedestal by Hoffman.

Philadelphia gets it right because it goes to great pains to emphasise that the illness itself is bad enough, but it is the attitude of the beholder that makes it as unbearable to live with as it is.

Stories like "Rain Man" that portray people with autism as autistic savants are a tiresome dime a dozen.

Paper-thin and predictable .

I think what motivated this comment was how evocative this film is.

Absolutely Riveting Performances .

It's tiresome and a little too close to reality.

The script is too redundant and extremely flat, unemotional and not that interesting scenes keep following each other: it's long, it's slow, anyway it's boring to death.

All parties concerned deserve every ounce of credit for transforming a potentially cumbersome Hollywood sob story into a miraculously balanced, informative and entertaining film, (mostly) resisting contrived melodrama in favour of a more thought-provoking, positive narrative approach and making Rain Man a film to be cherished.

By today's standards Rain Man is a slow movie lacking in polish glitz and refinement.

Hoffman is remarkably meticulous in his portrayal of the immutable, repetitive idiot savant.

Director Barry Levinson laminates the already calculated scenario under a thick commercial glaze, to the point where even the snapshots shown over the closing credits (supposedly taken by the autistic Hoffman from a fast-moving car) look perfectly composed and artfully arranged.

Rain Man is a great story from an efficient script with enjoyable dialogue and a smooth pace.

Raymond is an autistic savant and a turn card-counting at a Vegas casino proves entertaining.

He really thought his role was horrid and unbearable.

Thinking it's his only way to get his share of the money, Charlie sneaks Raymond out of the institution launching an emotional and intense journey where Charlie gets to know and eventually bond with his brother.

An unexpected success, with many involved in the project doubting its potential.

Due to the high quality of the two main actors and their execution, we're presented a very interesting and emotional story of an unexpected bond between two very different characters, despite the natural difficulties of one of them.

This is my personal opinion - his central plot and personal objectives are more vehicular rather than entertaining, and in that sort, ineffective.

The direction is stunning, the film having a autistic Brother is a genius idea, this Movie does this idea perfectly.

The film is simply wonderful, the characters are very good, the actors too, the plot is very good (although, in my opinion, the events are very slow), the soundtrack is also very good and photography is Fantastic.

Rain Man is simply a great film; entertaining, poignant and wonderfully acted by its lead actors, with Hoffman especially executing one of the finest performance in the history of cinema.

It is perfectly entertaining.

The transformation of Charlie's character is so stunning, you might be able to sympathize the character with ease.

The plot is a little too predictable and some parts of the film (Dustin Hoffman freaking out uncontrollably) are somewhat difficult to watch.

The card-playing scene in Caesar's Palace is fascinating and the one of the most entertaining scenes in the Movie along With the scene where Raymond is out on the road stopping at a red light on the road.

It's a very gripping plot of this film that's made in 1988.