Rasbhari (2019) - Drama, Romance

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Nand is amongst the rush of men who pursue Shanu, the new English teacher in Meerut. Upon his discovering her supposed alter-ego, the sex-obsessed spirit of Rasbhari, their relationship ...

IMDB: 1.9
Stars: Swara Bhaskar, Sunakshi Grover
Length: 22 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 90 out of 420 found boring (21.42%)

One-line Reviews (142)

Though story seems confusing but entertaining

No storyline, nothing in the show .

No story , no acting , swara bhaskar is below C grade actress .. Please stop making such useless series or movies

Worth Watching .

Very boring too.

Total waste of time and zero entertainment.

Bakwaas.. Waste of time.. .

Worst acting by swara bhaskar, don't buy , waste of money.

don't waste your time watching this.

Don't waste your time to watch this

And bit boring.

Complete waste of time .

A waste of time.

Waste of time .

It's too boring and acting very bad.

No Story..Bad acting .

No story, seems like pirated alt balaji.

Don't waste your valuable time for this.

Bakwas, boring.

The Plot is also exciting.

Its waste of time to watch.

Full waste of time and better watch more fruitful web series which makes u satisfied as if u have read a novel

I've watched this with many hopes and excitement but found it boring, time wasting.

The storyline is a Bollywood cliché of a ghost possessed woman.

Completely waste of time.

Worthless and waste of time.

Don't waste your time on this series .

utter waste of time .

Don't waste your time.

No Story , no acting .

No story line and worst acting by Swara Bhaskar.

There is no storyline.

Waste of time.

very entertaining .

Very good and entertaining series swara's acting is very good and sexy

Unbearable over acting.

It's naughty, fun, exciting, I watched it in a day.

Dont waste ur time here....

Waste of time .

Awesome and Entertaining .

A total waste of time .

Total waste of time .

Very Vulgar and boring .

This series is a disastor and total waste of time.

Please don't waste your time watching this series!!

Awesome and entertaining series , dont be carried away by Bharat Jalao party IT Cell.

It was an entertaining watch.

Awesome series, worth watching Swara's acting is good as always.

Dont waste ur time watching this....

No plot whatsoever.

But I can't judge her on that, I will judge with her acting bcause she is also a very nice person and the series is also full entertaining.

Super boring storyline and bad performances .

Absolutely stunning performance

Don't waste your time.

Waste of time, please don't even think of watching it

Worst one ever seen, totally waste of time..I won't suggest you to waste your time.

Complete waste of time.

It have no story no content only vulgar scenes.

The series is enjoyable, harmless, simple and will leave you smiling at the end.

When a raunchy comedy set to impact people's ideology runs so slow it will loose it's punch.

Don't waste your time .

)I enjoyed it.

Don't waste your precious time C grade web series Worst, useless like it's actors

Overall Good and enjoyable .

Swara Bhaskar's acting is what makes you watch a Bollywood cliché, Ayushman and Rashmi too played their part well.

Waste of time .

Waste of time .

Don't waste your precious time on this movie.


Don't Waste Your Time .

Waste of time .

Entertaining .

Please don't waste your time.

Guys please don't waste your time.

Boring and waste of time .

Please don't waste your time

Mind blowing everyone should watch.


No story, no content, cheesy dialogue.

Waste of time .

Super boring .

waste of time .

Worth watching.

Totally waste of time .

This show is worth watching and its very entertaining.

Total garbage and waste of time.

Waste of time.

Waste of time..


Don't waste your time watching this idiotic web series..

waste of time....

Worst one ever seen, totally waste of time.. .

Confusing and not a good ending.

Don't waste your time, there are many other movie/tv series to watch than wasting time in this one.


There's no plot, no acting, whole series is about sexualising women and cheap entertainment.

Don't waste your time on this stupid series the lead actress doesn't even know a of acting

Seriously this was a total waste of time.

Waste of time, boring, better take rest or check out some better entertainment than this.

No story just kachra.

Student-teacher sexual boring and lousy story with poor acting.

Very entertaining.

Unbearable Cringe .

What a bore, my testosterone took a kamikaze dive.

Sawara bhaskar has done worst job in this , no story, no acting, no sense ,useless

Dont waste your time.

Waste of time.

Completely filthy, waste Of time, never going to watch it.

Boring with Worst Acting .

Don't waste your time to watch this stupid show.

A worst movie...

Don't Waste Your Time.

Worst movie .

No story, no acting.

Entertaining series .

Totally waste of time .

Entertaining series .

this is a fun, enjoyable show.

Too boring.

It's funny and thrilling at the same time .

No story line and bad acting by Swara.

Its just boring and the acting is also not worth.

Waste Movie and waste of time .

Acting of swara bhaskar is mind blowing, scripts remind us our childhood days

Enjoyed it immensely.

This is really a waste of time as the rating suggests.

Worth watching .

Don't waste your time, kickoff swera bhaskar who make this type of third grade series

Couldn't get past the 3rd episode , its boring and cheap

Worth watching .

Worst waste of time .

All I Wanna Say Don't Watch This, This is Waste of time

Its very entertaining.

Waste of time .

There are many good content on Amazon and other streaming devices Don't waste your time on this

Was bored from the get go, and then I reminded myself of the sunk cost concept, and abandoned this in time.

Swara was mind blowing ...

Waste of time not good series this is totally C grade series

What a waste of time!

Exciting series.

waste of time.

Useless, pathatic, waste of time, why to caste useless actors?