Rampage: Capital Punishment (2014) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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A man takes over a TV station and holds a number of hostages as a political platform to awaken humanity, instead of money.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Uwe Boll
Stars: Brendan Fletcher, Lochlyn Munro
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 7 out of 48 found boring (14.58%)

One-line Reviews (29)


Good movies, with engrossing stories distract you (at least the first time watching) from all the mistakes, minor plot holes, camera-work, and things of that nature.

Entertaining to the Max .

This, in my humble opinion, is an excellent and entertaining movie.

I did enjoy the first movie (as well as ASSAULT ON WALL STREET) but RAMPAGE 2 and 3 feel like pointless additions to a film which never asked for a sequel in the first place.

The first RAMPAGE was an unexpectedly entertaining and interesting movie.

I agreed with most of the points made but the violence the main character seemed to indifferently inflict took away so heavily from the message that rooting for such a deranged character became pointless.

Having seen the original and considering a very refreshing and entertaining film, one had expectations about this film.

The most cringe-worthy scene being a bizarre sequence in which Bill (who Boll is clearly trying to build up as an anti-hero) goes on a bizarrely contrived rant against yoga of all things, making tenuous random thought-connections in order to justify violence against an innocent woman.

This film is still a solid watch if you were a fan of the original and the performance of lead Brendan Fletcher is still very thoughtful, and engaging.

Genuinely engaging murder rampage .

While I disagreed with the premise, the plot had a simple purity and made for a pretty viciously entertaining movie.

Sure, there wasn't as high a body count in the sequel compared to the first movie, but the dialogue in the sequel was more intense, and there was a lot more thought put behind it.

I really enjoyed it.

") and yet it still stands on it's own feet, and hits you with such dangerous, unpredictable plot points.

Bloodbathing and somewhere gratuitous violence show, I totally agree, this remains a very realistic and bold speak against the world of today, a world of hypocrisy and lies, of bribery and people brainwashing, of population slow assasinatioin thru food, starvation and medication, a world of destruction.

The main character's motives, which were so clear and sinister in the first film, have suddenly become a pointless splatter of insipid demagoguery.

This isn't a movie, it's a load of youtube videos made by bitter weirdos mixed with scenes of tedious violence.

I wasted an hour watching this, hoping to see some fun action, some random senseless violence, etc. What I got was a slow, unfocused planning phase, and a "domestic terrorist" whose message is exactly what Hollywood and the mainstream media would tell you themselves.

The film is predominately confined to a single location (the television studio), which presents a good opportunity to build a sense of dread through isolation and claustrophobia, but the boring shaky-cam camera-work and haphazard guidance of Boll do nothing to build off of this.

He's intense, frightening and natural in the role, and he makes a great villain.

forced, contrived and preachy, it feels less like an honest effort from a filmmaker, and more like the pretentious ramblings of a first-year film-student's thesis work.

It also has it's usual action and carnage which is exciting.

While the first one had more of the Rampage stuff going down with the mayhem and all, I found the discussions and interactions to be more engaging.

So I ask you to ignore those reviews and just enjoy an enjoyable movie.

Mr. Boll's first Rampage was a pointless rage against humanity.

there is something like that, but in much more boring way.

It is still a decent mass murderer movie, unfortunately with some propaganda in.

I myself think of the movie is worth watching.