Rango (2011) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Rango is an ordinary chameleon who accidentally winds up in the town of Dirt, a lawless outpost in the Wild West in desperate need of a new sheriff.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Gore Verbinski
Stars: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 78 out of 361 found boring (21.6%)

One-line Reviews (337)

It had an OK story plot but I got bored in the movie.

Pointless exercise.

For one, the beginning is a little boring and does take time to get fully invested in.

There is something so lovable about how Depp plays Rango; he is funny, skittish, over-the-top in his mannerisms, and is essentially what makes this movie worth watching.

Thirdly, I love how the director made it seemed that the movie is going to have an unexpected end at the 'professional' parts.

Can we have "Rango" as an entertaining animation with cute and cuddly characters please?

Bland and Overdone Formula .

Ultimately though it was predictable and really kind of slow.

Time passes, you fight your boredom, Good Hero fights his personal problems, still no fun.

The plot is slow moving and boring at times with crude remarks to try to be funny.

It was slow, violent (including showing a child putting a gun in her mouth, and attempted suicide by walking into traffic - obviously NOT things you want your kids to learn) and too many four letter words to count (i.

Latelly we have a new Depp's movie like almost every month, and since he does the same job all of them, he's getting to repetitive for my taste.

If you are a sucker of the genre 'Western' ( those lull before the storm moments, those slowly rotating noisy fans, those dimly lit bars with filthy looking goons gulping beer, those cow boy hats, those smoking barrels) and a big fan of Johnny Depp, and don't think animated movies are only for kids - you are absolutely going to love this movie.

But she was very disappointed about this movie and she said it was boring by the way she not from Europe !!!

RANGO is one of the most entertaining films I've seen so far in 2011.

Imagine making an animated movie that would appeal to children and then filling it with a completely confusing storyline that acts as a commentary on various subjects (including religion) that would go completely over the head of any child watching it.

The visuals are stunning to look at, with a more gritty approach favored towards rendering the environment and characters as opposed to the polished look associated with most animated films.

) After enduring this movie for about 1 hour, my husband and I finally walked out of the theater--wish we had left sooner.

Kinda funny, but ultimately too slow to be enjoyable .

Overall, Rango is a beautiful and exciting western adventure that you shouldn't miss!

Sure it is no Toy Story 3, or an animation full of emotion, and gravitas, but it definitely provides great animation, STUNNING visuals, great morales, amazing character design, and great western film nostalgia.

My husband and i saw Rango today - when we left the theater we both looked at each other and said "i didn't like it".

It is fresh, original, and fascinating, being completely different to all the CGI movies that came in the previous years.

In the end, once the reason for the disappearing water supply becomes obvious, there's also a bit of an environmental message, but it wasn't preachy at all, and for the most part it was very entertaining.

We all know the story, and we're already bored by it thanks to the tens and tens of movies using the same narrative ingredients.

A great animation worth watching again and again.

The entire time the movie was playing, kids were talking, barely laughing, and many were obviously bored.

If the movie was boring you would at least be entertained by trying to guess where it all came from.

I saw Rango yesterday night at a half filled (or half empty) room.

I kept looking around at other adults who seemed just as bored as i was.

I really enjoyed it, all 107 minutes of it.

There's one scene in this movie at the water Bank,(one that involves opossum) that I really admire, because I know several other animation companies I would have dragged the joke out far too long and made it unfunny.

When we left the theater, every parent had a sleeping child in their arms- so maybe we weren't the only ones that were bored?

The movie joins other films like "Nightmare Before Christmas" and more recently "Fantastic Mr. Fox" as a film that is great for kids and can be even more entertaining for adults.

at just over an hour and a half, at times it felt it was a little too slow paced.

Rango in many ways exceeds Pixar animation, the characters are very distinctive and, although they are cartoony, they are incredibly well done, the scales, fur or feathers of the characters are so full of details that they look like real animals, The whole casting does an amazing job with the characters, especially Bill Nighy as Rattlesnake Jake, which is without a doubt my favorite part of the movie, the movie tells the story of Rango, a lying hero trying to help the citizens of a small Animal town, the story has breathtaking action scenes.

That said, visually, it's stunning, its attention to detail is that of Pixar-quality, it's hilarious at times and a recommendation for all despite it's too-long running time.

The creative energies that were obviously poured into the film really pay off, Rango is funny, polished, and vastly entertaining.

And of course -and this is predictable as well- the role Johnny Depp plays is one off a kind and makes the movie!

The very opening scene with the soon to be named Rango is so clever and unexpected that I thought Nickelodeon had never even screened the movie before being released.

Unfortunately the film's villain is cliché and its narrative arc wholly formulaic, right down to our hero's obligatory last moment crisis of self-belief.

This could possibly be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Over all, I found this film very entertaining with some great animation; one I will definitely re-watch sometime… Recommended.

Adults viewing it will enjoy toting up the movie's clever samplings of "oater" cliché from time immemorial.

I went to go see this movie with my family and I definitely enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Most people should enjoy this film it is very enjoyable on many different levels and as I said visually stunning.

Stunning, dark Depp animated offering is no child's play...

I looked at it more so that they were going for the slower feel of some classic westerns.

It is witty, funny, and action packed, while the slightly crude humour adds a much needed dose of edginess to the genre of "children's films".

Like someone wrote earlier: "DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SHOW!

It's actually sort of dull.

Oh, and there's also a compelling story with Rango becoming a reluctant hero and a Greek-chorus of guitar-playing birds that add to the fun.

It actually gets even a little bit boring here and there, where the pacing kind of sinks in up to the point where it all comes together and starts to make sense again.

A waste of money, especially with the prices of movies (plus concessions!

A very entertaining animation film .

Possibly the most enjoyable film of the 2011 .

Really engaging movie (and yes, even for the 7 year old)!.

Very enjoyable entertainment.

The computer animation was stunning, and it was nice to hear Johnny Depp going back to something oddly familiar.

As for the adults that like to watch these animated movies well enjoy it was a bore!

Frankly dull .

It was boring and incredibly dumb.

Save your money and watch The Incredibles on DVD.

In end the movie became very dull and boring.

Most of the kids in the theater were scared, bored or sad during most of the film.

Rango is just worth watching once.

Engaging and a good life lesson .

This is one of the more entertaining movies I have seen in a long time.

It's entertaining, fresh, cool.

Most of the dialog was convoluted, contrived and complicated.

The script is funny, smart and quirky as well- loved the Chinatown(Ned Beatty based his performance on that of John Huston's), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Star Wars references- the characters are genuine and likable with heart and don't fall into the trap of being too cliché(there are some but it works in the film's favour and I loved the title character), the film goes at a great pace while remaining wholly satisfying at its end with an almost elegiac quality that is there with almost all the best westerns, the slapstick action bounces along nicely and the story is far from formulaic instead it is original and inventive.

The story proper starts when Rango – though at this stage still a nameless house-lizard – is thrown from his safe but bland pet tank in the family car.

Boring and Offensive .

And also admirable is its good dose of exciting gunslinging action & occasional staging of duels that add to the overall experience.

While the storyline is a bit trite and perhaps a bit too much material is derivative (even the score is quite reminiscent of Ennio Morricone), there are enough superlative scenes and humor to make this a worthwhile cinematic venture.

I'm kind of bored watching the same-looking characters all the time.

The scene when Rango and his friends are being chased by bats and gophers is truly breathtaking.

"Rango" is not only one of the best animated flicks that I've seen in the recent years, but also, one of the most enjoyable movies from the recent times.

Rango is overall a very entertaining and fun family movie.

And the result is a very entertaining movie which puts ILM in direct competition with other specialized studios, such as DreamWorks Animation, Sony Picture Imageworks and Animal Logic.

Many scenes were so predictable and dumb.

Ill give it just an 8 and not higher because of the Hollywood boring and predictable ending.

Rango has to be one of the two worst animated films I have ever seen (Shark's Tale being the other) and I walked out after the first 45 minutes.

They were able to create a compelling and interesting character out of a character that, in fact, has no foundation whatsoever.

Rango meets up with many other quirky animals which really gives the movie character and I have to say that the visuals in this are stunning, some of the best out there and it really is starting to get to that point that you forget it is an animation with the scenery and hot dry climate being portrayed looking top notch.

Some people have said they walked out, that's ridiculous!

the clichés are used in fascinating manner.

This is what I call 'brainwashing', and it is despicable, the worst sort of propaganda.

*insert slow clap for ILM folks*Last night my wife and I had the pleasure of checking out an early screening of Rango here in the twin cities.

I find this part some kind of boring.

My only problem with the film was that it felt a little too long and some of the drawn out parts could've been trimmed a bit to streamline the film.

Basically this movie is chalked full of yawner humor.

The animation is stunning, the character design is inspired and delightfully wacky, the story respects the western while also lightly satirizing it.

*insert slow clap for ILM folks*Last night my wife and I had the pleasure of checking out an early screening of Rango here in the twin cities.

High marks in the animation and voice talent, but it is too long .

It is too intense for young children, as evidenced by the number of mothers with bundles running for the exits when the snake appears.

I will definitely be purchasing this film when it comes out on DVD and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the classic westerns of Wayne and Eastwood.

Not being a fan of Westerns, having been bored by a film in the last year that even introduced aliens into the mix and still not capturing my attention, you can imagine my tentativeness to sit through "Rango.

I cannot understand the good buzz this movie has gotten - we my daughter and I walked out about half way through.

Some people have complained about the movie being predictable.

Very little action and a drawn out story line make this a little too adult for kids.

They wont get the subject matter a lot of the time and will get bored half an hour into it and start fiddling around with whatever else they can find around their chairs.

Proving that 3D is a ridiculous and pointless piece of trash (unless used as a gimmick), when Rattlesnake Jake slithers on screen, it feels like he coming straight for you.

Overall, this movie is a really enjoyable movie to watch with family and friends, just don't understand why kids think this was boring.

Visually Stunning....

Although not quite up there with the best of the Pixar films, it's still very entertaining and beautifully animated.

Though at times it's a bit predictable I liked the characters and how each of them plays their decent part in it.

It delivers a painfully hilarious script backed by very impressive voice acting and Gore Verbinski's direction of the film gives it a cartoony and incredibly entertaining flare.

"Rango," to be sure, is a visually stunning, nearly photoreal production of a group of slightly scary ragtag desert creatures in a nearly dead town visited by a bright green chameleon stranger sporting an Hawaiian shirt.

There are no problems with the film's pacing, though the final third becomes way too predictable and may cause a fair share of viewers to look at their watches.

wonderfully entertaining animated spaghetti-style western .

The sequences are action packed and entwined with main plot are many secondary layers of a more philosophical and deep sense of understanding.

Complete waste of time and money.

For an animated movie, then "Rango" was a really, really entertaining experience, and it was one that appeals to just about every age.

The attention to details in the animation was amazing and visually speaking the movie was quite enjoyable.

Unfortunately i was disappointed by Rango - its a boring and unfunny movie .

There was a good cinematography, but the plot was predictable and stretched.

Generally, I did because it was ambitious, whip-smart, engrossing to look at, and lively.

"Rango", a new Dreamworks animation has some good moments for sure, but the movie drags in several places and is overall more boring than exciting on the whole.

I would imagine someone told Depp to "slow down the dialog", probably for the children's delicate comprehension.

Of course, as much as Rango keeps things humorous with their existential studies and Western homages, the movie often dips into the bag of just plain old annoying bathroom humor at times, like fart or burp gags, just to try and get a cheap laugh from the child audience whenever things seem to be going a little slow.

-The story is original, fun and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Don't waste your money on this one.

The animation was beautifully done, the voices were great, and the story was entertaining.

This was the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

Overall this is a movie with a funny, entertaining, semi spiritual, story, and visuals better than what we have today.

My wife and I saw this movie last night and we both enjoyed it.

There is a lot going on in Rango, the plot is much larger and far more compelling than we are led to believe.

Not a family movie, not a kids movie, not funny, boring, and unlikable and undeveloped characters.

The Pirates of the Caribbean series, a series I've never caught on to, I can tell from the first film it was a darker and more serious pirate adventure than the formulaic.

My only criticism of what is otherwise a very entertaining, gleefully wacky and visually outstanding animation is a lack of that undefinable factor "heart", something which I feel is that niggling X factor which Pixar consistently hits and its competitors don't.

This movie was a waste of time and money - my only regret is that we didn't get our money back and walk out.

As the props give out, Rango is crestfallen as he realizes the mundane and anticlimactic world in which he lives.

When I left the theater, I was at a 5/10.

Such a waste of time and money.

When I first saw it at the age of like 6 years old, I enjoyed it.

Really edge of your seat, exciting stuff conjured.

Yes, it's uneven but there's still a lot to like about Rango and at its best, it's quirky and entertaining, at worst, it's predictable and a too long.

Accompanied by a great score, which is to me one of the strengths of the film, and you have a very entertaining film.

Frustrating, boring, odd, scary, slow and difficult to watch in places .

The detail of every last hair on the back of a rodent, every last scale on a lizard, and every last grain of sand in the vast open desert is mind boggling.

Beyond the kid factor, I thought the movie was highly predictable and overall just awkward.

The story structure in Rango is not only common but is also deceivable, clichéd and pointless since it adds no gram of originality.

Because it was so boring, the kids in the nearly sold out theater were antsy and loud the last half of the movie which did not help the experience much.

However the story was, at times, slow.

It's a way better and more entertaining movie that you at beforehand would expect and on top of that, it's great looking and really wonderfully and professionally put together by director Gore Verbinski.

I had such high hopes and left the theater feeling robbed, and completely dissatisfied.

Yet it had it's chuckles as it meandered along it formulaic way to it's predictable conclusion.

Overall a very enjoyable movie that may be a little too mature for kids since the main reason it is enjoyable is because of its story and not for humor.

Rich themes, breathtaking animation and character design, and great voice acting to go along with it.

The film was extremely entertaining and funnier than any animated film I can think of off hand.

The movie has fun with these various different styles of the Western, managing to never fall into spoof territory, but simply remain fun and entertaining.

For them they are left with the lesser part of the film – the empty noise, the fast moving sequences which seem to only exist for the sake of having them – maybe they work, but they are thinly spread over 2 hours, most of which children I guess will be more bored and perhaps annoyed at their parents enjoying it more than they.

At many times it just felt overly drawn out.

and an entertaining raw movie!!

Not only do the characters move convincingly, but the colours look gorgeous and the backgrounds are imaginative and stunning.

Its entertaining, action-packed, funny and sincere.

I watched Rango with my little brother; we both started out enjoying it but fifteen minutes into it we were falling asleep!

Yes, the visual experience is fascinating, the movie has flashes of pure genius, some of the dialog is witty and entertaining, etc...

"Rango" is a fascinating oddity: a meta-Western, heavily larded with irony, sarcasm, cliché, and adult sensibilities, couched in an animated film format that uses the time-honored (some might venture to say "time-worn") plot structure of a movie for children.

Particularly notable too is Verbinski's tribute to the helicopter attack in "Apocalypse Now" in his staging of a thrilling action sequence with flying bats- and this as well as other subtler references will certainly please film buffs.

It's funny, utterly disgusting and highly entertaining.

I had heard reviews that were mostly positive about the film and was worth watching.

An original, and highly entertaining animation.

" Very funny, very enjoyable--both cerebral and slapstick.

And that is what we have here, a cartoon made to amuse adults, made funny for adults, and enjoyable by adults.

The images and characters are just perfect, it's all very creative and visually stunning.

I went to see this movie under extreme protest and it was OK - I didn't like the type of animation used, nor the western theme, but it had an OK story and even though it was pretty formulaic I can certainly see it appealing to a certain type of audience.

The Plot is hard for children to realize and the characters have strange faces(I think it's beautiful and not ugly), at the middle its a little boring but also enjoyable(this is not paradox).

When they go past that point, they get boring.

The storyline isn't anything new, and it's definitely not for younger children, but it's a fun little movie with excellent voice work that is worth watching.

The voicing is well done, and there are several humorous moments that were enjoyable.

This is one of the more entertaining movies I have seen in a long time.

In other words,it's just your regular empty-headed animated feature,and the audience is expected to be in awe just because there are digital characters rendered on screen and acting out real actor's voice over.

Rango can be summarized in a line used by one of its characters 'its entirely predictable'...

and did I mention the design and animation are visually stunning?

Overall, if you're looking for a good animated film to watch, "Rango", is worth watching.

The Worst movie I ever seen.

I even fell asleep it was so slow and dry.

SummaryFrustrating, boring, odd, scary, slow and difficult to watch in places, all words not desirable in a summary for an animated film for younger people.


The amazing animation designs and the sound effects make it rousing and make it a personal favorite of mine.

Dirt's water reserves, stored in the town bank inside a water cooler bottle, is nearly empty, sceptical Beans tells Rango he should investigate where the water has disappeared to.

My wife and I were ready to leave in the middle of the show.

Children around you start crying, you yawn and fun ends.

Because there are people wanting to see an exciting cowboy flick, Verbinski delivers all the goods needed to satisfy the hungry fans from wagon chases to quick-draw dueling.

From the texture of the characters' skin to the cracks in the run-down buildings that make up Dirt, the level of detail that ILM have created is breathtaking.

I actually fell asleep in the movie theater for about 15 minutes!

Also, there is some empty space on the open range in slow sequences leading the slightly film off track.

It is entirely predictable.

It was a surprising blend of fresh and different comedy in unexpected surroundings, capped off by a superlative voice job by Depp and quality work from a cavalcade of stars including Isla Fisher, Bill Nighy, Alfred Molina, Ray Winstone and even Timothy Olyphant pulling off a very worthy Clint Eastwood impression.

The story is very predictable and has been done a million times in a million movies.

ehem, adult type themes, but overall pretty tame and enjoyable.

Depp's Jake is a hapless drifter whom fate sends to a very dry Western town, Dirt, to help the people find water that has mysteriously vanished.


If you have young children, instead of "Rango", where they'll probably fidget, yawn, and whine, take them home and pop SpongeBob Squarepants's "Pest of the West" episode into the DVD player instead.

My eight year old loved the first half-hour, then got really bored and went to play outside.

I have to say a lot of the themes, language and jokes were simply not kid friendly at all - I had little kids with me as it was only PG rated and they were really, really bored by about 45 minutes in.

Equal attention must be paid to animation director Hal Hickel and the ever-improving staff at ILM, as they trade firm handshakes with art director John Bell and production designer Mark McCreery in the successful effort to craft stunning, unforgettable visuals, accented by outstanding lighting, which puts the fruit of the current 3-D, hi-def craze to shame.

While it may be remarkably smart written, the story is dragged around the biggest clichés in animated films.

All in all Rango has managed to combine great jokes, funny characters and stunning visuals within a solid story.

So boring I fell asleep!.

The Sonoran Desert is FULL of fascinating creatures!

The story was very bland and followed the overdone and boring formula of a newcomer in a town lying about his past, becoming an unlikely hero, being revealed for who he really is, get turned on by the townsfolk only to return to save the day.

These films always have lame, action-focused plots that feel repetitive in the extreme, and are chock-full of in-jokes and references for their parents taking the kids along.

Well, I have to admit that the first half of the movie is OK, but when Rango comes in the village, it becomes so boring that I felt asleep.

Rango (Johnny Depp) is starving artist chameleon, always performing for an audience of one (himself) in his safe, yet boring, fish tank.

I got the message, but missed the entertaining part.

That aside, I would consider that it's likely not as interesting for children, being that the humor does get a little macabre at times and between the accent and the highly stylized art direction, the film may seem boring or perhaps a little much.

I looked at it more so that they were going for the slower feel of some classic westerns.

And then, in a crazy moment of shattered glass and slow motion spilling water, Rango revealed itself as a movie of stunning animation and a willingness to get kinda weird.

Miss Bean (Ilsa Fisher)-had a very uninteresting character to me.

I thought was very slow moving and a little boring.

This movie was exceedingly boring, grim, unpleasant, pointless, and somewhat offensive.

On the plus side, there are some stunning shots of the sky, along with a few adventurous scenes with lots of devilish characters.

The animation is excellent in this film, but frankly it's pretty dull.

Super entertaining.

After a few missteps by Johnny Depp, who voices the titular character, he finally found an entertaining way to deliver his almost-too-obvious quirkiness of late.

My favorite part from the movie, was the riveting chase through the dessert canyons, it's a truly epic scene!

Starting with the quartet of the "story-tellers" who keep predicting the death of the main character and finishing with some cliché jokes about cowboys in the Wild West.

But at some point, when Rango become Sheriff, things started to be uninteresting.

It is truly entertaining, the characters are deep and alive.

Visually entertaining, not rated G for a reason.

I feel that the introduction of the main plot of the movie is too slow and you are left with a dusty western town wondering and waiting when will an amazing twist that will turn this boring movie around...

The characters seemed disgusting and the start seemed boring and so I watched it just coz I dint have any other.

While these things seem so cliché to the Western film, the way everything is mashed together makes it feel fresh.

Rango is the most boring film I've ever seen in my life.

Confusing, right?

But they managed to make the character likable and entertaining.

The only thing I found entertaining about it was the Mariachi band of Owls and how the characters looked and stayed in tune: spitting, revolting, and walking like cowboys.

Me and my girl friend enjoyed it very much after some disappointing animations such as Despicable Me and Megamind.

Where they are trying to create an entertaining movie for kids and adults with a much deeper message.

An homage to a former Depp film that was completely unexpected came across very well.

" plus the story seemed pointless.

Stunning animation, very strong, worthy, who many will remember forever!

After being appointed sheriff, Rango is given the opportunity to live out the exciting life he had always dreamed for himself.

Complete waste of time and money.

Even though the storyline is pretty predictable, the way the storyline is presented is new(ish).

We all understand Rango is a perfect reason to pay homage to one of the greatest eras in film history, however, was it necessary to offer a predictable and pointless story?

Depp may be a most perfect hanger for film personas, but they do start to feel somewhat empty inside.

He happens upon a town called Dirt and as predictable formula goes, he puts on a charade as to who his true nature is.

After The Ring and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Gore Verbinski brings us another highly entertaining movie, this time with something slightly different as it is an animated movie.

But the most incredible thing is that he find a way to make this wild ride something enjoyable and entertaining.

Rango is completely empty, void of any kind of interesting background save for the one he creates for himself.

It is a standard Western, the plot is predictable, the villain obvious, that gives 10-2 = 8 score here.

Though there are problems about the story but it's dark, crazy, and exciting.

Save your money and your time and rent Shrek instead.

But what "Rango" dangles primarily on is on its dull narrative.

They all were entertaining and made the movie very enjoyable.

Visual art and character design deserve some attention too, and the atmosphere is also stunning.

But this is part of the problem, the movie becomes too intelligent and a bit self indulgent in wanting to cram in so many western references and as a result I just don't think this is a movie many kids will enjoy or anyone who has seen many westerns like me.

It was just raw and boring.

Rango spends the entire film struggling with his lack of identity and his search for meaning in life may bore younger viewers, or go over their heads entirely.

The other option is that they were trying to create a really bad, boring western.

My children fell asleep.

Stupid, crappy, exhausting, long, boring, miserable, despicable, despicable, etc.. Hated it!

Overall, it's beautiful, but it moves along too slow.

But when this actor finds himself lost in the desert as a fascinating stranger in a small desert town called Dirt, he can fashion himself as a rough-and-tough, gunslinger named Rango, and be whatever the people want so he wont be alone.

Basically, my husband and I were bored a lot of the time.

The story is actually quite simple and also quite formulaic, once you start thinking about it.

As for me, Rango was one only hero, who was making fun and entertaining the public.


What a boring movie.

Highly impressive animated feature which is tame enough for the youngsters and surprisingly entertaining and thought-provoking for adults.

Which also brings up how dynamic and uncommon the plot is, the film shows another side to an otherwise uneventful story by giving the audience a peek into Rango's personal struggles with keeping up his lie, the film is also accompanied by an example of animation that is well above par.

My kids found it boring and confusing, except when it was scary and violent!

Great animation + funny characters + bad scenario = boring movie .

The adventures of Rango and the other denizens of the town are a fun story and the way everything comes together is compelling enough to make for a fairly long film - and there's plenty of space to introduce events that mimic other classic films, paying tribute to the better things that film industry has to offer.

Then the water goes missing… Rango was… unexpected.

The protagonist and his quest to realize who he is takes everyone on a riveting journey.

It also has a decidedly cynical sense of humour which is only eventually muted in the formulaic climax.

I think it's the best looking animated film to date, the CGI animation is breathtaking!

But the journey is enjoyable and has some pretty amazing setpieces, which I won't spoil here.

Apart from that, this is a good film that had me entertained from start to finish and it provides a exciting western adventure for everyone.

It's a bizarre trip that just might be entertaining if I was stoned out of my mind.

But, after a while, it all gets 100% predictable and boring.

I always had mixed feeling about the filmography of Gore Verbinsky (I think that "The Ring" and the Trilogy of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" were decent, entertaining pop-corn flicks) On the other side, I thought that "The Mexican", "Mousehunt" and "The Weather Man" were awful films, lacking of any artistic or entertaining value.

The visuals are off-putting at first (many of the character designs are really unappealing) but do eventually provide some stunning images, particularly when the film goes down slightly surreal paths.

Surprisingly the action sequences are very entertaining, which did to some extent make up for some of the lack of comedy.

Its a super-ugly, awful, awful movie and a complete waste of 107 minutes of my life.

He is doing a fine job of entertaining himself although he knows that there is more to life.

Very slow start, could have done w/o the opening 20-30min.

Looking at modern animation nowadays, i am sorry to say, this cartoon has more clichéd elements and more uninteresting characters that are lacking both in terms of depth and intelligence (seriously, is this how they want to fool the kids?

I found it more than entertaining and a likely candidate for repeat viewings.

My husband and I were bored silly during the first half.

Rango is entertaining and enjoying with some great animation and action.

Personally, I loved the character designs: Some people find them "ugly", but the "ugliness" of the characters is done in a beautiful, stylish way: All of them have a unique, strange appearance that makes them appealing and fascinating.

The more you know about movies and American myth, the deeper the movie's roots go, and even if you don't, the movie it still very entertaining.

He's boring and annoying.

Entertaining, Original, and Worthy Of An Oscar (which it won!

Stunning western!

The story is simple and nothing really unique, but it goes on way too long.

Rango is a cute lizard that is lovable and entertaining.

It made me laugh, it made me sad, it was visually stunning, and the story was refreshingly new.

My wife fell asleep, thank goodness she doesn't snore.

Industrial Light & Magic's first foray into the world of animation hits all the right notes for Rango is an endlessly fascinating recreation of the Wild West that brims with cutting-edge animation and is just as accomplished in its technical aspects as it is structurally sound in its narration.

Anyway, this is a cute and entertaining animated movie, the theme being that whoever controls the water, in the desert, controls everything.

This is some of the most stunning animation I have ever seen, it is fluid, and the facial movements are spot on in relaying the emotion.

Boring at best .

He is creating a storyline where after being faced with exciting events, he is the hero.

Verbinski directs with a snappy, take no prisoners sense of humour, throwing joke after joke after one liner after tongue in cheek nod at us, until we feel so bombarded with fantastic imagery, brilliant voice acting and just plain fun, that we more than feel like we're getting our money's worth.

Still okay for children though, they will probably find it funny if they can sit through the slow scenes.

From then on Rango begins a slow plot-line descent into the curse of modern movie making: Chase scenes, shootin' guns and flyin' bullets, explosions etc. A curse it seems 90% of the new movies I see fall into.

Many things were unrealistic, and just overall pointless.

I expected some visually stunning characters coming from the genius of Industrial Light and Magic.

The opening alone is surreal and priceless (and might be confusing to kids).

I can see that dude as terrifying, and there's one of very intense scene with him where he says a couple words you don't want your baby hearing.

Boring and pretentious .

a boring .

The dessert animation felt so dry and empty that it left me parched by the end of the movie.

The seven year old didn't get those references--but he truly loved the story line, and the visuals were stunning to him.

I went expecting to see a fast paced, funny, western cartoon.

A complete waste of time and money!!!!.

The gunslinger, bar scene is suspenseful and masterfully "lit".

I honestly cannot fault this movie it was hugely entertaining and my kids loved it and although it is directed towards the young ones there's plenty here to engage the more cerebral of you......

Pointless garbage .

Gore Verbinski directs a masterfully written story with undercurrents about the harsh realities that we may have to face in the future and are facing already in the presentHats off to RANGO for being brave, funny and completely entertaining throughout the 90 odd minutes and being a mirror to all those people who need to come out and find out who they actually are.

Rango is funny, childish, satiric, ironic, sarcastic, philosophical, emotional, visually stunning...

at just over an hour and a half, at times it felt it was a little too slow paced.

Lest you think I'm alone in this opinion my wife said she found herself falling asleep as well and when she turned to tell me, while in the movie, saw that I was dozing.

The story line is basic; Majority of it slow and leaves you waiting for a punch line.

ehem, adult type themes, but overall pretty tame and enjoyable.

And it did start off a bit boring and slow.

The movie is so boring I actually found myself falling asleep.

This film manages to be above average while excelling at nothing in particular, which at the least makes it entertaining and possibly even worth a rewatch from time to time.

If you get past that than you will have the pleasure to see one of the most funny and entertaining movies made this year.

The movie also was soooo slow moving.

When he determines that his latest show needs some intense conflict, he finds himself flung from his tank and on the side of the dry desert road.

If you get past that than you will have the pleasure to see one of the most funny and entertaining movies made this year.

Fortunately, you got yourself a viewin' of Rango to keep you ahead of the herd, in this exciting tale of precipitation-challenged survival and the mystery that ensues!

A great movie with excellent animations, well timed humors, intense chase scenes and a nail biting final showdown,.. this movie has it all...

I expected another boring badly animated something, But after a first few minutes I realized that this thing is actually worth watching.

The spirit of the late, great Sergio Leone runs through this wonderfully entertaining animated spaghetti-style western.

But Verbinski's greatest accomplishment is in creating a fascinating world intricately designed with so much rich detail.

The opening twenty or so minutes is just very dry and "Rango" doesn't find its footing.

I did, however, leave the theater really wanting a drink of water!!!

Rango is a typical western feature that is seasoned by some new spices and flows with genuine emotion which keeps it upbeat despite of its predictable script and seen-this-seen-that conflicts.