Raising Dion (2019) - Drama, Sci-Fi

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A widowed single mom discovers that her son has super powers and tries to figure out how to raise him safely and responsibly.

IMDB: 5.9
Stars: Alisha Wainwright, Ja'Siah Young
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 20 out of 170 found boring (11.76%)

One-line Reviews (52)

Despite all this, I still think the show is worth watching.

I thoroughly enjoyed it if Netflix don't give us a 2nd season I will cancel my subscription.

So I'll start by saying this is definitely worth watching.

Waste of time

Just entertaining.

Great show full of suspense and very exciting.


It lacks the action that has become the boring standard these days.

Overall the story is interesting, but it is let down by plot holes, poor predictable writing and too much drama (mostly the adults).

Predictable and overly emotional .

actually quite fascinating.

Starting out, it's more of a standard " struggling single mom with an outcast kid in a new place" sort of thing, but the "weirdness" and mystery/suspense build at a pretty believable pace and even the more mundane details are interesting.

Too slow.

The confusion of discovering powers is well done.

Everything is so wrong about this serial: Dions mother must have been 12 when she bore him!


Really enjoyed it.

When you take this, and add how much of a spoiled brat they made him out to be, the whole thing becomes unwatchable.

Enjoyable and relatable .

Although the story and dialogues could have been deeper, it is definetely worth watching.

If they'd taken a more visceral approach to the superpowers aspect of it I'd have probably enjoyed it.

The crooked man was so predictable...

The stuff dragged the show down..(Who writes this stuff)

The boy doesn't know how to act out of a paper bag, he appears so dumb in this show, it bored me to death and i found myself scrolling through Instagram most of the time.

Fascinating Coming-of-Age Story .

Snooze fest!.

Beautiful, interesting, intriguing, fun, kid friendly, adult savvy....

Minor points I didn't like were the kid isn't particularly a good actor, the goofy serviceable loser is rejected and turns out to be the baddie, it's a bit of a cliche', Charlotte a very likeable character, gets killed almost as soon as she becomes more important in the plot and barely mourned.

Stupid, Boring, unfunny, no true wit.. terrible acting.. not convincing at all.

It is the typical American formula that makes this feel unoriginal and boring despite concept offering some promise.

It was intriguing.

I found myself highly upset with the mother who I kept thinking was Alicia Keys when she had her hair up😂I CAN'T stand bullies, so those scenes made me angry and at times Dion got annoying to me but all and all I enjoyed it.

I won't say much more as it would have to contain spoilers, but overall this is definitely worth watching.

Its like a mix of marvel, matilda, harry potter, comedy parts but also exciting thrilling scenes.

Enjoyable with some surprises .

Had the same feeling watching Star Trek Discovery Season 1 - they improved a lot in Season 2 though, and the reboot of charmed (which became utterly unwatchable).

It's exciting and entertaining.

There are slow parts.

Characters are are basic and poor acting makes them uninteresting.

It is desperately dragged down in the beginning by overplayed emotions and an overprotective mother.

Once you manage to ignore the social justice stuff, you are left with a strong show with a gripping (albeit somewhat well trodden) plot that is both believable and sufficiently intricate for most watchers.

I normally loves shows with this premise but I am on episode three and I'm falling asleep!

If you're a fan of exciting story lines or superheroes, give this a shot.

Very shallow, no story, no acting, nothing.

In short, I think it's worth watching.

Enjoyed it .

A gripping show spoilled by the usual homage to social justice .

Boring .

Now since you have quite a lot of children, the acting does at time get under your nerves but for the most part, its good and if you forgive some parts of it; you will have a more enjoyable experience.

Worth watching .

Kudos for effort but it lacks the "WOW" factor, I couldn't even finish episode 1, the kids are way too young for this hero story to make any kind of entertaining logic, part of the plot is depressing and they hover on it too much, like we get it her life sucks...

They do things you don't want to do, because they just don't understand, and perhaps he's unbearable for others, I think he develops well, because he eventually starts listening, and starts paying attention, and it's strange because it was genuinely so subtle and natural to me, especially as he starts to understand his powers more.