Ray Donovan (2013) - Crime, Drama

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Ray Donovan, a professional "fixer" for the rich and famous in Los Angeles, can make anyone's problems disappear except those created by his own family.

IMDB: 8.3
Stars: Liev Schreiber, Eddie Marsan
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 40 out of 232 found boring (17.24%)

One-line Reviews (133)

Frankly it was a bleak, depressing, confusing mess.

If you're an adrenaline junkie that likes the TV shows with the emotion of interminable fights and a lot of gun and gunshots, these show is not for you.

The story was compelling enough for me to watch the 2nd ep.

Getting predictable after last series .

Addicting action packed family drama .


This has been a very enjoyable program, until this season.

Engaging .

The most unexpected thing this season was the possession of Abby.

The 1st season was very good and worth watching tho

I cal this dwelling on family members as the Meadow Soprano Syndrome after that series went overboard on dissecting the lives of the most uninteresting people under the sun.

oddly compelling .

Pointless Drama .

Eddie Marsan and Dash Mihok are enjoyable to see in the smaller roles of Ray's brothers; one with Parkinsons, the other an addict (of anything he can get his hands on).

Get into this guys it's worth watching.

I was initially intrigued but the boring episodes are getting the upperhand and I had to downgrade my original rating to 6.

The story line killing off Abby has been drawn out much too long.

Instead, the next episodes a boring family drama lead to a complete yawn-fest.

OK, so it's a jumbled mess, far too convoluted and confusing to even try to take it seriously.

Second, who he is: this is even more predictable.

So in summation tough guys can get stabbed,beat up,and shot and they can just go home and take off the bloody clothes and have drinks and be recovered by morning all on an empty stomach.

The secondary characters are thin and mostly contrived.

Boring, fake, messy and unrealistic.

Let's be clear: everything about this series and every episode of it is predictable.

It just gets boring watching everyone swear, drink still be able to think somewhat rationally.

It features gay actors, lesbian secretaries, child molesting priests, drunken boxers, mixed race children, voyeurs, stalkers, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll and many more devices too cliché too mention.

What is worth watching is how Ray performs his job with precision, like a robot.

Have Showtime on an extended trial basis and this has been the only reason I've enjoyed it.

This in itself makes the series highly enjoyable.

Season 6 was an utter waste of time.

Just a mess.. a whole messI had high hopes for this one, but by season 4 episode 8 I gave up..I give 5 for the acting, because the actors did a good job, but what can the actors do with little to no plot and no decent lines...

This show is missing that intense element other shows like Dexter have where we can anticipate catching a high-value target or killing someone.

Interesting and Exciting Show With Extra Drama Tagged On.

So here it ray willingly intriguing and impressive even with a relatively small inventory of words and their hidden essence, which is the main mystery of the series and perhaps not the less dominant lure for the viewer.

Perhaps had the father been the one who molested Bunchy -- instead of a priest -- that would have made it more compelling .

Abby started out hot, strong and cool and now she's a trite foul mouthed weakling.

Mature Cable Shows are becoming very predictable .

It's slow and for me very frustrating.

Let's all rally round the 'deez, dem, doze' boys and show them how much we appreciate all they've done to bring culture into our world.

Hoping the season picks up after Ep 4 as its massively boring to watch now.

The first two seasons of Ray Donovan were exquisite, with a fabulous cast, strong writing, and a compelling plot that made this a true binge-watch.

Ray struggles with moral issues and hard decisions by pinching his eyebrows and cheeks but he otherwise comes across as a somewhat empty contracted thug to the rich, not letting anyone in, the audience included.

Having said that, the acting is brilliant and the characters, for the most part, are engaging.

getting very boring .

The first episode in the season can be slow, but for the most part it is very entertaining story lines.

Bordering on the unwatchable.

There has always been the odd slow part to the Ray Donovan Series', and I have enjoyed them all.

The tone is very flat and ho-hum in spite of the violence...

I could go on with praises of all the elements of Ray Donovan, but it would just be repetitive and monotonous, and I would run out of synonyms.

The most boring depressing tv series ever filmed...

I've taken in Lieve Schrieber's masterful performance over four years and forty-eight hours of television and found it both exciting and meditative.

I'd hoped it would show us the talents of Liev Schreiber to advantage, and that he would carry the show along in an entertaining way.

If there's one negative I can imagine someone saying about the show is that it's a bit of a slow starter...

Great TV Show.. Very good acting, very good action and crime drama.. Absolutely worth watching!

But it's like a roller-coaster ride with great acting that is a much more engrossing soap opera with more interesting characters than the usual mob and tough guy shows.

After watching the first 9 episodes, I will be bidding farewell to this show 'cos I find it terribly boring and way too slow for my liking.

It is so boring.

The equation with Mickey and his sons, The way Ray's kids behave including his wife are so repetitive that it gets irritating to watch and you wonder if there will ever be a change in their character and plot.

It was like the demon inside Skyler from Breaking Bad was bored from its vessel and decided to enter someone else.


Boring and false .

In Ray Donovan ALL of the characters are compelling and unique.

Boring family drama .

Shakespeare is predictable, cartoons are (were) predictable and video games are predictable.

Riveting, engaging, and colossal writing and acting by every member of the cast!!

it is so boring and depressing, never in my whole life have I watched anything so crap...

Exciting story lines.

Did not enjoy the repetition, and some episodes were slow pace!

This part is in my view the most exciting to watch and is beautifully intertwined with all the other stories that come to life.

A hokey concept, clichéd plot twists and formulaic writing hold it back from being a top notch series.

Excellent acting and smart story lines make this riveting and unmissable.

The show gets very boring this way.

The storyline needs to slow down, and dialogue needs to be deeper and more interesting to develop characters and interaction in the show.

Mildly Interesting, Slow Progression and Predictable.

Slow and Boring .

What you want is more of Ray doing what he supposedly does, getting Hollywood celebs out of schtuck - what you get is a lot of dreary family stuff.

It's written well, keeps your interest, and is all-around, VERY entertaining.

Slick and action packed superb script writing .

I wish Mickey would have been killed of long ago because he's boring.

don't waste your time .

The ghost of Ezra Goldman, including Stacy Keach's Ray-like Texan, bore fruit too.

Worth watching for the outstanding performances and a terrific cast.

The whole premise of the show is just boring.

His brothers all have their own problems and they all contribute to make this series more then enjoyable.

The death of Abby stretches on forever and while her performance as an actor is remarkable, its just too drawn out and overplayed to keep viewers interested.

Seems pretty predictable and familiar in my opinion.

Boring, fake and messy .

I love this show it's the only reason for me having Showtime, Liev is brilliant, the show is always intense.

I rarely feel this way about similar shows, but every character is truly fascinating.

Live Schreiber is compelling in the title role as is cable series queen Paula Malcomson as his long suffering wife Abby.

Slow burner .

Mediocre, cliche writing.

The messes these characters get into and the "fixes" that Ray (Liev Schreiber) comes up with are so entertaining.

Ray Donovan is a pretty entertaining series mainly due to its outstanding cast.

It was a total shocker and gripping, believable surprise.

Intense .

Ray's job, the location, Hollywood, the rich and famous; these things just add some exciting texture to it.

Awful and Boring .

I measure of show by the necessity of putting the 'f' word in the writing as a contrived filler.

Ray seems to have gone from monosyllabic to dull mute, not sure its the endless drams of whisky he pours down in every episode or just the stupor he seems to be in after the death of his wifeor maybe just poor acting?

However, I had paid the money, and the rest of the show continued to be high-quality and riveting.

I'm only on season 3 so my rating might change if something substantial doesn't happen soon, can be very predictable at times and could do with some more deaths of main characters like GOT does....

It has become much too dark, boring and irritating.

There is already some exciting stuff about to come up and the first episode only just came on!

However, and here's the thing with Ray Donovan; the bits of the show that actually focused on dodgy deals, hiding bodies, blackmailing scumbags, and managing the various disasters created by Mickey and his sons, remained as compelling as ever, and I still couldn't stop watching - despite not enjoying the majority of each episode.

The older brother's love life, the kids and their growing pains, the spiteful wife and her distrust, they're taking me out of the flow of an otherwise exciting main story line.

It's repetitive and frustrating not to mention disappointing.

But it is still a great series, with a top cast, excellent writing, and a gripping story.

Hackneyed and tedious .

And being from the northern east coast and familiar with that way of life, it makes the story all that more compelling and believable.

Ray the sexually-molested, PTSD-suffering victim bore no resemblance to the Ray we knew and the Ray that he knew.

What bothers me the most is this formulaic approach "Cable" networks have to "Mature" dramas.

Also, since I am not a fan of flipping back and forth in time, it became somewhat confusing on many occasions.

I don't know if i shall keep on follow Season 5, i think i will give up, plot is becoming boring, dull, dumb, and...

Ray Donovan has amazing drama, tension, languid pacing, excellent choices of music for scenes, unique story lines and twists.

So it's just boring and dreary.

Feels formulaic in the attempt to add layers to the characters and story.

If you've seen GOT then you will know how unpredictable that show is.

Deep, profound and engaging TV drama.

It's nuanced and realistic while remaining exciting enough for at least a marginally intelligent audience.

What I can definitely say is that there's an obvious arc whereby the show goes from exciting, dangerous, and dark, to just plain stupid and beyond realistic.

Convoluted, a directorial quagmire, and sooooo boring.

In fact, so compelling - during the brief interludes that didn't involve watching someone slowly dying from cancer - that I couldn't stop watching, even though the show was now a serious downer.

A yes, I would recommend this to others or a no, don't waste your time.

Unmissable Gripping Light humour Slick Moreish , And it's another hit on sky Atlantic!

don't waste your time like i did with the first season cause maybe you don't have my time/the acting however is good but this movie is hard believeble and is not worth the time.

To me, one of the more intriguing female characters was actress Angela Featherstone's portrayal of a mental patient in Episode 8, "The Texan.

Then it actually becomes very exciting.

Overall, this show is just boring.

Any hope of "picking up" the story even though you missed earlier episode is pointless.

As an adrenaline junky with a short attention span, I love fast-paced movies and series.

But predictable doesn't have to mean bad.

All the actors are top notch, the plot lines are gripping and i cannot wait for more Ray Donovan to be made and shown.