Rambo: Last Blood (2019) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Adrian Grunberg
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 120 out of 1000 found boring (12%)

One-line Reviews (339)

Here, the entire third-act is one long action scene, and it's entertaining enough to temper much of the political immaturity and distasteful stereotypes that lead up to it.

The first 40 minutes is just boring talking and useless character building.

I get the stereotypical border town bad guys & stuff, and there are some clever blood gushing moments in the showdown, but the whole thing seemed perfunctory and even boring at times.

Boring movie .

He deserved the ending he got and while I found Last Blood entertaining I am really sad for this character.

This script is both rushed and dragged out.

First part reasonnably entertaining, then some sad stuff brings the mighty avenger soldier Rambo back on the scene 🤣 Even nearly momified he will surely manage to strike again in a future movie for a very very last drop of action packed scenes with some drops of very last blood 😉

The entire movie had a slow build up, to finally lead to a couple of minutes of Rambo action; why wasnt it spread out into the film better?

I found Rambo: Last Blood to be a fresh action packed addition to the Rambo films.

Don't waste your time on this piece of 💩!

The predictable events and ridiculous, fictional unnatural naive characters.. People have commented that the gore is awesome or over the top...

Stallone action packed.......

Very entertaining the only criticism is that it seems all to similar to another very popular franchise .

The Rambo series of films has spanned a large period of film and they are so different, so it was with a little surprise that I left the most recent film having enjoyed it as much as I did, even if I did comment to my mate that it definitely deserved the 18 rating!

I gave it 3 stars because the action sequences have some pretty cool moments but, besides that the movie is a waste of time.

The story is basic and predictable, the acting (especially from the support cast) is flat and although the action sequence at the end is well done with plenty of explosions and gory violence, it's too little, too late.

Extremely violent to the point of hilarity in some parts but still well worth watching!

I enjoyed it.

Driven, as it was, as much by a compelling human interest drama mixed with an action film.

Yet though I enjoyed it, I still believe that this movie could have been much more epic if they handled Rambo's character better.

It tries awkwardly to engineer a similar premise but its full of badly contrived plot elements.

Don't waste your time or money .

Incredibly gruesome and entertaining for those action movie fans.

I enjoyed it a lot.

An underwhelming story that's not very 'Rambo' at all, but good acting and emotional scenes still makes it worth the watch.

Indeed, aside from some startling plot twists which shatter conventions and catch you off-guard, virtually everything in the new "Rambo" movie is painfully predictable.

The other movies are still entertaining if I want my fair share of explosions and even a little history lesson depending on the enemy he's fighting.

Absolutely ridiculous and predictable action and bad acting.

We enjoyed it.

Worst movie of the year.

It was an enjoyable movie.

The first act dragged for 30 min without much happening and the second act was pretty slow as well.

Disappointed: fast paced and gory .

I think this movie full of intense action package..i enjoyed so much.

He is using a whetstone but instead of drawing the blade over the stone he presses it forward making the knife more dull.

Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of action (and bad guys will be eliminated in spades, oh yes, very much so), for me it is just an unexpected added value.

However, if you are looking for a thoroughly entertaining and action filled Rambo flick then you may be disappointed.

A flimsy story of a confrontation with a drugs cartel, partially racist material, the most excruciatingly predictable and laughable dialogue you've heard a million times before (the biggest offender in my opinion), and the montage in the end credits does nothing.

Regardless it's a enjoyable swan song for one of the action genres most beloved heroes!

Easily one of the worst movies I ever watched through.

Rambo is starting to slow down at 73.

Really enjoyed it.

Instead what we get here is a computer-made boring and generic TV-soundtrack and The Doors.

The movie may be slow at the beginning, with or without the prologue, it needed to develop the relationship between Rambo with his father's housekeeper, Maria Beltran (played by the Academy Award Nominee, Adriana Barraza, one of the best mexican actresses performing nowadays) and her grandaughter, Gabriela (Yvette Monreal), who sees Rambo as his surrogate father.

Since this ex-Green Beret felt the need to build an intricate network of covered passageways as defense against an impending invasion, his reaction time towards Gabriela's disappearance seems awfully slow for somebody who anticipated that his one-man militia days may not be quite over.

Stunning send off for Rambo.

The story was pointless .

The movie is predictable, too bloodthirsty and with too many script holes.

But the slow build up to the end and how disturbing it is is so gut wrenching and left me so heartbroken for the soldier just trying to live a normal life.

But still entertaining nothing more.

4) Pointless ending, so he's cleaned up a bunch of contractors that have nothing to do with the cartel whilst the orchestrators of said business are back in Mexico getting their junk sucked whilst sucking on cigars and sniffing charlie.

All torque and grit at slow speed, all action and violence when fast.

I understand Rambo wanted to give this movie more about his family than himself but the movie was dragged out way too long to reach the climax.

The action comes as a close second to the incredible character exploration as the most compelling aspect of this.

Nothing happens at any point where you could say to yourself, "that seems a fitting send-off for the character".

" "I felt degraded and dehumanized after I left the theater....

The plot itself was pretty straight-forward, and quite predictable.

I enjoyed it!!

So predictable.

this is an action packed adventure across borders...

The previous Rambo was far better and enjoyable than this half hearted effort.

Only worth watching for the epic ending.

Great, Enjoyable watch.

It was very watchable and made for an entertaining action film and a great finale to the Rambo series.

So I got dragged to this movie unwillingly...

This was just so predictable, you could literally guess the entire film once you see the tunnels around 10 minutes in.

The movie is fast paced, goes quickly around.

This movie is so lazy, so boring.


After watching this film I watch the earlier Rambo movies and I'd say that the plot is very predictable and short.

And still, the movie works with all those predictable things.

The build up is slow, and the it finishes real quick.

Much like with Rambo 4, there are no plot twists, no complications, no Hollywood BS.

Except for the last 30 minutes or revenge, the film was boring.

Boring and Lazy .

Action packed .

This is a fun and entertaining movie.

Things are pretty slow until the niece decides to go see her absentee father across the border before she finally takes off for college.

Action packed.

For me the script is weak, must have been written by a fourth grader mad at his dad, it's predictable, child ask advice, gets advice, ignore advice, gets into deep, deep Poop, if it were me I never would have followed her to Mexico, she would be on her own for thinking she knew more than everyone else.

This movie really got my adrenaline rushing through the end.

Well "Rambo Last Blood" has all the staples of the franchise, nonstop violence and a straight forward plot that's predictable, having watched all the other four movies and what they achieved, some were bad and some have cult state, I went into this not expecting a whole lot, to be honest, I watched for the trademark killing scenes, you just can't get enough of Rambo blowing sh$t up and killing people in a creative way.

He gets tossed around and beat up proving that he's just a man (Although in real life if a 70-something year old man took this beating, he'd be dead), but in the end, Rambo proved that his best weapon is his mind (Despite how wacked out of it he might be)and used it to rage some action packed bloody hell.

The whole movie is a generic, cliché-ridden lead-up to the final 15 minutes of action, which is the only decent and entertaining part.

So boring.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you can get through the fairly slow (and poorly written) first half of this film, the 2nd half is bloody good fun.

This movie starts at a slow pace and gets there, a story that has been told a number of times in different ways.

The film was boring as hell and the 10 minute pyrotechnik show at the end does not save this awful film.

"First Blood" was such a great film with a simple story of a war veteran that struggled to return to civilization, constantly looking for a place to redeem himself for his actions, while "Last Blood" is boring film that is sad conclusion of a franchise.

Weak predictable plot .

Add in solid acting, some beautiful cinematography, and a magnificent film score, and "Rambo: Last Blood" becomes an entertaining and worthy entry in the Rambo series.

Worth watching.

I hate this film because the story is borderline nonsensical, the action is boring and generic, the villains are lame and Stallone looks uninterested.

Being my first time in a 4DX was exciting for a short while.

The movie was only 89min and was still a snooze fest.. I never thought Sly would make a Rambo movie with literally 10 min of action.

Entertaining .

Intense action film and although a little too realistic gory, Stallone is still great as ever, maybe better.

Whilst the film has that enjoyable revenge-driven action movie plot, the shift in tone and story direction don't make this feel like a Rambo movie, certainly not a finale.

So if you like Rambo and want an hour and a half of escapism of liberal propaganda, you'll enjoy it even if you're not a Rambo fan.

Watching Rambo - First Blood now is so much more enjoyable, because you know how this character ends up some four films later.

Rambo is starting to slow down at 73!

It's fun, exciting and celebratory with how it's presented.

Rambo: Last Blood opens with a thrilling sequence featuring an emotionally drained Sylvester Stallone.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Don't waste your time.

While the pacing is unexpected(I've seen others compared to a 70s revenge flick, an assessment I agree with), it's pretty good, as are the technical aspects.

Great entertaining movie.

It was enjoyable to watch, yes, but it was just too predictable.

Wow, that was intense .

So why end one of the greatest action movies on such a predictable and over used plot!

I enjoyed it and now it's time to lay another 80s action hero to rest.

The relationship with his niece is so unbelievable that it destroys a key scene(containing some of the worst lines ever) please don't waste your time on this abomination and watch the 2009 movie again.

riveting .

The early set-up scenes are involving enough, while the HOME ALONE-style climax is a real highlight, but again, I just wish they could have slowed things down and drawn out the excitement of it a bit more.

Movie was entertaining throughout from the very first scene till last one you will not feel that movie is dragged.

The Plot is very suspenseful and dark and Stallone gives a Powerful and emotional performance to the Character of John Rambo,he really touched my heart with his acting.

Seems to me that a lot was lost on the editing floor, as I felt a lot of story was left out involving some of the minor characters, and these are some of the dumbest bad guys you could hope to find, but each killing is more gory and more entertaining than the previous, so it really is entertaining as a revenge flick.

The film itself is a very slow burn, though the last 20 minutes or so do bring back a bit of the gung-ho flair of their predecessors.

This movie is worth watching.. especially heart touching storyline.. i recommend must watch this movie

Pointless and Unnecessary .

The movie doesn't feel boring or bad, instead it's fast paced with well written drama and spectacular action sequences.

I quite liked the start really; thought it would pan out into something gripping.

This is the 2nd best Rambo film in the franchise in my opinion , thoroughly enjoyed it,Stallone kicks some serious ass and looks as menacing as ever

We don't have time to get to know and hate the bad guys, they are just one dimensional, cliche bad guys.

First half of the film: Banal clone of the film Taken with Liam Neeson.

It's just boring, irritating, and very rarely, hilarious.

First act dull - Second act stupid + Someone teach Rambo how to sharpen a knife .

It was an exciting movie without all the political correctness that's included in practically every movie now days.

The duration is far too long and its obvious it was done to save money or cover up the fact they didn't have a story.

I found it quite fascinating at the end where Rambo used Viet Cong's techniques to subdue an overwhelming force!

Trying to make us care about the other characters is also a waste of time.

Slow in the beginning, eventually getting some action with a final battle in the last 40 minutes.

Too many film over think the "political" or cultural aspects of the day and come off as being contrived.

Just a brilliant thoroughly enjoyable good old fashioned popcorn action thriller revenge flick with a heart that is every bit as good as 1 and 4 which are my personal favourites.

Worst movie ever.

If you want to skip to the 70th minute then it might be exciting.

All is quiet until Gabriela is contacted from Mexico by her friend Gizelle (Fenessa Pineda), who tells her she has located Gabriela's father Manuel (Marco de la O), who walked out on her and her dying mother when she was still a child.

Predictable story and the violent climax made the movie laughable:)

Sad story, brutal action packed.

Don't waste your time watching it .

The film runs at 90 minutes WITH the credits, and include a long, drawn out clip show of the previous four films, and, mind bogglingly, the movie you've just seen.

The 2.39:1 aspect ratio aside, and Rambo literally pulling off the impossible in record time south of the border I really don't have any criticism of this flick, its highly entertaining and very satisfying in the end.

Plot is very predictable and thin.

Another pointless chapter in the series that should have never become a series.

Guns, carnage, xenophobia - everything you could want from a Rambo movie; hugely entertaining .

' First Blood' was great classic but each film has been a slow decline and now a slow death.

Bit of a slog to get through the first hour or so but the climax really delivers, with excessive gore and decent action in an intriguing setting, that will have fans of this sort of thing punching the air and giggling like loons.

This method of script writing is old and boring, where are the fresh ideas, if anyone know these morons tell them their script writing SUCKS!

All in all, this is a great, enjoyable movie, 10 out of 10.

The movie is boring , it broke my heart as a hardcore Rambo fan, i expected more action rather drama without zero character development.

Stallone should have retired Rambo gracefully after Rambo III; and Rocky after Rocky V, but instead, he dragged the charachters and killed their grace, respectively.

Very predictable story, seen a hundred times before with low or no acting talent what so ever.

So far every Rambo Sequel is at least enjoyable.

From the start it is a slow build up an that is my only complaint as the first maybe 20mins are a little boring as it tells us about the characters.

It is quite frankly a strong competetor for the worst movie I've ever seen...

Action packed and John J still has it.

The worst movie ever made.

The movie is pretty predictable but I still enjoyed it.

LolWould've also liked to see some graphic nudity and adult action, but still entertaining.

It was predictable, gory and a whole Lotta fun!

Stallone does gives more to the character Rambo this time, his performance is enjoyable to watch.

From the moment Rambo went after the bad guys the story was pretty much predictable.

Good story line tho, action packed once it builds up.

This movie is just plain boring, bad written and predictive.

Anyway, there's some good death scenes in it and I kind of enjoyed it.

"Rambo: Last Blood" is emotional, heartbreaking, exciting and very violent.

Entertaining final 30 minutes.

Very slow and boring from the beginning, awful plot, empty characters, terrible ending.

This film is definitely worth watching as it's exactly what fans would want it to be.

This movie is amazing, action packed the entire movie.

The final act is overwhelming, breathtaking.

It was fast paced like a TV movie.

If you want an action packed film, this is it!

No plot.

I went with my son for a night out to celebrate his 21st birthday and we both enjoyed it.

THIS IS, IN FACT A " RIVETING " watch .....

While still entertaining due to its very gory and visual depiction of revenge, there are some weak points in how the film unfolds.

Truly this movie kind of bored me up till toward the last part of the movie.

That one was entertaining because of the absurdity of the carnage on screen.

Rambo: Last Blood does indeed play out like a ultra violent remake of 'Home alone' with Rambo setting up booby traps all around his property to kill the intruders in some rather gruesome but highly entertaining ways.

Worth watching though.

No real plot, no point.

The storytelling is very mediocre and boring at times, and then, things happen super fast.

Last Blood's off to a slow start; Rambo riding round the ranch on horse back with a Mexican girl he's adopted; bonding with her; keeping 'a lid on it'.

Action packed!!!

The first half is pretty boring and the rest of the movies id pretty predictable, a lot of movies with similar plot.

Yes, the movie was short at 89 minutes, but there was a lot of empty filler material whereby they could have expanded on some of those earlier scenes, created a connection between Rambo and his niece, and showed a lot more planning and "back and forth" by both sides.

What I feel today is that it gets way more intense and dramatic rather than "warfare bullets flying" and "dead men ultra combos"....

One of the worst movies I have ever seen

Save your money.

Adding nothing to the cannon of the story of war veteran turned one man army John Rambo, Last Blood is the type of heartless and pointless exercise that only the most die-hard and desperate franchise fans will enjoy, as the rest of us witness the now 73 year old Sylvester Stallone disappointingly rehash one of his most beloved creations for a story that barely passes the muster as an excuse for a ranch-owning Rambo to spill some more claret.

From an artistic standpoint it's hard to say he accomplished this, but the film itself was moderately entertaining, and though it was hyper-violent--almost to the point of absurdity--it had a bit more dramatic meat on its bones than either Rambo II or III.

The first Rambo films worked even though his mumbling and grunting vocal delivery but this one is the worst, not only due to his often indecipherable dialogue or his wooden acting but more so for the lack of story.

Slow to begin then super violent .

Slow, wooden actors, terrible script.

Complete waste of my time .

It was so incredibly generic and uninteresting (especially in the daylight).

The movie time was 89 minutes they should have made 2 hours movie basically I loved watching that much i found 89 minutes very less for that much amazing film, all i can say its beautiful and must watch for action lover, worth watching.

I walked out of the theater with a smile on my face .

I thoroughly enjoyed it as did my wife and daughter.

Also, the overly used "Taken" plot is tiresome.

It was unbelievable how intense the action in this film was.

I personally think it ramps-up a touch slow.

The plot is extremely narrow, and predictable, and Sly's angry scowl seems permanently embossed on his face as if done with Botox.

I saw it in 4DX and the effects made the action scenes a lot more enjoyable.

If not, don't waste your time.

The action comes as a close second to the incredible character exploration as the most compelling aspect of this.

and its a satisfying end to the Rambo Franchise, But for me it wasn't, i felt it was Bland, just a typical run of the mill action flick, For me the Franchise ended at number four, when John Rambo returned home...

Please ignore all the negative reviews, this is a great action packed Rambo movie.

What a total and utter waste of time, waste of energy, waste of everything you could possibly have wasted.

but man those hours ware preety great I really enjoyed it.

Great job by Gab she was stunning!

I enjoyed it.

No story....

We feel it that Rambo's life could take another direction but both in rambo 2 and in last blood an unexpected death drug him back to the killings.

To be honest I thought this film was going to be a disappointment, but actually I enjoyed it.

As it stands the film feels unbalanced and has an extremely slow and boring first two acts that ends on an action packed finale and the the final moments of the film feel like they should be more impactful than they end up being.

The movie gets right to the point and was a very exciting action film.

Giving him relationships and trying to make us care about him is a waste of time.

When the enemy draws first blood, Rambo: Last Blood gives us a short, but enjoyable run-and-gun movie with an older Stallone .

Despite these floors however the action sequences are perfectly executed and once the pace of the film picks up its more than entertaining enough to spend your time on.

Even so, Last Blood may not be as great as the last movie, it still is very good and I enjoyed it a lot.

It was fast paced and has a whole slew of "holy!

One of the worst Movies of all time .

Grest gore Thrilling in moments Good acting performanceFilm was too short That s about it

The latest, and seemingly the last, is now on a par with his Escape Plan franchise, a sad end for one of cinema's most engaging anti-heroes.

It was intense action packed and unbelievable violent.

This is a slow starter of a movie and be warned there are a lot of subtitles when John gets down to Mexico.

If 'brutal violence for the sake of brutal violence' in cinema is your cup of tea, then there's a faint chance that you may find Last Blood a wee bit entertaining.

The action scenes are intense, gory and the key world in this rambo is revenge and rage when Rambo lost someone he loved and who he cared so much about.

and how dare you hollywood, confusing people with the truth???!.

They shred this movie, but I guess violence is only acceptable in a plotless Tarantino movie (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)!

This movie was slow and bad play by the cast.

The end 1/3 plays out a bit too cliche.

It is different from the last four movies but still an action packed Rambo sequel.

The film could have used more humor, but I actually thought it did a good job at illustrating how empty revenge is.

The cartels and Mexican "bad hombres" are becoming a boring background.

Do not believe the negative reviews, this movie is well worth watching.

Otherwise unbearable.....

Long boring and no empathy for characters at all.

It was a pretty predictable plot.

It is obvious from the first 2 mins what is going to happen, there's no suspense, nothing to keep you interested, don't waste your time...

Gory, Brutal and Bloody but extremely dull.

but i was still happy with this movie andhow it turned out it would been a horror savage brutal violence that would been very good and enjoyable horror Rambo film.

A total action packed with a little drama ,a good screenplay with good acting performances .

But just when you think it IS moving too slow, it get's one step darker, and DOES explode like that aforementioned weaponized confection, delivering some top-shelf, hard-core, DIY, Home-Alone-style whoop-ass to wrap things up.

Instead, this movie seemed more like emotional lallygagging and wallowing, and the majority of the film is spent in intense and silted emotional dialogue between Rambo and his niece, or a villain, or the reporter.

The last 15 min were awesome but till then it was quite slow .

They don't waste much time setting it up or building it up.

While many folks like non-sense violence and gore which this had it and saved for the final scenes but the first 70% of movie was boring.

The gritty character gets a well-deserved finale, and the film provides a dramatically gripping story that keeps you on the edge of your seat and leaves you more than fulfilled by the time it's finished

Entertaining .

Here, we see a bad action movie with profound violence and no storyline.

Very nice character development and backstory, with an increasing level of intense and action as the movie goes on.

But it's also a hugely entertaining film.

I mean, sure, it does have things happening and it's coherent, but it's pointless.

A dull uninspired taken ripoff .

Few actors can radiate the intense rage and fury that Stallone does in this movie.

Bland Average Action Movie .

This has a slow, methodical pace to it, with short bursts of action taking place along the way to build up to the explosive, absolutely flat out fun finale.

Real emotion and very intense scenes.

Still kinda old school 80s, 90s manly movies, it's cheesy, entertaining, all you could want.

If it's a boring Sunday afternoon you could put it on as background whilst you're chatting to friends.

For someone who is 73 years old to be in movie like this is absolutely stunning.

It pauses, way too long in the middle, for Stallone to do his "I can act too" schtick; which had me wondering where the overall rhythm of the film went.

Clocking it at a snappy 89 minutes, "Rambo: Last Blood" swamps us with neither superfluous characters nor complicated flashbacks.

It is worth the watch.

Anyways, great performance of Stallone, who gives all he has, some parts in the movie were unexpected at least for me, and hard to watch, so beware this is not the typical action movie although the plot is simple, and you know how it will end more or less.

I am a huge Stallone fan but I must say off the bat 75% of it wasn't even in English I like to watch movies not read them these must be all bogus reviews to give it a 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10 or 8 out of 10 I wish there was a zero button because that's what I would have pressed I wish I had 89 minutes of my life back because it was probably the worst movie I've ever seen Stallone make and I'm sorry to say that because he makes awesome movies but this one was horrible don't waste your time if you watch this movie watch five minutes in the beginning in the last 10 minutes and that's all there is worth watching in the whole movie

Intense and violent modern Rambo movie .

Bloody still Rated - R bad-ass Rambo action packed sequel, for a Stallone / Rambo fan I love it .

I do) then this is pretty entertaining.

The "Last Blood" is the worst blood and in my opinion, "First Blood" remains as the best story and most enjoyable in the Rambo series.

Entertaining Revenge Movie .

An entertaining film.

Action packed revenge.


Heavy Taken and Home alone influences shape this movie into decent, watchable yet predictable spectacle.

Okay so reading reviews of this i pictured it to be terrible but however as i sat down to watch the movie i became very suprised there was alot of action and adventure and when it wasnt action there were thrills around every corner so unexpected and very fast paced

Waste of time...

I really enjoyed it, story wise and action wise.

No tension, disposable characters, poor acting and boring fight scenes.

To compensate for this boring lack of originality, this film is injected with hyper violence that honestly came off as laughable.

Basically, anyone walking into see some Hoo-rah Rambo action might want to adjust their expectations, because it is such a bad/stupid/boring movie that is dismal and pointless endeavor.

Predictable all round, clunky ,and even the normal dependable action left me feeling short changed.

What a waste of time this was.

But this was THEE best gory and ruthless action packed Rambo of them all!

Ever since Ted Kotcheff's gritty and gripping First Blood, the Vietnam vet has taken an inexorable slide to the cartoon-y and the irrelevant.

The last 20 minutes of this movie will get your adrenaline pumping.

But it's extremely well shot, Stallone gives a predictably strong performance, the action is intense, and none of the problems are so large as to render the film unenjoyable.

Utterly predictable, lousy acting and 73-year old one man army...

For me the script was predictable acting below average, unless you are in it to see Rambo killing people as expected then you won't be entertained.

It even has pretentious language now and then and violence worthy of a Vietnam vet with PTSD, a Green Beret with otherworldly destructive skills.

Just watch Taken at a slightly slower speed so that Neeson sounds like Stallone and you'll have a much better time.

This was a complete waste of time.

It's an unoriginal, but compelling storyline.

Sly could have done something compelling with his aging action hero.

Save for the film's unequalled severe and EXTREME violence, it's an entertaining movie to watch....

Worth watching if you've seen them all, otherwise a skipable action movie.

The action is fast paced, bloody and satisfying.

It was fast paced and less than 90 minutes long so I was entertained the whole way through.

The action will keep your eyes glued to the tv, the drama will keep you on the edge of your seat, and Rambo will have you cheering out loud for him!

He's dull and not intimidating even when he tries to.

Second, the script was a little cheesy and cliche.

The opening scene was very uninspiring (and felt extremely tacked on to the rest of the film) and then 'Rambo' without long hair really threw me.

Schwarzenegger even managed comedy (Twins for example) and even his not-so-good movies, like Kindergarden Cop are still enjoyable and very well watchable, whereas Stallone had some real bummers.

Highly recommend it to people who like justice served cold.

On top of that, the narrative is predictable, stereotypical with rushed finale, filled with plot flaws and generic lousy acting.

Sleek and to the point, it was an entertaining and tough watch at times and the movie delivers the goods in the last third.

"Last Blood" takes more of a slow burn approach to the world of Rambo, and I found that to be a very welcome change of pace.

The beauty of this movie is that it has a simple consistent plot, but on the other hand it has a lot of action scenes with intense violence containing a variety of interesting ideas.

The film is fun and an entertaining popcorn flick.

It was action packed.

This being said, the movie starts rather slow, building up tension.

" John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone)After listening to that trite speech, not much more need to be known that Rambo: Last Blood is formulaic revenge stuff.

very fast paced and excellent moving action movie .

Instead we get a half-baked and uninteresting first hour trying to convince us why Rambo should care about her.

Showing us that John has (almost) adapted back into a regular way of life, with hints of his past still hanging over him in the shape of flashbacks, voices in the head, and obsession of tunnel digging - this tired looking, slow moving Rambo spends his life now looking after his horses and family.

If you want something with "incredible character depth and development" go watch something boring like the shape of water.

It is action packed.

My stomach was filled with butterflies and intense emotions almost throughout the whole movie.

Let me shatter those expectations, too: this is boring on all levels.

This one kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

, and yes it was definitely enjoyable and watchable.

I thought it was going to be boring but it was so edgy, so brutal and so emotionally intense.

Cliché .

While the pacing is unexpected(I've seen others compared to a 70s revenge flick, an assessment I agree with), it's pretty good, as are the technical aspects.

Totally pointless.

Just compare this to Rambo (2008) ending action scene, that was INTENSE.


It was a short but enjoyable blast.

It's a film that's an immensely enjoyable no-holds-barred revenge actioner that's about as interested in political correctness as it is in millennial angst.

While it may start slow, Rambo: Last Blood quickly picks up the pace and soon you feel you are watching a movie from the 80's which highly entertains!

I enjoyed the middle of the film Even tho it was like taken it kept you on the edge of your seat.

certainly not the best movie of the series nor the bloodiest or most violent, but sure entertaining and engaging...

The first hour is very boring.

Most of it was predictable.

Rambo: Last Blood is the kind of movie I expect to watch in the late summer; a short but entertaining run-and-gun action movie with a star that proves he still packs that punch.