Ready or Not (2019) - Comedy, Horror, Mystery

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A bride's wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying game.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
Stars: undefined, Samara Weaving
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 41 out of 343 found boring (11.95%)

One-line Reviews (190)

I thought it was funny and ridiculous but enjoyable can't be taken seriously to give a bad review.

The film is never clever, surprising or vibrant enough to be an entertaining comedy movie.

Much of the killing is accidental, nothing happens due to skill.

i don't know how the rating is 7.2 , really confusing.

Very eh, don't waste your money/time.

All of the characters are unlikable (Grace included) and unbelievable (husband Alex does a 180-degree personality flip), the plot goes nowhere for most of the film, the intended dark comedy falls horribly flat, the ending is predictable (reminding me a little of Drag Me To Hell), the location is underused (the servants tunnels, in particular, are totally wasted), and for a film given an 18 certificate for 'bloody violence and strong scenes of gore', there's very little in the way of inventive or graphic kills.

Over all it's great movie and its worth the watch

The action appears in short, boring bursts, and there's no visual wow factor.

Enjoyable horror .

After twenty-five minutes of listening to Dora breaking the Fourth Wall, like an adolescent poor's man version of Deadpool, I walked out of the theater and bought a ticket to R.

Ready Or NotPerhaps the worst movie I have seen this year, it was neither fish nor fowl.

Entertaining .

Has to be one of the worst movies I've seen in a few years...

The ending was too predictable!!!

It's definitely worth watching like a new age thriller.

There's not as much focus on 'fight-back revenge' as I anticipated, which actually makes for a more intriguing time.

The story has an original concept, and also a bit unpredictable.

-ly predictable as expected.

I called it absurd because while the writer or director could actually make it into a pure thrilling terror with fear, much blood, and evil motive behind all the sinister actions conducted in this hunger games style hide-and-seek, they decided to execute it in a more comedic style.

Totally entertaining!.

The supporting cast hits the right notes in helping the movie remain entertaining and I liked that they went all out with the ending.

The movie is very well paced and suspenseful it made me on the edge at all times.

Right next to the son of the mask, this movie knocks it out of the park as a contender for worst movie of all time.

The writers could've done SO much more, and literally chose to do the least thrilling ending of them all.

She did an excellent performance in portraying the slow mental breakdown of her character after slowly realising what family she married into.

It's equal parts thrilling, violent, funny, and well acted.

A horrible, waste of time and money .

Overall very entertaining movie I could watch this over and over without getting bored.

Don't waste your money.

This movie would have fallen under the boring same ol dull "empowered women" kicking butt nonsense filling up 90% of movie time these days if it wasn't for its' idiosyncrasies and an endearing performance by Samara Weaving.

Don't waste your time!

I really enjoyed it.

Next however i would like to say that the film was painfully predictable.

It was fun to watch up until the ending then it gets weird and definitely unexpected.

Granted, the ending is, well, unexpected in the way that it is executed, but its final result is still very predictable.

Funny and thrilling.

What I got was a very dry dark comedy that just basically gives up at the end (and wastes kills).

After a while I wanted to walk out it was so boring.

An entertaining comedy horror flick.

With an engaging cast and concept, it's a movie that will keep the audience hooked and perhaps make them laugh at the odd sense of comedy and justice that they brought in this film.

Grace is resourceful, witty, and charming, and she makes for a very compelling and like-able lead.

These are thrilling and they felt more intense because the writers wrote a character that seems a little deeper than other scream queens of the recent past.

Good set up, but eventually predictable.

Wait for a streaming release and give it a shot if you're bored.

Loved the movie, my biggest complaint is I feel that the middle dragged for a while, apart from that the movie was great.

Exciting, thrilling and crazy.

John Wick 3, somehow, is a 15, that has more eye-wincing violence and gore in its first 15 minutes than this entire 18 rated movie, so I was letdown in this department, considering that everyone is calling it a total gorefest, but hey it's still an entertaining enough flick.

The plot is fast paced and consistently engaging thanks to the efficient editing.

The music was also gripping and helped with the setup for most jumpscares.

Actually enjoyed it .

Was it maybe a little predictable?

Hugely enjoyable horror nonsense which combines genuine tension with a great sense of humour along with some delightfully over the top blood and thunder.

Save your money .

The movie is never atmospheric, intense or scary enough to be a great horror movie.

Overall I found it an entertaining 90 minutes and one of the better movies of this genre I've seen in years.

After a very weak summer of unimaginative big budget releases (Hobbs & Shaw, etc.), Ready Or Not is very solid and entertaining time at the movies.

This movie is really pathetic, don't waste your money!

Be ready to be bored .

Well worth it to see in the theatre, but renting it at home will probably be nearly as enjoyable.

It is a fun and entertaining movie to watch despite its clichés, inconsistencies, and "heavy" dialogues.

Worst movie I have seen in a long time .

Ready or Not should be ignored since it's neither a gripping horror film nor a clever comedy.

Samara Weaving is stunning and her acting is superb.

I enjoyed it much more than Get Out and Halloween last year.

Perhaps that's the fault of the direction, which is so crucial in translating a good premise into a kinetic, absorbing, and visually compelling film.


It's entertaining throughout and it's always smiling alongside you.

new concept of writing, totally worth watching!

Everyone shows their distinct characters from behaviour to costume that they are so entertaining to watch similar to that feeling when you get dozens of characters to choose from in a game.

The film brings a good amount of blood and violence which will satisfy those looking for an entertaining thriller.

What a waste of time .

And it made the film enjoyable for doing something different despite the poor execution.

One actually pities this talented actors who deserve a better way to make a living, As Alex's brother, David, Adam Brody has his moments but is rather bland.

Worth watching .

Ready Or Not's thriller is the selling point, for the jump scares are few, the creep factor is low, and there are seldom any moments that had me on the edge of my seat.

Because Ready or Not is surely one of the most thrilling experiences of this year.

Some stuff was kind of predictable to me.

Was it entertaining for what it was.? Yes!

I was so excited to watch this Movie and i traveled for it , one of the worst ever movie i have ever watched , the story seemed good and interesting but the actors and " Comedy " scenes where awful , disgusting , nearly after 25 minutes i wanted to leave and now i wished i did that .

Fast paced and well done .

The film largely has a good balance between horror and comedy, so the mood of the film often changes from exciting to comical moments.

I left the theater feeling empty...

The movie features a few intense action scenes that make you root for the desperate lead character.

Rather than just being a straight up slasher flick gore fest it was more reminiscent of films like Cabin in the Woods or Tucker and Dale vs Evil, taking the normal tropes and flipping them on their head in fun and exciting ways.

But throw in some cheesy script and direction which does make it entertaining.

Ready or Not seems like a cheesy horror movie when you first hear of it but when you go to actually see it, you are in for a badass horror/comedy movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat every single second.

Samara Weaving is very engaging as the lead.

An absolute blast of a film with fun and interesting characters, fantastic performances, and a crazy plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

One of the worst movies I've seen lately!

An entertaining horror-comedy that takes aim at the decadence and insularity of the 1% .

i don't even know what this film was copying and i don't care because i enjoyed it.

Very original, very funny, very entertaining, go to see it is very good movie, many think it will be a serious and scary movie but do not go with that idea, this movie is funny and is suspenseful and I feel that it is something very Original and great to bring these categories together and people who didn't like the movie is because they are dumb.

Someone in my row walked out shortly before the end; I should have walked out long before.

This came off a a suspenseful , thriller , dark comedy?

It was a really good movie I enjoyed it!

That was unexpected .

I thought it was an entertaining film and the dark humor mixed with gore was satisfying.

The most entertaining horror comedy ive seen in a long time .

I really enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

I never really enjoy horror movies because of the weak story but this movie was really enjoyable.

Boring theme but entertaining .

Worst movie ever.

There were too many predictable moments, like that 'goat pit' or whatever they called it that scene was too obvious where it was going.

This was a really enjoyable film to watch.

Worth watching though weather in theaters or at home.

Worst movie ever .

Very dark humour and horror combine to create an entertaining film.

I almost walked out the theater!!!

Very entertaining with its dark humor.

I doubt if it would claim to be another Some Like It Hot, or even Young Frankenstein but it's harmless and reasonably entertaining.

My only problem with it, is that it can be predictable sometimes and its horror is pretty generic.

As they recoil in horror for their impending death, nothing happens.

Thrilling and Funny .

In the hands of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, that death may come sooner than you'd expect into the marriage with Ready or Not, a thunderously entertaining black comedy horror.

Cheezy, tacky and a waste of time.

Completely unexpected!!

Thunderously entertaining.

If you are a pretentious movie goer and need realistic build up to what I thought was a great ending then you are probably going to be with the many that have rated this a 1 or a 2.

and definitely nowhere near as suspenseful as the second half.

Aside from some minor character issues, this film has a nice flow throughout, with increasing adrenaline and tension.

Ready or Not is a highly entertaining film.

Crazy, suspenseful and weird!

Awesome Performance From The Stunning Ms Samara Weaving!

It is an inventive enough concept, however ultimately it is a disjointed, lacklustre film that swings from slapstick, comedic horror to pits of gore more redolent of the likes of Ghost Ship.

Exciting start of the events then descending down hill.

The sole enjoyable characters were the malignant aunt and Andie McDowell (who remains lovely and believable no matter the vehicle.

Save your money, save your time and save the strain on your ear drums (that scream!!!

The story was decently presented by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett kept it interesting and very gripping.

It's a fast-paced hide-and-seek game, filled with suspenseful scenes and genuinely funny moments.

Fairly quickly turns into a nonstop chase that begins to bore.

Super hilarious and thrilling.

And when they did explode like they said they would it just was ridiculous and made the whole film pointless.

Wealth has a way of making the wealthy unpredictable, self-centered, and wicked.

Funny, superbly acted and well crafted, Ready or Not is an enjoyable dark comedy diversion, though it has no business being rated 18.

Riveting from start to end.

A very entertaining 1.5 hour film that kept me engaged the whole way through and the theater viewers laughing with the witty jokes.

It delivers a fun and entertaining 90-minute hide-and-seek game like we've never seen before.

For the most part, the movie is well-tied together with a compelling sprinkle of twists and delicious sordidness.

It manages to be both thrilling and got a lot of laughs.

I went into this movie expecting a boring, gory slasher with an uninspired plot.

A vicious, vivid & vigorous blend of You're Next & Get Out that makes the most of available resources to deliver a cinematic experience that's an absolute blast from the first frame to the last, this indie horror-comedy is one of the most enjoyable & entertaining examples of its genre(s).

I highly recommend it.

I don't know if it was the one jack and coke that I had that was affecting my excitement for this movie, but the whole movie was so predictable, cliche, and corny.

Worst movie ever the only one nice thing about it was the trailer.

The film is funny, scary, gory, and thrilling from the beginning to the mind-blowing ending.

It was entertaining I guess.

Overall, the adventure of Ready Or Not is a fun little project that is campy, quirky, and still thrilling in the world of horror films.

Dark dark humor and super entertaining!

And whilst it can be a tad episodic at times, and the manner in which it presents some of its violence is somewhat problematic, this is a very enjoyable and funny film that's well worth checking out.

It moved quickly and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Very silly story but entertaining 6/10 .

It becomes somewhat repetitive as it goes on but it's always compelling and its finale is subversively satisfying.

The experience, as it is, is both enjoyable and believable.

I enjoyed it a lot, it was fun.

While it may be a bit gory in places, I certainly laughed more than I jumped, samara weaving is good in the main role and the supporting cast do a good job I wouldn't call it a horror film though, it never really makes you jump at all, but in my opinion it is more of a really dark comedy but I enjoyed it nonetheless, there is a lot of blood and some really funny bits, all in all it was a pleasant way to spend an hour and half

It delivers plenty of thrilling moments and some cheesy humor.

Hey, we all have opinions but for some of the reviewers to be throwing around words like putrid, stay at home, waste of time.....

Really funny & entertaining.

But with an unexpected death, the movie makes a decision and goes a different route.

The whole movie is certainly enjoyable as long as you do not take it seriously.

By the time they got to the third maid's death, I was ready to leave.

It's a phenomenal blend of suspenseful horror, relieving comedic bits, and over-the-top madness that knows better than to take itself too seriously.

At the very basic level, this is a fun entertaining movie and if you like horror comedies, it's worth watching.

I thought this was a pretty entertaining horror comedy.

It's too cliche and predictable!!!

Some bad things about the movie was that some of the characters were pushed in and the ending was pretty dull.

For people who are familiar with horror or comedy films, some moments in the film may come across as somewhat predictable, making them no longer exciting or funny.

I found it very entertaining and the black humour appealed to me, and the rest of the audience, judging by the chuckles.

"Endgame") it's great to see a fun, low-budget flick that is original and entertaining.

One of the year's most highly entertaining films.

This movie bored the heck out of me.

It also really kept you on the edge of your seat as there was some admittedly uncomfortable scenes involving crushing of bones.

One of the year's most highly entertaining films (and by all means stay for the WTF end!

It is boring!

Horrible plot + cheesy jokes + predictable scenes + not scary + boring = Ready or Not.

It was boring, crude, unenjoyable and without any sense of humor.

Very suspenseful and fun to watch throughout!

But it's suspenseful, you don't know what's gonna happen AND it's gory.

You could tell what was going to happen at the end because they told you what would happen so therefore most of the film was pretty pointless.

Well done, well cast and entertaining story even if some of it was somewhat predictable.

Despite the unique exploration of a strange premise, it has a pretty generic and even formulaic development, which is a bit of a letdown.

The movie was interesting and entertaining to watch.

Enjoyable story, nail biting thriller (hide and seek).

Co-directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin (anthology movie V/H/S) keep it brisk and ballsy, while Australian breakout star Weaving (niece of Hugo) makes for a compelling lead as she emerges from her shell.

The movie is too predictable throughout most of it's run.

This movie was so bad, I wanted to leave.

It's so unrealistic and predictable.

I was bored, the script was bad and the ending lame!

The twist and turns made my ass hurts from sitting on the edge of the seat.

Predictable, boring, and, did I say boring?