Rats: Night of Terror (1984) - Horror, Sci-Fi

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In a post-apocalyptic Earth, a group of punk friends find themselves against millions of bloodthirsty rats - but the weirdest is yet to come.

IMDB: 4.7
Director: Bruno Mattei
Stars: Ottaviano Dell'Acqua, Geretta Geretta
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 8 out of 42 found boring (19.04%)

One-line Reviews (30)

The attacks themselves are quite nice and brutal, and result in some nice scenes down in the basement during the examination of the harvesting conditions on the site, the battle in the bar that features scores of creatures approaching them as well as the numerous scenes where the rats fall from the ceiling or the walls and overwhelm the victims which are some of the most suspenseful attacks being full of spectacle and action.

Nothing in this movie works in a traditional sense, but buckets of rats being poured on actors, killer rats on conveyor belts, imploding walls of rats, and painted guinea pigs make this one entertaining.

There are far too many movies which fail to give us someone in the film to sympathize/empathize with, whether through ineptness on the part of the director & actors, or because the characters are so vile/empty/cardboard/venal/pointless/useless that one doesn't want to admit they are the same species as ourselves.

We have the dumbest leader ever (who sets his comrades on fire if they have a few rats on them), an equally stupid guy who decides that he wants charge of the group, a blonde who WILL NOT STOP SCREAMING, a black woman (quite offensively named Chocolate) who threatens to shoot people with a spike, a technical nerd (named Video) who thinks machines have balls, a heroine who falls fatally ill after a few rat scratches (or rats jumping on her basically), a Mohawk-headed guy who speaks in cliché foreboding (which he learned from a book), an ugly pallid drunk who gets annoyed when he can't get laid, a freaky big-eyed girl with a leather studded corset,Halloween Dracula cape and top hat on (UGH!

RATS is just boring.

From there on, it's non-stop and does an excellent job of keeping the interest on the screen either through its intense action scenes or the cheese on display as both never fail to entertain.

Things like this happen throughout the drawn-out running time with little interest to hold the viewer.

You'll be aware that you are going to see a shoddy but enjoyable trash-fest with many laugh-out-loud moments of unintentional humour.

A cheesy, enjoyable good time .

The kills scenes r way too dumb n boring, the film does boast of a lousy sex scene with frontal nudity of both the sexes.

Worth watching?

Single-handedly responsible for most of the appalling trash to come out of the gutters of Italy's cinematic export, he here lovingly crafts a totally boring, ridiculous, and inept addition to the post-apocalypse genre which takes the usual band of roving bikers, badly-dressed females, and souped-up vehicles and plonks them right into a run-down industrial setting.

Rats is certainly one of his more original works, and although it's definitely low budget, it's funny as hell and entertaining the whole way through.

Furthermore, the characters are unusually well-drawn and solidly acted, going above and beyond cardboard cut-out status: the laconic, relaxed, grimly rational chopper gang leader Kurt (neatly played with sufficient poise and charisma by Richard Raymond) serves as a scruffy, rough-around-the-edges tough guy Christ figure, the savage, scurvy, libidinous Lucifer (a magnificently malicious Christopher Bretnor) assumes snarling, refractory rebel chores with frightful intensity, and the flighty, girlish motorcycle mama Lilith (the tall, beauteous, dark-haired Moune Duvivier, who's indeed luscious enough to entice any man into engaging in sinful behavior) represents the wicked carnal temptations of the flesh.

Monotonously lengthy n very dull.

I've seen more of his work than most people (I adore ROBOWAR and STRIKE COMMANDO) but I absolutely loathe this sleep-inducing film.

So far you've got the makings of a really entertaining movie.

This Vipco production bored me though.

The first half of Bruno Mattei's RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR has a certain energetic wackiness and some genuinely bizarre moments which help to keep the movie entertaining despite the fact that it's completely awful.

Mattei did MUCH better with his far more entertaining (and funnier) action films in the late 80's.

Otherwise, best be prepared for a rat salad with a side of cliché and not enough sauce to spice it up.

That isn't to say that it's always like that though, there are way too many long scenes of people screaming, talking, or just staring in blank amazement, which brings the story to a boring standstill.

" The fact is, zombies can be very scary, but rats aren't--they can be silly, or, in the case of this movie, boring and completely unthreatening.

So while it was still bad, it was rather entertaining to watch, just not quite as entertaining as "Hell of the Living Dead" another of Mattei's masterpieces.

The second half is pretty much endless scenes of the group wandering around the building, turning on each other or being attacked by the rats (sometimes real rats, sometimes guinea pigs made up to look like rats and sometimes plastic rats being dragged along the floor on a sheet).

While such ineptitude can often result in a fun film thanks to unintentional laughs, this one is plain bad and incredibly dull, with very few chuckle worthy moments (the funniest scene comes right at the very end, meaning that you have to suffer through the whole film to get to it).

' Since I was falling asleep while I watched this, I wound up fast-forwarding through the last half, stopping just in time to hear the idiotic 'scientist's explantion' as to why the rats were taking over.

It has no gore, no scares, no plot, and no script.

Bruno Mattei is quite capable of making a crappy film without the help of Claudio Fragrasso (the man responsible for Troll 2); when joining forces, the pair's ability to bore and confound is boundless.

Bruno Mattei, who also directed "Night of the Zombies," succeeds in getting a few bad laughs out of this whole ordeal, but I found the characters and story to be very dull regardless of 'camp quality.