Ready Player One (2018) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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When the creator of a virtual reality called the OASIS dies, he makes a posthumous challenge to all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune and control of his world.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke
Length: 140 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 141 out of 1000 found boring (14.1%)

One-line Reviews (513)

The comedy was hit or miss, but the action was thrilling!

But way too long.

Ready Player One takes a very interesting sci-fi concept and destroys it with campy CGI, bloated action, and a sickening amount of nostalgia that feels rather forced than enjoyable.

Its simple because it is simple, its enjoyable because you bring your own experience and associations with you.

Cool but Predictable .

To experience a death match on that planet must also be extremely energetic and exciting.

A Charming And Exciting Blockbuster That Reminds Us How Awesome Old School Spielberg Is .

Exciting and full of easter eggs of popular culture.

Quite worth watching...

Overall, this movie is a visually stunning, gripping Spielberg masterpiece!!

Such an entertaining film!.

I actually highly recommend it!

Plus, why even change it at all if the format was initially foolproof to begin with and you could legitimentally just copy and paste the blueprint while, in the end, birthing a more compelling and dynamic story, while even saving some funds!

Instead, it's just one more of those super boring and predictable plots in which there's a clear end goal since the start and the hero will chase after it during the whole move, fighting vilains and making allies along the path.

They made it bit differently from book, but still very entertaining.

Enough 80's reference points to keep you happy and a truly engaging (if a tad predictable in a good way) story to boot.

The story is remarkably fun, and engaging all the way; Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke prove to be a fairly good pairing that slowly develop a chemistry greatly supplied to the screen.

The book was decent, but this movie is unwatchable.

Everything is predictable and shock-full of plot holes, illogical behavior with a paper thin story and character development, I have no idea how this movie is so highly rated, and it's hard to believe that Steven Spielberg would put his name on something this bad.

The visuals were absolutely amazing, the storyline made sense and I loved the concept, whenever a 80's tune would play in certain scenes I could not control my joy and would have a massive stupid grin on my face, spielberg mixing fututaristic theme with music and references from the 80's and 90's was just so entertaining and amazing to see.


I-R0K could have been awesome, but instead he ended up being a pointless character.

Exciting developments and almost tearfull ending.

And all became quite boring for me.

It was really enjoyable.

Nevertheless, definitely worth watching.

Add underwritten stereotype characters and loads of plot holes and contrivances, and you get an entertaining spectacle that's fun for the whole family (as long as you and the family turn your brains off for 2 hours)!

Despite being really excited to watch it, I found myself playing with my phone halfway through because I was bored.

Fast paced, full of action and adventure, it transports you to another world, and you instantly relate to the protagonist.

All actors were fine for the roles and in the end the adventure is enjoyable.

Despite the fairness in its statement, the climax gets slightly unnecessarily preachy, it plays mostly with a dull acceptance.

Visually Stunning .

Entertaining .

I almost walked out of the theater at least 4 times while watching the movie.

Ready Player One the movie is a very standard and predictable story.

Its boring and stupid, and every little detail that is set up for this world is just absolutely moronic.

When Art3mis was captured, I was afraid that it was going to turn into a 'damsel in distress' cliche.

The movie is different from the book, because it's boring to view two guys playing Joust against each other.

Any hope for real drama lost in the ultra-hi-tech CGI rendering, (the real star of the show), and the fast paced tweeny patter.

Some scenes were way too long, dragged on, or unnecessary.

There was a great premise buried deep behind this, a cyberpunk quest with intriguing philosophical elements.


The film has really unexpected turns that you wouldn't expect in a film like ready player one.

And after his rather dull film 'The Post', I was certainly hoping to experience the fun side of Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg has yet again made a good thought provoking movie that is enjoyable for all age groups (kids and adults alike).

An unpredictable move executed by the mighty Spielberg wasn't so frustrating.

I would have preferred if Steven Spielberg made the movie a bit more of his own, but it was still an enjoyable ride.

The visuals are stunning, and the characters are enjoyable, and you feel a real emotional connection, and actually care about what is happening to them.

Total waste of time .

Really original, enjoyable and likeable.

This movie is just boring.

Watch it only if you want to enjoy A LOT of references to nerd-culture of the 80s (and some 70s and 90s) woven into a boring "story".

Yeah it does take unnecessary time to reach certain conclusions, but for the most part it will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Very enjoyable to see.

Dont waste your time reading the reviews, just watch it.

As a fan of the book I was dissapointed and as a movie fan I was bored.

With "Ready Player One", I was completely immersed and mesmerized the entire film.

From the beginning to the end I really loved how this movie immersed me into its own little world.

Gets surprisingly dull after the initial overload of special effects.

They were action packed.

However, Ready Player One appears to take the easiest cliche's from the idea of the hero's journey and renders them as predictably as humanly possible.

Enjoyable for all ages .

Plus the Sixers seemed way more ruthless and unfair in the book, which made the book's final battle have much higher stakes and way more exciting than the movie's climax.

boring one from spilberg .

This makes for a much more engaging experience, coupled with video games/film being easier to replicate visually than via the printed page.

Don't waste your time.

Everything about the movie was exciting and kept me on edge which I loved and all the video game parts made it much more entertaining!!

Excellent CGI and acting, very action packed and great acting from Ben Mendelsohn.

Acting was great, but the characters were nothing close to interesting, just basic cliche stuff and very cringe worthy moments (which is better than nothing).

For me it was just boring.

More importantly, it was just BORING.

An entertaining nostalgia romp, and nothing more .

A great feel-good movie, with an exciting story.

It was certainly a self-indulgent move by Spielberg to include references to his previous works, essentially showing off to the audience his success of pop-culture status.

An important thing to mention that overall experience of on-line gaming community is presented in a correct way which makes this film more enjoyable for those who like on-line computer games...

Technically, the film is amazing but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being co-opted into someone's cloying, self-indulgent second-childhood dressed up as 'hip' (please substitute current slang equivalent).

It was just too boring to watch.

Even some of the parts got some tin-tin touch, the animation merging with reality gave it to an unexpected vibe, you will sometimes get lost to differentiate about which world is real, it's feel like 2045 is colliding with 3045.

This film doesn't even have a strong identity, the amount of nostalgic references to movies, games, TV shows, books, and songs are so excessively in your face and so blatant, that it makes it very tedious and tiring to get through this movie.

I just watched the film for a second time and I enjoyed it no less than the first time, I thought this doesn't happen any more...


Uninteresting characters and an uninteresting story are a bad mix.

I almost walked out multiple times.

There are references to gaming history, but far more to film and other aspects of pop culture, most of them very dated, and possibly tedious for younger viewers.

What a great movie so enjoyable and entertaining.


The story also feels really predictable, as you almost instantly know that the main character is going to make it and get the girl in the end, which adds a sense of boredom to the film, and takes a way the eagerness to continue watchingHowever, not all is bad.

Very entertaining and fun.

I literally stopped comparing it to the book within the first 15 minutes (it was that obvious) and just sat back and enjoyed it for the concept it ended up being.

That being said, Ben Mendelsohn as the villain, Nolan Sorrento, gave an awesome performance, and the character itself is very compelling, and it could be the best depiction of a clumsy villain I see in years.

With engaging performances from the leads and some eye popping special FX this is well worth a watch.

The movie looks great, and the visual effects are breathtaking.

In my opinion it was worth to add extra 30 minutes to movie but take more from book rather than squishing as much as possible in to chaotic and boring plot.

With that being said you just hope the finish product is enjoyable/entertaining enough to stomach and THIS MOVIE FITS THE BILL.

The leads are un-engaging, the story has been done a thousand times before, and the dialogue is just embarrassing.

As a comedy it's predictable, as a romance it's cringe worthy, and in fact all it has going for it is it's lame overuse of CGI and over the top action scenes.

Spielberg does an excellent job to keep you awestruck and on the edge of your seat for the entire duration and when you finally reach the climactic ending, you will not want to leave the world you have just invested in.

The movie makes you feel like you're in that world like you're one of the spectators/players whichever you wish to be it's so enjoyable and fun to watch makes you truly feel excited and thrilled along with the characters so there is never a stalled moment.

The Back to the Future music was starting to get a bit too cutesy and repetitive for me.

The characters are allowed to spend time in the place and it ends with a compelling lesson.

Full of spectacular action sequences, breathtaking animations and an engaging storyline, this film is a delight to watch.

The novel kind of tired me out; even though I am of an age where I get *every* pop-culture reference, and played *every* video game, I got bored with the never-ending gushiness of it all.

Enjoyable at times, terrible overall .

That confusion has since become much greater having read the book, which by the way is AMAZING!

That's what made it so compelling and hard to put down.

Ready Player One is more than just a nostalgia-fueled adrenaline rush.

The avatar's more engaging than the humans and part of the reason the film gets worse as it goes on.

Somehow we're just supposed to cheer over and over again for pointless old movie/game references that serve no other purpose than to just show them for "pop culture coolness", Yey.

The graphics and visual effects are stunning even more stunning that the cast and story of the movie.

Engaging .

But since tv series these days tend to stretch beyond the tedious,I doubt it will do the book any justice.

Rather, it relies on nostalgia to tell a fun, dynamic, and entertaining story that features all the glorious creations that we loved back when, well, back when Hollywood was still making glorious creations.

The lack of plot line continuity also made the movie hard to watch.

Super boring!

It had a great plot and it was enjoyable seeing all the pop culture references.

The action in this movie are exciting, and really enjoy hearing some familiar songs that appeared in the movie.

Watching the movie, I left feeling quite empty.

The concept isn't too original, and some of the character arcs are predictable, which is were I doc points for my score.

Worth the watch .

They were stunning.

Well worth the watch .

It's just a enjoyable movie.

I fell asleep twice, found a better movie to watch on tv (yes in btwn watching this one) ....

It is too long and I found it got quite boring.

This is what makes horror movies scary, super hero movies exciting and heartwarming, action movies entertaining, etc. Ready Player One doesn't have that level of realism.

This movie was mainly entertaining to me because I could look for all the eighties/ nineties movie Easter eggs.

After making some drama movies, Spielberg was able to return on making fun entertaining movies again, like when he made movies that were fun such as "Jaws," "Hook," "Jurassic Park," "Minority Report," and many to count.

If you're expecting a faithful adaptation of the book or the second coming of Spielberg, you'll most likely be disappointed, but if you can set that aside, it's an enjoyable film.

Unique Enjoyable Ride .

informative .. and intriguing ....

Through Spielberg's deft hand Ready Player One presents a colorful, exciting and strong story that may prove predictive of humanity's future.

In the car race it was boring as it was just car noises and no music which lasted a couple minutes.

I can imagine most camps enjoying or at least liking this film, apart from intense critic snobs who would ride this film off as predictable, average villains, and cliched, all true I would argue.

then you know it gets stale and tiresome pretty fast.

Too damn boring .

This makes it exciting to watch, and re-watch.

NO STORY, BAD ACTING, and last of all, it felt like i was watching Spy Kids 3 as an adult the only difference is that Spy Kids 3 had good actors.

The concept was great but the storyline with all its plotholes and all the cheesy moments or the cheesy lines/jokes that came right before a predictable moment were just obvious indicators that this movie wasn't made for adults.

It's funny, exciting, and a 10 stars in my book.. I would love to see a part 2 to this.


I must say that I was surprised with the result of this movie, because it was actually rather entertaining.

The vfx are stunning and what I didn't like about the movie is that end to early!

Conceptually, it was worth the watch as there are some interesting ideas in the movie.

Admittedly, having the read the book just makes it more frustrating, as so many exciting and entertaining elements were omitted in the movie.

A very entertaining nostalgic ride.

Video games made real in a movie Nice movie Enjoyed it very much


It doesn't quite capture the spirit of the book, but it's an enjoyable action flick.

Wade is a mediocre character who dosen't change as a character which makes the whole adventure pointless and Samantha is a boring love interest (i'll explain later.

The movie is too long.

As a nostalgic boomer I usually like that sort of thing, but after an interesting first third, the film's incessant bombardment of pop-imagery became tiresome, then almost embarrassing.

Don't waste your time unless you can count past two on the gender scale.

A waste of time for the rest of the real world.

the quest for the first key in the book is engrossing .

The opening scene where the world of OASIS is presented is a breathtaking and impressive spectacle.

It ticks almost all the boxes: Amazing Picture, Engaging Story, Developed Characters, OK Villain, Fantastic Detail and a Great Soundtrack.

There was only the PVP world they showed and it's absolutely pointless, background and gameplay mechanic lacking PVP that people are forced (!

Basically, empty.

The Oasis world CGI though was pretty stunning in parts.

The action scenes are honestly dull because there's too much going on and we know what will happen anyway.

Obviously a lot of work went into this, along with a thrilling music score and superb sound-design.

What's truly baffles me is how set-pieces are visually busy and tiresome: it is, in a word, tawdry, which is astonishing for Spielberg.

A Visual Masterpiece and An Entertaining Sci-Fi Flick .

It's a bland and soulless virtual reality adventure in which a mundane hero plays game to defeat the usual cliched big business corporate interest bad guys.

Movie is worth watching.

dull, empty and extrimely booooooring...

As for the plot and story, it was either too predictable or just didn't feel right.

Anyway, both of them are fascinating.

Waste of time if you're not a gamer .

Don't waste your time or money .

This was just a waste of time, and younger folks, helk anyone that knows nothing about the subjects foretold long ago, would do better to simply read classic science fiction from the greats, and numerous anime from 20 years ago that already covered these subjects in player one much much better and thoroughly.

Don't take it too seriously if you read the book, or else you'll waste your time from what I've heard.

I'm sure that would feed the flame of those reviewers that somehow found this film to be boring.

and it's practically unwatchable.

This was one of the worst movies seen in 2018.

It is important to slow down, and enjoy the people and the moments that are happening right before your eyes, instead of just flying to the next gaming mission in a hope to level up and accomplish achievements that in reality, mean very little.

I wouldn't like to turn this small review into a sermon, but : if I were the parent of adolescent children, I would use the movie as a starting point for a discussion about, say, the rewards and dangers of vicarious living and the sad waste of a life used for silly trivialities.

Yes the SFX were great, but the story was targeted for little kids and was way too long at 2h:20m.

Boring and predictable .

I just hate how this studio has turned such an intricate, thought-provoking, and plausibly crafted storyline into something so average and formulaic.

I found it trite, puerile lacking in pathos and heart.

I found this an enjoyable , inoffensive watch with plenty of action, fantastic locations and stuff blowing up.

The visuals are mesmerizing and spectacular as one minute the characters are racing down a freeway being chased by T-Rex and King Kong, then we see Chucky from "Child's Play" is making a cameo inside of the DeLorean in a dramatic and intense final act, with a humorous stop by the Overlook Hotel along the way.

Entertaining .

It is enjoyable movie for all the generation.

Its entertaining, descent story .

A weird, frenetic story accompanied by those nerd type youngsters, having every answer to every machine-human interaction, in seconds, while everything else tumbles upside down, story elements that do not fit together or make no sense, and in between those reminders of that humanity is at loss, and we all have to cope and destroy whatever cliché evil together.

Empty your mind, forget the book then watch the movie!

It has cool visuals, entertaining action sequences, and a surprising amount of heart.

If you actually just watch this movie and enjoy it for what it is you'll see that it's visually exciting!

Enjoyable .

The "hunt" itself is pretty boring.

Lots of stunning visuals, enough variance in references for all generations to have some fun with insider jokes, good story.

But I think overall this film drags a lot and is boring some of the time making it not as rewatchable.

Great SFX overshadowed by an infantile and dragged out story .

Not Oscar materiel but then neither was Star Wars or Back to the Future, and look what boring rubbish did win top awards in the 80s - Driving Miss Daisy was one - seriously!

But its story is a bit cliche and close to average.

This movie is more entertaining than a game of Frogger

what an utter waste of time.

This is a completely thrilling movie.

Breathtaking .

Solid, entertaining adventure movies that drip with imagintion and escapism.

Boring and too easy going...

I love the storyline and all the characters and the friendship overall it was an exciting, entertaining and just a great film!!

Why watch a movie if it is not fun, unexpected, and/or strange and wonderful?

hours of unexpected, edge of the seat fun!

My ignorance of these matters makes it hard to follow the plot in something like this.

The premise is dull, and the whole virtual reality thing has not been something that has gripped my attention.

Enjoyable - even if you're not a teenage gamer.

It's basically a movie with cliches and references aimed at kids but being too bad to matter for anyone, literally (aside from critics warning that this will waste your time).

Ready Player One is enjoyable film to watch, based on an incredible novel by: Ernest Cline, especially if you play video games in VR: Virtual Reality.

The part where Samantha is being saved is a bit boring.

It's cheesy from the get go, dialogue, plot, but despite the explosions and mind boggling camera acrobatics, there's never any danger.


Ready Player One is an entertaining, fast paced, action filled movie that will you keep you engaged and eager to find out what surprise is around the next corner.

There is no doubt about the fact that how he can take a simple story in today's age where every other movie's theme is based into the future and turn it into a stunning,thrilling and equally engaging movie wherein you really dive into the character's world.

Boring, choppy, and not original in any way .

Boring millennial romp.

The plot was good and intriguing and the CGI was great as i expected.

Movie is boring and total mess

definitely worth watching, and if you hadn't read the book, the plotholes ain't that obvious to spot out

On top of this mix in a bucket load of pop culture from the last few decades and sprinkle it with a little Spielberg magic of old and what you get is a future classic destined to be watched every Christmas for years to come, think Goonies pumped full of adrenaline and you won't be far off the mark.

Surprisingly entertaining .

The story is intriguing with interesting plot twists that will mix together the virtual and real words together.

The action/chases are pulse-pounding, the visuals are engaging, and the entire film is littered with "easter eggs", or callbacks to 70s/80s nostalgia.

Boring .

To start with while the pop culture icons was an enjoyable feature at first the fact that some images came and went so fast that you couldn't keep up and that they were popping up from the beginning to the end of the movie began to take its toll.

He's pretty empty.

Visually it is stunning and personally, for once the CGI enhanced the story because it was all about just that in a way...

The characters are boring, partly because the acting is poor across the board, especially bad-guy Ben Mendelsohn who sleepwalks through.

CHARACTERS The characters are all bland.

Needless to say, while the film is more light hearted and action packed, the novel is more believable, and just has a more realistic tone.

It is alright for a bored Sunday evening.

The dialogue is flat, dull and rarely funny.

The pacing was off, the story was choppy and the writing was barely decent.

I was okay with most of the 'reality' bits, but bored with the avatar VR segments.

Ready Player One is a mixed bag, but nevertheless offers up a world of exciting possibilities.

The legendary director weaves a coming of age tale that has the underdog battle the corporate Big Boss.

That being said, it is too long as happens too many times when unlimited budget meets the dream of a master storyteller.

An enjoyable diversion on a plane or anywhere else.

Fast paced action, lot of good effects, tongue-in-cheeck comments and jokes.

Instead, we get faux video game action that is about as exciting as watching Spielberg dressed up as a teen trying to fit in by playing XBOX: you are passive and wish to be interactive, or at least passively watching something you can care about.

boring .

There are better movies out there but it is still definitely worth watching so if you get the chance, I'd sit down and watch it because it is great.

The story is simple and entertaining enough, though it doesn't have some plot holes and non sensical moments.

Ready Player One is my second favorite movie of 2018, but it's hands down the most enjoyable movie I've seen this year, and one of the most enjoyable movies I've watched in my life.

Great fun, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Despite all of the action, it's gets kind of boring after a while.

However, I feel like the story in the real world wasn't particularly strong, it was just very bland and by the numbers.

While not perfect, 'Ready Player One' is simultaneously an exciting trip down memory lane...

Spielberg fills his movie with pop culture references, which is mildly interesting I guess, but fails to make any of it entertaining for a second.

There is a love story in the book, but it's a slow growing relation that is actually quite well written.

The adventure that is the hunt for the "Easter egg" is extremely entertaining and so much fun to watch unfold.

However, there is still some tedious flaws in this movie that left me completely disappointed because it had so much potential.

I used to be such a fan of his films but I have to admid his films are now dull and boring.

Set in a dystopian world where people escape the grim real world for an exciting virtual one, the movie resolves around a virtual-world search for keys that will grant ownership of the entire enterprise to the finder.

Surprisingly engaging movie.

It's end-to-end stuff and visual effects are superb but at 2 hours and 20, it is way too long for the two principal actors to spin out, despite some effort going into a decent soundtrack accompaniment.

If you are over 25 don't waste your money.

A mixed bag, but nevertheless offers up a world of exciting possibilities .

Pop culture references a plenty and there's two sequences involving one of the greatest horror films ever made and one of the greatest horror characters ever made that made me gasp with joy at just how great of a tribute it was to those films (the same feeling occurred when The Iron Giant appears; fond memories of Brad Bird's beautiful animation in 1999) Visually incredible but also has a truly engaging story with characters you love and want to spend time around; thanks to a great script adapted for the screen by Ernest Cline, who had written the original novel, and co writer Zak Penn (The Incredible Hulk, Inspector Gadget) and great performances by Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Mark Rylance, Lena Waithe, Simon Pegg and Ben Mendleson.

Although it was occasionally cheesy and maybe a bit too weird for some people, the movie was still very entertaining and funny.

The animation was really well-done, but the live-action segments felt very dull in comparison.

It's a joyful and colourful spectacle to watch that is also suprisingly entertaining.

Very enjoyable characters and excellent CGI.

I thought this was a whole lot of entertaining fun.

A very bland movie with no big moments or challenging ones.

There's no plot beyond the idea itself.

Lots of fun pop-culture references, but the clichés and PG-13 rating-environment unfortunately makes it a little dreary.


There were a lot of "cameo's" from game characters but they were all boring, I wanted cameo's with awesome things being done.

First time I watched this film I walked out with a huge smile on my face.

I enjoyed it, I had fun and I am sure all of you teenagers out there will have fun with the movie.

I enjoyed it very much due to the mix of nostalgia, and pop gaming references.

The first challenge with the race in the DeLorean is thrilling, and I loved the whole sequence that took place in the world of The Shining.

Everything is so cliche it's like it's satire.

The characters were flat, the movie was nog engaging, storyline was boring (makes me lose interest in ever wanting to read the book) The 80's reference are all not that special and note worthy really.

Though the overarching plot was simple and mildly cliche, one can't say it didn't have them wanting to be a part of it.

This movie is VERY long, and sometimes gets very boring.

Spy Kids 3D is one of my favorite childhood movies, not because it can be critically praised even to the slightest, but because it was simply entertaining to watch as a kid.

Predictable and a Bit Monotonous.

The story is forced, dragged out, overdone, cliche, creepy and just poor.

My advice is, watch when you are bored and from some streaming service or rent, this is not worth any purchase.

A quite entertaining film with moments dedicated especially to pop culture, especially gamer culture, I think that many characters, especially young people, will especially enjoy this work for its enormous amount of direct and indirect references to this genre.

It looks stunning, it's got a good story and as a 34 year old I can sit back and take in all the references to my childhood.

Nevertheless this film is a blast, with the combination of reality and cgi into an exciting adventure.

The storyline was very disjointed.

Although not complex or subtle, the characters are engaging enough.

As they continuously play the first challenge, Wade is joined by intriguing avatar Art3mis (Olivia Cooke).

Probably the video-game generation will love it but for those of us who grew up in the REAL world it's a snooze fest.

READY PLAYER ONE is a mind-numbing accumulation of endless references with a very simple and formulaic story barely holding it all together.

I think they blended the world perfectly and told a story worth watching.

All in all, Ready Player One is something different, but it's so enjoyable.

It's visually stunning and has a complex-enough storyline to hold your attention.

I watched it on a 12 hour flight for free and it was still a waste of my money and time.

It's way too long and even with the 80s theme and the music it still doesn't make for good viewing.

Great: intriguing, intelligent and entertaining .

Super entertaining.

Visually stunning .

If you're immersed in current games, movies, or have watched anything in the past 20 years, you'll find something to laugh at.

It just went off in an entirely different direction and was hard to follow.

Entertaining .

It did what Hollywood often does to complex stories, it dumbs them down ("simplifies them for the audience"), it uses stereotypes shamelessly ("uses archetypes"), and whenever things slow down, throws in explosions ("action sequence.

And, truth be told someone liked playing with the CGI buttons too much and we find ourselves watching everything in the Oasis for way too long.

It's a great movie to watch, but if I didn't read the book first, I would probably enjoyed it even more.

However, at some points the film lacked of story, just explosions and action without any relevant images, but I guess this is a film for entertaining and they did not wanted to create a piece of art.

With or without the book, the film fails on its own because it gives us little compelling reason to become, let alone stay firmly invested in its silly premise, one which it appears to abandon in the end.

And, truth be told someone liked playing with the CGI buttons too much and we find ourselves watching everything in the Oasis for way too long.

There are times when it threatens to be TOO clever and become confusing, but any confusion is temporary as a bit of thinking clears things up.

The visual effects are completely stunning, and the action is phenomenal.

Behind the cinematic yet innovative camera work that recognises the ability of video game storytelling; sits a rather weak, formulaic and oft-times jerking plot.

And outside of an intriguing performance by Mark Rylance, there's not a lot outside of the effects.

With this virtual world created, the plot we have in it is quite intriguing and cleverly crafted.

Despite this, it is quite fun, entertaining and with excellent special effects, very good for entertaining us.

This movie is definitely worth watching.

This is also the busiest film I've ever seen, but it's so hollow, so pointless, so formulaic and cliche'd, with poorly executed quite uninteresting scenarios and storyline.

It was an enjoyable ride.

The slow, considered journey of discovery in the book is replaced with some jaw-dropping action set pieces.

A waste of time.

Visually it's stunning, full of glaring moments and Spielberg-Esque choreography and sound.

All the nostalgia driven pop culture references really got tiresome, as the film went on.

I didn't read the book, and I honestly don't care to at this point now that I've seen the movie, so I can't attest to how accurate or faithful the movie is to the book, but from what I saw on the screen, this is one of the most entertaining movies of the year.

If you are thinking about seeing it I would highly recommend it.

Really entertaining movie.

The novel had a lot of intriguing ideas, but they seemed slightly disjointed.

Overall, an entertaining and charming movie worth seeing.

Everything in here was WILDLY ENTERTAINING, all the adventures they had and Steven Spielberg took us a really joyful and awesome ride to the OASIS and also many references we wanted to see like characters in movie such as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Batman, Chucky, Iron Giant, King Kong, Mecha-Godzilla,...

Not the best Spielberg, but entertaining .

Great Movie, Worth the watch .

The plot is so cliched and predictable that nothing can make up for it.

The hacks aren't all poor luckily, the Shining homage is well done and entertaining.

Ready Player One had some issues, but overall, I think it was an enjoyable film.

The message of this film seems to be, that the more we are immersed in a digital world, the less connected we become in the real one.

From start to finish the story was entertaining and kept you engaged.

Intense, amazing VR adventure is one of the best films I've seen.

It had alot of common elements that we see in ordinary action/sci-fi movies however, it had a very unique setting which made it very compelling to watch for 2 hr.

Finally, there are a bunch of plot-holes, but I can forgive a movie like this for plot holes IF the movie is good, and sadly, after the first third, this was ho-hum.

Boring and illogical, certainly not for fans of video games.

Aside from the fixated smile on your face, it is easy to get caught up in the engaging story and the genuine humour.

Thus it reached for the sky but ultimately only made to enjoyable mediocrity.

This is definitely Spielberg's most entertaining movie in YEARS.

All films he made are all entertaining.

One of those films where one is truly immersed in a world filled with a non-stop sense of wonder.

Story & Screenplay is very cliche' until the climax.

It has heart, a compelling story and ideas that don't seem too far from reality.

This is a great movie to watch if you're bored.

I was pretty Excited for this Movie the first Trailer had me Pumped but the main selling point of this Movie are the POP CULTURE REFERENCES that are not Subtle one bit an this Movie Rely's on this very Heavily its pretty much all the movie has to Offer cause besides the Endless References this is a Very Plain Movie with Mediocre Acting, a Predictable Story, and Action that was Passable it has so Much going on, it starts to be a Little Boring.

It has a great, gripping plot and an array of colourful, quirky avatars.

I was really impressed well worth watching enjoy..

But while I enjoyed it well enough it didn't seem like a movie I would want to revisit.

*end rantThis movie could have done a lot more with its setting, but it chose to be average and draw the widest appeal possible, yet sunnenly becoming rather pretentious by the end.

On an overall scale, Ready Player One is an endlessly captivating, entertaining & satisfying sci-fi adventure that effortlessly succeeds as an awe-inspiring ode to the genre that cemented Spielberg's own legacy, a heartfelt love letter to cinema, and one nostalgia trip that you may want to revisit again n again.

Entertaining and worth watching .

The movie is not a homage to the book, but rather a bland, standard, forgettable unoriginal, sausage-machine Hollywood insult to the original story.

But, I felt myself falling asleep during the second time I tried watching it.

Maybe it's just badly paced, but it was just presented in a way that is so boring.

The animation is truly beautiful and believable, the many references to pop culture were very entertaining, and the film's overall message is immensely heartwarming.

Too unreal to be entertaining .

Ready Player One is an adrenaline pumping CGI marvel.

Very entertaining, it is fantastic to admire the incredible action scenes, although if I had to highlight the bad points, well, I would say that this is a film without real motivations, we do not get to feel a great attraction for the characters, each seems to represent an archetype already established without new samples of originality, the creativity of the film lies with its visual presentation, not with its characters which end up being simply averages.

Visually impressive, but no story or soul or emotions.

This movie was action packed full of surprises and memories from childhood couldn't believe (spoiler alert)!!!

The OASIS is fun (maybe more for others, but I'm glad to say I thoroughly enjoyed The Shining visitation), but it's the back-and-forth dynamic between it and reality that's really well done and makes for lots of entertaining action hi-jinks (see the fooling of Sorrento).

I'm really glad I gave it a chance because I really enjoyed it.

Great and entertaining film.

It has an anti climatic ending and overall very dull movie.

They are just wonderful and amazing and heartwarming, especially for the older viewers who would find all of the 80's and 90's movie and video games references exciting.

Strange but good because Ready Player One is a very entertaining movie and it's well made.

Still, this world is guaranteed to entertain fans of nostalgia both young and old, even if the older crowd will find the basic plot formulaic and predictable.

Visually stunning and innovative work from spielberg .

This movie had an exciting story that it didn't even need any top celebrity actors to make it so good.

The movie was amazing with spectacular visuals, great storyline and gripping action scenes.

When reality, like the crumbling city of the first playhouse, becomes squalid and empty day by day, the tide of entertainment and capitalism merge into one, and finally ride the ship of virtual reality, where does it all go?

While the first race sequence offers an adrenaline high & jaw-dropping thrills unlike anything in recent years, one particular standout is the film's tribute to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, ingeniously recreating the setting, mood & atmosphere of that horror masterpiece right down to a tee.

Boring insult to the book .

But it is pretty exciting (an emotion that Spielberg is good at creating, action-packed, and has some decent messages about humanity's dependence on technology, reality, and how technology can be both good and evil.

The story is actually clever, thrilling and has an intense third act that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This really is an action packed, spot the movie reference version of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The movie version was predictable and bland.

The world of their future is barely explored except for the Oasis reality world, and the message of the movie is to rely on real world friends and real life, but we just spent a slow 2 some hours watching mostly ALL CGI worlds....

It seems everything Hollywood regurgitates nowadays is CGI and empty boring writing.

It's enjoyable to watch and very different from usual movies.

I really enjoyed it, and that doesn't happen very often for me with recent movies and TV shows.

Perhaps Steven Speilberg is becoming senile because this is the worst movie I've seen in a very long time.

We watched this one on amazon but enjoyed it enough that I'll be purchasing The blue ray for our collection.

Visually, it's absolutely breathtaking with some of the best CGI you'll see.

The movie was entertaining and certainly worth watching.

Don't waste your time.

While fun and enjoyable, there's nothing really gripping or compelling about this movie.

The actors know that the plot and lines are all atrociously cheesy and gimmicky, and they embrace that, and that's why the movie was enjoyable to watch.


Though the OASIS is the virtual reality universe, the style of this setting is so realistic that is can cause some confusion, only adding to the film.

If you want to see a more adult film, "2047 Virtual Revolution" I found entertaining.

So I gave the book a go and really enjoyed it.

I found myself hating this film as much for the references (which were supposed to be a selling point but weren't even really references, just nostalgic wallpaper to cover over the fact that the stakes in this film were almost irrelevant as I didn't really care what happened to the central characters because they were bland, generic garbage) as I did the pacing, made for millennials, a never ending, never breathing, break neck pace full of sound and fury et al .

Ben Mendelsohn and Hannah John-Kamen were good but the characterization for their characters was not there, which made them look dull and boring.

While all of these engrossing features surely make Ready Player One something to admire, there is however, aggravating infections that dragged it down to near mediocrity.

This movie follows the excitement and thrilling action of the book...

But the movie was really entertaining and I loved every part of it.

This is one hell of an entertaining perfect movie.

It's basically an ordinary boy saves the virtual world & the real world and getting the girl he loves scenario, yeah it's a generic story but the execution makes it quite entertaining and fun to watch.

The depth, beauty and vibrancy of the OASIS creates an awe inspiring, fantastical world that you can only imagine experiencing.

At first I thought it might be just another "computer games" kinda film but to my surprise, I enjoyed it much more than I would have anticipated.

And I'm sorry, I find constant references to other (and usually better) movies a little tiresome.

But it's a visually stunning movie.

I'd like to add I read the book before seeing the film and my friend saw the film before reading the book and we both came to pretty much the same conclusion, both the book and the film are fantastically entertaining and neither devalues the other, this is partly because pop culture is by its very definition so vast and diverse that it would be extremely rare for any individual to have both understood and enjoyed every reference made in either the book or film so both mediums have something for everyone, also, given some of the books content and structure it's plainly obvious why it could never have survived the transition to the silver screen intact, time constraints are a big factor and the budget required for the film is another huge one.

The only problems I have with the story is that the main character is an orphan but I don't know if he is technically an orphan since he's 18, but it's a tiresome cliche to have nowadays.

It was a fun ride that also had serious, suspenseful, and clever action-packed moments.

Thoroughly entertaining.

But as a grown up person, there're some points I don't like about this movie, such as, the villain is so boring, and the side characters as well.

Throughly enjoyed it.

The most boring and pointless film I've ever seen.

OASIS is stunning: the art direction is really good, locations are very well made, fights scenes are intense.

..this is a poorly executed mindless .. pointless waste of time for anyone who knows the book .

Wow breathtaking, the only thing I regret about this film is not seeing it in the cinema.

Entertaining .

And throw in a hot girlfriend who is sad because of a contrived backstory and she is not pretty enough in real life.

Super Boring / Terrible .

Same is true with Helen - she suddenly jumps in and within a few seconds it's like nothing happened and they always knew each other in the real world.

I like the whole idea of being able to escape the real world for a digital and more enjoyable one (also kind of a cliche).

Entertaining and Fast Paced Action .

And all became quite boring for me.

While the film is thin when it comes to an effective plot and engaging characters, Ready Player One is still an enjoyable journey down memory lane.

Stay away if you were hoping for a remotely engaging dystopian adventure.

They seemed dull (especially the main ones) and leave plenty of things to be wished for in this department.

i really enjoyed it .

How it presents everything The film is also entertaining.

This Spielberg film is epic, both visually appealing and a decent (albeit cliché and predictable) story.

Just an overall action packed adventure that's not only for nerds.

Exciting, spectacular, funny, the best blockbuster of 2018 so far.

Really entertaining .

It's fun enough, but somewhat confusing, relying on special effects to handle the inconsistencies in the lack of continuity and abrupt changes in the character relationships unexplained by the script.

From my wife a non gamer she enjoyed it and it was great watching it with no one around us!

Boring and full of clichés .

In conclusion, this is different from the book but still entertaining.

The movie left me empty like someone you had cared about and trusted your whole life had just abandoned you and left you without even a good bye letter.

Even Ben Mendelsohn, who normally specializes in effectively playing larger-than-life villains, seems bored and spends the interminable running time looking like he'd rather be anywhere else.

As a person who has not read the book, I find RPO a very entertaining movie.

because it's goes on forever, and it becomes tedious and boring.

The scenes in the OASIS were visually cool but again bad dialogue and at times difficult to follow.

Bore-a-thon yawn

The movie has everything all the right twists and turns , all the suspense , very little predictability , eye catching visuals , stunning acting chops of actors and lastly the hero of the movie- its story from the first minute you know its going to be awesome 2 hours and if you for some reason not convinced just hang in there for first 10 minutes :) and you will see what I mean.

I recommend both this movie and book; both were fun and both will keep you on the edge of your seat!!

Like Spielberg's last release, The Post, Ready Player One is rushed, bereft of inspiration and predictable.

So for me this movie was a blast from the past and hugely enjoyable.

But I read it, and generally enjoyed it.

It's way way too long for something with no plot.

The film is a dumbed down version of the book but its still a fun and exciting movie.

A nostalgia fuelled, thrilling love letter.

The flick is also getting more suspenseful till the end.

Overall this is an entertaining enough popcorn flick.

My wife and I watched this at home on DVD from our public library and found it thoroughly enjoyable, even though we are grandparents and far removed from the virtual reality, gaming crowd.

Long, obvious and predictable.

Nostalgia aside, the story is quite average and predictable.

You just force yourself to finish the movie even though you're really bored and slightly annoyed for the bad quality of the plot and the acting.

Sure, it had a predictable and generic storyline, but it was still entertaining enough for what it was.

Axes swing from all angles, blood-filled hallways running like a river smashing up against walls all while characters are shouting and screaming yet everything can be heard clearly and from every direction the director intended, the final scene is just mind blowing and is leaps and bounds ahead of anything I have heard before.

This does affect somewhat Tye Sheridan's performance, shining in the chemistry with Cooke but elsewhere it's somewhat bland and cold.

The film contains some of the most truly stunning visual effects I have ever seen rendered on film.

Stopped watching in 20 minutes, boring at all!

I'd say the only thing keeping out of the 10 range for me was the couple more intense scenes, maybe 5-10 mins of the movie, which we were warned about and could let the more sensitive viewers know to cover up for.

Boring PC formula garbage...

The extra 45 minutes are made up of nonstop pointless references to 80s pop culture, that quickly become annoying, and the end action sequence which goes on for far too long

That being said as a film (despite being insanely long) its on the whole quite enjoyable

The only truly compelling reference is The Shining.

Tye Sheridan's performance is occasionally quite dull and I'm not a fan of Ben Mendelssohn's really wierd portrayal of the antagonist, Sorrento.

The book had a lot of slow part I like how certain aspects of finding the keys they changed for the movie.

There is no character development whatsoever, everything is completely predictable, and there is no depth to the plot at all.

The movie has a bunch of references to old school video games and it was predictable to know that of all the Atari games, the one that would be the special game to player was Adventure.

Watch this movie when you are super bored or greatly hung over and need something easy to rest your eyes on while having your brain on standby.

If you've read the book, this movie is an absolute torture.

The film is based on the novel by Ernest Cline who says, despite a lot of critism by the fans, about the movie: but the heart of my book is there and the heart of my story and the whole theme and everything that I was trying to touch on is there but in a way that's cinematic and engaging...

The plot points are largely a predictable trip, characters are somewhat forgettable and easily replaced.

These real world scenes are handled well enough but compared to the incredibly action packed and existing scenes within the OASIS they drag and are honestly quite boring at points.

This movie is a geeky treasury of pop culture Easter eggs and has some stunning action sequences (the car chase scene is masterful).

The story was entertaining throughout.

I read the book because I thought that the movie was really great, when i finished after two days of intense reading i watched the movie again and i couldn´t see more connection with the book than the names of the characters and the main idea.

Actually it is more entertaining to play a game .

And then we come to the general story: kids living in a cliche ratty future who rely on a really weird dude's game to get rich.

All the twists were gone and exciting passages removed.

So messy and boring, very disappointed.

IF you're an adult in his late 30's, you will be bored and feel uninterested by the time the movie reaches its climax.

Crammed with references to movies, video games and other pop-culture touchstones, this half live-action, half computer-animated production from director Steven Spielberg relies on nostalgia and eye-candy to keep viewers distracted from its toothless villain and predictable plot.

The other problem is that there are random, pointless random scenes in there such as at the beginning, when Wade narrates about the OASIS, the scene suddenly transitions to a 5 second scene of a hardcore little girl screaming on a bed.

There was a good flow to the movie and it kept its upbeat pace all the way to the very end, and that made for some entertaining stuff.

a book as time to slowly build something, it is time to develop characters, it can be as quick or as slow as it wants.

If the stunning visuals, socially relevant issues, and refreshingly creative plotline don't win you over, then the millions of pop culture references and Easter eggs have got to.

More than just a nostalgia-fueled adrenaline rush .

Besides these flaws, you get nevertheless an entertaining adventure.

Great design and very entertaining.

There's some entertaining moments, and...

Parzival is your average Spielberg hero -- pretty, but empty.


Boring story, boring characters, boring effects, nothing works .

Best thing this movie movie has is, it serves you enjoyable 140 minutes without becoming boring.

Ready Player One is a very entertaining movie.

Its your typical Spielberg movie, some cheap thrills, some suspenseful scenes to keep the kids entertained and a few quips for the adults.

Ready player cuck is the worst movie i have ever had the displeasure of seeing.

An empty avatar of a movie .

After many attempts from Hollywood to create movies inspired from video games (like Resident Evil), that failed miserably, this one seems to be the real first movie related to games that aims perfectly to the objective: be entertaining, funny and have a good story.

Cute but ultimately tiresome .

While it's certainly cool to notice small nods to familiar franchises, it's rather pretentious to load a movie that is over two hours with non-stop excess of everything loved by nerds over the past decades.

Action packed and heartwarming, Ready Player One is a solid adventure that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good Sci-Fi or family film.

Spielberg out did himself with his creative vision of this retelling of the novel, and the visuals were positively stunning.

From watching the trailers, all I knew is it would be pop-culture filled, and hopefully an exciting tribute to everything relating to video games and film from the 80's.

Two words: Beautiful and thrilling.

Add to this was great characterisation, a well rounded and intriguing story and some satisfying special effects, it is hard to imagine how the movie could be any better.

And It's sad when todays movies feel so empty and cheap and then our fav directors following the same pattern that makes us hate movies.. Like Black Panther, all marvel crap, Disney tearing Star Wars apart til there Is nothing left etc.. All this destruction of Film as an artform Is actually pretty scary.

Dont waste your time to this crap movie.

I watched the movie and found it entertaining enough.

I love video games & sci-fi movies, I grew up in the 80's and haven't read the book, and considering the amount of complaints on here from people who read the book that seems to be a good thing going into this movie, so seemingly this movie should be a good fit, yet this was one of the most boring, illogical and bland movies I've seen in a very long time, and I've seen several really bad movies lately.

If you take away all the self-indulgent references to 80s pop culture, you end up with a really disappointing shell of a movie.

Talk about "formulaic.