Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Six years after the events of "Wreck-It Ralph," Ralph and Vanellope, now friends, discover a wi-fi router in their arcade, leading them into a new adventure.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Phil Johnston
Stars: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 124 out of 720 found boring (17.22%)

One-line Reviews (358)

Somehow even worse than the emoji movie, completely formulaic and generic in every single way.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is a entertaining family film that is totally enjoyable, and I have no doubt that, for many, will turn into a favourite.

Save your money and don't watch this.

I loved the first film but this one was quite dry and, dare I say it, boring.

While as wholesome, enjoyable and filled with clever wit as its predecessor, there's a tonal confusion to this follow-up that's overall harmful to its important messages about the dangers of internet culture.

When Vanelope's (Sarah Silverman) racing game is damaged and in danger of being decommissioned, she and Ralph (John C Reilly) head to the exciting world of the Internet, to try and buy the replacement parts from ebay.

It just dragged on and on.

mind boggling amount of product placement .

This animation is fun, exciting, and actually really insightful.

Thoroughly Enjoyable......!!!!!!. .


Brilliant and unexpected.

I loved the first movie, and this one had some pretty funny stuff, but it dragged on and it just wasn't as good.

You can tell some of the reviews were written by those who hate current popular culture, the internet, corporations etc etc yearning for the nostalgic aspect *yawn*.

Stunning graphics, amazing story, the chemistry between Ralph and Vanellope is incredible and hearty.

This movie is entertaining throughout with some memorable scenes involving the princesses which are a lot of fun.

Those saying it was 'boring' have zero taste, because this was typically made like any Disney movie - fabulously.

The first half is mediocre; the initial plot feels contrived-as is the case with most post-happy-ending sequels-and the internet-related humour, aside from a few clever bits, generally feels gimmicky.

Not to take anything away from its decidedly adorable scamp Vennelope, but this movie lingers way too long in virtual world whose message is about the toxicity of the internet whilst parading Disney princesses around like they are strong role models.

I can understand why people enjoyed it - I laughed a lot during the first half, and one or two of the emotional moments were quite powerful.

I ended up falling asleep in the middle of the movie.

Reilly): "Super exciting!

An entertaining advertisement .

Still, the movie was enjoyable, though it really isn't one that really works all that well as a stand alone movie.

Some of the sequences are really good, but some are a bit boring, and overall, I was expecting more.

I absolutely loved this movie as an adultThis film had me hooked all the way through, was fast paced, great storyline and made me laugh.

Ralph is horrified about the thought of losing Vanellope, he turns to Spamley to find a way to make Slaughter Race boring for Vanellope by slowing things down.

Unlike the first movie, this movie's story have much more drama than action, the quest is quite linear but a relationship problem have a lot of depth, which some people might find it interesting or boring.

The scenes are too intense.

The details of the movie are fascinating and very creative.

I found the script boring and filled with flaws.

Bland and boring yet still managing to be confusing in places,the movie just seems to go on and on meandering through a whole lot of product placement and memes that are already dated at the movies release.

It's a bit of a mixed bag that is an alright and somewhat entertaining movie.

We have a very entertaining adventure from start to finish without a single boring moment.

Bright colors, confusing story .

She's not quite so happy though, finding her own game boring, and desiring some sort of way to freshen things up, so when a Wifi router gets plugged into the arcade, she jumps at the chance to explore and find something new.

Overall I really enjoyed it, I felt the first film had more variety of environments, and as mentioned above the 3rd quarter dampened the mood a smidge, but otherwise a very enjoyable film for me.

The only thing I thought was funny was the Pancake Milkshake thing, but everything else was just kind of bland, and I got a bit upset with the ending.

the pacing is off and focusing on things that are uninteresting creating a dull and uninspired world, speaking of the world building its just a catalyst for a far left political agenda targeting toxic masculinity which ill get back too.

The animation itself was stunning, creatively portraying a physical representation of the Internet.

The fact that I enjoyed it too was a bonus although I have seen Wreck-It Ralph.

It is very entertaining, and kids and adults alike will enjoy it.

Good film but dragged .

I liked the creativity that was put into the original and enjoyed it more than some of Pixar's work actually.

Barely used any characters from the first film, but we enjoyed it.

Just a long comercial from Disney and theirs sponsors, shallow plot, pointless characters and nothing new to show for, if was a series instead of a movie would be better

), so the little glitch tells her that the big hulk guy is boring, and SugarRush is boring too.

Felt like waste of money.

I enjoyed it, flaws and all.

It was boring compared with the first movie.

A brave and entertaining sequel .

Once there, their friendship is tested when Vanelope discovers a new exciting online racing game and starts to wonder whether the arcade is where she should be.

This movie is one big advertisement with a very flimsy amoral and boring story which is not even intended for young kids.

It's really jarring & confusing.

In fact the King Kong's style finale is boring and not fun at all.

If great animation, bright colours and a boring dose of Ralph is all you're after then definitely go for it.

Entertaining, Stunning, Dramatic!.

But overall it just left me, and my son, with the impression of them trying to cram far too many bits into the movie.

Dragged on a bit .

Its exploration of the internet and the theme of personal security/feelings about anything is handled very well and the exploration of the digital world (and franchising) is how The Emoji Movie wanted to handle it, though sometimes the internet references and self-reverence for Disney (and the internet) does come off as creatively narcissistic, tiresome and predictable (especially the eBay-stuff in the movie).

Behind all the flash of the internet, the main plotline is pretty formulaic.

It's still an enjoyable watch, just not what fans of Wreck it Ralph were hoping for.

There is no story line, tons of commercial and zero humor.

Anyways, the plot was just bland and cliche.

A waste of time and a waste of well-written characters created in the first movie.

I had a great time with this sequel and highly recommend it.

The kids enjoyed it and that's all that really matters.

The car racing is exciting, and the adventure in Disneyland is fun, the princesses talk is hilarious.


Overall, this film is mostly humorous and entertaining and works well enough as a standalone film.

Too much brand advertisement, lack of story .

Snooze fest for adults and kids alike .

In much the same way Ralph was bored in the first movie.

I think this one is probably more entertaining than the original.

All this after a boring, uninspired and completely disjointed slog of a movie to sit through.

I was disappointed when I watched it, plot was boring, and the main characters never seemed more annoying.

All is not lost though, the visuals are indeed amazing and enjoyable.

It's not that it's actively bad, but it's just so bland and uninvolving that it never comes alive.

Fairly enjoyable fluff .

In that way, their relationship and the conflict they faced felt a bit bland, like if it was introduced for the sake of drama.

Plotless, joyless and cash-grabbing, Ralph Breaks the Internet deserves the brunt of our wrath because it showcases everything wrong with Hollywood.

Parents should know before they go that there are several intense scenes and scary images.

I felt that the film gets a bit contrived after that, well, the first film was a little contrived too but there are other moments of the film that seemed contrived.

Big and boring .

It's really confusing why they put Ralph as a dishonest antagonist.

The movie is visually stunning and they created the internet world in a very unique way.

It is hard to create a sequel, make it relevant to the previous, and then make something new seem continuous and exciting, which this movie did, very well.

This movie almost left me in tears, The message is BEAUTIFULLY delivered with the same stunning Witty telling as the original!

We get the out with the old iconic 80s video games, and in with the new, but that is what made the first one so enjoyable.

Is there something wrong with simple quite predictable plot where you can just tag alone on main characters, enjoy the plentiful small jokes and famous internet references?

Waste of time .

When the meaning and conflict took shape I found the story dull.

I wasn't overly fond of other aspects of the film especially the parts in Slaughter Race, as it felt drawn out.

There were multiple subplots that made the first one so engaging from beginning to end, while this one sort of had one plot line and it had a lot of lulls

While the visuals and animation are stunning, there's very little else to rely on and so the film is one big gigantic commercial for Silicon Valley, the Tech Industry and others who probably aren't even watching this film.

Some dialog, like when Ralph monolgueing/lecturing/whining to giant virus Ralph is cringeworthy and super-cliche it was embarassing to hear.

He changes her game and she criticizes him because of an unexpected damage to a wheel caused by a human.

An entertaining sequel tackling issues such as friendship, selfishness, insecurities and love between friends.

Very entertaining, endearing and emotional in parts.

I appreciated this sequel as much as enjoyed it.

Worst movie since Say It Isn't So .

Ralph Breaks The Internet is yet another entertaining edition to Disney animation.

Over all: Fun for the whole family, definitely worth watching.

It's an enjoyable movie.

There were some enjoyable moments and some laughs, mainly when Ralph wasn't on-screen.

But, like DP2, Ralph2 finds it's footing - and it's own voice - after a fashion and becomes a very entertaining film.

What story they did have was incredibly hard to follow.

Vanellope is horrendously bored with her life and essentially her friendship with Ralph too.

The relationship between to two lead characters is pleasant, with a few predictable clichés thrown in along the way.

Man, the sequel to Wreck-it Ralph is a long boring mess with bad advice.

It was sensory overload and she actually fell asleep halfway through.

It's simple, the writers had to throw in some feminazi propaganda about the strong female no longer needing the ineffective men in their lives, and that common stereotype ruined the latter half of the film for me.

Ralph Bores The Internet....

Just watch it anticipating a bunch of corny stuff that the tykes will find entertaining and you won't be disappointed.

There are moments that is supposed to be touching, but the lack of story prevents it from actually being touching.

The movie is too long.

As far as problems go, I do think the movie is a bit too slow at times especially during the climax.

I love movies that are unpredictable and not boring, and this delivered exactly that - oh and the bit in the credits, we were literally crying with laughter.

Does not matter the positive purpose or how big is your effort, the huge dull imbecile male loser will be just BAD.

Still, it's an entertaining and rapidly paced adventure, which takes its heroes from eBay to a dangerous urban MMORPG, to YouTube substitute Buzztube, to (a sanitised version of) the dark web.

There were some funny moments with the bots from the internet (which to me made the show bearable and entertaining), to the humor side of all the Disney princesses.

This doesn't happen, unfortunately, which is probably why most of the film has dreadfully slow pacing.

Still, it's an entertaining and rapidly paced adventure, which takes its heroes from eBay to a dangerous urban MMORPG, to YouTube substitute Buzztube, to (a sanitised version of) the dark web.

Good for adults, enjoyable for kids, (a little bit) relatable for millenials .

This is a pretty entertaining movie with good voice acting, a nice message, and a lot of (while safe) fun jokes.

Not as fun as the original, some funny moments (end credits bit probably made me laugh the most) and just a little dull.

the story is extremely enjoyable and full of all sorts of wonderful surprises and references to real characters and websites...

Comedy: Ralph's series is always known for the comedy and the dive into the internet immersed the group into new depths of comedy.

He completely becomes obsessed with the young girl in the movie and constantly tries to manipulate her into staying with him and living a boring life she doesn't want to live all in the sake for his comfort.

However, after viewing it the film was hugely enjoyable with a unique message that I have never seen before in a Disney film.

The film is slow to get going and once it does it becomes predictable, limping along from one scene to the next.

Enjoyable movie .

Movie worth watching .

To close, this sequel is highly visual and very exciting.

Sometimes they work and other times are a little too intense for me to really appreciate it.

No story, no creativity, and apparently the characters forgot all the lessons they learned in the first movie and recreated the conflict in this movie.

Still the film is worth a trip to theater for many reasons and an enjoyable one at that.

This Ralph movie is a boring wreck .

Took my two kids ages 6 & 11 to see this: it was fun watching them and seeing how the movie either enthralled them and made them laugh, or was just plain boring with some long preachy passages.

But I really enjoyed it!

I really Enjoyed it...

My seven year old kid who really liked the first movie and has watched it several times thought this second one was bad and boring as well.

The villain (or a threat) to me is also unexpected and surprising too, like the first movie.

Ralph breaks the Internet was funny and enjoyable movie.

Nevertheless, it is a fun and enjoyable movie with some cameos and lots of references, so pay attention to everything.

You could here adults yawning, and see kids asleep on their parents laps.

There are some truly thrilling animated sequences that make good use of the medium.

I still enjoyed it....

The Disney+Pixar universe is such an unique entertainment which is so naturally coming out that we cant find any bothersome and contrived plot in this movie.

The first film was a brilliant throwback to all things retro gaming, ingeniously crafting a riveting and equally delightful world inside a small arcade, but this sequel takes things to the next level, taking on the vastness of the Internet and somehow creating a pitch-perfect portrayal of pretty much everything that goes into the web that's both hugely entertaining and just as wonderful to look at.

Although I found the film a bit long for the material, I enjoyed it.

My boyfriend and i went to the cinema last week and watched this (14 & 16), and i absolutely loved every minute of it, the plot was engaging and i think including all the social media and the effects (negative comments) can have on people is well displayed.

Don't waste your time watching this corny cartoon flick!

It is a cliche we have seen from Disney Villains over and over again.

Personally, I enjoyed it.

The film was exciting and action packed with great animation.

Just a casual glance at Missing Link shows the direction Disney needs to follow, stop with this formulaic emotion led rubbish and go back to Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

The plot was contrived, the characters were stale, the conflict was juvenile (even for a kids movie), and the film apparently thinks children are idiots and that the only way to book an adult is with references.

Even though they're entertaining to watch...

Last night as I walked out of the theater with my mother, sister, and family friend, I turned to them and I said, "So.

A fun and visually exciting sequel that brings back Ralph causing havoc on the internet.

Most of the movie's charm lays on its cameos and references, which are, almost always, really enjoyable to spot and watch.


What a boring film, makes references to familiar internet games, familiar social media, shopping sites, iconic internet logos.

One reason this film might have appeared out there and disjointed was because there are two directors.

Enjoyable with a wonderful lesson .

My then 9 years old daughter woke me up a few times but the movie was unbearable.

Ralph and Venellope's friendship is the centre of the story and every detail is entertaining and ingenius.

The same loveable characters are back with another adventure that is so enjoyable to watch.

Ralph Breas the Internet was quite an enjoyable sequel .

But it is still really enjoyable to watch.

There were a lot of enjoyable scenes, especially the ones with the Disney princesses and a different racing game.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

When I watched the first film as a young teenager, it was one of the most entertaining films I've seen and it became my favorite, making me want to watch it over and over again.

The first half of this was really fresh and entertaining but I thought the final act kind of dragged and didn't inspire much awe for me.

So, the story in short:Spoilt little female freak kid: I am bored.

I heard more than a couple of people behind me complaining about how long the movie was and how it dragged in the middle when I was leaving the theatre.

have a dull sense of humor 3.

"Ralph Breaks the Internet" is definitely an animated movie that is well worth watching for the entire family.

A pretty good way to spend a dreary Sunday afternoon in November with your wife and kids.

I would watch it when I was bored.

This film has become very commercial and instead of 'spot the lovable characters' it's become 'spot the social media platform' which is very dull.

What a waste of time and money.


Right down to how viruses operate and how social media direct all things social, this primer is understandable and enormously entertaining.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, the cringey parts and product placement you see in the preview was actually a very very small part of the movie, and Disney made up for it by poking fun at themselves.

It is not the most mature script ever to come across in a Disney world, but it surely is an entertaining one.

There were so many wonderful things to behold in the background of many of the scenes, which actually makes it worth watching the movie a second time just to pick up on the minute details.

Unlike other (great) movies, like Moana and Frozen, that made me feel a bit bored at some points, this movie never felt too long or slow.

And yet it was all so predictable - plot spoiler: a series of Ralph-created mayhem scenarios that get sorted out by (mainly) Vanellope until the end.

It definitely has some brilliant hilarious moments - but the moralising deep questions about friendship and growing up are tedious and lose the sheer unadulterated fun of the fist movie.

It has none of the factors that made the original so good, instead opting for a confusing, ugly, shallow and over crammed edited to with in an inch of its life (arguably more than an inch, killing it) mess.

A universal theme prevails where we do have friends who prefer their lives in more fast paced, dangerous worlds.

The movie looks stunning, with great colour and animation - Pixar just keep getting better and better in this department.

The second half is much stronger: There's an amazing unexpected musical number, an awesome appearance from the Disney princesses, and an authentic and touching character dynamic that emerges between the two leads as they figure out how to maintain their friendship amidst their differences.

Way too long!.

Kids will love how stunning and action packed it is, and adults will love the satirical aspect of it.

There is no plot at all.

Don't waste your time on it.

But the story was bland, the ending was aggravating, and the only reason this wasn't lower is because of the princess scenes and the internet humor/videos.

After acknowledging all these issues, it may seem to you that this movie was a major waste of time.

But there was no excitement for this one, everything was bland.

So boring, lacking the charms of #WreckItRalph, and loaded with stupid pop culture references that has been consumed in the trailer, and tons of forced ads and product placement .

Things got weird and slightly boring after they buy the replacement steering wheel for way too much money.

That said, I remind you that "entertaining" isn't a synonym of good, though its fast pace certainly makes the experience of watching this movie pleasurable.

While it can be fun at points, and the animation is spectacular, with each actor still giving it their all, the story is meandering, uninteresting, and the stakes feel relatively low and uninteresting, overall providing a harmless, but forgettable sequel to a great Disney concept.

Really enjoyed it, just as much as the first .

Where things must be contrived to make things work.

Might be the worst movie Ive ever seen .

Disney has started this habit of churning cookie cutter movies with similar plot lines and fairly predictable twists, and Wreck-It Ralph didn't follow that format.

I loved the original Wreck It Ralph, it was fun and enjoyable, it didn't take itself more seriously that it had to be.

Ralph and Vanellope are bored doing the same thing in their arcade games.

Boring, not funny, and annoying .

It's a high-stakes adventure; it's smart, it's faithful, it's emotional but ultimately, it's a worthy sequel and an enjoyable watch.

However, when comparing it to the first movie, this one seems a bit dull?

I mean, I can strongly relate considering I get bored of mundane unless I absolutely love my job.

Ralph is content with his current life, but Vanellope admits that she is bored of her games, Sugar Rush, being predictable and wishes for something more.

a bunch of cheap internet jokes thinly wrapped around a confusing plot and a really lousy ending that probably sounded much better on a written script, one with an enormous plot hole that may undo the entire plot...

An enjoyable follow-up with just as much charm and likeability as the original .

It holds a similar tone to the funny light hearted banter between Ralph and Vanellope but other than that the movie has no plot at all whatsoever.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is bland and uninteresting, especially in terms of world design.

Great animation, and the first half was entertaining.

it's exciting!!

This movie is consistently funny, entertaining and emotionally engaging.

Reilly and Sarah Silverman, it is an enjoyable follow-up with just as much charm and likeability as the original.

It had plenty of internet references and jokes for my wife and me, and my kids had plenty of funny and exciting parts to keep them entertained.

I also believe that is confusing with the message of the first movie.

Sure, there are a lot of jokes (Many of which land) and sure the Internet is vast and impressively animated, but the real reason this movie works is the incredible and unexpected emotional places the characters go.

I venture to say that this is one of the best movies at Disney and I highly recommend it to all kinds of people.

This is probably one of the fastest, most entertaining animated movies of this decade.

The story is boring, the new characters are forgettable and ...

I fell asleep at the middle of the movie and hoping to end the movie soon.

Big imbecile dull male guy is lonely, wants to get back his BELOVED friend AND PROTECT HER.

An entertaining and creative sequel and yes, it had a plot.

it's rather entertaining, even if it's quick to reach for a laugh before it handles anything else.

An interesting and entertaining premise devolves in to a lazy mess and a huge missed opportunity.

Anyway it's still enjoyable.

From the trailers giving alternate and standalone scenes to the disjointed credits scenes, I got an impression that this movie was written with the overall plot being considered last.

Just a waste of money.

However, if you're looking for a good Wreck-it Ralph sequel that continues the world and character building of the original, you'll be left with a lot of confusion, plot holes, sour morals, and lackluster world building.

Dont waste your money on this piece of trash.

Then though they extend the joke too long, by giving us an entirely pointless encore during the ending.

Honestly the storyline was boring and a little uncomfortable with a grown was man being obsessed with a little girl!

It was extremely funny & very entertaining.

Different to the first, I didn't laugh quite as much, but visually stunning and kudos to the creators for creating the world of the internet so well and lifelike, that was the highlight of the film for me along with the ending, even though it made me tear up a little!

Literally fell asleep

Vanellope gets bored with her monotone race tracks, so Ralph makes a new track (is that supposed to be referencing like when games get updated?

Excluding the first movie I think this movie was very entertaining and full of action.

But as its own movie it's really enjoyable.

Ralph bores the internet.

Six years after the events of the first film, Vanellope von Schweetz had become bored with her game Sugar Rush, having won so numerously, that she no longer felt that since of thrill at the prospect of there being any unpredictability in her life.

From Snapchat to Twitter and even down to exploiting Disney's entire catalogue of characters (in a good and enjoyable way), it felt as though the studio was trying to showcase everything great that they own.

It all makes Ralph Breaks the Internet an engaging story that has fun with its premise.

Ralph and Ven talked too much abt friendship and dream and it kinda boring af.

Ralph is perfectly happy, but Vanellope is starting to wonder if there's more to life than this, as she wishes something new and exciting would happen once in a while.

Quite enjoyable exploring the internet with ralph and vinellope.

Just No Story And No Magic.

Useless booring clishe Dam Disney it makes korny propaganda rotten future minds

Story is uninteresting and new characters are just stupid.

Well done animation but predictable, the message is the best part of it.

RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET, on the other hand, has only the occasional clever moment and at least one compelling concept.

When Vanellope first comes here, she's disappointed because she'd rather be in the intense, action game "Slaughter Race" and this is the start of where the film drags down and leads to a disappointing ending.

It is unexpected good.

Going into this movie I thought it was going to be a predictable and boring washed-up sequel.

)What I dislike: The main storyline was simple, kinda cliche with the misunderstanding the mad at each other and be friend again story, I can not say it is so very intriguing.

Everything else seems pointless and forced into making a movie for the sole reason that someone thought "Ralph Breaks the Internet" sounded like a really cool title for a sequel.....

Most of the movie was dull and boring.

However, sometimes you just have to look past things like these before you find a nice, enjoyable story that actually is a pretty good movie anyway.

If this is the kind of safe, mass audience appeal, soulless, product placement-filled, immediately outdated meme-referencing, lol teh randumness-vibing, 'sooo relatable', clearly written by 40 year olds, visually boring, tonally inconsistent, cat videos, aesthetically unappealing, breaking the rules of its own universe, MULTIPLE TIME FORTNITE-REFERENCING CRAP that gets an Oscar nomination, why even make films at all?

Complete waste of time Complete waste of time Complete waste of time Complete waste of time

The story behind the movie was a bit of a stretch, but it is still worth the watch.

After just becoming a real game character, The girl is now bored with sugar rush.

he sounded bored.

Too boring and confusing .

11/10 from me Very entertaining Goof for family movie You can watch with your friends, girlfriend, spouse, or your parent

Me and my husband fell asleep in the second half of the movie.

The pacing is off and when you think the story is coming to an end, there is another twist and another section of story.

The 1st movie was a great coming of age type story.

We enjoyed it so much more over the original Wreck It Ralph

It's such a big waste of time.

I'd take the over-the-top "wholesomeness" of old Disney any day over this new malicious propaganda.

Boring and Commercial .

Another notable difference is how, aside from one cool scene with Venellope, it was pointless for the video game characters to be there.

The first film was enjoyable because it had a solid plot and although it existed in a world of video game references, it didn't heavily rely on them.

I highly recommend it to all people that enjoyed the first movie, and want to spend a good time (gamers and geeks will specially like it).

Even though they're entertaining to watch...

Too much cameos also many internet things in ralph view through all advertisement things that made the story is empty not good enough as the first one.

First you begin to notice that all the cool characters are female and all the boring or evil ones are male.

The side characters are mostly entertaining - some stood out more than others; I especially liked the character Shank and her personality.

Very Boring Except the Disney Land Part .

Overall enjoyable for the whole family!

Perhaps save your money for holiday films.

This happens 3 or 4 times and does start to get repetitive and tedious.

Ralph 2.0 is just a tool of stupidity propaganda who never try to hide his ugly cynicism, just to pander on Disney Money...

This film succeeds in being different, not making the internet entirely cliche and making it quite fun, the movie is fun and entertaining, and it has stakes.

In fact, more than "advertisement" they're just a quick joke reflecting on our internet use, including spam, irresponsible shopping, online gaming, etc.But the thing that amazes me the most is that people said this movie has no story.

Took my 6 year old and he enjoyed it but all three grown ups including myself that went ended up falling asleep.

My younger brother lost interest and found himself bored during those scenes.

In both cases, I think the balance between brand-name recognition and original content helped to make for an entertaining film.

Yet in Ralph Breaks the Internet (which turns out to be an exaggerated title), Vanillape 'goes turbo' to into a mature content internet game - nothing happens to Sugar Rush (yes, the girl who is seen on the game console vanishes from her own game deliberately!

Hamfisted dialogue and slow pacing: "show don't tell" is something that this movie struggles with.

It was fresh and fun with a lot of great visuals and some entertaining voice work.

Vanellope though is getting bored of her Sugar Rush racing game.

The story is entertaining, the voice-acting excellent and the jokes are endless (like most of its ilk, the movie would require multiple rewatches (or endless pauses) to pick up on every pop-culture/geek-chic reference.

Disney wins again: Entertaining and culturally important.

Which is enjoyable fun, now it's not quite the masterpiece that Wreck it Ralph(2012) was, but still very entertaining.

It's on Netflix, so it's worth a watch if you are really bored or you need something to play in the background.

Even the original was far more fresh and entertaining than its successor.

And then another racing game is too exciting so you just...

Still has great animation, great voice cast, and a somewhat entertaining premise, Ralph Breaks the Internet is a decent movie with a fabulous (and somewhat unsettling) climax that I absolutely love!

And that made the movie way more exciting and entertaining for most nostalgia fans.

While the beginning was good and enjoyable for my daughter, it was too long and had way too much going on.

This is a shame because there are several great moments in this sequel that certainly make it worth watching if you enjoyed the original.

There was no plot, absolutely no plot!

Truly enjoyed it.

Firstly there's some mildly intense moments, i.

They felt predictable and like the safest thing Disney could've done.

Thank goodness it was a half empty theater!!

The plot was dull, the choices are bad.

Seriously, anyone who said there is no plot bla bla blah was either old or just kids

As an adult, I think you will feel the moral of the story is compelling and reminding us the meaning of growing up and be a grown up.

The plot, such as it was, again centered on the friendship between Vanellope von Schweetz and Ralph but they crammed so much product placement and distraction into the movie, (feeling the need to waste screen time on every meme since the dawn of the internet), that they settled for a disappointingly simple 'friends go on adventure, friends fight and they are friends once again by the end credits'.

After only 6 years of living her dream, V is "bored" of Sugar Rush.

Whereas this second effort might actually be overall more entertaining than the first go-round, it is severely lacking in the "originality" department.

Why would the star of her own game want to leave it?

It's a very boring movie from start to end.

There's no plot to uncover.

Although this movie has a lot of good qualities like the animation, voice acting, cinematography, songs, the rest for me either felt boring and unspecial to me.

While the movie seems unable to weave the cute, clever, funny, and heartwarming threads into a single garment, overall the experience is quite enjoyable.

The script is definitely gripping and thoroughly entertaining.

Wreck-It Ralph 2 has everything you need, it's really entertaining, stunning visuals, dramatic, groundbreaking sequences and I've enjoyed it so much!!

Eventually the army of Ralphs come together a bit like World War Z before going full Matrix Revolutions and forming a creepy, giant Ralph with empty eyes, and a constantly writhing appearance as the smaller Ralph copies keep moving around.

Zero point or engaging story.

"More than the handling of the world though, what I found truly surprising and compelling about this movie were its themes and the way it handled them.

No need to say, that this movie is enjoyable for all ages.

The main problems with the movie are two-fold: its attempt at messaging satire over the potential dangers of the internet comes off as too heavy-handed and surface-level, and the film can sometimes feel repetitive.

Very fun and enjoyable .

and just are downright boring

Good stuff emojis and cute animals in Internet which is more intriguing plot.

Kids were bored and adults astounded this is what kids films have come to!

This movies was honestly fun for the first half I really enjoyed it.

In the beginning of the film, it felt a bit to slow for me.

The animation is visually stunning and far more detailed than the original.

This is the absolutely most boring animated movie I have ever watched and probably one of the most boring movies in general.

It's funny and entertaining enough, and there are a few good references to look out for amongst the stream of online pop culture.

Out of their element at first, both soon learn how to navigate the net with Ralph memeing himself to make money for the part and Vanellope engaging in online gaming.

People were also complaining about dialog that went nowhere.

The characters introduced were forgettable, the way the story played out was dull and boring.

Don't get me wrong, it had a lot of good moments but I just feel as though so much happened yet nothing happened at all?

We really enjoyed it, so I'm not sure why so many are giving it bad reviews.

Nevertheless, it still would have worked, if had better conversations, compelling arguments and genuine morale conflicts to bedazzle us.

Finished work early and thought I'd pop and see the film as saw the original a while back and really enjoyed it and after seeing the trailer for the second film I thought I was in for a treat.

With Vanellope getting tired of the same predictable racing maps in her game.

Wreck-It Ralph 2 has everything you need, it's really entertaining, stunning visuals, dramatic, groundbreaking sequences and I've enjoyed it so much!!

Lazy, predictable - another Disney hit, of course .

Who can stop your friend who wants more thrilling world than the stable one.

While Ralph is content with his current life, Vanellope admits to being bored with her game's predictability and wishes for something new.

Disappointing with confusing messages.