Rat Race (2001) - Adventure, Comedy

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A Las Vegas casino magnate, determined to find a new avenue for wagering, sets up a race for money.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Jerry Zucker
Stars: Breckin Meyer, Amy Smart
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 63 out of 501 found boring (12.57%)

One-line Reviews (173)

This is an original,rioutous piece,with one of the most intriguing concepts in a long time.

Its dumb, boring and unimaginative, you get the feeling they wrote it as they went along.

Some boring patrons and a excentric tycoon who run a casino choose by random a group of individuals which engage in a race to get 2 millions dollars.

How refreshing is this film when compared to the worn out 'romantic comedy' predictable recipes!

Genius appears in unexpected places...

This movie was one of the worst movies i have seen in a long time.

In the movies, it is a cheap way to get out of being accused of advertising greed, and winds up as little more than a boring end to a bad movie.

It certainly is a good cause, but it is entirely uninteresting.

The movie was definitely just set up for a lot of funny mishaps between the different,this usually bothers me when the story is set up just for laughs,most of them being visual,but I overall enjoyed in in this,it was fast paced and spaced out the amount of time for each character well.

A joke is, by definition, an unexpected solution a stupid person found for an insoluble problem.

In the end, only the usually frenetic pace keeps Rat Race from becoming a bore.

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

There are a few surprises, and the movie takes a lot of unexpected, very funny turns.

and Rat Race is really boring.

Entertaining with a big fat capital E .

Overall, an entertaining movie with a good cast and above-average jokes**1/2 out of ****

If you fall into this group, eat lots of fish before you spin this one - you'll probably find it hard to follow the plot, too subtle, and too much of an intellectual challenge otherwise.

Wow, what a fast paced, terrific movie .

Worth watching on video.

Not a very good film in sum of its parts, but still somewhat enjoyable.

Waste of 2 hours of my life .

Rat Race is a incredible movie and I really enjoyed it.

There are also a fair few unexpected twists in the story - the Barbie museum scene and even the end of the film were two bits I certainly didn't see coming.

With the exception of the few funny moments the rest is just to boring.

altogether, well worth full price admission and yes, the ending is somewhat unexpected and totally enjoyable.

Do yourself a favour and save the money you would pay to rent this and spend it on something else.

The beginning was boring.

This film struck me as some sort of self-indulgent inside joke, geared more towards the producers than the audience.

This movie has probably a dozen really good laughs, each following the slow buildup, and those little details can be important.

The opening credits are bizarrely fascinating - during them, I cheered for Vince Vieluf (who portrayed the "other" Cody brother), because he graduated from the same high school I graduated from.

The insanity that ensues ends up being tedious instead of humorous and the film just doesn't know how to end...

This is only the 3rd movie that I have ever walked out on.

The only film showing I ever walked out of.

The plot is great, keeps taking unexpected turns and keeps you wondering what's next.

All in all, it is most definitely worth watching, and for certain a must in any dvd/video collection.

A funny and enjoyable movie.

It is worth watching if you want to watch a movie without having to use any brain cells.

It's energetic, irrelevant, and entertaining.

The most surprising thing about this plodding, appalling comedy is the amount of critical attention it has been given.

This movie is really entertaining, of course the various characters are all well chosen and the story is well worked out.

Some great characterization could have been put to use in this sort of road-trip film, but it seems that the screenwriter fell asleep on the job.

It's a gag only producers called Zucker could get away with, and to say it was contrived is being kind.

" It even has a disjointed, unfunny, christian moralist feel to it that undermines itself.

He was pointless, characterless, n the time should have been given to the other hilarious characters instead.

Breckman sometimes sets up jokes that don't pay off until a half-hour into the film, lines and moments feed off of one another in a fast-break comic circle, and Zucker keeps it all crackling along with such confidence that the payoffs, when they come, seem both unexpected and inevitable.

The movie critics worked their magic and the theatre was half empty on the 1st Saturday/prime time viewing.

Also performances from the stunning Amy Smart are great, too.

that brings me neatly to my next point, the film is far far too boring and entirely predictable.

The plot sounds reasonable, the cast alone should have guaranteed a side-splitter, but whoa there; apart from the 'off the wall betting events' this was quite a bore.

Overall, Rat Race is a very enjoyable comedy, and most of the scenes are very very far fetched.

Jon Lovitz, can you say any one of his boring bits from Saturday Night Live?

Probably like Flavor of the Month that people are long-since bored with.

A very entertaining 3/4 of a movie .

The cast is top notch, the comedy well timed and extremely unpredictable in places that make it very refreshing to watch.

It becomes such a bore that one's only hope was for it to end ASAP.

In fact, if you are an elderly person ( past fifty) DEFINITELY skip this waste of time.

Some great set pieces and unexpected twists.

Very Funny & sometimes Unpredictable .

The only point in the film that was slow was the first five minutes (Introductions).

But heck I've seen a million duller films than this.

Easily the worst movie I've ever seen...

Overall this is a highly entertaining romp, just be prepared for some silliness and a few bad scenes as well.

They made it look like it was going to be funny and fast paced.

Rat Race was Fast Paced .

There are so many scenes to treasure, but Jon Lovitz's brilliantly contrived appearance at a WW2 veterans' rally takes some beating, and all the scenes with Cuba Gooding and the I Love Lucy appreciation society are priceless.

Altho some people have said it was preachy or too contrived, I say it was the best way to close out what had been two hours of nonstop riotous laughter.

It's a kind of movie that is stupid and predictable.

A simple plot, but some fine comedic acting, mainly from Gooding Jr, elevate the film so that it's highly enjoyable.

However, there are also a number of very funny parts, with some of the situations Randy Pear (Jon Lovitz) gets into with his family, how Owen Templeton gets a bus driver to give him his clothes, the "Deep Voiced Lucy", Enrico Pollini's (Rowan Atkinson) adventure with medical services driver Zack Mallozzi (Wayne Knight) and the human heart, etc. Because of gags like this, I can say that despite the dull moments, at least I laughed, which is more than I can say about SOME comedies I've seen in recent years.

It's clear that a mass travel to a single location is not the foundation of a good comedy, so they decided to throw in this ludicrous scene where Duane Cody (Seth Green) and his idiot brother get their jeep dragged up the sonar station at the airport in an attempt to ground all flights so that their opponents will not be able to fly to the location of the money (and if they had caught their flight in the first place, the movie would have been over in minutes and we would all have been spared).

In between, though, Zucker maintains the pace beautifully and what could easily become a tedious string of crashes and near-crashes is instead, enjoyable throughout.

One of the most enjoyable movies of the past few years.

Very funny and entertaining.

Very funny and entertaining.

While some concepts are initially promising (a dumb guy who has trouble speaking because his tongue is pierced, an NFL referee who is hated by many after blowing a coin toss, a Jewish family man who hates Nazis so much he still won't buy a VW), the execution is dull.

What a waste of time.

There were some small parts where the jokes dragged a little bit and the timing was too slow, and the ending doesn't give a big enough pay-off for a hilarious movie.

Mr. Bean falling asleep standing up, then hitching a ride with a guy delivering a heart transplant, and that situation ending up with the heart in a dog's mouth and the transplant driver considering Mr. Bean (who's revealed to have no family) as an immediate replacement heart donor.

PS: If you rent it on dvd and you liked the movie, the deleted scenes are worth watching because you'll want to keep on laughing.

The few fun moments just cannot drag this work into the realm of "enjoyable.

Nice and funny film, suitable for laughing out loud while the cast of actors is excellent with the great Rowan Atkinson, Cuba Gooding Jr. The plot is really crazy and exciting, the film then there is no vulgarity.

Huge waste of time for yours truly.

but still very enjoyable along with some nostalgia (about 4 viewings)

Well paced, appropriate ending, hilarious acting, what mroe could you want in a fun, entertaining movie?

Spotty, but mostly entertaining .

Just watched on regular TV n I totally agree with the other reviewers opinion that it was a complete waste of time having Rowan Atkinson in the film!

It's great to watch all the pratfalls the different characters find themselves in along the way,and some scenes will have you on the edge of your seat with laughter.

It is visually stunning and gets the message across cleanly and quickly.

Quite enjoyable.

But I would have expected something a little more unexpected although the final zinger to Cleese was a nice touch.

The humour was disjointed and juvenile, and seemed like a series of half baked gags held together with lumpy glue.

Mad World is over three hours of comedy performed by the best comedians of the day.

you may get heart attach from excessive your laughsThat's all what I can say 'bout this movie .. ' WORTH WATCHING 4 UNSTOPPABLE LAUGHING ' BYE4NOW

Don't waste your time or money on this.

The reason these situations are so funny are because they come totally unexpected and totally absurd; knowing what happens I doubt I would laugh at it all again.

While Enrico, a narcoleptic, is falling asleep in the middle of airport terminals, the Pear family is having their own share of misadventures.

Ignore the bad reviews - this is thoroughly entertaining.

If you are a fan of slap-stick that has terrible writing, awful acting and cliche after cliche this one is for you.

i found that this film had a lot of good moments i nit and that it was quite funny and interesting to watch for a couple hours but their was some boring filler in there so thats why i gave it a 7 out of 10 i think if u are letting kids under the age of 10 watch this film that parents should be with them when they watch it .

The dialogue is boring mindless and never surprising or amusing.

The movie successfully tells an original, entertaining story, full of interesting characters and imaginative humor.

Simply put, Rat Race is one of the most enjoyable, funniest movies I've seen in a long time.

The colourful onscreen antics of the wacky racer characters were fun and like I said, entertaining to watch.

I only saw this film by accident and I'd never even heard of it until ten minutes before it was shown on television, but I felt that it was worth watching, overall.

My favourite storyline is either Jon Lovitz,mainly because the dialogue between him and his wife and kids was hilarious and if they had their own Vacation type of movie I would definitely watch it,or Cuba Gooding Jr.,his character was really funny because of how competitive he was and I found the situations he was put in some of the most enjoyable,also it was a very different role him.

From John Cleese telling all the racers that there was a meteor about to hit earth to Rowan Atkinson's character falling asleep in the middle of a road.

Nick Shaffer (Breckin Meyer) is the plays-by-the-rules guy gone bad and is, as such, a bit dull though he's nicely balanced by the psychotic helicopter-flying Tracy Faucet (Amy Smart).

The film's introduction to Vera Baker and Merrill Jennings is rather tedious and not that funny, and perhaps it takes a little too long for the race to begin.

Worst movie i have ever seen.

Most other people at this web site seemed to have enjoyed it though so I guess you should take a look for yourself.


Entertaining and Just Plain Fun .

It was so predictable and banal in its stupidity that I was literally uttering the characters next lines in advance during some parts of the movie.

Overall, it is one of the most entertaining movie I've seen.

unexpected funny.

A solid ensemble cast and lots of novel ideas make this cross-country race very entertaining and engaging just about all the way through.

worst movie ever - bar none .

Overall, a totally enjoyable movie to watch.

Even a horror film that has no scares can be unintentionally funny, and therefore entertaining, for cryin' out loud!

there are two somewhat amusing scenes, one of which is unpredictable the other very predictable.

Still a very funny movie 😁 had me in stitches 😁 one star off for Rowan Atkinson's pointless attribute!

Bored millionaires looking for new ways to wager their fortunes will be entertained by the antics of these willing participants, as you may also.

For the people who have reviewed this and left comments of praise and adoration I can only wonder if perhaps they actually saw a different film from the trite I watched.

Great entertaining laughs .

I,however, hated nearly every frame of that over-inflated bore and would not foist it on my worst enemy.

John Cleese manages to deliver some of the only funny lines in the entire film through his comical dentures, but still sinks far below his talent in this borefest.

Both were tiresome....

The story does take unexpected turns and it is fun to see how Rowan Atkinson does his magic again with his character.

There are a few offensive performances in the movie, but none stand out as much as Cuba Gooding, Jr. The sheer banality of his acting should cause the Academy to revoke his Oscar.

It is a series of vignettes filled with boring, silly, humorless pranks.

I can tell that my children enjoyed it because they watched it a second time before the video had to be returned.

I highly recommend it for anyone needing a short vacation from reality.

If you just want a fun and action packed movie, this is a very good choice.

" Save your money and buy a six-pack instead.

Worth watching, though you'll never look at praire dogs the same way again.

The skillful way in which the director sets up one scene and sight gag to flow into the next which is even more unexpected makes this movie enjoyable on various levels.

You will leave the theater holding your stomach and reveling in the fact that the most deserving party got the money in the end.

'Rat Race' is one of those movies where the sequence of hilarious moments can get so rapid and intense that before you even have started to laugh about that last scene the next funny moment is already showing while others are being introduced.

Rowan Atkinson shows up to waste our time with a Mr. Bean performance under a different name.

The movie has no real plot, it's just a bunch of amusing going on's on the way to Mexico.

The Traveling Lucy's was an unusual, unexpected touch- a riot too.

The verbal gags were a bit thin, but after a slow start this film really took off, with non-stop laughter all the way.

It's a bit too contrived, and very coincidental.

It proved an unexpected and welcome surprise from an abysmal summer movie season.

The people who win them are : two down-on-their-luck brothers one of whom can't talk properly because of his pierced tongue, a reunited mother and daughter, a referee hated by thousands of Dallas Cowboy fans, a strict lawyer who isn't to mad on gambling, a scruffy Italian immigrant who falls asleep at the most unexpected of times and a dad on holidays with his demanding family.

There are only so many times I can watch a car crash through a fence or fall over an embankment before I get bored.

The ending is predictable because, with so many people in the race for the money, each viewer would have his/her favourite character who that want to get it.

It makes it feel very staged and dull, taking much of the spark off the jokes (if they had any!

It could be just average, but what definitely makes it worth watching is its stellar cast.

No message, no depth--just 90 minutes of lunacy.

So many different antics, and so many unexpected twists.

Then we sensibly walked out.

The Pefect Comedy Cast In An Highly Entertaining Race .

Dull .

Just about entertaining enough .

I was so bored I spent my time looking for continuity bloopers.

This movie is exciting, fun, and had some great scenes.

There were one or two other gags that I laughed at, but so often a funny moment was spoilt by dragging it out far too long, or setting it up so transparently that you were over it by the time it arrived.

You have to be in the mood for jokes that stem from contrived and far-out situations/circumstances.

The fun level of this movie is incredible high which makes this movie also one of the most enjoyable ones of the past few years, despite its flaws.

Seth Green and Vince Vileuf are enjoyable, as is Amy Smart.

Worth watching, just for the plot .

whilst american pie and others keep the viewer guessing rat race is boring from start to finish.

there some lows about this movie, including how the humor gets a little stale towards the end, and the ending was very disappointing, but if you look back before the terrible 10 minute ending you would have in mind a movie that is worth watching.

The only thing to keep you on the edge of the seat at this point is the reflex to catch John Cleese's false teeth.

Jon Lovitz, getting his upper lip splotched with some sort of jam, I think, and landing in a WWII memorial, forelock flapping, little Chaplin mustache in view, and delivering an undecipherable Hitlerian explanation to the GIs why he has just crashed their party was the bright spot in a very dark and dull comedy.

Yes, funny accents, poking fun, silly noises, humorous situations, confusion, and comedic corruption.

I made the mistake of purchasing this film on DVD for the ridiculously high price of AUD$34.99. What a waste of money.

The list of banal and pathetic 'jokes' was unbelievable.

Last night I watched "Rat Race" - one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

The only thing I hated was the ending which looked really silly and very predictable.

Long, dull and without humour of any kind at all.

Dave Thomas is great, Rowan Atkinson carries the film, Seth Green is entertaining as well, John Lovitz is John Lovitz), inventive comedy, at times audacious and just plain silly throughout.